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  1. Favorite Lucy comic scene of all time . . .

    Yep! That's how she get's on his shoulders when Mr. Mooney shows up! This is another one of my favorite scenes! That dance was incredible!
  2. Lucy's back on ABC, Sunday night with Viv.

    Number 2?! Lucy and Viv are THE dynamic duo! They started it all! I like Seinfeld but really, they didn't deserve the number 1 spot, they honestly didn't deserve to be in the top ten. I would have put Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally (from Will and Grace) before Seinfeld. But I do have to defend How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory These are two of my favorites out of our generation, but they still don't compare to most classics. I will admit, I wasn't into either show until this year, and even then I had to start from the pilots to see what was so funny. I'm weird like that though, I always like to go back to the beginning to create sort of a bond with the characters. Lucy, however, I bonded with immediately! I didn't have to start from scratch with her, but who would.
  3. Thanks so much Sydney! I'm glad someone enjoys my posts on here! :) Your posts aren't to shabby either! Haha! But thanks once again!

  4. Lucy Sightings!

    So I was making a post on the thread about our favorite scenes and decided to do a quick search on the "Lucy is Envious" ILL episode and came across this: http://lscheffer.com/tv.pdf I didn't read it because when I searched "Lucy" it only showed up in the body twice, once in the title, and twice in the references. But I thought it was funny and wanted to share!
  5. Favorite Lucy comic scene of all time . . .

    It was just her physical comedy that I loved in that episode; from running through the tires to landing on the Sergeant's shoulders! I liked when Gomer Pyle made his appearance, too; you could see him talking while the audience cheered and no one could hear him, so Lucy, being the pro she was, asked him to repeat himself without missing a beat. I love catching little things like that. I also liked "Lucy is Envious" and the alien scene..both Lucy and Ethel's and Fred and Ricky's.
  6. Can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog?! I just found it and it's fantastic! I'm a fan of pretty much everything you post.

  7. Favorite Lucy comic scene of all time . . .

    Am I only the one who absolutely adores "Lucy Gets Caught Up in the Draft" from TLS? It was full of physical comedy! The entire episode was a testament that her impeccable timing and comedic chops were very much in tact, years after ILL! It's one of my favorites, for sure. I also just love her faces when she tastes something bad, ex: "Lucy is Really in a Pickle" from HL and, of course, "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" from ILL. There are too many favorites to name!
  8. Lucy Sightings!

    I've never watched Mona Lisa Smile, but now I want to!
  9. Lucy Sightings!

    Caught Pretty Woman on t.v. today for the umpteenth time just in time to see one of my favorite scenes in the movie: Julia Roberts laughing hysterically at Lucy stomping grapes. Love that they put Lucy in that movie! Also, I found some DVD's the other day called, "The Decade You were Born." The 50's DVD had no mention of Lucy; however, the 60's DVD had a picture of her on the cover, yet no mention that I know of. The back said that it had one show from the sixties, a song, and a few other things, but none that I recall had anything to do with Lucy or TLS. Unless the back was just a snippet of what the DVD's included. Anyway, thought it was nice that they put her picture on there, at the VERY least. http://connect.collectorz.com/movies/database/the-decade-you-were-born-the-60s
  10. Lucy Sightings!

    I know! Lol. If anything she was trying to adopt one of Lucy's funny faces, but they were showing her next to a beautiful picture of Lucy out of costume. Sofia was more like Lucy Ricardo than Lucille Ball. I know they are the same person, but they should of put a side-by-side picture of Sofia with Lucy in character.
  11. Lucy Sightings!

    Agreed! Not surprising, I once heard or read an interview where someone asked Lucie Arnaz if Lucy would like Sofia and she said Lucy would love her. Can't remember where the interview was from or I'd post it, but I did find a video of Sofia in Lucy attire: http://www.star103fm.com/videos/entertainment/celebrity-news/sofia-vergara-channels-lucy-ball/vdbkd/ I love her and it's not bad, but her mouth-expression is a little too exaggerated for me!
  12. Lucy Sightings!

    Haha I'm the same way, I hate reality t.v., but something pulled me to that show today. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that NOTHING was on t.v. today. But I'm glad I watched it, if only for the Lucy mention! And Jersey Shore is pure stupidity, but I do hope they start settling down. I'm tired of seeing them get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars an episode (unless they've gotten a raise) just to party and act like idiots!
  13. Lucy Sightings!

    That's awesome! They're twins, they had a show in the 90s called "Sister, Sister" and have done movies and other shows since. I'm not sure when it's on, but it just follows their day-to-day lives; basic reality television. I just know it's on Bravo and the Style Network and it's called "Tia and Tamera." Their last name is Mowry. They have a younger brother who's in the business also.
  14. Lucy Sightings!

    I'm not a fan of reality T.V., but for some reason I decided to watch Tia and Tamera on Bravo today and found a Lucille Ball mention! Tamera was wearing a navy dress with white polka dots and said, "Do I look like Lucille Ball? I feel like I'm channeling her today; not her color though." Lol, I knew I liked them for a reason!
  15. "The Lounge Louvre" Lucy Artwork By Fans

    So gorgeous! Fabulous job! One of my favorites so far!