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    I was on the fence but bit the bullet and went and am very glad I did! It was a WUNDAFUL evening and actually the theater was PACKED -- and at $25 a head! -- and I'd estimate the crowd at nearly 300, give or take -- and surprisingly was certainly more full than the recent "Colorized" event I attended here in Burbank! I've seen it before on the Big Screen but it's been eons so it was great to see it again that way, plus Charles Phoenix the host for the event was hilarious and presented a very enlightening and entertaining slide show (replete with remarks, commentary for each slide) by a very "colorful" personality whom honestly I'd never heard of before but he was great. Should they do anything like this in your area, I'd highly recommend it.
  2. I wasn't singling anyone out for their remarks, just the general "'tude" of those who think this legit, never-thought-it'd-actually-happen release is "overpriced": if that's what you think, then don't buy it. I'll do my homework, preorder it at the best price I can find and support the release. Again, we're unbelieveably LUCKY we're getting it! If you don't like my choice of words (ok, substitute with "griping"), then don't read my posts. I have just as much right to my opinion here as you whiners. Get over it.
  3. AUGUST IS A GREAT MONTH FOR LUCY FANS CONTINUES! 😘 TONIGHT! AUGUST 17, 2019 • 7:30pm • BEVERLY HILLS, CA CHARLES PHOENIX & THE LONG, LONG TRAILER Live Retro Slide Show Tribute and Screening of the Classic 1954 Comedy Starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Ahrya Fine Arts Theater 8556 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90211 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT DOOR – Be prepared for your Lucy, Desi and the Long, Long Trailer LOVE to skyrocket into the stratosphere! Ambassador of Americana, Charles Phoenix, celebrates the legendary MGM film, its iconic stars, and the colorful history of travel trailers, followed by the iconic film … presented by Laemmle Theatre’s Anniversary Classics. Your imagination will be inspired and your spirit will soar! Festive attire is encouraged but not expected!
  4. I'm a bit taken aback at the bitching about the SRP. We're LUCKY to get this as a legitimate release AT ALL! This is such a rarity and given the show was such a bust (and that it contains so few episodes) , it's amazing they're even bothering to release it at all, bare bones as I'm sure it'll be. Shop wisely and NOBODY has to pay the full retail price but if you don't do your homework, you'll not get "a deal" (I couldn't help laugh to myself at a fan on another site bragging about finding the new Colorized DVD release for $30 at a lukel Barnes & Noble when she could have got it at Target, Walmart and multiple places online for $20 or so! That's just idiocy to me!) Of course you could always wait awhile and hope that (and it probably will) the price comes down. Look how cheaply you can now grab copies of the two ILL Blu-ray releases, as well as the complete series boxes of ILL and The Lucy Show! If you're a tightwad, go ahead and wait!
  5. Cool! I'll wait till it shows up on Amazon. If you take the UPC code from the Best Buy listing (032429328076) and google it, you see several other places on line where it is also listed for pre-order -- at varying prices -- despite a release date of October, including DeepDiscount.com and ShopTCM.com among a few others.
  6. Complete "Lucy Show" DVD $26.00

    "That is one thing I do appreciate about the complete series release of Here's Lucy (unlike ILL, TLS or any TV series released by CBS/Paramount) is that the each season has its own case and each case in housed in one box that fits all of them." Well that's because they literally, literally took the 6 single release issues and shoved them in a box that fit all 6 and let 'er rip!
  7. Too bad Dan Cahn isn't around when you need him!
  8. I never bought that explanation, personally, Lane was not only in demand on the small screen for all the cantankerous coots he played but he was a busy theater actor, too, which I'm pretty sure he maintained well into the sunset days of his career, so I don't buy the bs that he "couldn't remember his lines."
  9. Here's Lucy 50th Anniversary

    Love some of your titles, like say "The Kim" episode
  10. I find this kind of an odd take on the various "supporting" players over the years; for example, why wouldn't you consider the late great Charles Lane's Barnsdahl character "official"? He was not only recurring but integral to the story line set up and many of the plots; that B&M&B&B didn't deem to use him in their scripts weekly perhaps was just due to lack of sense in working him in each week to that plot line, although there were probably many instances they didn't but could have. He also may not have been readily available to be present each week for 35 weeks that first season -- wasn't he also playing Homer Bedloe on CBS' "Petticoat Junction" at the same time? He was an integral antagonist on that show, too. I'm just thinking perhaps with a regular recurring cast of the star and her sidekick and three kids playing their children plus the occasional appearances of "friends" like Harry, Eddie, Thelma and the other volunteer firemen ladies, there was maybe just not enough opportunity to work Lane into that week's script. After all, this version of The Lucy Show wasn't "set up" to have her banker as main foil/daddy figure as it was just 3 years later when the entire set up of the show shifted from charming small Danfield to the wilds of Hollywood.
  11. I'm just thrilled, tickled and yet even a bit surprised (happily) that this title is even being released. If it's put out by the "professionals" at CBS' home video division -- and I'm assuming Tom Watson & company -- even if only on a consultant basis -- is involved, that the end result will most likely be the best possible quality release they can put out... and let's face it, this release is "gravy", we're fortunate it's even seeing the light of day and after 30 years (!), ANYTHING will be better than the blurry, grainy bootlegs I hear (ahem) have been floating around out there all these years so overall I just say....AMEN and bring 'em on! I was hoping that the handful of LWL's that were put on Time/Life's big "Lucy" collection was a "test case" not to mention good sign that perhaps this would ultimately happen. Glad I never quite gave up hope.
  12. Lucy Sightings!

    I'm sure you did! And over the years, I've heard Miss Uh-Oh on various other sitcoms, some as part of the laugh track (a la "Lucy" as it it's recorded, not "live" every time) for many shows, most which weren;t even filmed before an audience!
  13. Agreed, except that only the most hardcore of us ILL fans will get it. Still, be pretty cool so hope to see it happens. If I haven't said it before, i'll say here that this was truly a missed opportunity to also make the colorized collection available on blu-ray...there's few enough episodes that it'd only take a couple of discs to put out and it would have been a "toe in the water" to see if it would be viable to continue the "Ultimate" blu-ray releases, which failed miserably because CBS was so greedy and priced them so exorbitantly. Pity.
  14. Yay! Well this will definitely be added to the collection! Thanks for the heads up, as I would have put this under the "this likely ain't never gonna happen" category. Hmmmm...I don't recall the original AITF and Jefferson's Lionel Jefferson being part of the cast? Interesting.
  15. Lucy Sightings!

    Frankly I've never been totally convinced that the "uh oh" lady was DeDe... could have been any old lady from back in the day since it's one of many laugh track "sounds" and "segments" that they dubbed onto the soundtrack over and over.