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  1. Oh how I adored dear Valerie and am so glad that Lucy was in her "orbit", if only briefly. What it must have meant to her to have her own show and then be recognized for it by LUCY!! Wow! So cool! 😎
  2. My guess would be legendary Broadway producer director George Abbott, with whom so many "greats" either got their start or he helped by casting them in one of his many hit plays. If memory serves, didn't he do "Too Many Girls"??
  3. Brian, this is another entry that makes me wonder why you don't write for a living, you are that GOOD! (And oh so clever! "Viv is Enciente"....almost fell off my chair laughing!! ) Good job!
  4. Yes! And the fact it's in the hands of long-ago Desilu "employee" Ron Howard is not only impressive that he'd do it, but I think will do it with the utmost respect and "reverence." Interesting aside about how Kate "may have lost her interest by now..." which actually might be a good thing. At this point, I agree a doc would be preferable, we don't really need to see their story fictionalized again and not to be rude, but Cate be getting just a bit too old to play the middle-aged years of the late great Lucille Ball. Just my two centavos.
  5. Absolutely! Hard to go wrong with Tracy & Hepburn -- although this certainly isn't their best -- but Lucy, too? Go for it!
  6. Season Three "Mini Marathon" Lucy Meets the Burtons Lucy the Skydiver ...Sammy Davis Jr. ...Drum Contest (Buddy Rich) ...the Crusader (a personal favorite as it never gets old! Charles Nelson Reilly's hilarious guest star warranted a repeat visit, wonder why it never happened??) ...the Coed ...the American Mother
  7. A few: One of the Paley Events (forget which one/year); the TVLand Awards Show; a book signing at Barnes & Noble, and the coolest as far as the event itself, a recreation for charity of a "Golden Girls" script on the soundstage where they (then) were shooting Betty's "Hot in Cleveland", which featured that show's cast for an hilarious table read. For the same show/charity, there were also appearances by "Hot's" producer/"Will & Grace"'s Sean Hayes, the Supremes' Mary Wilson, and many others I can't recall now. It was an amazing evening capped by an informal party down on the stage afterward where most everyone danced, gabbed and enjoyed a catered buffet. (Betty, presumably due to her advanced age, beat a hasty retreat).
  8. Well, it's a cool video, very cleverly done!
  9. Did you want us to try to identify which episodes these are from and name them? I can do a lot of them (but not all) without double-checking actual titles from Wiki or wherever.....
  10. Thanks for the video! Can't wait to watch it (I may have been there, I can't recall offhand). Betty looks pretty damn amazing considering she's well into her 80's here and has - except for lipstick, obviously, little or no make-up -- and aware I'm sure that she'd be on camera as these Fests were always recorded!!
  11. Is it "weird" (funny?) to anyone else Mr. & Mrs. Arnaz Sr. aren't sitting together??
  12. I watched a couple of those episodes (hour long) a few nights ago and was greatly disappointed! They didn't seem to be the true, original episodes with the guest cast introduced at the top of the show: for instance, one of them was supposed to feature Barbara Eden and a male comic star whom I now can't recall, not that it mattered: they were seen briefly at the top of the show, never appeared in any of the rest of the sketches, another female guest star (not Barbara) appeared in one of the sketches and then Babs and the male guest appeared again for the farewell/final bows segment and that was it! For whatever reason, they filled the hour with material from another episode(s) that didn't even feature the supposed guest stars AND there was no big production number for a finale, it was an hour of sketches.... I was truly disappointed and if this is how Shout! is going to present them, I doubt I'll even bother! I want to see them again as they were originally broadcast! Otherwise... what's the point??
  13. In Hollywood: #122 "Star Upstairs" #123 "Palm Springs" #124 "Dancing Star #125 "Harpo Marx"
  14. Wonder what the context was...like, did someone ask her who her favorite performer was or ....?
  15. Wow, I didn't know Australia got all 13 episodes broadcast! Was that during its original run in 1986 or sometime later?? Also curious: the back cover packaging grid indicates that the show was broadcast in a widescreen 16:9 or "letterbox" format rather than it's originally broadcast (as it was filmed) 4:3 ratio (pretty much a nearly perfect "square" look as compared to the rectangular letterbox ratio)...so, is this correct? Presumably you've screened these by now, how are they being projected? Very curious that they'd have an alternate version given the era in which the show was filmed, which predated the common practice of shooting in the wider ratio by a good decade or so.
  16. Season 2: #20 Lucy & Viv Open A Restaurant #21 Lucy Takes A Job at the Bank #22 Viv Moves Out Never caught this before: Watching the end credits of "Lucy Takes A Job at the Bank" and noticed a couple of boo-boos, which was pretty unusual for these usually-stickler folks! (I have a screen shot but for some reason am unable to upload it... if any of you "frequent flyers" suggest what I might be doing wrong, I'll happily share what I found!! Thanks!) 😎
  17. Season 4: The Business Manager Lucy Cries Wolf Mr. & Mrs. TV Show
  18. Debbie Downer here but I couldn't really get into it. The laugh track added was distracting and annoying, IMHO. Sure would have been cool if they'd actually got Carole to reprise her supporting "toaster lady" role! 😬😨😁
  19. In "Quarantine" "Lucy and Viv Install a Shower" "Lucy and Viv Install a TV Antenna" "Lucy and Viv Install a Stoplight in the Living Room" (JK...just seeing if you're paying attention ) "Lucy's Substitute Secretary" "Viv Visits Lucy"
  20. "I could practically smell the Axe Body Spray" 😇 Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh today! You're funny!
  21. Sooooo looking forward to this! Just noticed Megan (Karen) as Lucy has a martini in her hand!!
  22. Friday Nite with A Disc(o) (late) Season 2: #26 The Ricardos Change Apartments #27 Lucy Is Matchmaker #28 Lucy Wants New Furniture #29 Camping Trip #30 Ricky & Fred Are TV Fans #31 Never Do Business With Friends
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