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  1. You're welcome! My pleasure. Have a GREAT time!! Oh! and let me know if you'd like any breakfast place recommendations, as I have a couple of favorites where the food and the service is WUNDAFUL *AND* star/celebrity sightings are pretty common!
  2. Except that from what I've read and seen (only clips so far, not the entire film), TEOTF is miles and away a much better -- and perhaps more accurate -- depiction of the lives of Bakkers especially as compared to the Dreck invented and propogated by Sorkin regarding the Arnaz legacy. Ugh!
  3. Cool you're going to make it to LA for the first time! The first time (as with so many things 😉) is always extra special! I moved away (kicking and screaming, believe me! -- Thanks, Covid! Grrrrr..) over a year ago so I'm not up on the "latest and greatest", but I can tell you the old Roxbury manse -- which has been totally rebuilt/remodeled, to it looks little like it did back in the Desilu heyday -- is easily accessible as it's right on the corner of Lexington & (1000) N. Roxbury Drive, not far from the "major artery" that is Sunset Blvd. Her earlier home in Hollywood is still there (albeit significantly remodeled as well) at 1344 N. Ogden Drive, near Fountain Avenue and DeLongpre, just blocks from nearby Sunset Blvd. As for restaurants and "watering holes", the Brown Derby has been closed/gone for decades, as is Chasen's but Matteo's on Westwood Blvd. survives BUT I would call ahead just to make sure it's open as so many places have limited hours if they're even open (thanks again, Covid) and I'm not up on the current LA-area rules and restrictions. Wolfgang Puck's Spago is still around (Beverly Hills) but I doubt it looks anything like it did back when the Mortons frequented it (but an iconic venue and surely worth checking out). I might suggest checking out the currently popular, upscale eatery Craig's on Melrose in West Hollywood and while I don't think it was around "back in the day", you just might cross paths with current day patron Miss Carole Cook (and hubby Tom Troupe) Miss Ball's protege, at last report still alive and kicking and a "regular" at this establishment! Although I'm pretty sure neither has any studio tours like many of the majors, if you're curious where "the magic" of filming the various "Lucy" shows took place, you can at least drive by and see the exteriors of what is now named "Red Studios" (846 N Cahuenga Blvd.), Desilu Cahuenga back in the day and where the bulk of "I Love Lucy" and the later Comedy Hours were shot; just blocks away is what was General Services Studios (1040 N. Las Palmas) now known as Sunset Las Palmas Studios, where a nice plaque is housed that notes it was the "home" of "I Love Lucy" for the first two seasons (not sure if it's accessible to the general public now). The site of Lucy's last effort ("Life With Lucy") is nearby, on Santa Monica Boulevard near Formosa (check out iconic neighbor Formosa Cafe nearby); Warner Hollywood in 1986 but now known as The Lot. One studio that (last I heard) does do tours is Paramount, where "The Lucy Show" was filmed when it was still part of Desilu: 780 N. Gower Street, Hollywood, off Melrose. Couple of sites which may help in finding "touristy" things to do -- I'm sure there are hundreds more but I find these some of the more helpful ones -- as well as calendar of events like film premieres, filming locations, Stars on Hollywood Boulevard events, etc. etc.: https://www.iamnotastalker.com/ http://www.iamnotastalker.com/my-los-angeles-must-stalk-list-4/ https://www.seeing-stars.com/ https://www.seeing-stars.com/Calendar/index.shtml Good luck and have a great time! Hooray for Hollywood!!!
  4. I saw this and it made me love her (Amy) all the more!! Plus, NO ONE mentioned / no reference was made to BTR, which was not only welcome but a huge relief as just a week or two before, when interviewing Kidman when she was on her Plugging the Crap tour, they all GUSHED over her and IT and how wonderful it was! Ugh! If only they'd had a "Lucy Expert" on too to help debunk all the errors etc. in that monstrosity!
  5. I've tried a few times to get to (see in a theater) "Pizza" but hasn't happened -- yet. How is she/they/them referenced in that critically-lauded film?? Flatteringly, I hope!
  6. Unfamiliar with who RG Brown is so the reference is lost on me... is this one of those "urban legends"??
  7. This is cool yet kinda creepy, too! Poor Nicole! Her "real" (reel??) face hasn't moved that much in years!
  8. Again, THANK YOU JIMMY for this WUNDAFUL series and all the hard work (yet no doubt labor of love) you put into it! This life-long surely appreciates your efforts and THANK GOD we had this to distract us from the butcher job that was BTR!! Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  9. Hey Brian, Happy New Year!! Last I read, this is ABC's highest-rated comedy series and IMHO with good reason: the writing and performances are as good if not better as they ever were even compared with the "mother ship" that was "Roseanne". There's been some WUNDAFUL acting, particularly from the sisters -- Lecy Goranson in particular I've been happily surprised, EP Sara Gilbert as expected and of course, the now incomparable Laurie Metacalf steals nearly every scene she's in. John Goodman, also ever the pro, anchors the show and is often simply not given enough to do. I honestly thought this show was not the greatest idea initially and thought perhaps it would run its course after the inaugural season, but 4 seasons in I think they've soldiered on and given us some above-average comedy, many fine dramatic moments and have all shown -- unlike say, the many later incarnations of "the Bradys" -- how to have iconic, beloved TV characters grow, evolve and mature, not to mention move on after the (on screen) "death" of the family matriarch, the focus of the (original) show. Bravo, Connors! Oh and I suppose it only fair to mention, I was lucky to see a first-season episode in person and was most impressed at the production values, how everyone interacted, etc. etc. I also had gone to attend one of the first "Live" episodes they were gonna do but was turned away due to the often times "not enough seats for the amount of audience that wants in" situation. 😯
  10. Loving these, Jimmy!! Thanks for all your hard work but betting "labor of love"!!
  11. Shelly, that's (one of) the reason(s) I thought she put that spin on it, her name is gonna be on it (not to mention more than likely a nice chunk of $$$), what else can she say?? Also like mindedly (is that a word??), if Desi comes off better than her mom I'm sure that factors in her favoring it... oh my oh my oh my.... kinda wish the teaser hadn't been released yet, at least so far from the premiere (wonder if they'll "leak" more clips??), if for no other reason that my previously kinda-open-mind about this (sorta) is narrowing as I thought the narration of it by Kidman, the writing/what was espoused that is, is just downright OBNOXIOUS! 😮 The Lady would NEVER have gone on that way about herself, no matter how much she may have thought it of/to herself! Such a turnoff! If this is the overlying "tone" of the whole film, I think we're in for a world of hurt!
  12. Re: "I wonder if she succeeded getting the RKO/MGM scene cut she wanted gone." OOh! I'm unfamiliar, what is this you speak of Brianson???
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