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  1. Kellye Nakahara (M.A.S.H, Clue) has died at 72. https://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2020/02/rip-kellye-nakahara.html?m=1
  2. There's been a fair amount of rain lately that has helped bring the fires more under control. Our area was very lucky to be in the middle of it by and large; the most dangerous fires never got too close. I'm hoping the worst is behind us by now, but you never know in this country!
  3. Off to Florida: After a meddlesome child steals their train tickets, two New York women hitch a ride south with a suspected hatchet murderess, who fears they plan to kill her. The Christmas Show: Four apartment dwellers are haunted by memories of the past and Santa Claus himself on Christmas Eve. Lucy Learns to Drive: A woman's failed attempt to make a U-turn in the Holland Tunnel causes chaos in the greater NYC area, culminating in a two-car collision. First Stop: A group of lost, starving travelers are gaslighted and abused by a creepy small-town businessman. Ethel's Home Town: An egomaniacal has-been manipulates her former beau into writing libelous, flattering copy to promote herself and denigrate her competitors in the hopes of achieving a comeback. L.A. at Last: A star-struck housewife causes an explosive pie fight at a chic Hollywood restaurant. Her subsequent lies to exonerate herself cause her nose to grow like Pinocchio's.
  4. It took me a minute before my brain registered Fred & Ethel Fight, and I thought you were describing your actual current circumstances! Clever idea! If I had to pick and choose, I guess I'd toss the few Lucy dolls I collected out onto the awning, along with the original I Love Lucy DVDs with the full-color artwork. Given the bushfire threat we've been under, we still have emergency suitcases with valuables packed and ready. Maybe I'll learn from that and just pack up all my precious Lucy items into a padded suitcase to have waiting by the window at all times.
  5. Inspired by Neil's recent posting of an incorrect summary for "LA at Last," it got me thinking of other times TV Guide or newspapers posted summaries that may have been partially correct but overall completely missed the point. Like that infamous one for The Wizard of Oz: "A young woman arrives in a foreign land to discover she has killed, then conspires with three strangers to kill again." Let's come up with some joke summaries for Lucy episodes that intentionally miss the point along similar lines, or else get information blatantly misconstrued. Lucy Does a TV Commercial: An intoxicated housewife breaks a television set, impersonates a single woman and singlehandedly ruins her husband's variety show. Ethel's Birthday: A TradWife refuses to wear pants to the theatre. Lucy Wants to Move to the Country: A group of urbanites escape to the countryside by impersonating a band of criminals. Mr. & Mrs. TV Show: A vindictive housewife sabotages her husband's TV show by slandering an innocent sponsor. Lucy Raises Tulips: A woman resorts to desperate and illicit measures to aid the wax tulip industry. Lucy Gets Her Wires Crossed: An old woman breaks a vibrating lounge chair and causes the entire country to fear for her safety.
  6. Will this become the 2nd Lucy film to be released on Blu-Ray after Mame, or has Warner Archive released any of her other films to date?
  7. God bless him, 103 years. Rest in peace.
  8. A heartfelt tribute from Ken Levine: https://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2020/02/rip-gene-reynolds.html?m=1
  9. To make sure MJ fans see this, here's the terrific profile of her from Closer Magazine: https://www.closerweekly.com/posts/i-love-lucy-star-mary-jane-croft-lucille-balls-frequent-tv-sidekick/
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