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  1. You’re not alone. Years ago, Lily Tomlin told a story on a late night show about how she’d publicly referred to “the late Wilford Brimley” and later had to apologise, in writing, to Brimley’s camp, who were deeply offended. She read the letter out loud and it was hysterical.
  2. Good God, I am genuinely stunned. What a sad, sad day. 104 though. What an incredible life and legacy.
  3. I understand, I’m particular about those things as well. It drives me nuts how many people out there don’t set their televisions to the right aspect ratio, and are happy to watch pictures that are completely distorted.
  4. Which DVD did you watch Harpo Marx on, the season 4 set or the colorised disc? The newer ILL discs use higher compression than the earlier ones, so the picture isn’t as sharp.
  5. So many have passed recently it’s hard to keep up. Joel Schumacher, Kelly Preston...
  6. Have to concur about the tith on edge. I couldn’t believe it when I found out Rainbow was his actual surname. A gay man named Rainbow born in Queens...it’s so on the nose it’s not even funny.
  7. Such sad news. I hope an investigation finds answers as to what exactly happened. They’re now saying her last act was saving her son, but she didn’t have the strength to get herself back in the boat. Something must’ve gone horribly wrong.
  8. Glee actress Naya Rivera is presumed dead after disappearing at a California lake several days ago. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-10/glee-star-naya-rivera-presumed-dead-disappear-at-lake/12441562 I hope she is found alive, but that appears unlikely under the circumstances.
  9. As memory serves, she answered the phone in the office and said, “Well, hello little brother!”
  10. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any episodes, but I recall the first episode of season 4, the Flip Wilson one, didn’t mention his absence at all. Later in the season, however, there were a few mentions of him being away at college, and Kim received a phone call from him once.
  11. Compliment Neil on this one, I was merely quoting him. This was all his work
  12. So many LOL moments it’s hard to choose a favourite, but “New York based bon vivant John Dodds” makes me chuckle every time. I’m also cracking up at “Viv is Enciente” and the visual of William Frawley being so strong despite you never mentioning his name once.
  13. Looking at the earlier entries on this thread, Brock cast Bob Cummings in the role. He certainly would’ve been good. I think I kept that choice for my “The Viv Show” spin-off concepts. Going in a different direction, Red Skelton could’ve provided Viv with another wacky redhead to play against.
  14. A devastating loss. And who among today’s crop could ever be considered a worthy successor to the likes of him? The giants of yesteryear are irreplaceable.
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