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  1. Gag Headlines

    OMG, this could've been one of Lucy's specials where she played herself, detailing the Mame feud.
  2. Desi Jr.: Adult survivor of abuse?

    This is unsettling. Maybe Lucy did have her moments of physical outbursts, but Desi Jr. just never saw any firsthand. It's heartbreaking what alcohol, stress and pressure can do to a person, let alone a marriage.
  3. Gag Headlines

    Ahahaha, love it! I'd totally watch the spinoff, The Brilliant Ms. Barra
  4. Real Life Lucy

    I've been meaning to share this here for months: Max and I installed a new shower head a few months back. ...we didn't need those little round things, right?
  5. Gag Headlines

    Huffman to reprise Lynette Scavo in "Orange is the New Black"
  6. LIFE WITH LUCY Coming to DVD Oct. 8 2019

    And as you've said, LWL only pales in comparison to her previous TV efforts. Compared to some other 1986 shows, it's not that bad. Unfortunately, most reviewers will probably only compare it to her other shows and not take it on its own merits, as comparisons are so frequent these days. I hope the reporting critics don't try to politicize it.
  7. Gag Headlines

    That is genius. Even if it isn't a LWL remake, I think Carole and Ed should get a TV Land sitcom pronto!
  8. Gag Headlines

    Barbara Walters promotes upcoming "Wife Wiv Wucy" DVD Fans petition MPI for 4K Ultra HD "Lucille Ball Specials" Carole Cook cast as Lucy Barker in Ball sitcom reboot
  9. The lovely Valerie Harper

    That's easily one of my favorite HIC episodes.
  10. As an overall episode, I would agree that Job Switching is probably a stronger whole than Commercial. And it is a good commentary on gender roles of the period. Commercial's claim to fame is showcasing Lucy's greatest ever solo routine, while this one is a great showpiece for all four of them. I won't deny it's a tour de force, but like I said, any hesitancy I have nowadays is due to being overexposed to it in my youth. And how neat you have that magnet! I was starting to wonder if I'd imagined it. I kind of wish I'd bought it when I had the chance just for a laugh.
  11. Job Switching I just watched the colorized version in its entirety for the first time, the HD release included on the season 2 Blu-Ray. I never noticed in B&W that Ricky was ironing Lucy's polka dot dress, so that was a nice new detail to pick up on (was there a deleted scene where Ricky realized he scorched the dress? The audience reacts to his leaving the iron down but nothing comes of it). Also, while I understand why they chose pink for Lucy and Ethel's uniforms, I personally prefer the neutral colors Elvia Allman was wearing. I'm sure that was much closer to what the costumes actually looked like, and it wasn't as hard on the eyes as that bright pink was. Aw well...at least they didn't choose lime green like one unfortunate fridge magnet I saw years ago did. The famous Vitametavegamin ensemble that makes a reappearance in this episode must've had a good luck charm sewn into it, given its appearance in the official "top two" episodes of all time. As terrific as the block comedy scenes are, I personally feel this is one of the more overrated installments. It's really the gang's execution of the physical comedy that makes it work, because the script isn't exactly overflowing with sparkling dialogue like more mature episodes. It's hard to imagine how I'd react to it with fresh eyes, but this one was so frequently repeated on old VHS compilations that I kind of got overexposed to it. These days, it's usually one I tend to skip over whenever disc surfing. The colorization was actually the only reason I chose to rewatch it at all. I feel the same way about Lucy's Italian Movie. In reality, TV Commercial is the only one of the "big three" I truly enjoy nowadays. Again, strictly my personal opinions.
  12. I was recently thinking about Carol, and realizing how sad it is that the timing of Lucille's death means she'll never get a lounge birthday banner
  13. The lovely Valerie Harper

    Heaven, this is your last chance. R.I.P. Miss Harper
  14. LIFE WITH LUCY Coming to DVD Oct. 8 2019

    Sadly, I think you're right. Any cut footage would likely be wherever the negatives are, if they survive. I hope they do somewhere.