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  1. "Evie, with a musical teddy on, I hardly think anyone'll be looking at your blue pants!"
  2. MAME

    Just discovered that the "other" Mame movie with Rosalind Russell got a Blu-ray release back in December. Here's the review: http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Auntie-Mame-Blu-ray/102581/ It's worth reading to learn about how the film was shot, and the efforts the Warner Archive Collection undertook in preparing for this release. Undoubtedly the Lucy movie will get the Warner Archive treatment at some stage.

    This show should've run for years. It sounds absolutely fantastic.
  4. Lucy Sightings!

    I know, it's great. This one was very well done, too. After watching a number of episodes, he finally says something like, "It's a great show, but there's no way someone would ever do these types of things in real life." Cut to Brian scaling the trellis to the hotel balcony. The opening scene was a hoot. "I just found this wonderful old show about this couple, Fred and Ethel." "Oh, you mean I Love Lucy." "Who? Oh, right, the neighbor." As an aside, Kirstie Alley makes a cameo as Rebecca from Cheers in this episode.
  5. Gag Headlines

    Love these! I'd watch them all, even "Bill Frawley Sings the Old Ones."
  6. Gag Headlines

    Frawley, Vance to launch "Williviv Productions" after I Love Lucy wraps "Adventures of a Second Banana" pilot fails to sell - Would've starred Joanne Dru as Vance, Charles Lane as Frawley Ann Sothern to audition for new Vance, Frawley property starring Barbara Eden Sothern storms off "Williviv" lot after Frawley makes "bustle" joke Vance bemoans producing new Streisand special - "She's still a real little sh*t!" "You do that every night!?" - Ball incredulous at Bill's business management skills "Williviv" issues memo to reject any Cara Williams, Joan Davis pilot proposals "Here's Timmy" - Production on new, unscripted Tim Conway vehicle begins Vicki Lawrence declines "Timmy" co-star role -"That little a**hole ain't through yet!"" Frawley buys out Vance - reworks company into Yankees souvenir supplier
  7. Desilu Studios is Back?

    What exactly is the purpose of Desilu, too? Does that company control merchandising rights for I Love Lucy memorabilia, and are any of the Arnaz family involved in that?
  8. Desilu Studios is Back?

    So Desilu is now considered, first and foremost, the original Star Trek studio?
  9. Lucy Sightings!

    I just saw the Wings episode where Antonio becomes obsessed with I Love Lucy. He initially thinks the show is mainly about Fred and Ethel. In the main plot, Brian gets involved in a very Lucy-esque scenario trying to sneak into Clint Black's hotel room.
  10. Hollywood Profiles DVD -- February 2018

    Mill Creek had one of those documentaries on their Betty White set - the one that included samplings of Life With Elizabeth and Date With the Angels. No doubt this one was ported over from their Lucy: Legacy of Laughter set, which had only the PD Lucy Show episodes.

    This one hurts. He was fantastic. I've always adored Frasier.
  12. Lucy Sightings!

    Now there's a Hollywood sandwich!
  13. OMG, I thought the same thing when I first read this.
  14. There may be fewer outlets for that nowadays but it still exists. The Ogunquit Playhouse in southern Maine is a very popular summer stock theatre, and many former and current TV stars appear there. I believe Sally Struthers does at least one show a year (she got pulled over for drunk driving in 2013 or so, I believe). I saw Stefanie Powers play Norma in Sunset Boulevard in 2010, and Grease with Mo Gaffney in 2014. Rachel York did Spamalot a few years ago. I wish I could've gone and given her a copy of Lucy with my DVD cover.
  15. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Wow. Of all the possible TV revivals, this is not one I was expecting. Given that the show hasn't been that popular in syndication, and only the first season ever got a DVD release, there aren't many avenues for newer generations to discover it (unless it's on a streaming service. Is it?). But given its topicality and political influence back in the day, it could very well have new relevance in the current climate.