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  1. Honor Blackman died April 5th at age 94 from natural causes.
  2. Mattel's decision to make that jacket green had far reaching effects. Even the 2003 movie depicted it in that color instead of its original brown.
  3. https://www.sonomanews.com/lifestyle/10835147-181/babalu-lucille-balls-goulash-for
  4. It's such a joy seeing Lucie back in action on a sitcom set! I'd love to see her get another show of her own.
  5. The Irving jokes actually started back on The Lucy Show. One of Lucy's roommate applicants was Irving, as was one of the co-owners of Mary Jane's mink stole, and Jack Benny's gorilla was played by an Irving. I'd forgotten the pattern continued onto Here's Lucy. I suppose if Milt had been involved in Life With Lucy, Gale Gordon would've been playing Irving McGibbon!
  6. Ah. I suppose they had their reasons for waiting until the end to do it. A lot of Lucy parodies have a tendency to do that, I've noticed. Very interesting. Nice to see the recreations are in B&W, I'll admit. Lucie looks delightful!
  7. Shock, the Australian company that released I Love Lucy here back in 2016, has clearly expanded their licensing deal with CBS. On April 1st, they issued The Lucy Show, Life With Lucy and the colourised I Love Lucy set for the first time down under. Exciting news for all Australian Lucy fans who need an isolation diversion! (I must admit, the substantially larger package for The Lucy Show, though not as shelf-friendly as its U.S. counterpart, has me intrigued.) http://www.shock.com.au/index.php?file=c-products&type=cat&cnm=lucy&cid=169
  8. I don't drink much because my teeth/gums are sensitive to alcohol, but I am so giving this a try! Like you, the only time I saw this episode was when I first got the DVD. My memory is hazy, but I remember laughing out loud more times than I usually do with HL.
  9. Lucy & Carol Burnett (Part 1) This is a fun one. Though Carol Bradford was a more nuanced character, I like how Carol Tilford allowed Burnett to really show off her goofy side. I also appreciate how Lucy becomes more grounded whenever Carol's around, allowing Burnett to carry the bulk of the zany comedic moments while still earning laughs herself. It would've been too much if both of them were extremely scatterbrained at the same time. Lucy's mentor status really comes across onscreen, and the affection they have for one another is obvious, which lends a great sense of warmth to a series that badly needed it at this stage. I know it's futile to think too hard about the plots, especially at this point in the show, but man that airline was so unrealistic. No co-pilot, two trainees put on their first flight together without any supervision, a movie that was scheduled to start at the same time the plane landed? Yeeesh! Lucy & Viv Reminisce Three cheers for Hilda! It's a pity she didn't contribute more ideas, as she seemed to grasp the essence of the show better than her husband ever did. I'm not normally a fan of clip shows, but this is one of the greatest. It really plays like a "best of" highlights reel. Given how far the series had strayed from its roots, a reminder that this was still the same Lucy Carmichael from season one was very much necessary. It's unfortunate there couldn't have been a few lines between Lucy and Viv discussing how their children are doing. As memory serves, this is the first time we hear Viv's more nasal voice. I wonder what caused that to happen?
  10. Thanks for sharing! The one review currently available is absolutely glowing. Sounds like this is a real treasure trove of rarely discussed information.
  11. It's pretty obvious whenever Lucy's dubbed. I never thought anyone who sang for Lucy sounded remotely like her.
  12. There's a good idea! If you really want a mess, there's always orange tapioca pudding. The kids say it's candy good.
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