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  1. That makes MORE sense to me; lost track (since there is a lack of stuff in print) about those years after she came back from NYC; I think by then, will have to look back, her mom had moved to Jamestown, since the Celoron house went into foreclosure after the gun incident; that pretty much, raised terrible trauma/memories for the family and its then-relocation.
  2. Thanks for the information; maybe 'those who he had catalog his apartment collectibles' weren't nearly as truthful as I had assumed them to be; I appreciate the 'facts'; which have been hanging out there so long. Do you KNOW if my information about the FRAME SHOP as 'his private sales' is correct? I really would like to know if you know. Just another quick question, if you'd care to comment; did he BID on that object? Thanks if you remember.
  3. Just re-reading THIS one, Luvs, and if you have one with Pauline Lopus, she NEVER went to Jamestown H.S., with Lucille; Pauline would have been in high school at Celoron, prior to centralization to Southwestern in mid-50's; i.e. if your photo is 9th grade, the one showing above is way-beyond 9th grade; don't see Lucille there either, although it claims to be. In any event, IF it's Lucille, Pauline is NOT in photo, unless it's an earlier year. I believe when Lucille came back to Jamestown, moving into apartment w/her mom, in Jamestown, tried to finish high school, which she had failed to graduate, was trying to graduate; and it's my understanding she NEVER graduated; but, went back to what is now historically-known as her big chance in Hollywood.
  4. Any chance it was arrdubya? Rumor (truth) has it, he had MANY artifacts in his home apartment; made a serious mistake of asking two friends to catalog his 'stuff'; it's my understanding, for instance, and verified to me personally when I asked each of these two persons, that some 'missing' donations to the Museum were among those items cataloged. It's also my understanding MANY of 'his' home-cataloged artifacts remain for sale at the Frame Shop. Perhaps that's how his 'income' to remain in Jamestown is made, which, also my understanding, he still owns and resides in a home on Lakeview Avenue.
  5. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Question of the Day: "Have you ever seen a Robert Klein stand-up special?" - Yes: 18%; No: 82%. [i was recently asked about percentages; so, here is my reply: When Lucille Ball-related questions were posed in the P-J, I attempted to get the actual number of persons voting: it failed miserably; and I could name the person I called; who was 'very put out' that he had to bother himself to get those numbers to me; so, after the NEXT time, and he never responded to my phone messages (3 times, I think); I quit trying to do that - and won't embarrass him by naming him; but, may try again one of these days; if same thing happens, I may go to the editor himself to complain; don't know; depends on how mad I get! So, just say to yourself; if 10 voted, there is your percentage in reality; i.e. in this Klein case, for instance: nearly 2 of 10, yes/no] respectfully submitted, JK
  6. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Robert Klein To Highlight Career In Comedy, by Gavin Paterniti, [TICKETS, 8/5 Reg: $15 - I find this amazing!!!!] "Klein delivers a screening of his new documentary film, ​Robert Klein Still Can't Stop His Leg, ​6 p.m. and highlights his nearly 50-year career;" [shortened for effect], published, 2017.
  7. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Lisa Lampanelli To Make Jamestown Debut, by Gain Paterniti, "'Queen of Mean,' racy, raunchy humor, (yay, another Joan Rivers!!!! editorial comment); Lampanelli, along with Lew Black, Jim Gaffigan, Kevein James, will appear 8/5, Reg Lenna Center for the Arts, 9 p.m.;" published, 2017.
  8. These THINGS I grew up with; but, have not heard of/eaten in MANY years; tapioca pudding, homemade, I had AT LEAST once a week; don't know if I could choke it down again; jello, ditto; mayo, NEVER; SPAM, NEVER!!!!; But, in those days, those sorts of thing(s) were everyday diet things......donchano!!!
  9. Any chance you would/could go back to the mentioned HL S-6 and list those? I would surely appreciate it; include dates if you would be so kind to agree; I'll give you a credit in chronology; not that you aren't in there 100+ times already.....thanks. JK
  10. 7/16/2017 The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Editorial Page, Paladino Has A Point Regarding DRI Reversal, "Why a local committee's decision to not use $1.5M [made locally, behind closed doors; no media and no formal record-keeping available] for his [outspoken and controversial Buffalo, NY developer] project to restore the Furniture Mart Bldg., adjacent proximity to NCC, Second/Washington Sts., projected 350 job preservation and improvement to Jamestown's west-end; we hope the project, if politics are not the reason, may be eligible for necessary state resources in the future;" published, 2017.
  11. MANY THANKS for sharing, Luvs; cute! JK
  12. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Breaking New Ground, Hochul Visit Marks Beginning Of $30M Celoron Hotel, by Jimmy McCarthy, Celoron, "One of NYS's top elected officials, Lt. Gov. Hochul, calls transformational project in Chautauqua County, 'a new beginning . . . a new era;' Chautauqua Harbor Hotel, to be ready for guests summer 2018, groundbreaking ceremony, Celoron, Friday. $30.8 million hotel, southwestern edge, Chautauqua Lake. 135-room Chautauqua Harbor Hotel, Krog Corp., subsidiary, Hart Hotels;" published, 2017. Website: www.thechautauquaharborhotel.com;" [see connecting informations: 7/16,23/1749; 9/15/1797; 6/1/1812; 10/1/1859; 5/18/1894; 10/1/2004; 8/9,18/2013; 10/14,16/13; 12/12/13; 1/13,17,22/2014; 3/2/14; 4/14,19/14; 5/15/14; 7/16/14; 8/3,6,8,9,11,26/14; 9/9/14; 10/22,28/14; 12/2,12,18,27,30/14; 1/10/2015; 3/4,6,19,28/15; 6/11,24,26,28/15; 7/3,11/15; 8/12,18,19,29/15; 9/22/15; 10/3,6,9,28/15; 1/18/2016; 2/21/16; 3/2,16/16; 7/4,/16; 3/5,16,18,31/2017; 6/30/17; 7/4,7,8,15/17]; published, 2017.
  13. Thanks for sharing - interesting stuff for the chronology!!!! I appreciate it. JK
  14. July 8-10, 2017: 7/8: The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, A Lakewood Lens, New Celoron Hotel Is A Game Changer, Margot Russell, "I agree w/County Exec. Horrigan, the new hotel is 'a game changer.' People have wondered years why Chautauqua Lake has not had a modern resort-style hotel along its shores, given our geographical proximity to large northeastern cities; beauty of lake and its popularity.The hotel being built on Celoron shores: right hotel at right time. The design incorporates lake; with arched bridge connecting a pavilion-type structure on-island to house Lakeview Grille and Bar, style harbor-like, as developer, 4 'other' Harbor Hotels boasting upscale design along various waterfronts, northeast US; 3 in NYState; 1, Portland, Maine, the 1st. Details, artists' rendering: www.chautauquaharborhotel.com;" published, 2017. 7/9: The Sunday Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Region, Staying On Point, McCrea Point Festival Highlights History, Community, by Katrina Fuller, "Ribbon-cutting ceremony, McCrea Point Park, Saturday for rededication. Officials; attendees dressed in period costumes posed for photo at Park. City/Jamestown, Jamestown Riverfront Management Council, Parks, Recreation and Conservation Dept., hosted 1st McCrea Point Festival, Municipal Boat Landing. Bill Stevenson, City Riverfront Management Council chair, opened ceremonies, Sheryl McCrea, family representative on-hand for deceased grandparents who previously owned property;" published, 2017. The Sunday Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Funding Falter, Carl Paladino: 'I can only assume rejection has something to do w/politics. That is very unfortunate for people of city of Jamestown.' Paladino Questions Denial of State Funds for City DRI Project, by Dennis Phillips, "Paladino, Buffalo businessman investor in former Furniture Mart Building, corner opposite NCC, Washington/2d Sts., The Mart and adjacent acquisition of riverfront development property sought DRI funding; but, were unsuccessful. Project was introduced to local foundations whose mission is to rejuvenate downtown Jamestown. Plans are still being pursued;" published, 2017. 7/10: The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, National Comedy Center Project Will Receive More Than $9M In State Funding, NCC $25M Capital Campaign, by Dennis Phillips, "35%+ NCC funding comes fr/state funds. NYState has provided funds 3 consecutive years through State Regional Economic Development Council. NCC officials say ‘if all construction aspects stay on schedule, a 'soft opening' for NCC may occur Memorial Day 2018, w/grand opening Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, August, 2018;’" published, 2017.
  15. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Forward Focused, DRI Projects On Schedule Despite Less Funding Than Expected, by Dennis Phillips, “Downtown Revitalization Initiative projects receiving less funding than requested are moving forward. The Jamestown Brewing Co., [2d/Washington, 1 block north, NCC], projected opening, 1st quarter 2018;” published, 2017. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Question, Day [7/7/17]: “Will you attend the McCrea Point Festival Saturday? YES 9% NO 91%;” published, 2017.
  16. None of the 'teenies' were trying to drink or were out of control in any way; JUST SAYIN'; there's a place for everyone; and everyone in his place; no one disappeared to get some drugs; it was not as bad as I indicated; but, at my age, and several of the other 'elder' of us, that many little ones is WAY TOO MANY...... They actually were well behaved; it was just the numbers of them (I think I counted about 12; ONLY 8 adults!!!!; and the amount of food each put on his/her plate!!!! We all got through it..... AND....we had CONTROL of the music after one of them changed it to their choice and made the mistake of walking away and back to his own group, we had control of the 'porch music'!!!!
  17. Thanks, Paul for the STUFF!!!! Perfect for the chronology! Apprreciate it!!!!!
  18. Wondering about the height of Lana (thought she was a small woman) compared to Lucille!!! ANYONE? jk
  19. WONDERFUL STUFF you come across; thanks for posting......Loving you, JK
  20. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Panzarella Park, Trails Closed Due to Construction, "North, south trails, Greater Jamestown Riverwalk, Central Business District, closed until further notice. Work has begun on pedestrian bridges spanning Chadakoin River linking north, south Riverwalk trails. 10/2014, $1.6 million funding, $2 million project slated for completion fall, 2018;" published, 2017. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Hotel Construction Underway Along Chautauqua Lake Shores, by Jimmy McCarthy, Celoron, Construction $30.8 million hotel progressing southwestern edge, Chautauqua Lake. 135-room Chautauqua Harbor Hotel, Krog Corp., subsidiary, Hart Hotels, planned since 2014; features patios, views of Lake, bar, grill along water; indoor, outdoor pools; state-of-art fitness center, ballroom w/300 capacity, 3rd waterfront NYS hotel. Website: www.thechautauquaharborhotel.com;" [see: 7/16,23/1749; 9/15/1797; 6/1/1812; 10/1/1859; 5/18/1894; 10/1/2004; 8/9,18/2013; 10/14,16/13; 12/12/13; 1/13,17,22/2014; 3/2/14; 4/14,19/14; 5/15/14; 7/16/14; 8/3,6,8,9,11,26/14; 9/9/14; 10/22,28/14; 12/2,12,18,27,30/14; 1/10/2015; 3/4,6,19,28/15; 6/11,24,26,28/15; 7/3,11/15; 8/12,18,19,29/15; 9/22/15; 10/3,6,9,28/15; 1/18/2016; 2/21/16; 3/2,16/16; 7/4,/16; 3/5,16,18,31/2017; 6/30/17; 7/4/17]; .published, 2017. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, McCrea Point Festival To Show Off Park Enhancements, by Dennis Phillips, "Food, fun, music. highlight 1st McCrea Point Festival at Boat Landing Saturday. City of Jamestown Riverfront Management Council Parks Recreation and Conservation Department host. Day-long festivities begin w/re-dedication ceremony, 9 am; w/walking path; pavilion w/picnic tables, launching facility for boats, kayaks, canoes. Project commenced 12/2013, Phase VI, Riverwalk, w/receipt of $499,955 fr/NYState;" published, 2017. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Riverwalk Trails, Pedestrian Bridges Being Added This Year, by Dennis Phillips, "2 new trails; 2 pedestrian bridges added this year to Greater Jamestown Riverwalk; work continuing, Phase V, Chadakoin Park trail/bike path between McCrea Point Park and Clifton Ave.. On completion, section of Riverwalk project w/blacktop bike, pedestrian path over railroad bed along Chadakoin fr/W. 8th to Clifton. State Environmental Protection Fund grant, $262,581 matched by city w/labor, materials, equipment. Another trail connecting w/Riverwalk, The Lucy Trail, completed by Chautauqua County Public Facilities Dept. earlier this year, runs between McCrea and Lucille Ball Memorial Park;” [see above for connecting dates]; published, 2017. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Question, Day: “Will you attend the McCrea Point Festival Saturday?” published, 2017.
  21. Times surely have changed!!!! Thanks for responding, LRII
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