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  1. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    I can't say I'm a big fan of his either, but most of us have said immature things and made dumb jokes at some point or another. It sucks when you're a celebrity and there's documentation of most everything you ever say. He made those jokes a long time ago and he apparently already apologized for them. Some folks just like being offended, I guess. I say dial down the politics and make the Oscars fun again. Have Carol Burnett host in character as Nora Desmond.
  2. Ken Berry has died

    Oh no. What a terribly sad loss. He was a true talent.

    So...this person is saying that Barbara Bush was a character played by Doris Singleton?

    Former President George H.W. Bush has died at 94.
  5. Unfortunate Lucy Products (continued)

    An unfortunate effect of the broad brush stroke technique.

    I fully agree. Not every successful property necessitates a musical adaptation. The fact that so many close after brief runs shows that there isn't the interest producers assume there is.

    I remember watching the early episodes of SpongeBob in the late 90s. It is a creative, funny little show. I'm very sad to hear the news.
  8. There are some very funny 3rd season episodes, but the atmosphere definitely has a different feel to it. I think this was due in large part to the new writers ignoring much of the previously established continuity. All the recurring women from the first two seasons were dropped. No more Thelma, Audrey, Kathleen, Dorothy, etc. It no longer had that community feeling to it. Yes, we had new recurring characters such as Mrs. Valance, but they were never given the characterization or "friendliness" of the earlier characters. Had the new writers crafted some new Volunteer Firemen plots or something, it would've helped the series retain more of its old feeling.
  9. Lucy tattoos

    That is stunning.
  10. Unfortunate Lucy Products (continued)

    Well, there are 10 available. I dare someone to buy all of them and then tell their significant other, ala Yours, Mine and Ours - "I have 10 Lucys. Speaking of 10 Lucys, that's what I have!"
  11. Vicki Lawrence headlines FOX pilot

    It was wonderful seeing Charles Shaughnessy and Julia Duffy back on television in the last episode, along with the hysterical Jamie Farr. What a delightful Thanksgiving episode. I'm very pleased this season had its order expanded; such good news that Fox is giving it a chance. No, it may not be in the same league as the classics that came before, but compared to other "new" shows it's pure gold.

    Acclaimed writer William Goldman has died at 87.
  13. Following in the footsteps of Will & Grace, Roseanne is making an 8 episode comeback. http://deadline.com/2017/05/roseanne-revival-officially-midseason-go-abc-becky-twist-dan-alive-1202094763/
  14. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    Only one additional episode was ordered, so the outlook isn't exactly rosy.
  15. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    No, that's The Diet. The Audition is the pilot remake, with the cellist bit.
  16. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    Interesting choice. I hope they do "The Audition" at some stage; it'd be nice to see the Tropicana showcased, plus there's color reference footage.
  17. A while back I saw a thread somewhere that featured guests contributing mock "gag" headlines for news articles about Desperate Housewives. I believe one of them went: "Denton Faces Class Action Lawsuit From Bored Fans Who Want Their Time Back". In any event, I got a real kick out of them and thought maybe we could come up with a few newsworthy joke stories about Lucy and company. Obviously everything said here will be in fun and is not meant to be taken seriously or as insults. "I Love Loosey: Andes, Windom share details of Ball's flirtatious nature on set" " 'Lucy' propman recovering from Joan Crawford inflicted wire-hanger wounds" "Lucy Show soundstage flooded due to overflowing toilet; Blondell investigated" "Desperately Seeking Fred: Unemployed Vance begs Frawley to resurrect Fred & Ethel in new show" "Morton Developing TLS Spinoff for Himself; Gould approached to co-star" "Dick Martin's return for TLS finale cancelled due to audiences not remembering who his character was" "My Three Spinoffs: Ball to produce 3 new pilots for Garrett, Hart and Moore in apology for dumping them from her show" "Here's Lucy, Mother's-in-Law crossover cancelled; Carmel quits in protest" "Burton, Taylor episode to be reshot after cameraman accidentally loads camera with black & white film; everyone enraged at having to spend another week together" "Lost 7th Season Here's Lucy scripts discovered; all would have showcased Prohaska's gorilla act"
  18. Gag Headlines

    This is great! Would definitely make a viable plot for a modern-day episode.
  19. Lucy's MAME is coming on Blu-Ray!!!

    I wouldn't worry too much about that. It might just mean the release date has been postponed.
  20. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    I agree that the theatre terms would be appropriate for TV as well. Revivals for those that are continuations, revisals for those with a whole new cast and concept.
  21. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    I hate the term reboot. It's terribly overused and applies to too many things. It's essentially replaced remake and gets thrown around very loosely these days. A sequel series should be called a revival, IMO, while a reimagining with a new cast and creative team is a remake. Those concepts are not the same yet both get branded "reboot" left, right and centre. Overuse of the word also prevents the new show from developing its own identity; it anchors it firmly in the shadow of its predecessor. The media does like shoving everything inside their pre-made little boxes, don't they?
  22. Lucy's MAME is coming on Blu-Ray!!!

    I believe Warner Archive uses BD-50s instead of 25s, the way Warner Home Video does for their catalogue releases. So I'm pleased the archive is handling this release. I'm sure it'll look beautiful.
  23. This week's episode was excellent. A real return to form. This was the first new show that, to me, wouldn't have felt tonally out of place during the initial run (modern day plot points aside). "I literally cannot remember the opposite of figuratively" may be the funniest 21st-century laugh line I've ever heard.
  24. From Variety: http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/will-grace-revival-nbc-1201962251/ NBC has given a 10-episode order to a revival of comedy “Will & Grace,” the broadcaster announced Tuesday. The limited series will reunite Emmy winners Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally with series creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, who will serve as showrunners and executive producers. James Burrows, who directed the entire eight-season run of the original series, will serve as director and executive producer on the revival. “We’re thrilled that one of the smartest, funniest and most defining comedies in NBC history is coming back,” said NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt. “This groundbreaking series for everything from gay rights to social and political commentary — all disguised as a high-speed train of witty pop culture — is coming back where it belongs.” NBC had been in discussions with the cast and creators since September, when they reunited to shoot a surprise 10-minute episode related to the presidential election. Airing on NBC from 1998 to 2006, “Will & Grace” was one of the first broadcast programs to feature gay series regulars. “We started talking with Mutchnick and Kohan about producing new episodes right after they shot the secret reunion show back in September, and the fact that all four of the original stars were excited about getting back into production is a testament to the joyful experience they had doing nearly 200 episodes for eight seasons,” NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke said. “Few things cut through the clutter these days, especially in comedy, and ‘Will and Grace’ is one of the best.” “Will & Grace” stars McCormack and Messing as the titular best friends — one a gay man, the other a hetero woman. Hayes and Mullally star as their friends Jack and Karen. “Dave and I are absolutely thrilled about the opportunity to write what Will, Grace, Jack and Karen are thinking about in 2017,” Mutchnick said. The new episodes will be produced and distributed by Universal Television.