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  1. He is exactly 75 as of this writing...the same age Lucy was when she did Life With Lucy. If he hasn't retired by now, he should, as he's clearly "too old" to be doing the same schtick he did in his 40s.
  2. Oh, I'm always losing mine in the sheets. Or sometimes the dog is lying on it.
  3. Here's a "Real Life Fred" moment. Last week, Max was frantically looking for his glasses. I'll give you a hint: if they were a snake, they'd have bitten him.
  4. Luvs, you might be able to answer this: There's a scene which takes place towards the end of I Love Lucy, where Desi's passed out on the set and Lucille worries about him losing the respect of the crew. Vivian then tells Lucy about her and "Paul" (did the Phil Ober estate threaten to sue or something?) spotting Desi, roaring drunk, gambling in Palm Springs. Was this scene written exclusively for the film, or was it sourced from a book? I'm curious if it's based on an actual discussion Lucille and Vivian had.
  5. Happy Birthday, Betty! I hope at some stage she's up to recording a second archive interview - her first one was back in the 90s, and as we all know, she's done a LOT more television since then.
  6. LOL! That's a whole other episode in itself.
  7. Incredibly, I just found the EXACT commercial I described here! It was an ad for the Columbia House subscription series, which began with the pilot...hence the "Tells the Truth" publicity still on the cover. It was so tickling to find something I haven't seen in 25 years or so but could still remember.
  8. I enjoyed "Sax Symbol" moreso this time around than I did a few months ago. The steamer trunk she pulls it out of: could that be the same trunk used on the "I Love Lucy" saxophone episode? I think my perception of this episode was coloured by Fidelman's opinion. He felt the writers missed the boat by not focusing the script around Lucy, and that the story was too sticky and sentimental. Rewatching it made me realise, however, that it was natural for Lucy to want Becky following in her footsteps. Better to acknowledge that Lucy's living with her family rather than just treat them like props! As others have noted, she was carrying too much of the show as it was. I enjoyed Larry and Ann's "Three Stooges" routine. Moments like this prove they had untapped comedic potential. Kevin's friend - Max, right? - Eddie Haskell in training! Luvs, you said awhile back to watch out for him. I think you're right. You just know he grew up into a real asshole!
  9. The John Ritter show must've been an absolute blast to attend. The audience is really having a great time. Four entrance applauses in the first few minutes alone: Lucy, Gale, Ruth and John. Ruth Buzzi's appearance is delightful, but I can't help but wonder: why hire somebody so well-known for such a small part? Maybe they intended Mrs. Wilcox to be recurring and play a more substantial role down the line? Lucy's energy level is palpable throughout and Ritter brings a lot of charm. This is probably the most Lucy Show/Here's Lucy-esque episode of the bunch, what with the theme of Lucy inadvertently causing harm to a celebrity, taking said person home and doing her utmost to fix the situation, then ultimately winding up in a high production-values show. The painted backdrop for the play is more lifelike and realistic than most of the canvases impersonating ACTUAL scenery in Lucy episodes! The actress who was originally portraying the nurse quits awfully abruptly, after questioning only two moments of motivation. I guess we're supposed to infer that this has been going on since rehearsals began, but it feels a little underdeveloped. Perhaps they should've had Lucy fiddling about on the stage and accidentally dropping a sandbag on her. That'd better explain the need for a replacement!
  10. I'm currently rewatching the show in production order, and it does make a subtle, but noticeable, difference. For one thing, Ted and Margo's physical appearances evolve more naturally. Margo didn't start wearing the curly hair style until later on, while Ted wore his glasses more consistently in the early episodes. Eventually, you only saw him with glasses when he was reading, then they disappeared almost entirely, as I remember. It's a bit more inconsistent if watched in broadcast order. Personally, I think there should've been more time devoted to Lucy and Curtis settling into the house, and the rest of the family adjusting to their presence. As it is, come episode 2, "Guard Goose," everyone acts as though they've always lived under the same roof. Ted's frustration and scepticism from the premiere is almost completely abandoned from this point forward. At least episodes like "Up a Tree" and "Breaking Up" acknowledged the pitfalls of having to share space with relatives, but a few more episodes chronicling the moving in period would've been nice.
  11. There were at least a few other deleted scenes of note. That shot in the intro of Lucy descending the stairs in her pink date dress while Larry Anderson fans himself must've been cut from "2x4s". As well, "Sax Symbol" ends with Lucy and Becky alone in the basement, with Curtis off fetching the saw to cut the sax off Lucy's hand. The cutting scene was filmed, as I found a publicity still of Gale Gordon holding the saw while Lucy and Becky cringe. I'll try to find that shot again and share it here.
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