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  1. But then you probably own all of them anyway, right David?
  2. Last Lucy Item You Bought?

    Well actually the "fine print" under the Desilu moniker reads "Visit us in the Vice Regal Suite 16th Floor" and if that's not a clue ....
  3. Vicki Lawrence headlines FOX pilot

    Agreed. Can't see how it's going to "help" the show, given its format as its going to lose a lot of it's "energy" (as most would) without the presence of the audience, and I can't see it being quite the same one-camera. Weird.
  4. Yes, such like-minded thinking! Likely won't happen, but I was hoping if not a standalone LWL release, thought it might be nice if a few eps (say, 3) popped up as part of the bonus material on each of the successive "I Love Lucy" blu-rays, had they had the chance to continue the series with seasons 3 - 6 and one for the hour-longs. Oh well...I can dream can't I? Lucky to get the two we got I guess.
  5. The Desi Photo Thread

    Is that a big bottle of Bacardi on Des' head??!
  6. Lucy and Gary Photo Thread

    Kinda makes you wonder why Debbie was never a TLS/HL/LWL guest star? Hmmmm
  7. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    I loved it and should have seen the Hilary cameo coming (did anyone else notice it looked like it was shot separately/apart from the rest of the episode, probably without the audience?)! Unfortunately it looks like it's off to a rocky start ratings-wise, coming in as the lowest premiere of the night. Loved the rapport/relationship between the very nicely grown up (hubba-hubba) and well cast Avery and mom Murphy/Candice. Looking forward to more to come. Just hope the ratings get better!
  8. As someone else (Brian I think?) referenced in another post, while "nice" they have a disc just of the colorized episodes, it would have made more sense to me to leave out the B&W versions all so readily available not to mention previously released in various forms and release ALL the episodes colorized to date, including "Scotland" (despite it being my least favorite), if for no other reason but to have them all readily availalble on one disc. (Does anyone else think that ultimately, they'll ALL be colorized and released, yet again, on home video or streaming or some form?) But honestly, rather than the colorized eps included, I would MUCH rather have seen a full release (even though it would have taken 2 discs) of LWL, and not that I'm ungrateful that we're getting them, but it would have been nice, again, to have all of them readily available. Perhaps if this release is successful enough, they'll consider finally releasing the series in its entirety. I won't hold my breath but it sure would be nice!
  9. Guess you haven't seen "Guard Goose" then? Gawd that was the worst, on so many levels! And it didn't help that Lucy was sick that week and looked (and was dressed) like shit!
  10. Vicki Lawrence headlines FOX pilot

    Watched it too, and liked it but didn't LOVE it as I was hoping to, given the talent involved. One thing I noticed was that Vicki Lawrence seemed, to me, to be trying to "hold back" or not go over the top, perhaps concerned she'd slip into "Mama mode" ...which actually, IMHO hurt the portrayal a bit of the character she was playing. Martin Mull to me was the standout, with Leslie Jordan well, basically playing Leslie Jordan and David Allen Grier doing their usual shtick. Given this was just the pilot/first episode, inevitably "kinks" could conceivably be worked out. Curiously (and inexplicably to me, given the set up), Audiences Unlimited has just updated their site that the show will no longer shoot with a live audience, which to me is a huge mistake and will adversely affect the end product, especially if they are going to keep the multi-cam format and insert a laugh track but then I can't imagine it as a single-camera sitcom either.
  11. The Brady Bunch

    Busty Ingels was offered the part too somewhere in there, not sure if it was pre or post being offered to Bulifant whom would have made it an entirely different show...and not necessarily better either (Joyce's charms have always escaped me, and I don't personally find anything particularly funny about her!). Me thinks the way things worked out, with real-life good friends Florence and Shirley ending up as two of our most Fave TV Moms ever on two of the most successful, still running in reruns and popular "family" sitcoms ever aired, were meant to be. Works for me!

    If only Omarosa had taped THIS!
  13. I find her so naturally beautiful here I wish she'd appeared more often THIS way!! Do we have any idea what year this was taken? I really can't discern her approximate age here and I think that's part of its charm! MORE!