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  1. "World's Greatest Godmother" With increasing competition from big-box, national chains, Lucy gets gangster to protect M & B Hardware. Things heat up when Curtis sees that Lucy used the computer to "modem in" an order for several suspicious items.
  2. While looking to pre-order "Life With Lucy," I saw the complete "The Lucy Show" dvd set on Amazon for only $26.00! I thinking about getting a back up copy. https://www.amazon.com/Lucy-Show-Complete-Lucille-Ball/dp/B01M0F9Z8P/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=life+with+lucy+dvd&qid=1564579045&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  3. Said channel appears to air only public domain episodes, and I don't believe the bouncing ball/jack in the box opening was ever included in any legitimate syndication package.
  4. I loved him on "The Larry Sanders Show." https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/10/entertainment/rip-torn-dead/index.html
  5. When you apply today's standards to actions that occurred more than 100 years ago, very very few people could pass that test. Some of the extremists appear to want to erase history. We'll have our own "cultural revolution."
  6. “Lucy and Paul Winchell” on “Get It Infomercial” channel 263 on DirecTV with the original jack-in-the-box opening. Usually, when these channels pay public domain episodes, it’s from horrible old prints. I guess this channel ripped it from a consumer dvd.
  7. Doris Day has died

    Before it was "fashionable."
  8. “Lucy and Her All-Nun Band” on Amazon. At about 2:06 in, a camera is in the shot for about half second.
  9. While channel flipping last night, I ran across Carole on an episode of "Knight Rider." She had a starring role as some kind of legislator whose life is at risk for trying to derail some bad laws from being enacted. Carole was the best part of this silly show. Her funniest line was "Devon is more of an old grandma than me."
  10. After many appearances on "My Favorite Husband" and "I Love Lucy," I wonder why Frank Nelson never appeared on "The Lucy Show" or "Here's Lucy." Was he considered too similar to Gale Gordon? I love "The Celebrity Next Door" with Miss Bankhead, but too bad Bette Davis never made it on a "Lucy" show.
  11. I believe that's what's happening to the versions to be played on MeTV.
  12. If you have amazon prime, a handful of early Carol Burnett shows are available for no extra fee including Lucy’s first appearance in 1967. The episode appears to be complete. The episode includes the “Argentine Cafe” and car rental sketches.
  13. "Lucy Gets Slummy With the Neighbors" Upset that Betty and Ralph Ramsey are letting their home fall into disrepair, Lucy attempts to teach them a lesson by junking up the outside of her home. The plan backfires when some of the cars parked on blocks in the front yard turn out to be reported as stolen.
  14. Working with Lucy

    I do too, if they're B.S., which many are. But when true, they can be fun.