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  1. Here's Lucy 50th Anniversary

    Wow. Seems like yesterday I first watched the 50th anniversary special for I Love Lucy when it originally aired. How time flies. Happy Birthday Here's Lucy!
  2. Overall, I'm thrilled with this release and its concept, but there are a few other things worth nitpicking: Looking at the disc contents, it's kind of sneaky of them to put The Lucy Show bloopers and outtakes on the bonus disc for the I Love Lucy volume. Are they trying to trick people into thinking these are I Love Lucy bloopers? The selection of colorized episodes. It's great they've included Job Switching, but the other three have previously been released on easily available DVDs. This could've been the chance to include some of the unreleased titles, like TV Commercial, Gets in Pictures, plus the fully-colorized Christmas episode.
  3. The Brady Bunch

    You should head over to the "failed pilots" thread with that idea
  4. Well that's another incentive to get this. I'm so glad the original survives. Are all the full length hour shows still confirmed to exist?
  5. The Brady Bunch

    That summary right there could apply to a show very different from how The Brady Bunch turned out, and this one I'd definitely be interested in!
  6. The plethora of fifth season Lucy Shows is odd, considering those are in the public domain and therefore some of the most widely available. You'd think they'd have gone for some of the non-PD shows, as this release seems to be aimed at more casual fans, and casual fans are more likely to own those bargain sets. Many of the episodes they've picked are great choices, but some are truly head scratchers. I'm with Joey, I'd love to know who gets to choose what and why.
  7. Cheaper, I think. I don't think the decision makers would've been thinking about HD possibilities or anything like that. I'm sure it was about what was most economical at the time. A lot of 90s sitcoms used tape masters, which later were utilised for DVD releases. It wasn't that obvious on SDTVs but it's very obvious on today's screens. Some of the more popular ones (Seinfeld, Friends) have gone back to the film negatives for new prints, but I doubt that'd be cost effective for less remembered shows.
  8. That's because her previous shows were mastered on film, whereas "Life" was transferred to tape and then edited, as was the standard at the time. So it won't look as good as the others, but like you said, will still be miles above the taped copies that have circulated for years.
  9. I hope this means all of Life With Lucy will get released someday! This is a really clever idea and I'm glad TimeLife was able to make it happen. Some of the episodes chosen are weird (at least Lucy's Safari isn't there) but it's nonetheless a great sampler for newcomers. Given the number of episodes from her other shows, it's too bad they couldn't stick all of Life With Lucy on there. I hope all the master tapes still survive.
  10. Great question and astute observation. Maybe Tom Watson and Gregg Oppenheimer would know the answer to this, given their involvement with the home media releases.

    Oh no! What a sad few days it's been.
  12. Tim Conway is living with dementia

    Oh how tragic. Such a devastating illness. What a terrible thing for him and his family to be going through.

    I'm somehow missed this until now, but famed producer Craig Zadan, whose Storyline Entertainment was behind the 2003 "Lucy" telefilm, died August 20th. https://variety.com/2018/film/news/craig-zadan-dead-69-producer-chicago-sondheim-1202913206/
  14. Specific "Lucy" Memories

    I was so PO'd the year they replaced Jeannie with The Wonder Years on Fridays. Never really was in to that show.
  15. Bewitched reboot coming from ABC

    If I may share my two cents on this as well, I'd say you can't go wrong with any episode from the first two seasons. Most feel that was when the show was at its strongest. But each season offers something worthwhile. The later, color seasons feature more of Elizabeth's dual role of Serena, which is always fun, plus it's enjoyable watching the Dick Sargent episodes just to see the difference. A number of final season episodes were remakes of first season scripts, so it'd run out of steam by then. But you can put on any episode from any era and enjoy it for what it is.