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  1. Lucy Sightings!

    I'm sure you did! And over the years, I've heard Miss Uh-Oh on various other sitcoms, some as part of the laugh track (a la "Lucy" as it it's recorded, not "live" every time) for many shows, most which weren;t even filmed before an audience!
  2. Agreed, except that only the most hardcore of us ILL fans will get it. Still, be pretty cool so hope to see it happens. If I haven't said it before, i'll say here that this was truly a missed opportunity to also make the colorized collection available on blu-ray...there's few enough episodes that it'd only take a couple of discs to put out and it would have been a "toe in the water" to see if it would be viable to continue the "Ultimate" blu-ray releases, which failed miserably because CBS was so greedy and priced them so exorbitantly. Pity.
  3. Yay! Well this will definitely be added to the collection! Thanks for the heads up, as I would have put this under the "this likely ain't never gonna happen" category. Hmmmm...I don't recall the original AITF and Jefferson's Lionel Jefferson being part of the cast? Interesting.
  4. Lucy Sightings!

    Frankly I've never been totally convinced that the "uh oh" lady was DeDe... could have been any old lady from back in the day since it's one of many laugh track "sounds" and "segments" that they dubbed onto the soundtrack over and over.
  5. I think we're overdue for some colorized Connecticut-based episodes!
  6. Lucy on the Big Screen on Her Birthday!

    Got my tix!
  7. It's actually a nicely done, all-positive article, nothing "negative" or smarmy at all. Nice to see Kate about to pop!
  8. Lucy on Carol Burnett Show

    Yay! Then these ARE 'full length' if they left the musical numbers in! Woohoo! Can'gt wait to check 'em out!
  9. Lucy on Carol Burnett Show

    Does it run for an hour? If not, it's not "complete". I read somewhere these have all the musical numbers hacked out and only run 30 minutes, like the run-to-death "Carol Burnett and Friends" syndicated episodes they've run for years.
  10. Kinda hoping we get some country/Connecticut based eps first -- itching to see the house in "color"! -- maybe along the lines of "Lucy, Wild in Westport"...or " Crazy in Connecticut" ...or "Silly in the Suburbs"....
  11. Frank Gorey 1928 - 2019

    Just lovely, Joyce! Good to hear from you, it's been too long!!! Hope all is well with you and yours.
  12. Wow, great catch! More than likely given both were shot at the Paramount lot in Hollywood (since this is a third season ep before the company pulled up and moved to Universal).
  13. Yes! Annotated scripts are always fun to read!
  14. Lucy Sightings!

    As opposed to euphonious??
  15. Jimmy, thanks for sharing that insightful article. Jenny's sure come a long way since Becky McGibbon! Makes me want to check out her latest effort, the one with the involvement of Don Was and drum vets (legends, actually) Jim Keltner and Ringo Starr. Thank you!
  16. Lucy Sightings!

    Thanks! Hopefully in a positive light??
  17. Oh, please god no! By the time they got to the end to get all 180 out, the "themes" got to be pretty ridiculous!
  18. DVR Alerts!

    Whew, well that's a relief.
  19. Brian, you've outdone yourself! I think you've missed your calling dahling, you really really write FUNNY! And such aliteration! I'm still cracking up over (well, many things!) "her loyal following of fairies"!
  20. DVR Alerts!

    The part I was most curious about: if not RA what did they "allude" as being the illness/issue? As smarmy as this gave me the impression of it being, sounds like it wasn't as bad as I feared...especially if they didn't broach the potentially botched you-know-what theory! Whew!
  21. Not two of my faves but good choices for the masses. I am ready for a country episode though, or better still as I think someone else earlier suggested, a "double bill" of two of the best hour-longs. My vote would be for "Celebrity (Tallulah)" and "Danny Thomas".
  22. Ooh, some Babs and Rosie Harriagan "tea'?? This is new to me! Spill it sister. Here for those inclined is info on the "Love Letters" tour: http://barbaraeden.com/appearances.html Looks like she'll be near LA later this month and if tix still available, I think I'm going to try to go. I've seen this enjoyable play several times already -- so many notable "couples" have performed it together, but of course for me, my favorite was seeing Busty Ingels and hubby perform it years ago in the Bay Area. If you've never had the chance to see it but get one, I recommend it.
  23. Thanks for this find! So it looks like Mason's made progress on his doc: Woohoo! I was on hand at one of Carole's shows when I still lived in Palm Springs where Laura introduced Frank Gorey to Mason and a quick interview was done for this project, which hopefully gets completed soon. Been anxious to see it for years. This lovely clip gets me excited to see it!
  24. Oh, but yes! What could she be plugging I wonder??