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  1. Trust me, even if we don't see LIL releases we will definitely see season 5 released. All the episodes have been remastered and we will probably see a release in the fall. So, don't worry. Season 5 will sell well enough to guarantee a release of the final season. CBS/Paramount know that there's money in "The Lucy Show".
  2. Just finished watching season four of "The Lucy Show." Overall it's one of my favorite seasons. Lucy looks terrific and is still at the top of her game. Episodes: (Excellent) 1) Lucy and the Golden Greek 2) Lucy in the Music World 3) Lucy and Joan 4) Lucy Helps Danny Thomas 5) Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty 6) Lucy, The Choir Master 7) Lucy Bagas a Bargain 8) Lucy Dates Dean Martin 9) Lucy and Clint Walker 10) Lucy, The Gun Moll Episodes: (Very Good) 1) Lucy at Marineland 2) Lucy and the Countess Have a Horse Guest 3) Lucy Helps the Countess 4) Lucy, The Undercover Agent 5) Lucy Discovers Wayne Newton 6) Lucy and Art Linkletter 7) Lucy Goes to a Hollywood Premiere (except the last part w/ the Gorilla) Episodes: (Good) 1) Lucy The Stunt Man 2) Lucy Saves Milton Berle 3) Lucy Meets Mickey Rooney 4) Lucy and the Soap Opera 5) Lucy and the Return of Iron Man Episodes: (Poor) 1) Lucy, The Rain Goddess (the worst episode of season 4) 2) Lucy and Bob Crane 3) Lucy, The Robot 4) Lucy, The Superwoman
  3. I disagree, I think season 4 is one of the best seasons of "Lucy." Most of the episodes are fresh and funny. Lucy never acted or looked better. The ratings jumped from a 26.6 (8th place finish) for Viv's last season (64-65) to a 27.3 rating and a 3rd place finish for (65-66). Lucy also received her 11th Emmy nomination for season four but lost out to the overrated Mary Tyler Moore who won for "The Dick Van Dyke Show" which was ending its' five-year run.
  4. Season 4 of "The Lucy Show" is doing great in pre-orders on Amazon.com and DVDempire.com. Most stores will carry "The Lucy Show," season 4. Target most definitely will be selling season 4 as it sold seasons 1 thru 3. Best Buy is funny. Some stores will carry The Lucy Show and some won't. The same can be said for "Here's Lucy." Although, Target did sell the first two seasons together of "Here's Lucy" shrink wrapped. But don't worry. Sales for "Lucy Show" season 4 will do even better than season three. There are 26 episodes in season 4 and in my opinion 22 of them are very good and four of them are weak. I believe CBS/Paramount Home Video will release seasons five and six. Most likey season five will be out about early fall and season six will probably be out during the first quarter of 2012 (either February or March). The only question is will CBS include "Lucy In London" as a bonus feature in season 5. If they do I think it will be of the best selling Lucy Show seasons ever. In addition to "Lucy In London," CBS can show Lucy winning emmy no. 3 for season five of "Lucy," and the original opening for season five that only aired (I believe) twice. CBS/Paramount know that they have a hit in "The Lucy Show" DVDs and would be very stupid if they didn't release the last two seasons. In addition, we know that we are definitely getting seasons five and six of "Here's Lucy." I also believe "Life With Lucy" will be released after seasons five and six of "Lucy Show" and "Here's Lucy" are out. I wouldn't be surprised that we see all 13 episodes released by summer or fall of 2012. After all Lucie Arnaz and her brother own half the series. Aaron Spelling donated "Life With Lucy" to the Lucy-Desi Museum. Since the estate of Lucille Ball owns the Lucy-Desi museum, I believe (if not) CBS but another company like MPI will release "Life With Lucy."
  5. Favorite seasons in order: 1) Season 1 2) Season 2 3) Season 4 4) Season 5 5) Season 3 6) Season 6
  6. I just pre-ordered season 4 of "The Lucy Show" and also pre-order season 4 of "Here's Lucy." Bought Luille Ball Treasures book at Barnes & Noble and just received the new Barbie two doll set celebrating the 60th anniversary of "I Love Lucy."
  7. "The Lucy Show: Official Fourth Season" is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com. I just pre-ordered my copy.
  8. I totally disagree, I think the Ann Sothern episodes were a riot. Lucy and Ann made a great team. In fact, the six episodes that Vivian Vance weren't in were some of the best episodes of season 3. I loved Lucy and Jack Benny, the four Ann Sothern episodes (I will agree the fat farm episode was the weakest of the four), Danny Kaye and Lucy Becomes A Father. I think it was a good thing that Vivian Vance left at the end of season three. The format just couldn't have continued. Lucy was smart to approve the California move. It gave us an extra three seasons of Lucy Carmichael.
  9. I totally disagree, I had a hard time watching the first 13 episodes. I think the acting was way over-the-top. Also, there was no chemistry between the actors. I think Kaye Ballard was the best thing about the show, however, I think both Kaye and Eve were a poor version of Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance. The plots were rehashes of old "I Love Lucy" scripts. Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance were funny, Eve and Kay weren't. It seemed to me that the situations and acting between Kaye and Eve were forced. The supporting cast were horrible especially the kids and Herb (Eve's husband). The show definitely could have been a wonderful vehicle for Lucy and Viv (after Lucy sold Desilu studios which forced Lucy to cancel "The Lucy Show" and start "Here's Lucy"). I could see why the show didn't do well in the Nielsen ratings when it ran during the 1967-68 and 1968-69 TV seasons. It wasn't because it was old fashion comedy, if that were the case Lucy wouldn't have been on the air in "The Lucy Show" winning Emmys and landing nearly almost atop of the Nielsen charts each week. I think the amateurish acting is why the show didn't work. I think the show is selling well on Amazon.com but you can't beat a price of $18.99 for 56 episodes. I bought the series because I had fond memories of the series when I was growing up but when I received the DVD package and started watching I realized that the show is not really funny after all these years and very painful to watch.
  10. I watched "Mame" for the 15th time. I never get tired of this film. It is truly a joyful and jubilant movie musical. Lucy gives one of her best screen performances. She was worthy of an Oscar nomination. Go figure.
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