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  1. A General Service Studios reference, circa 1960 - how cool! (And rehearsal footage of the hunky Nelson brothers in tights practicing a trapeze act.... nice! 😱) So what of the writing credits? Not unusual especially in episodic television for there to be multiple writers credited, some only for story (especially if they're "new" writers as they may have been here: Bensfield & Grant went on to write many varied sitcom episodes, from "The Andy Griffith Show" to "One Day at a Time", "The Partridge Family", "I Dream of Jeannie" and even an episode ('Lucy and the Submarine') of "The Lucy Show". Looks like TAOOAH was their first big "gig" where they worked on many of the over 200+ episodes, but it appears more in the capacity of story editors rather than authors of entire teleplays, which would explain why they got "story by" credit here.
  2. Seeing the snippet of the deleted bedroom scene makes me wish they'd included it -- even if they couldn't remaster it to the quality of the full episodes -- so at least we could see them; plus, there must be others cut for time, etc. (certainly wasn't for laughs! ) I don't even remember her doing that sort of "twirl" move on the bed! 😲
  3. No, but now I know to look for this/look for a sample, I'll be on the lookout. My fave Lucy photographer is Engstead, to whom she famously (and amusingly) in later years told him, "John, be careful...your camera is getting older all the time"! I think most of my fave 60's on shots of LB were by Engstead, perhaps because he utilized/perfected that "natural light" (sun) through her hair effect/look. It always with no exceptions I can think of flattered her.
  4. Cool! I show up in a couple of spots but I didn't want to brag! Guess it happens when you sound like a hyena Funny of all the shows I've been to over the decades the only two I can think of that I can actually hear my sticks-out-a-bit-much laugh on the soundtrack are two "Lucy"-related shows, this first episode (and first filmed) "Life With Lucy" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Hour" which guest-starred La Ball (and where I briefly (thanks, Gary! Dumbass!) got to meet for the first and only time our Redhead right after the end of the taping at CBS Television City. Awww, memories! 😍
  5. ...and there may have been at least one more: I distinctly remember (unless time is messing with my memory, which I admit is entirely possible given it was 30 years ago!!) that when Mrs. Barker realized she forgot to pick up her grandkids from their early release and was doing the whole putting out the cigarette bit (ironic to me to this day!), she actually said "Damn it", not "darn it" as I believe she said -- or rather, is heard to say -- in the scene. I find the whole "art" of looping and dubbing fascinating, interesting, impressive etc. etc. Amazing! 😉😁😘
  6. Great find! Still get a kick out of hearing my hearty "guffaw" (@20 second mark) at Gale's priceless delivery of "You --you--you moved a few things???!" line. (Normally kinda embarrasing but kinda fun to hear on a fave sitcom's soundtrack! ) If only the episodes had been as briskly/sharply edited as this wundaful promo, the show might actually have really been something.
  7. You must not have watched it or you wouldn't have asked! IMHO it's the "Drafted" of this series.
  8. Dumb me I just noticed the actual caption on the picture, which actually succinctly says it all! Still....the expression on DA's face is priceless!
  9. I think this is an amazing find. And how brave and honest of him to be so forthcoming. I'm sure we've all, as some of the most ardent Lucy fans around, have often wondered what it would have been like to have grown up as/with/like Lucie and Desi, Jr., at least I have. It's no longer something I'd wish for. We sure haven't heard much from Jr. since Amy died. Sure hope he's doing okay.
  10. Is it just me or does Desi's expression indicate a bit of disdain (or should I say disbelief)? Oh, so many "thought bubbles" come to mind to caption this! ("What did Loocee see in this tool??" )
  11. What great shots! Interesting she didn't need her reading glasses here. Have always wondered what the occasion was that brought the three "spouses" together, but given that appeared to be a program of some kind she was looking at, was it for Desi receiving an award of some sort? So curious!
  12. I haven't watched this yet but I take it that's not a reference to Billy Porter's character??
  13. I was on the fence but bit the bullet and went and am very glad I did! It was a WUNDAFUL evening and actually the theater was PACKED -- and at $25 a head! -- and I'd estimate the crowd at nearly 300, give or take -- and surprisingly was certainly more full than the recent "Colorized" event I attended here in Burbank! I've seen it before on the Big Screen but it's been eons so it was great to see it again that way, plus Charles Phoenix the host for the event was hilarious and presented a very enlightening and entertaining slide show (replete with remarks, commentary for each slide) by a very "colorful" personality whom honestly I'd never heard of before but he was great. Should they do anything like this in your area, I'd highly recommend it.
  14. I wasn't singling anyone out for their remarks, just the general "'tude" of those who think this legit, never-thought-it'd-actually-happen release is "overpriced": if that's what you think, then don't buy it. I'll do my homework, preorder it at the best price I can find and support the release. Again, we're unbelieveably LUCKY we're getting it! If you don't like my choice of words (ok, substitute with "griping"), then don't read my posts. I have just as much right to my opinion here as you whiners. Get over it.
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