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  1. Hope she's doing okay. Admittedly, I haven't kept up with venues like James Corden and such where she'd pop up frequently before but she hasn't seemed to be doing to much lately that I'm aware of and the last couple of things I DID see her on, she was already seated and sat the whole time and "deprived" of the (on camera) ovation she has certainly earned. C'mon Betty, we miss you! Let's see that lovely mug!
  2. Which one of these is not like the other?? Dig Berle's 70s bell bottoms!! Gawd I can't believe we actually used to wear those hideous things!
  3. Larry Returns to his Roots

    Well he is a good actor, that might have something to do with it as well. Interesting that -- with the exception of the bottom row of guys with whom I'm unfamiliar, going only by this pic and doing no further research as to who they are, what else they've done, the rest of the cast are all really gay in real life and now I can't help wondering if that was a deliberate, conscious decision on the part of the producers, director, etc. or a bit of a coincidence. I'll have to read up further to find out about the other three and what went into the casting decisions. For those whom I am familiar, I think they'll do more than justice to their respective roles and I hope that this is one of those Broadway productions that somehow or other gets taped for posterity and ends up on PBS or elsewhere that a broader audience (and those of us who aren't going to make it o New York anytime soon!) can find it and revel in what looks to be, at least based upon the cast, a stellar production.
  4. Lucie's New CD: "Lucie, Live!"

    Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Hollywood Profiles DVD -- February 2018

    No there were limited details on Amazon when I ordered it. It should be arriving shortly so once I get it I'll let y'all know what's on it.
  6. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Antenna TV has started showing it again along with several "new" additions to their latest schedule, along with Valerie Harper's "Valerie/Valerie's Family/Hogan Family".
  7. Yes especially with all these reboots they're coming up with. I'm all for "Will & Grace" and "Roseanne" and now "Murphy Brown" as I loved all the originals but... can you always "go home again"? We shall see.... But enough already. I don't think digging up and revitalizing every once - popular series is wise. Let's hope this "trend" slows and sooner rather than later.
  8. Yes, but their clips are always too short! Wish they'd do an entire ep for once!!
  9. Last Lucy Item You Bought?

    I saw it at various establishments over the period of couple years I lived there, even prominently displayed at the local hardware store(!) of all places..but much as I would have like to snag a copy, I was unemployed and couldn't justify the purchase, especially given it seemed from what I recall to be a bit on the "cheesy" side...for lack of a better word. That being said, I'm happy you got gifted it and hope you enjoy it. Would love to hear a review of it once you've read it.
  10. It too is exciting...to listless appetites!
  11. The editing was phenomonal! If you didn't know Spacey was originally in it, you'd never know it by watching it!
  12. Outlived Mary Tyler Moore, which is pretty miraculous given her original few months to live diagnosis.
  13. ...and kind of ironic she outlived Mary -- and Betty White, for that matter -- considering her initially grim diagnosis. Saw her live at the most recent Hollywood Autograph show and while she curiously was not wearing much -- if any -- makeup to greet the public (and sported a baseball cap rather than having a nice 'do), considering her age and recent health battle, looked sounded and acted amazingly well. One of the nicest celebs I've ever been privileged to meet...and hope I get to do so again.
  14. Joey:  This site says you CANNOT receive messages; please send me your e-mail; so I can send you what Lucille and company were doing on your day - meanwhile, HOPE IT's YOUR BEST DAY EVER!  Love, Joyce K:fabrary:  PS  Is your birthday the 15th or 16th????