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  1. Maybe she was. She sure wasn't Lucille Ball.
  2. Thumbs down! So many things to criticize. However, I'll confine myself to one gripe at this time: the way Bob Carroll, Jr. was portrayed as a no-talent riding on Madelyn's coattails. I suppose the mere fact Madelyn was a comedy writer in such a male-dominated field in the 1940s and 50s wasn't enough of a "statement" for Sorkin.
  3. I recently subscribed to Hulu and have been watching 2nd and 3rd season episodes lately. They look amazing, like true HD transfers. They are a decade older than "The Bob Newhart Show" and the transfers blow Bob away. I still enjoy "Lucy Enters a Baking Contest." Too bad that show led to departure of Bob & Madelyn. Break-ups are not usually over one thing, but I suppose the disagreement over this episode was the proverbial straw on the camel's back.
  4. I do like this one a lot. Aside from its comedic worth, it employs an "A-story" and a "B-story," which became much more common on other shows many years later. I wish it had been employed more on "Here's Lucy."
  5. The 25 best episodes of 'I Love Lucy', ranked (msn.com) The familiar favorites top the lost, but the lower part of the list has shows like "Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald" while shows like "The Million Dollar Idea," "The Business Manager," "Ethel's Birthday," "Ethel's Home Town" and "Lucy's Schedule" are not in the list.
  6. She's among the very short list of original guests still with us.
  7. They have started to air the “new” episodes, with Ron Howard answering Lucy’s questions. Silly and too gimmicky for me.
  8. The only thing I find annoying is the pretense that the shows involving a particular guests were recorded on different days. "Will you come back tomorrow," etc. Given that she makes it clear her show is a roving one, there is no pretense that it's a live show. So why the pretense about each show being a different day?
  9. I don't know. Only a few pages of the script were viewable online. That's a "Here's Lucy" script. I have an original copy of that one.
  10. On ebay there is a script for an episode called "Lucy Goes Commercial," which from the date of the script was intended for the early part of season three. From the page you can view, the scene with Lucy and Chris appears much like the "Here's Lucy" scene in which Lucy teaches Kim to grocery shop in "Lucy's Working Daughter." THE LUCY SHOW script Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance “Lucy Goes Commercial” | eBay
  11. They have edited out the original theme music and Gary Morton's presence altogether. No complaints, though. Whoever thought the entire run of this show would ever be heard again?
  12. According to his profile, he hasn’t visited this site for a month. I hope it’s just a break and he’s not leaving us or worse.
  13. I recently watched a few first season episodes that I had not watched in a long time including "Lucy and the Ex Con" and "Lucy Goes on Strike." Now I remember why I have passed over these so many times. They are not ridiculously bad like "Lucy's Safari" or "Lucy and the Gold Rush," but they have very few good moments. I believe "Strike" was the only script from Mel Diamond and Al Schwartz. I suppose it was another one of those cheap, uninspired "off the market" scripts used
  14. No holiday-themed banner this year. Very impish.
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