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    "Bob Hope's High Flying Birthday Extravaganza" -- Broadcast May 25, 1987
  2. Unfortunate Lucy Products (continued)

    This looks like Catherine O'Hara's version of Lucy on SCTV was the model.
  3. I recently watch "Lucy Runs the Rapids" on Amazon prime. Lucy punctures and thereby deflates the inflatable raft, so the Carters camp on the riverbank overnight. The current pulls Lucy into the river as she's sleeping on an air mattress inside a sleeping bag. And when the rest of the family goes to save Lucy, the raft is fully inflated again. There must have been a patch kit off camera.
  4. I think it looks better to me. They're getting so good at this colorization thing and in HD, I finally wish they would do the entire series. I had been previously unimpressed.
  5. Vicki Lawrence headlines FOX pilot

    Great cast and I like the "Sunny" crew. I hope this works out.
  6. "Lucy and the Fran Ryan Fiasco" Soon after Carol Burnett informs Kim and Craig that she will not return for another high school benefit show, Fran Ryan appears at the Unique Employment Agency on the heels of her termination from "The Doris Day Show." Fran agrees to do the benefit, but is a no-show on show night, having just been cast as Barbara Pepper's replacement on "Green Acres." Lucy and the kids are shocked by the number of complaints upon Fran's failure to appear, prompting Lucy to quip "Who knew Fran is the Y. A. Tittle of the teeny bopper set?"
  7. I have owned a paperback copy for 20+ years, but never knew an audio book version existed.
  8. How did "Lucy Gets Caught in a Draft" get in there? Otherwise, a fine collection.
  9. Lucy and Gary Photo Thread

    That jacket clashes with her pants/shoes
  10. "The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue" is a middling episode. I suppose people are disappointed because the half-hour version of the show didn't end on a higher note.
  11. Does Anyone Know?

    I believe it's a version of "Coronet." The closest version I found was "Robert Hunter Middleton Linotype 1937": https://www.fontshop.com/search#?q=coronet Here's so more information on the Desliu logo. http://closinglogogroup.wikia.com/wiki/Desilu_Productions
  12. I'm more willing to forgive "Drafted" than "Rodeo" because it was a first-season show. By season five, there was excuse for a stinker like "Rodeo."
  13. About 20 years ago, I saw her and one of the Cassidys in a touring production of "Blood Brothers." She sounded great, which was a relief because she was the only reason I went to see the play.
  14. The Girls Want to go to a Fight Club ​​Sensing their boredom leading a domestic life, Mrs. Trumball recruits Lucy and Ethel as new members of her local fight club. Ethel gets a black eye during her first bout, leading every one else in the building to believe Fred is beating Ethel. So, Lucy breaks the first rule of the club to save Fred's reputation. In retaliation, the club plots revenge by invading the night club during Ricky's show. Hilarity ensues as the disguised duo defeats the fight club members in a West Side Story type of rumble on the stage of the Tropicana. All the newspapers hail the new show as groundbreaking nightclub entertainment.
  15. Well, if this show would have been successful, then there would have been no "Ralph Furley."