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  1. No but it sure would be fun to "caption" some of these with "what must Lucy be REALLY thinking" lines to them!!
  2. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Huh? then what was the showing of the "I Love Lucy" plaque all about? I assumed it was to show where they're shooting MB? Something is amiss here.
  3. Lucy Sightings!

    Yes, better than most lately. Have enjoyed Mulaney since discovering him in his not-very-good FOX short-lived sitcom with Martin Short a few seasons ago. Funny though I must have dropped off for a moment -- a not uncommon occurence anymore trying to stay awake through SNL -- as I totally missed the ILL mention. Dang now I'll have to go back and watch it again!
  4. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Kinda funny they didnt return to Warner Bros.....hmmmm
  5. Or if Chris sang Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl (and I Liked It)"
  6. The Vivian Vance Story

    Wonder if a review of the(one) performance exists? Would be an interesting read.
  7. Three of my all-time fave 1st season eps: Lucy & Viv Put Up a TV Antenna, Lucy's Sister Visits and Lucy Buys a Boat ... HAPPINESS!!!
  8. Lucy and Gary Photo Thread

    Nawwww... too easy.
  9. Lucy Sightings!

    Ugh! And it sounded so great up until mention of that bitch.

    Yup! Two queens I'd have never put together: Queen of Comedy and breathy Drama!
  11. MAME

    Yeah! Been fortunate to have seen this classic on the Big Screen several times and now this! Looks like a stellar blu release and I hope to get my hands on one soon! Thanks for the heads up!
  12. MAME

    I'm not as assured as you are but just as hopeful!
  13. ...AND they didn't take 9 hours to shoot, like today's sitcoms (seem) to do!! Okay, "only" 4 or 5 hour but still...it borders on the ridiculous.
  14. This Concludes Zsa Zsa Watch

    Well, probably have a long wait since Web is very much alive not to mention a very nice guy. Such a lovely couple, it's fun to watch them together but I do think she might got something there, she surely wouldn't be the first "mature" lady in Hollywood who latched onto an otherwise disinterested gay fan/friend/caretaker.
  15. This Concludes Zsa Zsa Watch

    What about YOUR husband?? Geez some of us old coots can't snag one and you younguns want more than your share! As Paul Lynde fabulously yelled to other drivers on a great ep of Bewitched, "Selfish! Selfish!!"