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  1. Sadly, semi-regretfully I was one of those "shnooks" who bought back then (gawd that had to be 30+ years ago!!) t he ENTIRE Columbia series on VHS and yes, it eventually featured every single episode of the series, including the "lost (long unaired) pilot) as well as the Christmas episode, with the last tape's theme being "From the Beginning to the End", quite appropriately (must have had the Statue ep on it); and if I recall that last tape had 4 episodes on it. My memory is fuzzy now as it's been too long but along with the priced reduction (a whopping $5 per tape!) at some point I believe they bumped up the episodes per tape from 3 to 4. And yes...I still have the entire collection as I now can't believe what I paid for 'em and I just haven't had the heart to get rid of them ... despite the fact I havent played them in years! Listen, nobody knew, and believe me if I'd had any inkling... that someday her entire OUVRE would be readily available on DVD and streaming I would probably not put out so much money for now nearly obsolete tapes.... but then, when Laser Discs first came along, I did the same damn thing!! Am I sorry now? For the most part.... but then I still have a Lucy "collectible" in my collection that I probably wouldn't have otherwise.... But again, damn, if we had just known DVDs were coming... and how WUNDAFUL they would be.... No use in looking back I guess... Can't re-write history! 😫
  2. Hmm.. reminds me of an outfit Jayne Meadows would wear as a haughty (what over kind??) matron on Here's.... 😂
  3. Good! That looks (to me) more like a young Mildred Natwick (!) than Maureen O'Hara, and I don't know WHO Lucy reminds me of but it's not Lucy! And what's with the hair color?? It looks like a "mishmash" of brown, blonde and red instead of the blonde(-ish) she's in the film, no? Oy! 😚
  4. ...and not exactly "top draw" men at that! IMHO, of course 😋
  5. Oh my! Where's Dave Woodman or Henry Lamar when you need him!!
  6. That's interesting and I don't have a hard time picturing it happening but... I thought that Lucy and some of the rest of the family had seeked counseling in dealing with Desi Jr's drug abuse? Would have sworn I read that somewhere recently (likely here, wish I could recall)...or was she referring to a Dr. Peale or other "religious" type as compared to a shrink? I'm a bit confused.... 😮
  7. Wow they've really lowered the bar this year as far as garnering "top talent"! Not that all these guys haven't had long, relatively successful careers but none of them are exactly my..."cup of tea"...although I'll cop to occasionally watching Spade's late night show recently due to it's "freewheeling" nature and that it nightly features other comics in a very uninhibited format. Speaking of the guys...where are the women who should be here representing? Whether someone young and "fresh' or more seasoned, they couldn't have included a female comic?? Hmmm.... a little weird and definitely disappointing, IMHO.
  8. LOVE seeing Lucy's edits, corrections etc. in her own hand (sure ain't Wanda's ). Much as I loved "Love, Lucy" I kinda wish she'd revisited it later in life...perhaps after she'd had her stroke and had endured/experienced even more in the intervening years...and included those what, extra 20 +/- years? (Can't remember where it left off, I need to re-read it.)
  9. Big Band Romance with Special Guest Donny Most February 7 @ 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm Join Linda Purl for a celebration of some of the extraordinary women who defined the classic big band sound and the songs they helped made famous, including tunes such as “Pick Your Self Up,” “Come Rain or Come Shine,” “Midnight Caravan.” An evening of homage to the likes of Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, and Rosemary Clooney. Special Guest : Donny Most “Great pipes, a swinging sense of time and tempo, musical as hell, hypnotic on ballads and powerful as a big-band vocalist on the rhythmic numbers, Linda Purl is a perfect fit for DIVA. It doesn’t hurt that’s she’s also as gorgeous to look at as a Technicolor dream from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Linda Purl has got it all in one meteoric display of supersonic talent. She fractures me!” – Rex Reed “If there were still big band cutting sessions, DIVA would swing a lot of the remaining big bands out of the place.” – Nat Hentoff, Jazz Times Details Date: February 7 Time: 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm Event Tags: big band romance, california live shows, Catalina Jazz Club, donny most, february 2020 concerts, hollywood live concerts, linda purl, live shows Website: http://catalinajazzclub.com/calendar.htm Venue Catalina Jazz Bar and Grill 6725 West Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 United States + Google Map Phone: 323-466-2210 Website: www.catalinajazzclub.com
  10. WIll have to check this out: Carmichael with Viv period or Hollywood era Carmichael? THey are distinctly different, IMHO.
  11. I can't stand that strident bitch (Ingraham)
  12. A General Service Studios reference, circa 1960 - how cool! (And rehearsal footage of the hunky Nelson brothers in tights practicing a trapeze act.... nice! 😱) So what of the writing credits? Not unusual especially in episodic television for there to be multiple writers credited, some only for story (especially if they're "new" writers as they may have been here: Bensfield & Grant went on to write many varied sitcom episodes, from "The Andy Griffith Show" to "One Day at a Time", "The Partridge Family", "I Dream of Jeannie" and even an episode ('Lucy and the Submarine') of "The Lucy Show". Looks like TAOOAH was their first big "gig" where they worked on many of the over 200+ episodes, but it appears more in the capacity of story editors rather than authors of entire teleplays, which would explain why they got "story by" credit here.
  13. Seeing the snippet of the deleted bedroom scene makes me wish they'd included it -- even if they couldn't remaster it to the quality of the full episodes -- so at least we could see them; plus, there must be others cut for time, etc. (certainly wasn't for laughs! ) I don't even remember her doing that sort of "twirl" move on the bed! 😲
  14. No, but now I know to look for this/look for a sample, I'll be on the lookout. My fave Lucy photographer is Engstead, to whom she famously (and amusingly) in later years told him, "John, be careful...your camera is getting older all the time"! I think most of my fave 60's on shots of LB were by Engstead, perhaps because he utilized/perfected that "natural light" (sun) through her hair effect/look. It always with no exceptions I can think of flattered her.
  15. Cool! I show up in a couple of spots but I didn't want to brag! Guess it happens when you sound like a hyena Funny of all the shows I've been to over the decades the only two I can think of that I can actually hear my sticks-out-a-bit-much laugh on the soundtrack are two "Lucy"-related shows, this first episode (and first filmed) "Life With Lucy" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Hour" which guest-starred La Ball (and where I briefly (thanks, Gary! Dumbass!) got to meet for the first and only time our Redhead right after the end of the taping at CBS Television City. Awww, memories! 😍
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