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  1. This is great I love watching Lucy I believe we will see all 6 seasons + the Lucy Desi Comedy Hour Remastered in beautiful color HD this is great I love watching Lucy in color I don't mind B&W but Color is better, Lucy is so funny she makes me laugh, Black & White Lucy Episodes should be for collecting & when we have all Colorized episodes of Lucy they should make a big blue-ray release just my opinion
  2. That's great I hope that you or someone can put All these episodes & special feautres on torrent file I love to see them beofe i buy this I love lucy so much ? Disc 1 The Ballet The Freezer Lucy Does TV Commercial JOb Switching Lucy id Enceinte Lucy Goes To The Hospital LA At Last Disc 2 Lucy Gets In Pictures Harpo Marx The Great Train Robbery Bon Voyage Paris At Last Lucy Gets a Paris Gown Lucy's Italian Movie Disc 3 The Audition Never Do Business with Friends Lucy Tells the Truth First Stop The Star Upstairs Lucy Visits Grauman's Lucy Does the Tango Pioneer WOmen Disc 4 Special Features
  3. This is Great I'm a die-hard Lucy fan, I hope someone gets this uploaded on a Torrent File with those special features & outakes unreleased footage camera angles
  4. My name is Kevin I'm a big Lucille Ball fan I'm just curious, if there any unreleased camera footage & angles out the on AVI or VHS Tape or Laserdisc Release from I Love lucy Season 1 The Lost I Love Lucy Pilot - Season 9 of the Lucy Desi Comedy Hour Lucy Meets The Mustache ? If you find something like that on the internet or youtube please upload it for me. I just bought The I Love Lucy Movie off Amazon.com so I can see the unreleased camera angle footage
  5. If anyone has the Lucy Laserdisc & the Player & capture cord please upload them for me if you can
  6. I don't care about going to all that trouble just to get all the Laserdisc uploaded & tranfered to my laptop so I can put them on my DVD-R Discs watch them on my HDTV ? I going for the biggest Lucy Collection TV Show all Laserdiscs,VHS Tapes & DVDs plus VCDs if they have any. I'm going for the Laserdiscs first
  7. Ok I'm looking for someone who has a Laserdisc Player sill & capture cord plus all those I Love Lucy Laserdiscs I would like someone to upload & transfer all this I Love Lucy Laserdiscs uncut epsiodes & commercials to a Torrent file for me So I can burn them to my DVD-R Discs I have at home. I'm been a Big Fan of I Love Lucy since I was born in 1988. I miss her so much, she died I think in 1987 I was born in 1988
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