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  1. In "Quarantine" "Lucy and Viv Install a Shower" "Lucy and Viv Install a TV Antenna" "Lucy and Viv Install a Stoplight in the Living Room" (JK...just seeing if you're paying attention ) "Lucy's Substitute Secretary" "Viv Visits Lucy"
  2. "I could practically smell the Axe Body Spray" ๐Ÿ˜‡ Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh today! You're funny!
  3. Sooooo looking forward to this! Just noticed Megan (Karen) as Lucy has a martini in her hand!!
  4. Friday Nite with A Disc(o) (late) Season 2: #26 The Ricardos Change Apartments #27 Lucy Is Matchmaker #28 Lucy Wants New Furniture #29 Camping Trip #30 Ricky & Fred Are TV Fans #31 Never Do Business With Friends
  5. Right?? Sure would like to know what went down re: their falling out....puts kind of a bad "aftertaste" to the show going off... hope this wasn't the reason why!
  6. Agreed, it didn't start with "Danny" but I guess it bugs me since it's one of my favorite episodes and probably part of the reason I rarely watch "Mexico" as, among its other faults, the harshness with which they speak to each other is palpable and frankly, hard to watch.
  7. Rue, who plays Middleditch's ex-wife in this, co-starred with Reba and Lily Tomlin in the underrated "Malibu Country", which I (coincidentally) I also went to the pilot taping of that as well (gawd that was a looooooooong one!). Show was good, should have had as long a run as her predecessor IMHO but for some reason it just didn't "fly" ... and I wasn't in LA at the time but I heard about the Burnett pilot (produced by Amy Poehler) and told my "Gab guys" (Here's Lucy DVD producers) friends about it and they went and said it was good and were surprised when it didn't sell.....(although rumor hath it that what actually went down was that Carol decided at this point in her life -- she is over 80! -- she didn't want to do a weekly series...who knows?) I wholeheartedly agree about the airing of unsold pilots thing, you'd think they would want to recoup some of their $$$, especially when there's such a need of product now with all the streaming services, and cable channels... I kinda get the Chuck Lorre comment (given Two & A Half Men, etc.), yet the now-long running "Mom", which I enjoy, both Lorre and creator/writer Marco Pennette are involved did this and the script is good and the pilot was directed by sitcom vet/legend Jimmy Burrows (Cheers, Frasier, every single episode of Will & Grace -- both iterations, and many other "classics"), so with that said and an excellent cast, it has a great "pedigree" and hopefully a very good chance at going to series. I certainly hope so!
  8. I'd never heard of her (seen M&J but not sure if any with her), at least not by name but if this thing "goes", she'll undoubtedly be the breakout star, she's that good! Speaking of Broadway gals, Shelly did I tell you I got to see Joanna Gleason's show when it played here a few weeks ago?? AKA the night I got on the same elevator as Lily Tomlin and made a total fool of myself (not the first time, probably not the last!)
  9. Hey, Freddie! The pilot was shot at Warner Bros. Wednesday, March 11, 2020, right before everything really got "clamped down" or cancelled altogether; however, that same day, chatting with the audience "wrangler" folk (a couple of whom I knew from having gone to so many tapings over the years I've lived here) they weren't sure what was going to happen but that as of that date, more and more productions were cancelling either having audiences or shows or both. It was kinda "eerie" to check their website (tvtickets.com) to see what was a day or two before, shows going as usual (Dr. Phil; Raven's Home etc.) and half a dozen pilots (it's pilot season here in LA), including the one I attended. Checked the site again just a couple days later and status of EVERYTHING is "Cancelled" (http://www.audiencesunlimited.com/changes.htm). And so it goes (or actually, doesn't) ...... "Silicon Valley" star Thomas Middleditch stars as the lead in "B Positive", a CBS multi-camera comedy pilot from the "Mom" team of Marco Pennette, Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros TV. Written by Pennette, B Positive centers on Drew (Middleditch), a newly divorced dad faced with finding a kidney donor and who is at the end of his rope when he runs into Gina (Annaleigh Ashford), a rough-around-the edges woman from his high school past who volunteers her own. Together they form an unlikely bond and begin a journey that will change both of their lives. In addition to Ashford, Middleditch joins previously cast Kether Donohue and Sara Rue in what is shaping up as one of the strongest comedy pilot ensembles assembled this season. Pennette and Lorre executive produce. There's a "Lucy" connection of sorts: Recently appearing in a small role in Lorre's "Mom", actor/artist/Carole Cook & Tom Troupe documentarian (https://www.facebook.com/CaroleandTom/) Mason McCulley has essentially a cameo role in a pre-taped montage in the pilot, yet he did appear in person show night and was included in the cast bows at the end of the taping. It was nice to see him in his element and I sincerely hope that should the pilot sell and go to series (which it should, what with a wonderful cast in Middleditch, Sara Rue and someone I'd never heard of before but she "was" the show, the hilarious Annaleigh Ashford), that Mason becomes recurring as he is very funny and talented and it would nice to see him in a regular "gig". ๐Ÿ˜Ž Also, "Love Boat", "Bewitched" vet Bernie Koppell also appears in a cameo role as one of the old folks being driven to hospital treatments by senior citizen's van driver Gina (Ashford).
  10. Thanks to Neil's recent post, "Lucy Makes Room for Danny" and then "Lucy Goes to Alaska". The only thing that "mars" this otherwise excellent episode of TLDCH for me ("Danny") is the severity which Desi as Ricky yells at Lucy; there's a harshness to it that feels a little bit too true to life to just ignore or laugh off as part of the "comedy"... I mean, he comes across (to me) as truly MEAN (spirited)... making me wonder, was the marriage already on its downhill slide as early as 1958? I haven't read any of the "Lucy"-related books from cover to cover in ages so I'm having difficulty recalling exactly when the transition from "lovey dovey" to not so "hotsy totsy" but his behavior toward her, in this episode at least, is palpably harsh. Oy!
  11. Shelly we'll look forward to you "modeling" your new outfits for us once they've arrived! ๐Ÿ˜‡
  12. Lyle Waggoner, former Carol Burnett "sidekick" and founder of Star Waggons, a company that leases customized location trailers for use by the entertainment industry, has passed at age 84. Kind of ironic as I thought of him the other night when attending a pilot taping at Warner Bros...I counted (lost count, actually) over 30 of these "Waggons", used for cast and crew trailers on lots all over LA, and thought, "Good for you, Lyle! KaCHING!!!:
  13. Quite a variety of classic sitcoms! Are they aired in this order by a particular "Retro" TV cable channel (e.g. Antenna TV, COZI, MeTV etc. etc.?)? I'm kind of out of the loop on their respective current lineups....and I thought Hallmark was the only current cable channel airing ILL.
  14. Hmmm lovely photo, too bad it's faded with time. This looks like it might have inspired the cover artwork for the upcoming Criterion blu-ray release of "Dance, Girl Dance".
  15. Something I don't get and that's Beyonce getting the cover! I'm honestly not knocking her, it's simply that her charms and talent elude me. What am I missing??
  16. Geez! Sorry, I was an English major (only excuse I can think of) so something "published" that obviously hasn't been fact-checked or proofread really bugs me, so whomever posted the article on the License Global really needs someone to "check" their work before posting, starting with the headline! Pretty sure it should read "Debuts" with Unique Vintage on Collection etc. etc., not "Duets"! Ugh! Then .. what likely should read "Desilu, too, LLC" is credited as Desilou!!! Sacrilege!!!
  17. By all means, if you have it, please let us see it! Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  18. Did a little "sleuthing" and found this Facebook post from a fan site: Mad About You FANS August 16, 2019 ยท "Tickets for the first two taping dates for the Mad About You revival are up at TVTickets123 - Audiences Unlimited, Inc. Dates are September 6th and 13th and filming is at Red Studios Hollywood instead of its original location at The Culver Studios."... so this was what used to be Desilu Cahuenga, then in the "Golden Girls" era, Ren-Mar and now, Red....which I detest but then they didn't ask me!
  19. It's been advertised on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/137038650924360/?notif_t=event_friend_going&notif_id=1583263559451737
  20. Eww, now there's a visual I didn't need! Can't speak to their younger days when they were more likely in their "prime", but based upon brief interactions witnessed at one of the Lucy conventions here in Burbank they both attended, they struck me as cordial colleagues, perhaps friends but I'm not sure; what struck me was the (lasting) impression I got from both was that while they were supposedly there "in support" of and to discuss working with The Lady, they both came off as bitter and emboldened to share their dismay having worked for her, despite their long respective association(s).... perhaps because Maury was fired after the rumor of wanting a raise? I don't recall whether Kenwith and she departed on good terms or not but that's not the impression I got.... An aside but sort of related, as most of you (ir)regulars here are aware, am a huge Shirley ("Busty Ingels") Jones fan and reportedly after working with Kenwith on a particular episode of "The Partridge Family" (I think the one where the Laurie character (Susan Dey) gets braces), Shirley was so upset at how badly he "directed" the kids on the set that she went to the producers and told them if they ever had him back to direct, she'd walk.... and she was not one to "throw her weight around" so... he must have been pretty heinous. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
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