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  1. May I say, I quote Lucy and The Golden Girls daily and no one even realizes it. Literally, no one.
  2. How do you hide a pregnancy when you are constantly in the spotlight? Plus, when Lucy gets pregnant, she gets PREGNANT. There is no denying it. It's been decades since this rumor came out. Can she stop now?
  3. This is even more precious than the one of Lucy kissing Desi on the cheek. I am in love.
  4. I just love the way he looks at her.
  5. This picture might be my favorite from this whole photo shoot. I need this picture framed.
  6. Here it is. She wears this every time. But with a white blouse with a larger bow. Anytime I see pictures of her in this, I get the chills. Even just looking at this. Wow.
  7. In the dreams I've had, she looks exactly the way she did before she passed. She's always wearing that light blue pant suit also. It's eerie to ever see pictures of her in it. It's only dreams that involve advice. One on one time. Telling me not give up. I'm more than my mental illness. That type of thing. Saves me every time.
  8. SHELLY. I've been looking for great quality photos from this shoot forever. DAMN WATERMARK.
  9. I'm so, so, so, so somewhat glad she passed before I was born. I know if it happened right now, I would be a diaster. It would be like losing a mother, honestly. I hold her as a person to such a high regard. She just had an amazing talent. But I know those amazing dreams of her coming into my room and talking me through my worst times wouldn't have happened. Ive also been told by a random person that a red haired woman's presence follows me around. Might sound crazy, but this thing adds up. Same night, glass and borders of 2 frames fell. But the pictures of Miss Ball somehow remained up. It was the weirdest thing in the world, I showed my mom it too. I didn't know how to take it. Still don't.
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