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  1. Lucy Sightings!

    Oh good. There's a few more.
  2. Better than you've ever (or ever will) see them
  3. Ah it's beautiful. Kudos to whomever the talented artiste (most likely ) was.
  4. Yes! Can we credit/identify the wundaful artist or source? (Lucy looks a little Garlandish if you look at it quickly, no?)
  5. Lucy Sightings!

    Bet you saw a few while you were here in LA doing Drew Carey!
  6. Thanks for this. Ah yes Mr.Mankiewicz, one of several who tried to "replace" "Siskel & Ebert". I certainly liked him a lot more than that other lump of mud (his name escapes me at the moment) who took Siskel's place, for years. I'm a Karger fan too for reasons more than just his ...reporting.
  7. All Star Party for Lucille Ball

    This would sure be a fun watch again after so many years! Lucy must have been really sauced that night! I vividly remember her mistakenly greeting Warwick as "Diane"! Come to think of it, why werent' the junior Arnazes at mama's head table? Didn't think much of it at the time but it's a head scratcher after reading this.
  8. Great to hear she went over so well. I get kinda "tingly" hearing any postitive feedback like this about her, especially when it's related to something pre ILL that some still have no idea about or exposure to. Yeah!
  9. I don't get TCM,is Mueller the "new" Robert Osborne on the netlet?
  10. Whatever Happened to Bobby Jellison?

    Oh wow sounds amazing but first I've ever heard of it! Would surely have gone if I'd known. Wonder if a recording (audio or video) exists of it? Guess it means some research in order!! Thanks Brian!
  11. For whatever reason, Mill Creek bought/acquired Sony's previous catalog, which is why you see so many re-releases of previously released sets, both single season ("Bewitched", "Partridge Family" etc.) and "complete series boxes" (again, "Bewitched," "Partridge", as well as your referenced "Mad About You", "Party of Five", etc.); however the newer, cheaper MC versions invariably utilize "cheaper"(looking) bare bones packaging and utilize fewer discs as they cram more episodes per than Sony originally did. What little I know & understand about the tech downside of this, to be honest I've never done an "A/B" comparison but the gist as I understand it is that putting more episodes per disc means the video information is more compressed which results in lesser picture quality. Makes sense to me. Given that I'm a "collector" and would eventually likely bought both versions anyway (at least those titles that were duped, not all were), I'm still glad and prefer to watch the original, less eps on a disc releases put out by Sony (where it applies, by title). CBS Paramount however at least in the case of those titles with which I'm familiar, seems to have simply taken the same discs per season from their single season sets and collected them in new (albeit rather simple) packaging, as witnessed in the complete series box sets of "I Love Lucy/TLBDAS", "THe Lucy Show", "Medium" and from 20th Century Fox, "Reba" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". Thus, I would stick with the original studios' version of releases (instead of Mills Creek), single-season or complete series box, whenever possible. But then I'm a geek what do I know?
  12. Well, not that surprising when you consider the last season was 1972-73 and by then, we'd heard plenty of hells & damns thanks to Archie Bunker & "family", "Maude", "Sanford and Son" and perhaps a few even from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", as by that point in the early seventies, sitcoms were no longer the pristine, G-rated fare of even a few seasons prior with stalwarts such as "The Brady Bunch", "Andy Griffith Show", "The Partridge Family" and many many others. As for the gay couple, I don't even remember that (was Kaye Ballard still the landlady?? Oy! That's a spicy meatball!) and now have to do a little more "homework" about them; the series was set in San Francisco so it actually makes sense given how The City has been a welcoming place for decades for those of us with a "twist" Thanks for the info about this, it's very interesting. I'm gonna hit my local library this weekend now and see if they stock the show, since now I want to see a few but am not quite ready to "invest" in adding her to my DVD/Blu-ray collection but speaking of which... Since there's so many easily accessible "complete series" boxes out there now at very reasonable prices, I've been trying to "catch up"/complete my "library" with long-favorite shows that as yet were not part of my collection, most recently adding "Laverne & Shirley" (you can imagine why), "Reba" (sooo funny, so underrated), "Mama's Family", "Maude" (where is the complete box for "Golden Girls"???) and most recently "Medium", which for those who like well done drama/Sci-fi-ish material sort of in the vein of the also-excellent "X-Files", I highly recommend it. Good sources for these affordable box sets are Walmart, Target and of course, Amazon.com Go get 'em!
  13. TV Guide clippings

    Maybe the Paley Center has it in it's WUNDAFUL library!
  14. Never thought THIS would see the light of day! Even if they don't "fix" the audio issues -- and there are plenty! -- this has GOT to be the best it's ever going to look on home video. Plus, here's hoping they went beyond "bare bones" and have included some cool, rare bonus features...but I'm not holding my breath. Stay tuned! (Amazon states a release date of November 27th, so ...what a nice holiday gift! "We Need a Little Christmas NOW"!! https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Mame-Blu-ray/133683/#Packaging https://www.amazon.com/Mame-Blu-ray-Lucille-Ball/dp/B07JKC12XG/ref=sr_1_4_twi_blu_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1540051672&sr=1-4&keywords=mame+blu-ray
  15. When I first read this went to get tix but it was (then) for Amex cardholders only, of which I am not (grammar?); need to try again to see if it's open us rubes of the general public. Kindy sucky that it plays on Sunday and Tuesday nights!
  16. They Love Lucy: Celebrity Lucy Fans

    Works for me! Any famous gal that promotes / shares fandom with "our" gal is a-okay by me!
  17. Yep, considering they likely did a table read to start out their work week, that does sound very bull-you-know-what. I think lots of these backstage squabble stories have taken on a certain urban legend but doesn't necessarily mean they are TRUE.
  18. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    "Movable walls" are not uncommon and have gone back decades, perhaps mostly for the set adjacent to the swing set. Saw a "Laverne & Shirley" back in the day and if memory serves (probably doesn't), it was the kitchen set (original basement apartment) wall that moved to accommodate the large bar set next to it for the "Lucy-like" block comedy scene, which included a fight in the bar, including a bit where they ended up in a ship-like crows nest! It was the 5th season episode called "What Do you Do With A Drunken Sailor" featuring Ed Begley Jr. as Shirley's brother and aired October 18, 1979.
  19. Unfortunate Lucy Products (continued)

    It's no Rick Carl or Lamarr but I kinda like it. Do I see worms in her hair??
  20. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Recently attended a taping of "The Conners" and they clocked in at just a bit over three and a half hours. Fun episode, despite a couple of scenes being pre-taped. Highlight was the kitchen scene with the hilarious Laurie Metcalf involving a rock and a turnip! Great guest cast too, featuring Katey Segal, Matthew Broderick and Jay R. ("the Real O'Neals") Ferguson. Look forward to the broadcast!
  21. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    Clever Brian, I see what you did there
  22. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    If that's the "Sally Sweet" number episode, I agree ...but also am more than ready to see the Connecticut house in full fake color splendor!
  23. I have and it's nice to have a "legitimate" release of the LWL episodes! My only real complaint about the set is that they crammed 8 episodes on most of the other discs but for some reason, only put FOUR episodes on its single disc, when there was easily room for four more! If they had nicely done that, they could have then given us all the aired episodes and in broadcast order. Other than that and an observation that the disc menus are a bit on the "simple"/cheezy side, this is overall, a pretty stellar release....just don't get me started on some of the odd choices of episodes (since this is essentially a "best of" situation) for each series.... yet one more time I head scratchingly ask, how do I get THAT job of the guy that gets to pick the episodes to be included (or not)?? Headscratcher indeed!