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  1. Interesting “Arrested Development” theme for the writers. Maybe Jason Bateman and Will Arnett will play the other Bobs if a sequel is made.
  2. Since Joey mentioned Tubi...We have that in Australia, but the catalogue doesn’t seem as extensive. I logged on using a VPN and was surprised at how much more “Lucy” content there was. The Australian version only has the two-part “Funny World of Lucy” documentary. Must be a distribution rights issue. But I’m surprised they haven’t secured “Here’s Lucy” given its popularity in this country.
  3. Thanks for sharing this memory. I'm sorry I missed that particular marathon. This was before I even knew she'd done other sitcoms!
  4. I wonder if this film’s marketing will have the same, blatant “For Your Consideration” feel that Renee’s “Judy” movie had. I know she’s not a big enough name for these filmmakers, but I personally think Rachel York should have another go. She’s more age appropriate this time around, and it’d be nice to see her take on Lucille with a (hopefully) stronger script.
  5. At least the Amy Schumer suggestion didn’t come to pass.
  6. Oh boy. I’d missed this one. https://www.etonline.com/debra-messing-campaigns-to-play-lucille-ball-after-learning-nicole-kidman-is-up-for-the-role-158895
  7. That’s not good. She’s not exactly a physical or vocal match to begin with, so she’d really need to study if she hopes to be taken seriously in the part.
  8. We should find out who represents her and send an approved list of books and documentaries.
  9. Obviously this is the type of film that will be submitted for awards consideration left, right and centre, but I’m curious which ones it’ll be eligible for. Will it qualify for the Oscars or is Amazon considered TV and therefore Emmys?
  10. Lucie hinted in her Instagram video that no "I Love Lucy" recreations would be featured.
  11. I would love to see Carole Cook play Lucy in a film chronicling her later years, on the proviso she recreate the “Top Jimmy & The Rhythm Pigs” dance.
  12. LOL. I'm not saying this isn't necessarily disappointing news, but do these people not have DVD players or something? Also, weren't the Hallmark prints very fuzzy and low quality compared to other sources?
  13. I have heard references to this event but no precise details. How did it ultimately play out?
  14. As I remember, "Disc Jockey" only aired as the 3rd season finale because it had been preempted earlier in the schedule. So they had to squeeze it in last. "Stockholder" would've made a more fitting finale.
  15. David Lander (Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley) has passed away at age 73.
  16. Oh, Lucy on TikTok. Imagine the possibilities. Her paid promotion of Vitametavegamin would go viral, of course!
  17. Lucy Meets Sheldon & Leonard Fulfilling her promise to Ethel, Lucy leaves her brain to science upon her death. Many years later, Mrs. Ricardo’s brain is examined by Pasadena neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler, who has never in her life studied such a unique specimen. After consulting with her equally brilliant friends, it is decided that Lucy must be brought back to life for further examination. With the help of Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter and Howard Wolowitz, they succeed in uploading Mrs. Ricardo’s consciousness into Howard’s female robot prototype, allowing Lucy to be “reborn” into the 21st century. Though disappointed that her idols of the 1950s are no longer with us, the still star-struck Lucy adapts to 21st century life remarkably well, and is soon following every male celebrity known to man on Instagram, and making Penny jealous by securing more media appearances and acting jobs then she could ever have dreamed of before. Things hit a snag, however, when Sheldon proves allergic to henna and RoboLucy won’t stop sitting in “his spot.”
  18. What a beautiful article and such lovely photos.
  19. The one and only Sir Sean Connery has passed away at 90
  20. This will be an interesting search. Who else today could play Lucille, I wonder?
  21. Can't say I'm surprised. By the time it's made, Cate will probably be in "Here's Lucy" age territory. I wonder if they'll find another actress or shelve the project.
  22. Prolific television star Conchata Ferrell has died at 77. https://deadline.com/2020/10/conchata-ferrell-dead-two-and-a-half-men-co-star-77-1234596750/
  23. She played the Evil Queen in the Golan Globus Snow White, one of the more loyal Grimm Brothers adaptations. She was a knockout.
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