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  1. I Love Lucy clothing line in the works

    I hope hostess pants are part of the line up. Gals need something to wear for all those smart dinner parties they throw!
  2. I Love Lucy clothing line in the works

    A Desi smoking jacket would be a nice addition. How nice to see some of the more fashionable costumes becoming actual outfits! I don't know the exact style or way to describe it, but Lucy wore a white dress with a floral design on the upper portion in many of the Hollywood episodes. That'd be beautiful.

    Oh how tragic! What a horrible turn of events.
  4. !!!!! I agree, Disc Jockey is not one of the show's finer moments; Stockholder definitely should've been the last broadcast episode as intended. Had the radio station scene been a joint comedy routine between Lucy and Vivian, it would've been much better. After season one, there were so few Lucy/Viv routines that really stood out, and this was a missed opportunity for another one. Lucy and Viv wreaking havoc together was a riot, but Lucy goofing everything up alone can be grating. It's like, "come on, woman, pull yourself together!"
  5. MAME

    That's fair. I do enjoy it, but I've never found it to be the "be all, end all" of musicals the way so many do. I'm very selective when it comes to musicals - only a small handful truly excite me.
  6. MAME

    Any particular reason?
  7. Lucy Sightings!

    Really? That's strange. I think it's great when a modern show pays homage to the past.
  8. Eagle eyed observation! Ricky really was hobnobbing with the best of them. That screenshot's a bit eerie, almost like Lucy and Viv predicting their future. "Someday that woman will offer us lemonade."
  9. Thanks for the LOL visual!
  10. I think I'd read about his plane crash a while back but forgotten. That's very tragic. At the risk of being in bad taste... Perhaps his passing in 1974 was what prompted Lucy to end the show. "Well, if our gorilla guy's gone, show's over. What are we going to do for plots without him!?"
  11. I haven't seen an episode of Here's Lucy in nearly five years. I've completely forgotten many of them, especially since I never made it all the way through season six. I must get my DVDs sent here or hunt down the Australian releases.
  12. That's a clever idea.
  13. Lucy Sightings!

    Okay. Well, I definitely heard the "Uh-Oh" lady, whoever she may be.
  14. Lucy Sightings!

    Not a sight but a sound - I just heard DeDe's "Uh-Oh" in the Woody Allen episode of Just Shoot Me.
  15. 1. Lucy Does a TV Commercial 2. Pioneer Women 3. Job Switching 4. The Million Dollar Idea 5. Bonus Bucks 6. LA at Last 7. The Fashion Show 8. Lucy Gets in Pictures 9. The Dancing Star 10. Harpo Marx 11. Lucy Visits Graumann's 12. Lucy & John Wayne 13. Lucy Goes to Scotland 14. Lucy's Italian Movie 15. Lucy & Superman 16. The Christmas Show