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  1. Loving these, Jimmy!! Thanks for all your hard work but betting "labor of love"!!
  2. Shelly, that's (one of) the reason(s) I thought she put that spin on it, her name is gonna be on it (not to mention more than likely a nice chunk of $$$), what else can she say?? Also like mindedly (is that a word??), if Desi comes off better than her mom I'm sure that factors in her favoring it... oh my oh my oh my.... kinda wish the teaser hadn't been released yet, at least so far from the premiere (wonder if they'll "leak" more clips??), if for no other reason that my previously kinda-open-mind about this (sorta) is narrowing as I thought the narration of it by Kidman, the writing/what was espoused that is, is just downright OBNOXIOUS! 😮 The Lady would NEVER have gone on that way about herself, no matter how much she may have thought it of/to herself! Such a turnoff! If this is the overlying "tone" of the whole film, I think we're in for a world of hurt!
  3. Re: "I wonder if she succeeded getting the RKO/MGM scene cut she wanted gone." OOh! I'm unfamiliar, what is this you speak of Brianson???
  4. Very impressive, Neil! Thanks for your efforts! 🥰
  5. Great, more garbage! Figures Faux News would be the reporter of this! Hope with the movie in the works this doesn't mean more of this kinda crap! Ugh!
  6. Ahhh the dichotomy of being both a HUGE, life-long fan of both Lucy/I Love Lucy et. al. AND Liz Montgomery/Bewitched and feeling she too deserved Emmy love, despite several well-deserved nominations, should have won at least for the first two seasons of BW (1964-65 and 1965-66) if not 1968 as well... she virtually carried the show in the 5th season (1968-69) what with York's exacerbated back injury, several MIA episodes and his eventual literally being carried off the set, never to return... but I don't want to appear at all disloyal to Lucy either as any Emmy win she had was also well deserved IMHO...
  7. Ok makes sense...couldn't remember Desi Jr.'s role as I don't recall that I ever even watched that show..and given its premise, probably not! (despite hunky Jr.'s presence!).
  8. Desi Sr. or Jr.? J(unio)r. had the lead in ABC"s short-lived Automan, correct? Would that have involved the car repair scene referenced?? (I don't think I ever watched it, despite young Mr. Arnaz's presence )
  9. Agree, Brian, with all your observations here and just further "ammo" to me that the return of Bob & Madelyn to the writers room late in "Here's" significantly boosted the quality of their respective episodes (here "Pickle" and "Big Break"). Oh...what might have been!
  10. Makes me wonder if Jimmy ever watches these now (they are streaming somewhere, just can't remember where at the moment!) and wonders, "Hey where the hell am I?? I was there when we shot this!!!"
  11. No...sadly the "Emmy love" for Lucy seemed to dip precipitously (sp?) after her 2nd win for "The Lucy Show", and didn't return (as far as I recall) (although I will always feel "Stone Pillow" should have garnered her not only an nomination, but a win for Best Dramatic Actress - TV Drama/Special or whatever applicable category it would have been in all those years ago... 😎
  12. Wow! Now there's a promo you'd think you'd remember!! From the title alone I can't believe they ever agreed to this!! Would love to know all the backstory on this one, too!
  13. BTW... necropost??? I'm (almost) afraid to ask! 😂
  14. Oh wow... admire Hale (usually) but he doesn't even know who he's playing??? Oy!
  15. I'm kinda amusingly shocked you've never seen a couple of these before, Brian! I'm pretty in line with all your reviews & comments about each episode...and nice observation about how The Movie Star (who's autobiography is just now being released!! Sure hope she does some in-person book signings!!! ) Miss Lee could/should have appeared in miss episodes as a neighbor/friend (same could be said for Carole, as you mentioned) however the two she is in are two of my all-time favorites of the Hollywood era.... Maybe I need to rewatch the Ken Berry one but I'm with you the song & dance eps are my least favorite and sadly, IMHO that's what "moved the needle" for me away from enjoying so many later TLS and HL episodes....give me "true" all-sitcom plots a la the first TLS season any day! The only slight disagreement I have is that I've tried a couple times to watch the John Wayne episode and it is just so hard to get through, the Carmichael character comes off more pushy and obnoxious than anything, I think, then during the saloon filming scenes, add stupid as she honestly is so clueless she believes the "fights" to be real?? Yeah, right... Just annoying!
  16. TJBS is truly an anomaly! Why in hell anyone would "regress" to B&W after converting to color makes no sense, even financially as the show certainly would have been aided, if only a little, in syndication sales the more color episodes it had to offer!! Mind scratching! Regardless, pretty sure it was Antenna TV which revamped it's lineup yet again (starting 1st of April, I think) wherein many stalwarts like Bishop, The Partridge Family, Archie Bunker's Place etc. were pulled in favor of more "recent" (compared to those shows, anyway) dreck like "What's Happening Now", etc. -- with a 2 hour block, yet! Honestly (a la Lucy Carmichael), I can see a run of two episodes (for an hour slot) back to back but I think anything more than that is ridiculous, and a waste when they could be airing another show in that timeslot.... On the upside (IMHO) such "evergreens" as Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie etc. happily remain on the schedule.... (Nicely of note, in the comments FB thread about these changes, many unhappy campers complaining but one person noted they should add TLS/Here's Lucy to the schedule next time to which I say, YES! )
  17. I'm pretty sure your date is off as far as your "...in 1965, most (but not all) of the network shows were shot in color" statement; 1966 certainly, but not 1965. "Lucy" may have begun filming in color as early as 1963 in Desilu's prescient nod to the upcoming transition --and realizing they'd garner more for the shows shot in color than B&W in syndication -- but they were definitely in the minority. "The Dick Van Dyke Show", still popular in its last (5th), 1965-66 season would most certainly have converted to color if it was by then commonplace; same with ABC's most popular sitcom, "Bewitched" which did not do so until its 3rd (1966-67) season; similarly, NBC"s "BW"-lite "I Dream of Jeannie" premiered in 1965 in B&W and did not convert, like its Screen Gems sibling "BW", to color until its 2nd (1966-67) season. I'm sure there are multitude other examples I could think of but you get the idea. "Full blown" color broadcasting didn't really occur by all of (then) "The Big Three" (ABC/CBS/NBC) until the 1966-67 season, despite earlier occasional exceptions the season before like the now-iconic 1965 CBS production of Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Cinderella", which proved so popular in the ratings as well as the viewing public that it, along the lines of "Wizard of Oz", became a perennial annual event for the better part of a decade. I'd venture to say that the main reason Paley was loathe to give in and broadcast in color (despite the likelihood there was no stopping its ultimate implementation) was mostly economics, as naturally it was more expensive to shoot in color, particular on film, which by the mid-60s had become the predominant medium in which most primetime television was produced, save perhaps for news and variety shows and daytime television not expected (then) to go into perpetual reruns, thus shot on cheaper to produce (and of course, looked it) videotape... and the fact he hated to "give in" to rival NBC, as they owned RCA at the time and were the chief movers in selling color sets. Thankfully, eventually there was no stopping progress and by 1969/70, color was in full bloom (!) and black and white was primarily old movies on the late show and reruns of certain "old" favorite sitcoms from the early 50s! [In a quasi-related aside, I viewed "Lucy Calls the President" the other night on Tubi, the ONLY "Lucille Ball Production" shot on videotape instead of the usual 35mm film as pioneered by Desilu....while it didn't really deter the enjoyment too much, it still was definitely less sharp on a 45+ inch screen and certainly makes one wonder who's decision to go that route.... after creating, pioneering the process and utilizing it so well for over two decades, it sure was strange that they went against the grain (see what I did there?) in this case. Odd....]
  18. Happily, it's coming out on DVD, too! (Sorry...still "old school" and while I stream more all the time, I still "prefer" DVDs for sitcoms and other media like this, so I'm looking forward to it!) https://www.amazon.com/Betty-Whites-Pet-Set-Complete/dp/B08NZ3L2GQ/ref=asc_df_B08NZ3L2GQ/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=475795185305&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=12736383003076474831&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9032253&hvtargid=pla-1145295359640&psc=1
  19. Would the DVD producers Gregg Oppenheimer (Seasons 1 - 5) and subsequently, Tom Watson (S6 - 9) have any knowledge or insight to this question? I would think they might know something and/or who might.... just a thought...as well as another "tip of the hat" to the excellent job they did on these WUNDAFUL DVD releases!!
  20. Looks unlikely, but blame no one but greedy CBS! Along with same day & date Blu releases of "The Honeymooners" and the first season of "The Andy Griffith Show", they originally priced them at "suggested retail" at 3, 4 times what they should have (about $120)! Yes, they were reportedly expensive to produce and they were excellently done, IMHO the best on-video representation of the series yet, so it is truly a shame that we won't get the remaining seasons (unless something drastically changes) on this WUNDAFUL physical format... oh well perhaps someday if they ever get to the point where they actually colorize more than just an episode here and there, maybe they'll reconsider and start putting full season versions of them that way! Here's hoping...
  21. "The Lucy Show" is currently airing on Z Living cable channel (see below), along with other well-worn classics, including "Beverly Hillbillies", "Ozzie & Harriet", "Petticoat Junction" and "Carol Burnett" among many others. ********** Z Living is a leading media brand devoted to showcasing the best healthy lifestyle and wellness programming and content across multiple media platforms, including TV, web, and an on-demand streaming service. From over 50 series on food and fitness to health and life, we strive to offer the world’s largest line-up of first-run, original wellness programming, connecting viewers in a contemporary and accessible manner to the benefits and joys of living a healthy lifestyle. In the U.S., Z Living is available to Cablevision/Optimum (Channel 164), DISH Network (Channel 218), Verizon FiOS (Channel 162), RCN (Channel 226), CGI (Channel 142), and Comcast (Chicago, Channel 389) subscribers, and in San Diego and Atlanta. (Click here to find out if Z Living is near you!) Our Manifesto: We believe wellness has a new name – And it’s not just kale. It’s eastern philosophy, but western application. It’s for everyone: the young, old, active, and the uninspired. It’s yoga – but on a paddleboard. It’s vegan, paleo, raw, and organic. It’s taking 5,000 years of wellness wisdom and helping you apply it to your life right now. It’s us taking you to your happy place – with your mind, body, and soul. https://www.zliving.com/about-us/
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