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  1. Unpopular Opinions - Lucy style

    Max just dropped this one on me. He prefers Here's Lucy to I Love Lucy because he finds Lucy Carter less "annoying" than Lucy Ricardo. He also feels Here's Lucy had a stronger plot, whereas I Love Lucy was just a pretext for slapstick. Also, he thinks it's too saccharine, like The Brady Bunch. Am I in a parallel universe down here or something?
  2. I can't say I was impressed with this week's Christmas episode. Easily one of the most bizarre holiday shows I've ever seen a sitcom do.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Blanchett has proven very adept at adopting different voices and mannerisms, so I think she'll convince as both Lucille Ball and Lucy Ricardo. Regarding previous actresses who've tried playing Ball as the Lucy character, I feel Rachel York was superior to Frances Fisher. No, York didn't "become" Lucy or anything close, but her musical comedy background served her well, and she at least made the transitions between actress and character convincing. Suzanne LaRusch wrote that she auditioned for the role, but was told she was too old. She also commented on what little time Rachel had to prepare because of the rushed schedule, but complimented her on the grape-stomping scene. If nothing else, at least this latest movie isn't being rushed in any way. I'm glad all involved are taking their time.
  4. What's the episode where...?

    And I just watched that one a month back or so! No wonder it struck a bell.
  5. What's the episode where...?

    Darn...I remember the line but can't place it either.
  6. Behind-the-Scenes Gallery

    This must be from the Westinghouse Sales Presentation?
  7. Your favorite fun facts

    Interesting stuff. I'd heard a number of these but not all - the policy about married couples was a new one to me. I was also unaware of Lucy's fine hair being a contributing factor to her wig use. The only explanation I'd seen was Irma suggesting it in 1958, in order to conceal the face-lifting contraption. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I suppose it all hinges on what week they choose. If they choose the week of the "Red Scare" incident, that'd give them something meatier, I suppose. Or else the very first week. I'll give them this much - this approach seems much smarter than simply trying to cram 20 or so years into two hours. In that instance, it'd simply cover most of the same, familiar ground the two TV movies did.
  9. Desi's Later TV Career

    I saw that comment, too, and also wondered what show this was. Somebody must know.
  10. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    I...really don't know what to make of this. A very peculiar statement, no question.
  11. I was playing the Desperate Housewives PC game from 2006 earlier today, and I just discovered that one of the characters is voiced by Shirley Mitchell! According to IMDb, it was the second to last project she was involved with before her death.
  12. Lucy returns to Television City – sorta

    I suspect Desilu, too might have the same qualms as Mr. Shatner. Carol is also highly protective of her name and likeness. If Bill hadn't complained, she likely would've.

    The latest update on David was that his condition is "critical but stable," according to his ex-wife, and that he is no longer in an induced coma. Let's all hope he pulls through.
  14. Yes, both fair points
  15. Here's the link to Ken Levine's post that Freddie referred to: http://kenlevine.blogspot.com.au/2017/11/clip-shows.html