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  1. Common sense has got nothin’ to do with it. When I say he’s wrong, HE’S WRONG!!!
  2. It’s interesting to consider the parallels this film has to The Eyes of Tammy Faye: - Both are based on the lives of a famous TV couple, with the emphasis on the women - Both couples we previously the subject of TV movies in the ‘90s of which their respective children disapproved - Both sets of children were at least partially involved with the making of these films and have expressed more support, but are critical of certain decisions made - Both films have been critiqued for their scripts and the historical license taken - Both starred major actresses who won awards for their respective portrayals (Kidman the Golden Globe, Chastain the Oscar) Hollywood sure loves its formulas!
  3. Oh, just wait ‘til Mickey Richardson hears about this!
  4. I don’t know, but somewhere along the line, Shrinking Violet got sanforized.
  5. I recall Lucie Arnaz answered a question about it on her old website (still viewable via the Wayback Machine) by saying it was full of historical inaccuracies.
  6. Fred…for your information, May the 3rd is OUR wedding anniversary!
  7. I thought so. The version I have on my iPod cuts the commercials, so I couldn’t be sure. Hope my old Radio Spirits tapes are still tucked away in my room back in the U.S.
  8. Which “My Favorite Husband” episode features the JELL-O commercial with Gracie Allen as the soothsayer?
  9. Lewis also had this to say in another interview: Who would be your perfect main stage Coachella hologram to perform alongside? Lucille Ball. She was my mentor. I was on a show with her called Life with Lucy when I was a little kid. She played my grandmother. She was very tough on me but taught me a lot of important things. She was stern and she wanted me to focus and she taught me a lot of great lessons that I still carry with me. Like what? “Learn your fucking lines, kid!” (laughs)
  10. You also got to attend at least one “Here’s Lucy” filming, right?
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