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  1. Went to a friend of 60 years annual 4th PARTY; usually minimally attended by about 10 'other elder' friends; THIS YEAR, suddenly we were inundated with a gaggle of 'teen'-agers; not that I'm against youth; but, private party on the Lake, moving in with a huge 100+# dog [which immediately started harassing the 'owners' little dog!!!!]; and friends THEY had invited was a bit much. The 'invited ones' were the hostess' son and grandchildren (2) + huge dog; then, many 'others' (invited, apparently by the son began filtering in - YIKES!) I hope my own children weren't as brazen to invite themselves to any adult private parties in their teen years! Guess I'll never know; but, how the heck are we raising children these days; certainly, NOT with respect for their elders (but, we 'old people' were outnumbered 3 to 1!) And....I don't believe any of them had been fed for at least a week prior!!!!! The last straw was hostess' son coming on porch where adults at least had comfy chairs; and changed our Frank Sinatra music to some damn jamming thing; that didn't last long, however. tee hee Must be getting old. Otherwise, a lovely weather day on the Lake Chautauqua, and guess the 'teens' stayed for fireworks at 10:00 p.m.; I was many hours at home by 10!!!! It was nice and quiet at home; where, apparently, I should have STAYED!!!!
  2. Thanks for finding this and posting, Brock; you find the BEST STUFF!!!! Loving you, JK
  3. The Post Journal, Jamestown NY, McCrea Point Par Festival At The Boat Landing and Park Rededication Announced, "City Riverfront Management Council and Parks, Recreation and Conservation Dept., announce re-dedication of McCrea Point Park and the Municipal Boat Landing, as part of Greater Jamestown Riverwalk Saturday, 7/8 with day-long festivities. The $475,000 refurbishment of Park includes paved pathways around perimeter; new playground; refurbished municipal boat landing, improved parking areas; combines with the Chautauqua County pedestrian trail along Jones & Gifford and future bike path from Clifton Avenue ending at McCrea Point and nexus of activity for Greater Jamestown Riverwalk;" [see: 7/16,23/1749; 9/15/1797; 6/1/1812; 10/1/1859; 5/18/1894; 10/1/2004; 8/9/2013; 10/14,16/13; 12/12/13; 1/13,17,22/2014; 3/2/14; 4/14,19/14; 5/15/14; 7/16/14; 8/3,6,8,9,11,26/14; 9/9/14; 10/22,28/14; 12/2,12,18,27,30/14; 1/10/2015; 3/4,6,7,19,28/15; 6/11,24,26,28/15; 7/3, 11/15; 8/12,18,19,29/15; 9/22/15; 10/3,6,9,28/15; 1/18/2016; 2/21/16; 3/2/16; 7/4,7/16; 3,16,18/2017; 6/30; 7/4/17];” published, 2017.
  4. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, ​​No Excuses: County Lists 50 'Things To Do', by Jordan W. Patterson, "The County Visitors Bureau recently released list of '50 Free, Low-Cost Things to Do in Chautauqua County this Summer.' This list included events around area and historical sites to see;" published, 2017. [article shortened for effect; but, One of which, is 'our girl' statue, Lucille Ball Memorial Park.]
  5. Pedestrian Riverwalk Bridges Work Starts at Panzarella Park, by Dennis Phillips, "Preliminary work started on bridges crossing Chadakoin River along the Greater Jamestown Riverwalk. Ground levelling at Panzarella for crane foundation installing bridges later this summer or early fall. One bridge connects north shore Riverwalk w/Panzarella; second below the Washington St. Bridge connecting both sections Riverwalk along the Chadakoin. NYS, 10/2014 gave $1.6 million of $2 million project;"[see: 7/16,23/1749; 9/15/1797; 6/1/1812; 10/1/1859; 5/18/1894; 10/1/2004; 8/9,18/2013; 10/14,16/13; 12/12/13; 1/13,17,22/2014; 3/2/14; 4/14,19/14; 5/15/14; 7/16/14; 8/3,6,8,9,11,26/14; 9/9/14; 10/22,28/14; 12/2,12,18,27,30/14; 1/10/2015; 3/4,6,19,28/15; 6/11,24,26,28/15; 7/3,11/15; 8/12,18,19,29/15; 9/22/15; 10/3,6,9,28/15; 1/18/2016; 2/21/16; 3/2,16/16; 7/4/16; 6/30/17]; published, 2017.
  6. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, City To Not Challenge Overturned Use Variance, by Dennis Phillips, "Jamestown will not challenge Appellate 4th Supreme Court/Rochester, June 2017. Mayor: 'The City, however, will be paying attention to what happens to the Sheldon House as process continues to find an owner; and have utmost regard and concern for the property.' Zoning Board grant to Lynn Development, JCC sale. Pertinent dates to archive: Sheldon House built as residence, 1869; rebuilt, 1925. 1977, House bequeathed to college by Julia Sheldon Livengood; since that time, used to host many guests of college, events, programs of both college and community. 1/2016, JCC approves 2 purchase offers: Lynn Development, $240,000, use as corporate office space; private Jamestown resident, $200,000; Zoning Board, 5/2016 approves use variance. 3 local residents of neighborhood appeal variance to County Supreme Court; 8/2016, Judge dismisses resident(s) appeal; upholds use variance; residents then appeal to State Appellate/Rochester, NY, which overturns variance and acquisition by Lynn; Lynn then steps away from project;" [shortened for effect; see above saga; say tuned...], published, 2017.
  7. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Council Endorses Grant Applications, by Dennis Phillips, "Jamestown City Council approved submission of 5 Consolidated Funding Applications for latest round of funding through State Regional Economic Development Council program. One, among other downtown improvements, is: Parnering with Gebbie Foundation and Jamestown Renaissance Corp., creates a 'cobblestone' public piazza between Jefferson, Washington Sts., around Northwest Arena and NCC; to be closed to traffic during events at the arena or NCC;" published, 2017.
  8. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Stay & Play Section, Lisa Lampanelli Added To Comedy Fest, Partnering with world-renowned Chautauqua Institution, a week titled 'Comedy and the Human Condition,' 7/31-8/6, is Lisa Lampanelli. NCC this year celebrates the 100th birthday year of visionary and entertainment mogul, Desi Arnaz; Comedy Center dialogues include 'A Conversation with Alan Zweibel,', 'Comedy and the First Amendment,' featuring Kitty Bruce, daughter of Lenny Bruce, at partner, Robert H. Jackson Center. NCC presents a week-long sneak preview exhibit of George Carlin Archives, acquired in 2016. NCC embodies Lucille Ball's vision for her hometown to become a destination for the celebration of the comedic arts;" [Further information: including support from I LOVE NY, visit: www.NationalComedyCenter.org]; [full-page article shortened for effect]; published, 2017.
  9. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Readers Forum, Sheldon House Sale Is Key Event For Neighborhood, [Kellogg: "it seems to me politics is rearing its head; stay tuned; shortened for effect;" article is written by man named who was 'other party' to Lynn Development in original purchase: $200,000 to $240,000 (Lynn)], "'I am most certainly going to bid again; going to save it before it goes to pot. It takes a lot of funding to restore a house like this.' (Lynn Group estimated at its PR presentation estimated needed reinvestment between $600-800,000 to revitalize.) 'I took tradesmen through property; now estimate at least $150-200,000 to restore it for residential use; would probably sell for $300,000 mint condition in our neighborhood; have so far invested $5,000 and 60 hours of time into proposals, planning; and may lose significant money on this investment as JCC (owner) has listed its intention, auditing buyer renovations; holding them accountable to meet timelines with threat of contractual allowance to repossess house without returning money if work not done to its standard; buyer also agrees to essentially write blank check to have work redone to JCC standard as I understand 4th, 5th points on App. A - if you miss deadline it gets the house; keeps the purchase price; keeps the investment in renovation and has funding and legal allowance to finish renovations at buyer expense. I still intend to buy at fair market value (not appraisal based on properties in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, or Corning). Hopefully, JCC does not continue to show my hand by publishing future bids; an obvious invasion of my privacy and rude way of increase bidding at my expense. We will see in next few months;'" published, 2017.
  10. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Bidder For Sheldon House To Try Again, Dennis Phillips, "One of the bidders, private citizen, says he will try again. He say he 'most certainly' will bid again when he has a chance. Since January 2016, JCC (owner, property) approval purchase of Lynn; May 2016, city Zoning Board approved Lynn Development purchase for corporate offices; 3 local residents appealed use variance to state Supreme Court, which upheld Zoning Board approval sale; August 2016, residents appealed decision to Appellate Division 4th Judicial Dept., Supreme Court, which overturned last week. Original resident offered $200,000; Lynn offered $240,000;" published, 2017. [sTAY TUNED . . .]
  11. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same place; for chow??????
  12. Looking forward to meeting you, woman! I may even be able to stay awake in time some of the shenigans I hear goes on each year!!!! JK
  13. 6/21/2017: The Post-Journal, Jamestown NY, Region, High Five, City Officials Discuss Endorsements of CFA Projects, by Dennis Phillips, “City narrows down Consolidated Funding Applications endorsing state grant funding. One, of several downtown improvements, the 5th grant application of several, creating public piazza between Jefferson, Washington Sts., around Northwest Arena and National Comedy Center, changing surface of street to cobblestone; closed to traffic during events at Arena or NCC, estimated cost: $600,000;” published, 2017.
  14. June 21, 2017 The Post-Journal, Jamestown NY, Lynn Development Withdraws Sheldon House Purchase, by Dennis Phillips, “Future, Sheldon House [site: many L-D Center after-hours celebrity meet, greets] still unknown; but, will not house Lynn Development corporate offices; after Appeals Division ruling against Jamestown Zoning Board decision of approval; and appeal by neighbors of residential area;” [article shortened by Kellogg] published, 2017. The Post-Journal, Jamestown NY, Readers' Forum, Lynn Development to Acquiesce Court Ruling, "LD, Inc., its owners, exec. team, team members thank Jamestown Community College, City of Jamestown Zoning Bd., and numerous supporters of efforts to secure the historic Sheldon House. Friday 6/16/2017, LD, I learned City Zoning Board Approval was overturned by Appellate Div., 4th Dept., Supreme Ct., NYState. For over a year, we've watched our attempt to acquire historic home realize success at each subsequent level, each time validating the wisdom of local zoning. While latest decision was unexpected, we respect decision and find no honor in continuing this effort at ongoing expense of our beloved community college. Therefore, LD, I will acquiesce for greater good. We hold no ill will towards petitioners; it's entirely American to follow passion challenging things for which you are in disagreement. We wish petitioners good fortune continuing efforts to reshape the landscape of Lakeview Avenue. To our supporters, your passion inspires us; we'll not forget your strength in future endeavors. 'Destiny waits in the hand of god, shaping the still unshapen;' - T.S.Eliot - sincerely, Jason S. Spain, Prez/CEO, LD, Inc;" published, 2017.
  15. Awaiting call, and/or e-mail from P-J, which has NOT come; called the Sheldon Foundation, which, of course, is the entity that donated the HOUSE to Jamestown Community College, which NOW wants to sell. The Foundation 'assumes' since the court of appeals has denied Lynn from buying for corporate offices, the HOUSE will go back on the selling block, as: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY; I'll keep you posted....JK
  16. Awaiting reply from Post-Journal to this a.m. e-mail requesting info on Sheldon Hall; don't hold your breath. The specific reporter, D. Phillips, e-address came back to me as undeliverable; e-'d the editor; if that fails, I shall call.
  17. June 18, 2017: The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, ​Jamestown High School Announces 6/22/2017 Commencement Speaker, " Chris Olsen, author, 'Lucy Comes Home;' prestigious LA attorney; son, 1956 Homecoming Queen, Janice Swanson (Olsen), Chris, a 1982 graduate, JHS; now LA resident; keynote speaker; holding many impressive 'other credentials;'" [see: The Post-Journal.com for complete article]; [see photo book information, June 4, my posting]; published, 2017. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Chautauqua Region ​Community Foundation Awards $135,000 To Local Organizations, "Reg Lenna Center for the Arts is one of the beneficiaries of a portion of this money;" published, 2017.
  18. Brock: I've have to CHECK; BUT, I believe it's vacant and just sitting there; I'll make a couple calls tomorrow and find out..... Stay tuned, Loving you, JK
  19. Joey: THANKS so much for your very informative and interesting post; I found it helpful; hope our new 'poster' does, as well. Hoping all is well with you and yours. JK
  20. The Post-Journal, Jamestown, NY, Decision Reversed: State Appellate Division Rules Against Zoning Board on Sheldon House, by Dennis Phillips, "Decision of Jamestown Zoning Board of Appeals granting variance request by Lynn Development for offices at Sheldon House has been annulled;" published, 2017.​ ​STAY TUNED....
  21. I believe my vote outvotes itself; ince, my log in and display are the SAME
  22. Good reading all 'round; and I HAD forgotten, Tom W. didn't meet her until the 80's; so, probably we'd have to ask two of the last to comment (as in still alive; other than children): Frank and Wanda. Thanks for all the interesting comment; perhaps, we will never know; and Desi's comment about her screaming in order to lower her voice, was the best comment made to explain it. The 'other comments' are EACH just as legitimate, as well. Loved the comparison(s), too. Thanks, again.
  23. Brock: On the Eamonn Andrews Show. Joey: OMG WUNDAFUL!!! AGREED!!!!! Even with the puffy eyes; so natural a look for our girl! Thanks, Brock, for sharing it...
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