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  1. Behind-the-Scenes Gallery

    This has probably been shared before, but I just found this shot from the Ziegfeld Follies set that made me smile.
  2. Bob Schiller has died at 98

    Very nice indeed. He says it all.
  3. Bob Schiller has died at 98

    Heartbreaking. Utterly devastating. But what a legacy he and the others have. Now that they're all together again, I like to think they're brainstorming an I Love Lucy revival in the hereafter. Thanks for the laughter, Bob. You will be missed.
  4. I think they kind of had to do a political episode, seeing as how it was the election sketch that led to the series being revived in the first place. I'm glad they decided to knock it out in one go rather than prolonging it too much, though. Now they seem to be back on track with being funny first and foremost. If you enjoyed the first one, you'll love the second. Grace and Karen were truly 21st century Lucy and Viv in this outing.
  5. MAME

    You're absolutely right about that, and I regret taking part in such behavior in the past. I truly try to avoid that now and be reasonable in these types of discussions. It's fine to have personal preferences, but the endless comparisons and put-downs accomplish nothing. Take each performer and production on its own terms, I say.
  6. Well, I thought episode 2 was fantastic. Funny from start to finish. Glad to see they've returned to form. And boy, did Lucy get a huge shoutout in this one! Let's just say the episode could've been called Grace and Karen Put in a Shower. http://nypost.com/2017/10/04/wacky-will-grace-scene-recalls-the-lucy-show-episode/
  7. MAME

    You're absolutely entitled to your opinion, of course, but is the deliberate misspelling of her last name really necessary? Surely we can discuss our views of both Lucy and Angela without resorting to tactics like this. I think Lucy's talent can stand on its own merits without putting down her predecessor in a petty fashion. There have been enough flamewars about this movie already - let's try to keep things civil.
  8. When I woke up this morning, it took a while before I remembered watching it. Then I was like, "Oh yeah, W&G premiered. Meh, hope it's better next week."
  9. I agree that the scene was unrealistic because it was so obviously a set. I, too, have been on a tour of the West Wing and saw the Oval Office as well. Obviously this show is fiction, and the set was designed for blocking purposes, but it made it very obvious. I was hoping it'd all turn out to be another one of Karen's drug-fueled dreams, like the original series finale was revealed to be. However, the closing scene seemed to suggest they'd be dialing it down for future episodes. The whole "politics make us too divisive, let's go back to what we've always been" line seemed too pointed to suggest otherwise.
  10. I enjoyed a number of scenes but found the political angle very ham-fisted. Like I said, the final scene suggested future episodes would dial it down...we can but hope. Perhaps it wasn't necessary, per se, but at the same time, why not? The cast and crew all wanted to do it. NBC wanted to do it. Why not let them have another go if everyone's interested and no arm-twisting is required? I'll certainly tune in to see where they go with this. This is all highly subjective, of course, but I also don't enjoy Good Place. What I've seen of Superstore has it's moments but it doesn't wow me. At this stage, few new shows do anything for me, so bringing back one that was proven to work in its day isn't a bad thing, in my opinion.
  11. Thoughts on the premiere? I'm glad it appears they got most of the heavy handed political stuff out of the way early. If the last scene is any indication, future episodes will be more like the show of old. The cast still works very well together, at least. I'm also hoping they don't go overboard with topical references like they kind of did in this one. A Melania Trump joke and Caitlyn Jenner joke within 5 seconds of each other? Wow.
  12. Real Life Lucy

    Viv! Turn off the Keurig, we're leaking! I can't turn it off. This lever broke off when I turned it on! Are you sure you used the right pod? Pod? Yeah, those little round things with the coffee grounds in them. So THAT'S what they were!
  13. Failed Pilots from LBP

    Since I came up with it, I can't shake the visual of Ethel belting out Under the Sea and Part of Your World.
  14. Failed Pilots from LBP

    I'm bored, so what the hell... Supersnob - Doris Singleton stars as sweet, mild-mannered Lillian Appleby, but remove her glasses and she becomes...Caroline Appleby, Supersnob! Wherever there's furniture to be critiqued or gossip to be spread, Supersnob is but a hop, skip and a blab away. With Shirley Mitchell as Marion Strong, who is completely fooled by the glasses and never suspects her two best friends are actually her only friend. Kiss the Cook - Carole Cook stars as ruthless, entrepreneurial homemaker Martha Cook, who's sweet as honey television persona is completely at odds with her tyrannical backstage behavior. Martha's world comes crashing down when the police discover she's been juggling the books for years, and she must repay her debt to society by becoming the head cook at a women's prison. Featuring (who else?) Iris Adrian and Jody Gilbert. The Barra Exam - A sitcom exploring the life of no-nonsense Judge Vanda, whose sharp-tongued quips and barbs sting every schlub in the Bronx unlucky enough to approach her bench. Fred, Fred and Freddie - Fred Mertz teams up with Fred MacMurry and Freddie the Freeloader to tour the country and bring back vaudeville. Things don't go as planned. The Sid Show - Sid Gould plays a "fictionalized" version of himself as a struggling, desperate wannabe trying to make it in Hollywood. Co-Starring Janos Prohaska as Binky, his gorilla roommate, who's always getting Sid sick with Peeper-Poopers. Our Miss Snooks - Fanny Brice returns as her most famous character, now grown-up and a Kindgergarten Teacher. Brice also portrays all of the pupils. Adventures of a Mermaid - After the failure of Maggie Brown, LBP attempts to capitalize on the 60s fantasy craze by casting Ethel Merman as Ethel Mermaid, undersea's biggest singing star. Merman angrily storms out after the censors declare the fish tale costume must conceal her naval. Eventually re-tooled into a vehicle for Joanne Dru that also fails to sell.