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  1. https://www.thewrap.com/lucille-balls-daughter-pushed-to-remove-scenes-that-werent-accurate-from-aaron-sorkins-biopic/ you can also find some other posts covering this topic on the previous page of this thread.
  2. Lucie likes it. I wonder if she succeeded in getting the RKO/MGM scene cut she wanted gone.
  3. ....so, it’s chronicling the production week of “Fred and Ethel Fight”? Then why have the Ricardo’s swished ‘parments already? And Nicole’s stomping grapes to boot?? I’m...a tad confused right now as to what exactly this movie will cover.
  4. I’d much rather see Lucy and Viv pilot a helicopter than Lucy and Mr. Mooney deal with guys in bear costumes, I’ll be honest. But yes, it does sound a little out there. Other episodes I can remember offhand which weren’t filmed Include “Lucy Plays Basketball” and “Lucy is a Calendar Girl”. I’ll be sure to post a summary of this “Lucy Goes Commercial” script once I get it.
  5. I can already picture the tweets demanding Debra Messing.
  6. Exactly. How many MFH episodes end with Bob LeMond saying, “Lucille Ball will soon be seen in the Columbia picture...” or something like that. For anyone to think she wasn’t still getting film work is ridiculous.
  7. She was absolutely right to call them on this! Not even the TV movies resorted to that one. Thanks for clarifying what the matter was about, and I concur that the scene should be cut.
  8. https://www.thewrap.com/lucille-balls-daughter-pushed-to-remove-scenes-that-werent-accurate-from-aaron-sorkins-biopic/ Lucie has tried to have certain scenes removed for inaccuracies.
  9. That’s a beautiful story. Thanks so much for sharing, and so pleased you had the honour of meeting him.
  10. That’s the story I remember, too. Just out of curiosity, do you recall any of those other inaccuracies in that book? I know he corrected a number of goofs from earlier sources, but would be curious to learn what mistakes remained.
  11. I’m absolutely shocked and so saddened by this news. How devastating.
  12. I bought this on an impulse the other day. I had it shipped to my home in the states for economical reasons, but will happily share details once I have access to it.
  13. That’s curious news, indeed. I wonder who Robert Pine will be playing. Interesting they snagged someone who once worked with the actual Lucille.
  14. Thanks for sharing this! I was disappointed to see the YouTube version was taken down and have been looking for it again ever since.
  15. I think either Carole or Lisa would’ve made fine dubbing choices. Having heard Lisa’s work on Gypsy, I’d suspect the transition between her voice and Lucy’s would’ve been nearly seamless. Lucy tries her hardest, and I know Jerry Herman grew very fond of her because of how hard she worked, but she’s clearly a bit out of her element. However, I concur that she made some fine acting choices, and the supporting cast was great. I think my biggest issue with the film is how it was directed and edited. I suspect Gene Saks was thinking too much like a stage director; he left too many gaps for laughter and applause, which kills the flow if you’re watching the film alone or with an unresponsive audience. This threw off the pacing. As Neil’s custom edit showed, the film easily could’ve been tightened up with a few minor snips here and there. Had Lucy not broken her leg and the film had proceeded with George Cukor, I think the overall product would’ve had more polish, but it certainly has a lot going for it as it is.
  16. Thanks for sharing these! It’s strange for me to see promos for The Lucy Show, as I never caught it when N@N aired that series.
  17. Men Are Messy and Fred & Ethel Fight were featured on the latest episode of Dynasty. They inspired Fallon to have retro-sitcom style “dream sequences” where she gained inspiration from the plots to solve some family problems. Concept was better than the execution, but...they tried.
  18. No, they’re bare bones. Just the episodes. Apparently they weren’t sold into later syndication packages due to music licensing. The Volume 2 DVD mentions that some music has been changed, so the edit must’ve occurred on that non-syndicated episode.
  19. Arden of Eden: “Our Miss Brooks” star signs on for biblical teleplay Desilu Playhouse Sponsor Feud! Tennessee Ernie runs down Betty Furness in new Ford! “It came back?” - Furious Vance quits after Desilu paycheck bounces Less is Moore: Exclusive details about Candy’s new zero-episode contract!
  20. That’s interesting. I wasn’t aware of any examples of her other shows being watched by fictional characters. It’s almost always I Love Lucy.
  21. Ken Levine wrote an interesting piece about this list. He argued I Love Lucy should’ve been number one, given its enormous influence, even though it isn’t his personal favourite. http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2021/05/top-100-sitcoms-of-all-time-really.html
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