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  1. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    Afraid I'll need this 'splained to me. I was imagining loads and loads of scenery censors. Strategically placed cushions and vases, etc. Your lyrics are GENIUS! Forbidden Broadway should record them.
  2. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    "A Nude Lease on Life" - Life with Vanda isn't nearly as peaceful as Mary Jane expected after the Hinkley ordeal. Feeling liberated after their stint down at Maggie & Jiggles, Vanda has taken to lounging around the house in the buff, whereas modest Mary Jane wants to put the whole thing behind her and has buttoned up her overcoat once more. Viv Jones is feeling equally free by example of her sister, and starts popping over for nights of naked karaoke with Vanda (complete with modified lyrics to popular songs, such as "Open a Nude Window" and "Flapping Along in the Breeze"). After Viv can't keep her big bazoo shut down at Sid's café, word spreads all over town, and soon Mary Jane's house becomes the premiere nudist hangout in all of Los Angeleeze. After Harry uses his connections at City Hall to turn a blind eye to zoning restrictions, he's soon selling tickets at the door wearing nothing but his plaid apron. Even modest Carol joins in the fun, wearing her faux Bob Mackie breasts to fit in. It isn't long before Mary Jane dearly misses Herb and DeDe and would give anything to have them back in her house, as Vanda doesn't seem likely to give up her newfound hobby anytime soon. Unfortunately, Floreen and Wilbur have ingratiated themselves into the Hinkley's lives next door and are already into week six of their "one week visit," and DeDe and Herb are clearly as desperate to get rid of them as Mary Jane had been. Knowing what prudish DeDe would think of the happenings in her home, Mary Jane hatches a plan. After getting those kooks Flo and Wilbur on board, she tells Harry and Vanda that her house needs to be fumigated, but the Hinkleys next door would be "happy" to host them for the evening. Later on, DeDe and Herb return from a late movie to find a birthday suit party in full swing, complete with her sister and brother-in-law leading a swing dance and Viv clunking her way through "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain" on the piano. After DeDe comes to, she orders everyone out and tells Vanda she can have her house back. Vanda happily accepts, and Mary Jane is waiting at the door with open arms for Herb and DeDe. Vanda, meanwhile, decides she misses living with Sam and invites him back to the house, where he's only too happy to join in her new lifestyle. They go back to wearing clothes soon afterwards, however, when Sam's penchant for frying industrial-size slabs of bacon ends in tears at the emergency room.
  3. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    Love it! I want to hear these lyrics. These are sensational! I wonder what LOOSEY CARMICHAEL/CARTER'S reaction would've been. This is particularly amusing to me for some reason Absolute genius through and through. I'll come up with a conclusion to my previous arc soon. In fact, I may be able to incorporate some of this plot into it.
  4. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    Indeed. Want me to write it or you?

    Tab Hunter has died at 86, a mere three days before his 87th birthday
  6. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    "Mary Jane Loses Her Cool" - Mary Jane receives some more unwelcome news when DeDe mentions that her sister and brother-in-law, Floreen and Wilbur Clutterbuck (Iris Adrian and Harvey Korman) are coming to stay for a week. Try as she might to put her foot down, meek-mannered Mary Jane is no match for the brazen Hinkleys, and the place is so noisy once Flo and Wilbur turn up that she can't hear herself think. She suffers in silence for a day or two, but finally loses it after Wilbur eats all of her chocolate chip cookies. Fuming, she runs to Vanda and Carol for help, desperate to finally be rid of these people, and her two significantly louder friends are only too happy to help regain control. After Carol silences the group with an almighty "QUIIIIIIIEEEEETTT!", Vanda lays into them, telling them all how ashamed they should be for taking advantage of Mary Jane like they have. The Hinkleys and Clutterbucks are so taken aback they're left speechless, allowing Mary Jane to finally air all the grievances she's been bottling up. After uncorking the bottle, however, she can't seem to stop, and it isn't long before all four of them flee in tears for a nearby hotel. But that isn't the end of it, and next day at the office she blows her stack at Harry, chewing him out for his stingy and grumpy behavior. Trembling in the corner afterwards, Harry seriously contemplates joining the French Foreign Legion, until Vanda and Carol turn up. Concerned at the lid they seem to have blown off, the three of them scheme to get it back on again and restore Mary Jane to her former, sweet-natured self. A batch of chocolate chip cookies and a pep-talk later, all is well. In order to keep MJ's cool, though, they realize that the Hinkleys and Clutterbucks have to got to go, and Vanda has the winning answer - smitten as she is with Sam, living together wasn't all it was cracked up to be, so he's left the house for the apartment over his restaurant. Vanda arranges to move in with Mary Jane and rent her house to the Hinkleys. Hoping they'll be more manageable as neighbors than housemates, MJ readily accepts, convinced life will be easier with Vanda as a roommate and DeDe and Herb safely ensconced next door. Oh, how very wrong she is...
  7. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    Don't forget Harry's pageant walking class!
  8. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    Brilliant! I adore both of these. Cynthia Duncan could enter a Carole Cook lookalike contest and still come in second. Okay, if we're throwing dual casting and characters from other shows into the mix: "Big Viv(s) & Little Ethel" - Lucy's old pal Viv Jones, now Carol Krausmeyer's housemate, receives a letter from her twin sister back east, Vivian Bunson, who is coming to visit all the way from Danfield. The minute Viv finishes the letter, the doorbell rings - "It's me, Viv, didn't you get my letter?" Viv and Viv hug (in an Emmy-winning bit of special effects photography), then Mrs. Bunson explains that she and her husband, Vern, had a huge fight and she had to get away for a while. They've only just begun getting reacquainted when another letter arrives from Connecticut - their identical cousin Ethel is also coming for a visit after a blowout with her husband over chicken feed. Once Little Ethel arrives, the house is overflowing with lookalike dishwater blondes, driving Carol batty and causing her to move in with Sam and Vanda for a while. When Harry drops by and is seeing triple, he's convinced he needs his eyesight checked again, but once Viv, Viv and Ethel explain the situation, Mr. Producer awakens inside him and dollar signs flash in his eyeballs. Twin sisters and their lookalike cousin, one of whom has professional vaudeville experience - what a cash cow, he thinks. Almost immediately, he's got the girls onboard and sets about preparing an act for them. Things start to sour fast. Tired of being called Ethel, Ethel insists on being billed as "Roberta Louise Mae," which the Vivs argue is too long ("Honestly, who has three middle names anyway. Just pick one!"). Then the Vivs argue over which one is going to change her name, as they feel having two Vivs on the marquee would be too much. Ultimately, Bunson wins the coin toss, so Jones decides upon Diane Belmont for her stage name. But things really get wonky once rehearsals begin. Without Secondhand Louie by her side, Ethel enlists Harry to perform "Carolina in the Morning" with her ("You're better than that old poop ever was!"), while Viv and "Diane" argue over who's going to perform "Steamboat Bessie" and who's going to get "Yellow Bird" ("You do Yellow Bird, you look like a 150 pound canary anyway!") A fight ultimately breaks out, with haughty Mrs. Bunson locking Mrs. Jones in the backstage freezer before show time. Jones manages to escape, and steals all the potted palms of varying sizes from the restaurant next door to upstage Bunson's big number. Unfortunately, her timing's off, and she performs the gag during Ethel's do-over of "The Chocolate Soldier" ("Oh, for crying out loud, not again!"). The show soon devolves into a lady wrestling match, and it's up to the three frowsy redheads in the audience, who all flew in to surprise their friends, to split them up.
  9. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    Taking a leaf out of plots from the 2015 "Here's Lucy" thread: "Get This Patti Started" - Lucy's old friend Patti LuPone turns up unexpectedly on Mary Jane's doorstep in a panic. Her latest musical (a Lin Manuel Miranda rap opera about the life of Ma Ferguson) closed after one performance due to a disastrous review by Rex Reed, where he claimed her singing voice was the musical equivalent of bamboo shoots up the fingernails*. Desperately hoping for a tune up from her old vocal teacher Lucy, Mary Jane informs a disappointed Patti that Lucy has moved, but says she's glad to help in any way she can and offers to show LuPone what she's got. After MJ croaks out a few bars of "Down By the Old Mill Stream," Patti thinks she'd get better coaching from Glenn Close and heads for the door. Just then, Harry, DeDe and Herb walk in. "PATTI!" exclaims Harry, rushing forward to kiss her hand. After listening to her predicament, the three of them, sensing a lucrative financial opportunity in the air, swear that they will do whatever it takes for her to stage a comeback. Thinking baby steps are the best way to go while she gets her voice back in shape, Harry enlists everyone to craft for Patti what seems to them a surefire gig - Evita II. "Since yah died in the last one, you just have to lie there in the cawfin the whole time. No singin', no dancin', no lines, nothin'! Sure fiyah winnah! How can they knock your singin' voice if yah don't sing!?" Mortally insulted, Patti threatens to walk unless they give her something worthy of her talents. A furious DeDe retaliates by smashing her homemade chocolate cake right in Patti's face. When DeDe's extra rich chocolate frosting refuses to wash off entirely, everybody settles on plan B - "Patti LuPone is... Patti LaBelle". Naturally, disaster ensues. * an actual Rex Reed statement on Patti's singing voice.

    Gillian Lynne, acclaimed choreographer of Cats and The Phantom of the Opera, has died at 92.
  11. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    I'm not trying to open a can of worms here, but there are some interesting points about double standards in this article. http://thehill.com/homenews/media/389858-conservatives-sees-double-standard-on-roseanne-cite-olbermann-joy-reid
  12. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    Thanks! "Wild About Harry" - Delighted at getting to spend more time with his niece now that Kim is living with him, Harry is nonetheless concerned that she doesn't seem to be spending much time with friends her own age these days. He encourages her to bring some of her girlfriends around the house more often, even setting up a rumpus room in the basement for Kim to entertain in. He regrets making this suggestion when Kim brings around Sue (Susan Tolsky), who has a thing for older, successful men and falls head over heels for Harry at first sight. This leads to an embarrassing encounter in the rumpus room, where Harry barely dodges Sue's attempts to leap into his arms with a series of strategic cartwheels. But that's nothing compared to the following night, when Harry invites Sam, Vanda and Mary Jane over for dinner, only to find Sue lounging on the dining room table wearing nothing but the table cloth. "Oh my gawd! Harry, you perverted sex maniac!" "Honey, you must be awfully chilly. Here, take my coat."
  13. The "Here's Lucy" reboot

    "The Milkman Cometh" - DeDe develops a crush on the milquetoast milkman. Mary Jane seizes on this by alerting his jealous wife (Totie Fields), hoping the hot-tempered housefrau will go after DeDe the same way she once went after Lucy. Things don't go as planned when the little frump reveals she's more interested in a dashing young catfood salesman (Don Crichton) than her boring hubby, and is happy to let DeDe take him. This results in the milkman moving in, much to Mary Jane's chagrin. However, things with the catfood salesman hit a snag when Totie catches him checking out Craig in his bathing trunks a little too closely, and soon she wants her husband back. DeDe isn't prepared to give up her new man without a fight, however, and before Mary Jane knows it, greedy Herb and Harry conspire to sell tickets to "The Battle of the Broads" showdown in Mary Jane's back yard.
  14. Maybe Diane Vincent and Rhonda Medina could be persuaded to join you, armed with flashlights, cement buckets and doohickeys.