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  1. Would the DVD producers Gregg Oppenheimer (Seasons 1 - 5) and subsequently, Tom Watson (S6 - 9) have any knowledge or insight to this question? I would think they might know something and/or who might.... just a thought...as well as another "tip of the hat" to the excellent job they did on these WUNDAFUL DVD releases!!
  2. Looks unlikely, but blame no one but greedy CBS! Along with same day & date Blu releases of "The Honeymooners" and the first season of "The Andy Griffith Show", they originally priced them at "suggested retail" at 3, 4 times what they should have (about $120)! Yes, they were reportedly expensive to produce and they were excellently done, IMHO the best on-video representation of the series yet, so it is truly a shame that we won't get the remaining seasons (unless something drastically changes) on this WUNDAFUL physical format... oh well perhaps someday if they ever get to the point where they actually colorize more than just an episode here and there, maybe they'll reconsider and start putting full season versions of them that way! Here's hoping...
  3. "The Lucy Show" is currently airing on Z Living cable channel (see below), along with other well-worn classics, including "Beverly Hillbillies", "Ozzie & Harriet", "Petticoat Junction" and "Carol Burnett" among many others. ********** Z Living is a leading media brand devoted to showcasing the best healthy lifestyle and wellness programming and content across multiple media platforms, including TV, web, and an on-demand streaming service. From over 50 series on food and fitness to health and life, we strive to offer the world’s largest line-up of first-run, original wellness programming, connecting viewers in a contemporary and accessible manner to the benefits and joys of living a healthy lifestyle. In the U.S., Z Living is available to Cablevision/Optimum (Channel 164), DISH Network (Channel 218), Verizon FiOS (Channel 162), RCN (Channel 226), CGI (Channel 142), and Comcast (Chicago, Channel 389) subscribers, and in San Diego and Atlanta. (Click here to find out if Z Living is near you!) Our Manifesto: We believe wellness has a new name – And it’s not just kale. It’s eastern philosophy, but western application. It’s for everyone: the young, old, active, and the uninspired. It’s yoga – but on a paddleboard. It’s vegan, paleo, raw, and organic. It’s taking 5,000 years of wellness wisdom and helping you apply it to your life right now. It’s us taking you to your happy place – with your mind, body, and soul. https://www.zliving.com/about-us/
  4. However... the complete "I Love Lucy" series DVD has probably never been more affordable and is highly recommended, same goes for "The Lucy Show"; while comparatively much higher priced, the still worthwhile investment of the "Here's Lucy" series, single seasons or complete series, also readily available and last but unfortunately least but still part of the filmed legacy, "Life With Lucy" while a little pricey for what you get, is well worth the investment, especially if you're a diehard Lucy fan like me and love the fact that her entire 4 self-titled TV series are (I lumped the Comedy Hours in with ILL since they do that for the Complete Series) available on home video. Plus, last I checked (although admittedly it's been a minute), streaming services are still currently airing some of these shows: CBS All Access has/had "ILL" and Hulu has/had available "ILL" and "TLS"; Amazon Prime, currently has "Here's Lucy" available as well as several of the post-"Here's Lucy" Lucille Ball Specials ("Lucy Phones the President", "Happy Anniversary and Goodbye"), which may not be the "creme de la creme" like "ILL" but are always a fun watch.
  5. Pretty likely, they were probably both taped here in Burbank at what used to be NBC Studios, where Carson held court for years. Currently known as The Burbank Studios after being acquired a few years ago by some conglomerate after the NBC / Universal merger and Tonight (with Conan) moved to Universal next to the famous theme park.
  6. It's been confirmed by Lucy stalwart Tom Watson that there's one in the can ("The Freezer") however CBS has not given a go-ahead nor scheduled (to date) another Lucy "colorized" special... While it wouldn't be my first choice for next one up to be updated with "color" (I'm itching to see a Connecticut episode featuring that beautiful Early American country-house set) it is nice to know there is another one rarin' to go!
  7. The link doesn't work FYI "about:blank#blocked" 😯
  8. I just added Reelz to my already exorbitant cable bill to get to be able to see this, along with the two Autopsy episodes about Lucy and Desi (which I have not watched yet). Overall, I think they did a credible job (one exception being the insert of a still photo of supposed young Lucille that was definitely NOT her!) and while i didn't really learn anything new, I certainly enjoyed the participation primarily of the Desilu author Tom Gilbert, Carol Burnett certainly (sweet to see her tear up upon sharing the I got her flowers the day she died story for the umpteenth time) and most of all, our own Carole Cook who at 95/96 (who knows when her interview was recorded), conveyed I feel the most heartfelt emotion, honest opinions and of course, a couple of witty asides to make the whole thing so riveting, even though we're by now so familiar with so many of these stories and events that I not only was very impressed and appreciative, it makes me wonder what else Amy Poehler, Ron Howard and company are going to be able to come up with in the next doc project in the works. Addendum: After watching both Lucy and Desi's separate "Autopsy" episodes, I was reminded that Lucy did indeed suffer a stroke in the last year or two of her life; however, this doc made no mention that I caught of this significant event. Odd. Should have been touched upon, IMHO. Minus half-a-star if I were rating this otherwise 3.5 out of 4 star production. 😇
  9. Never heard of this guy despite having lived briefly in Palm Springs, so I'll have to look up who he is but given that, this is one of the best interviews she's given in ages, in quarantine or not.... Love that he got - gingerly - around referring to her mother and still elicited some great comments and stories .... Highly recommended!
  10. Jeez I'm on the fence about that idea... what if they went with the Garboona ep?? Oy!
  11. This sounds interesting but I hope it doesn't put a "crimp" in the Amy Poehler project as it sounds like they'll be tilling similar soil.
  12. Am itching to know what this "new" TV show premise is all about!!
  13. Of all the ways I would think to describe Mr. Arnaz, "big boned" is not one of them!
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