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    Margot Kidder has died at age 69.
  2. No idea where that came from, but it does suggest a potential special: "Lucie Goes to a Rodeo"

    That was a very poor move. Cheap way to get more clicks. Mention Mr. Junger Witt's credits but use his picture. That's just unfair to everyone involved.
  4. The first revival season is coming to DVD on June 12th, and a MOD Blu-Ray edition will also be available on the same day.
  5. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Agreed. Only caught a few minutes here and there while channel surfing. It never did anything for me.
  6. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    "I Love Lucy" without all four of them would've been too sad, in my opinion. Now "The Lucy Show - Return to Danfield" could've worked. Lucy Carmichael returns many years later, filled with tales of hob-knobbing in Hollywood, but will the Volunteer Fire Dept. welcome her back with open arms?
  7. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Whoopi Goldberg's short-lived sitcom in the early 2000s was taped in New York, too. I remember a W&G episode where Rosario mentioned she was attending a taping. That scene must've been in a super sized episode, because it was cut on the DVD release.
  8. Before the Laughter and Lucy, TV Movie

    The rehearsal dailies was clearly their way of showing something familiar without it being a direct copy of the actual episode. By not depicting it as the on-air footage, they were clearly hoping to gloss over the obvious differences. That technique worked much better in the Judy Garland miniseries than it did here, because those recreations were a lot more convincing Rachel York, I think, was better at playing Lucy's comedy scenes than Fisher was. Fisher was clearly trying too hard to be funny, whereas York seemed more at ease. You're right that the Scarlett audition story showed a naturally funny Lucy moment.
  9. Before the Laughter and Lucy, TV Movie

    As I remember, Jim played the MC at the club where Lucy and Desi celebrated their wedding. Lucy sashays in swinging her fur coat after Jim assured everyone she was on her way. Where did Larry Anderson pop up? I can never seem to find him. Additionally, John Wheeler appeared in Mame and Here's Lucy. I think the casting of Frances Fisher was great, I just feel bad she didn't get the chance to play Lucille in a well-written film. I hated the version of Ball she was given to play - holding her nose in the air, spouting bitchy one-liners. Maurice Benard was awful, but I cut him some slack because even he admits it, and openly regrets that the film depicted Desi so negatively. Robin Pearson-Rose did kind of have Vivian's face, but the wig was way too much - Vivian didn't wear her hair in that type of style until later in the season. Plus, wasn't Vivian's hair actually reddish during that first week? Of course, most casual viewers wouldn't accept Ethel as anything other than blonde. What really galls me is that advertising materials billed them as Fred and Ethel, not Bill and Vivian.
  10. The Drop That Name Game

    Just remembered the Weird Al parody of Toni Basil's Mickey...Ricky. The only thing that could've made it better was to have Mrs. McGillicuddy do the final verse, singing the original lyrics!
  11. I suspect there would be a niche audience for a game like this. I'd certainly play it!
  12. The Drop That Name Game

    Great post, and very educational. The only one I was familiar with was the Little Shop of Horrors reference (I appeared in a school production of that, voicing the plant). You certainly know your Sondheim! I'm more well versed in Lloyd Webber history myself. I find I'm more pick-and-choose with regards to Sondheim. I know Little Richard's Lucille isn't about her specifically, but I always think of Ms. Ball when I hear it. It was also used in a TV spot for the 2003 telefilm.
  13. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    Yes, that's exactly it. It makes sense for the character to have evolved over time. She wouldn't be exactly the same person she was in the 90s.
  14. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    I've not seen much of the original Roseanne but I've enjoyed the new episodes. Despite the current plot threads, it has more of an old-school feel to it than the new Will & Grace. It's nice to see the set still looks lived in, and that they're using the old bright lighting style instead of the warm, soft light most multi-cams have today. Great casting for Sara Gilbert's daughter - quite a resemblance. And I'm glad they found room for Sarah Chalke. I can't help but notice that Roseanne's delivery feels more stilted than it used to. Her comedic timing is still good, but it's not quite the same. I loved the way they handled Goodman's character still being alive.