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  1. Unfortunate Lucy Products (continued)

    It's no Rick Carl or Lamarr but I kinda like it. Do I see worms in her hair??
  2. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Recently attended a taping of "The Conners" and they clocked in at just a bit over three and a half hours. Fun episode, despite a couple of scenes being pre-taped. Highlight was the kitchen scene with the hilarious Laurie Metcalf involving a rock and a turnip! Great guest cast too, featuring Katey Segal, Matthew Broderick and Jay R. ("the Real O'Neals") Ferguson. Look forward to the broadcast!
  3. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    Clever Brian, I see what you did there
  4. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    If that's the "Sally Sweet" number episode, I agree ...but also am more than ready to see the Connecticut house in full fake color splendor!
  5. I have and it's nice to have a "legitimate" release of the LWL episodes! My only real complaint about the set is that they crammed 8 episodes on most of the other discs but for some reason, only put FOUR episodes on its single disc, when there was easily room for four more! If they had nicely done that, they could have then given us all the aired episodes and in broadcast order. Other than that and an observation that the disc menus are a bit on the "simple"/cheezy side, this is overall, a pretty stellar release....just don't get me started on some of the odd choices of episodes (since this is essentially a "best of" situation) for each series.... yet one more time I head scratchingly ask, how do I get THAT job of the guy that gets to pick the episodes to be included (or not)?? Headscratcher indeed!
  6. Off topic indeed. What the f are you talking about?? And BTW $100 a seat for an event of this caliber these days is rather a bargain, sad to say. Yes, long overdue but as a decades long resident of Palm Springs, I believe Miss Kaye has received many "lukel" awards and accolades basically for ...well, being a famous, well-regarded Palm Springs resident.
  7. 10th Annual Broken Glass Awards PALM SPRINGS WOMEN IN FILM & TV PROUDLY PRESENT THE 10th ANNUAL 2018 BROKEN GLASS GALA AWARDS LUNCHEON SURPRISE HONOREE BEVERLY D’ANGELO WHAT: Get your daytime Hollywood glam ready for the Palm Springs Women in Film & TV 10th Annual Broken Glass Awards Luncheon fundraiser to honor extraordinary women who have broken through the glass ceiling, paving the way for others in entertainment, arts and philanthropy. Stroll the red carpet in style with celebrities and familiar faces amid lights, cameras, paparazzi and a whole lot of action. This year, the Co-Chairs are Elaine Church and DeAnn Lubell. We are proud to present our 2018 BGA Honorees: Actress Beverly D’Angelo, actress Sharon Stone, Entertainer Kaye Ballard, Author Sue Cameron, Non-Profit founder Selby Dunham, and actress Elizabeth McLaughlin. WHEN: Monday, November 5, 2018 TIME: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. WHERE: Agua Caliente Casino Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage COST: General Ticket – $100.00 or Table of 10 – $1,000.00 (A reserved table for 10 guests) CONTACT: Tel: 760-238-0306 • Email: office@pswift.org ABOUT THE HONOREES: Beverly D’Angelo, known to be one of the most down-to-earth movie stars, gained fame in the beloved comedy National Lampoon’s Vacation and the following three sequels, as well as appearing in countless movies, television and Broadway roles. Sharon Stone is a Golden Globe (“Casino”) and EMMY winner (“The Practice”), and Career Achievement Winner from AARP Movies for Grownups. She is best known for “Basic Instinct” and her philanthropic efforts for AmfAR and many other humanitarian efforts. Kaye Ballard has been entertaining for seven decades, a singing funny girl of TV, nightclubs and musical stage (“Funny Girl”). Sue Cameron, known for her decades as a journalist with the Hollywood Reporter, is also the author of “Hollywood Secrets and Scandals,” “Hope, Healing and Help for Survivors of Sexual Abuse: A Faith-Based Journey to Healing” and “Love, Sex and Murder.” Selby Dunham is the founder of Bighorn BAM, a non-profit organization that has raised millions of dollars for cancer care for the Coachella Valley. Elizabeth McLaughlin, PSWIFT’s “Rising Star” honoree, has been seen in “Betrayal” (ABC), “Hand of God” (Amazon) and “Pretty Little Liars” (ABC Family). PSWIFT created the Broken Glass Awards to honor women who have “broken through the glass ceiling” in film, television, the arts and philanthropy to pave the way for others to follow. Each year the BGA’s honor four or five women who have distinguished themselves as wonderful examples and successful pioneers in our industry. Over the years they have honored a truly distinguished group of women in our industry and community! Previous honorees include THE MOVIE STAR Miss Ruta Lee (2013 Desert Diva Award); Miss Shirley "Busty Ingels" Jones (2012 Gena Award); Miss Lucie Arnaz (sounds familiar) (2017 Desert Diva Award); and Lindsay "Bionic Woman" Wagner (2010 Gena Award winner) among many other talented and deserving ladies. https://www.pswift.org/Events?fbclid=IwAR1EHqRGnj3dpRkVlVnFpf9bDZV3ee5SdeWOjh_J0dnqzqdtWIdgi-rSZAY https://www.facebook.com/Palm-Springs-Women-in-Film-and-Television-359796631767/ https://www.palmspringslife.com/beverly-dangelo-palm-springs/
  8. Never thought THIS would see the light of day! Even if they don't "fix" the audio issues -- and there are plenty! -- this has GOT to be the best it's ever going to look on home video. Plus, here's hoping they went beyond "bare bones" and have included some cool, rare bonus features...but I'm not holding my breath. Stay tuned! (Amazon states a release date of November 27th, so ...what a nice holiday gift! "We Need a Little Christmas NOW"!! https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Mame-Blu-ray/133683/#Packaging https://www.amazon.com/Mame-Blu-ray-Lucille-Ball/dp/B07JKC12XG/ref=sr_1_4_twi_blu_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1540051672&sr=1-4&keywords=mame+blu-ray
  9. Last Lucy Item You Bought?

    The Time-LIfe DVD collection with the 4 "Life With Lucy" episodes, which look pretty damn good! Bring 'em ALL out! Also about to preorder the --wait for it!-- under the "something I'd thought I'd never see department": Lucy's MAME on Blu-RAY!! Woohoo! Can't wait!
  10. But then you probably own all of them anyway, right David?
  11. Last Lucy Item You Bought?

    Well actually the "fine print" under the Desilu moniker reads "Visit us in the Vice Regal Suite 16th Floor" and if that's not a clue ....
  12. Vicki Lawrence headlines FOX pilot

    Agreed. Can't see how it's going to "help" the show, given its format as its going to lose a lot of it's "energy" (as most would) without the presence of the audience, and I can't see it being quite the same one-camera. Weird.
  13. Yes, such like-minded thinking! Likely won't happen, but I was hoping if not a standalone LWL release, thought it might be nice if a few eps (say, 3) popped up as part of the bonus material on each of the successive "I Love Lucy" blu-rays, had they had the chance to continue the series with seasons 3 - 6 and one for the hour-longs. Oh well...I can dream can't I? Lucky to get the two we got I guess.
  14. The Desi Photo Thread

    Is that a big bottle of Bacardi on Des' head??!