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  1. "Lucy, the Part-time Wife" is preposterous but funny. "Lucy, the Laundress" is culturally insensitive, but funny. Their best script for Lucy was the "Secretary Beautiful" second-season episode with Carol Burnett.
  2. "Lucy Finally Cuts Guess Who's G-String." Lucy learns that Kim has been secretly working as an exotic dancer to offset her increased living expenses since moving into Uncle Herb's building. Planning to stop Kim, Lucy and Harry go undercover into the seedy club run by Dirty Jack. But upon seeing Harry, Dirty Jack instantly says "Hiya, Harry. You going to make it rain again tonight?"
  3. What, no special appearance by Potsie? But seriously, I have enjoyed Purl in her recurring role as Pam's mother while recently streaming "The Office" on Netflix .
  4. Evidence of why the sitcom was declared dead before "Cosby" and "The Golden Girls." What a pile of drek. Some of those credits seem like parodies of the early 80s. This is also evidence that "Life With Lucy" was judged too harshly.
  5. Over the past weekend (on Amazon), I watched "County Club Dance," "Housewarming," and "Building a Bar-B-Que." It really made me wish we'd had gotten a seventh season of half-hour shows. I so enjoy the Lucy/Ethel/Betty dynamic. The Connecticut move certainly could have provided another season's worth of plots.
  6. I was undecided on buying these releases, but if they’re edited, syndication versions, it’s a “no” for me.
  7. That "Scary Lucy" statue should have been melted. That "artist" sure had some cojones to present the work as an image of Lucille Ball. Whoever paid should have rejected it and said "sue me."
  8. The video quality of the episodes is quite good considering they used the videotape masters rather than go back to the film elements. Of the promos, I wish the early one with Gale “ surprising” a seated Lucy was included. It may have been produced before any episodes were filmed.
  9. I always felt it was a symptom of lazy writing. "Insert song," is much easier than well-written comedy.
  10. I liked his work in blacksploitation classics "Coffy" and "Foxy Brown."
  11. As these DVDs are apparently coming from the videotape masters (and not the original film elements), I doubt this will be seen.
  12. "World's Greatest Godmother" With increasing competition from big-box, national chains, Lucy gets gangster to protect M & B Hardware. Things heat up when Curtis sees that Lucy used the computer to "modem in" an order for several suspicious items.
  13. While looking to pre-order "Life With Lucy," I saw the complete "The Lucy Show" dvd set on Amazon for only $26.00! I thinking about getting a back up copy. https://www.amazon.com/Lucy-Show-Complete-Lucille-Ball/dp/B01M0F9Z8P/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=life+with+lucy+dvd&qid=1564579045&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  14. Said channel appears to air only public domain episodes, and I don't believe the bouncing ball/jack in the box opening was ever included in any legitimate syndication package.
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