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  1. I remember those I Love Lucy inserts in TV GUIDE in issue after issue ("get the first volume and The I Love Lucy Book for only $4.95!!") though I never subscribed to any of the vhs series, I thought the price was outrageously high (wasn't it like $30 or $40 for a three-episode tape?) in an era when many of Lucy's movies could be bought on video for under $20. I did get a few various tapes on ebay in the last 15 years at bargain prices of I Love Lucy, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Carol Burnett Show, Mr Ed (for the Mae West and Clint Eastwood/Donna Douglas eps) and Rawhide (for a Barbara Stanwyck ep). I loved those cases, very attracted, some of the tapes have gone bad but I still have the cases. I would have thought they would have closed years ago given how easy it is to buy seasons on dvd now (and for the last decade), it's not like the 1990's when they were really the only game in town for licensed classic tv on home video.
  2. I am so shocked to hear this, that's pretty young to die these days and she always looked great and sung as fine in concert and on television as she did decades ago. There's a picture of Lynn with Lucy on my Lucy scrapbook thread. They were also both on Bob Hope's 1978 birthday special although did not appear together. I was a huge fan of Lynn Anderson's back in the 1970's and 1980's, she was right up there with Dolly Parton, Olivia Newton-John, Crystal Gayle, and other female vocalists. Hopefully the Emmys will include her in their memorial tribute - she was on tv almost every month back in the 1970's and early 1980's.
  3. Two pop/rock acts??? Heck, they'll be giving it to Juice Newton before long if they keep up this pace!! These awards are seriously losing their credibility by failing to honor older icons in favor of more recent acts the general public will know.
  4. Sign me up for the Natalie Schafer Fan Club - adore her, she's a real hoot on Gilligan's Island. I wonder if I would even like that show if not for the women - Natalie, Tina Louise, and Dawn Wells were very appealing personalities and Natalie in particular was a deliciously scatterbrained comedienne. Mrs. Howell was just a cardboard character in the first episodes and Natalie shrewdly determined she could make it a wacky character and sent copies of the play "Dulcy" (a legendary Broadway comedy about a bird-brained broad) to the script's writers and suggested they use this sort of humor for "Lovey" and fortunately they took her advice. Love the story Dawn tells in her book about how veteran performers are often humiliated by idiotic young "suits" running the studios in later years. Some executive brought Natalie in for an interview and incredibly asked her what she had done, she haughtily replied, "You go first".
  5. That's exactly where I saw it the other day, it's apparently "brand new" to newstands (note the cover says something like display (sell) until September 2015 or something. I definitely will want to check this out first before buying it and hope it is really a nice new tribute.
  6. Somebody just put up a bunch of vintage Password episodes on archive.org and they are loaded with TV comedy ladies playing the game including Lucy, Vivian Vance, Betty White (but of course!), Carol Burnett, Bea Benaderet, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Elizabeth Montgomery, Audrey Meadows, Jayne Meadows, Pat Carroll, etc. plus some menfolks too like Jack Benny and Dick Van Dyke - as well as some surprising celebrity panelists like young Jane Fonda and old Joan Crawford. Archive.org titles are supposed to be public domain to allow completely free use such as downloading, etc. but I suspect these are not so if you want them or want to see them better go now before they are possibly pulled. I think these were the episodes that were released on dvd about a decade ago which I never got around to buying but always planned to. https://archive.org/details/@the_emperor_of_television?&and[]=password
  7. I'm glad this thread, written before I was a member here, got bumped up because somehow I hadn't read it (probably thought I did - I have read and commented on TMIL threads on IMDb and elsewhere. Your comments about The Carol Channing Show are spot on, I felt the same way about her "breaking the wall" even as funny as she was. I found it hard to believe that this wasn't picked up given it worked very well and Carol was at the peak of her career, the number one Broadway star and one of the most famous people in show business now it makes sense if she herself declined to go forward, especially with being offered a plum movie role in Millie which might have lead to her getting to film Hello Dolly (which likely wouldn't have happened had she been signed for a series) and possibly a real film career. Jane Dulo - priceless unsung comedienne. Who can forget her as the caustic old gal spouting venom from the window on Sha Na Na? She was the best thing on that show.
  8. I think I have said this before but if Lucy had never set foot in a television studio I would have been a big fan of her as an actress from her movies alone - I think her comedy genius is brazen as early as the 1938-39 Anabel movies. I think her best movie IMO is Miss Grant Takes Richmond and possibly got her the ILL deal with CBS as much as My Favorite Husband did because it was a big hit and she not only carried it she stole it from a major star, William Holden. Easy To Wed - oh man she is delicious in that one!! Sharp as a tack and brillant in Best Foot Forward which could have been a walk-through role; a sexy, bewitching deliciously hardboiled bimbo in Dance Girl Dance, a meaner, more neurotic, and ultimately more vulnerable verison of this character in The Big Street (one of Jane Fonda's favorite film performances); so glamorous and able to make a potboiler like Two Smart People entertaining, a sensational film noir heroine in Lured, a wacky riot in The Fuller Brush Girl - and that's not even getting into her great post-ILL movies! Lucy always downplayed her movie stardom, often saying she was just a B queen which of course is absolutely not true, she was out of B's by the end of 1939. She just was not super popular like the icons Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Claudette Colbert, Barbara Stanwyck or the pinupgirls Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Dorothy Lamour, Lana Turner but she was actually bigger than a lot of 40's stars who are considered major stars - Lauren Bacall (who never carried a movie in her life), Rhonda Fleming, Yvonne De Carlo, Lizabeth Scott, Ida Lupino, Merle Oberon, Eleanor Parker, etc.
  9. Hon, I think they all included Jayne. I never watched the show. I was a teenager and this was not the sort of thing kids liked. It seemed so pretentious from what clips I saw of it and even then it struck me an absurd and self serving that Mrs. Allen was always the only actress to appear on the program. She was talented but who the hell besides Meryl Streep (then a newbie) could possibly play so many different women throughout history. I found Jayne kind of fascinating in a Zsa Zsa Gabor way - as you know she was verrry theatrical, Carole Cook is downright down-home next to Ms. Meadows - but I was never that fond of her ; I think she and Steve were kind of threatened by Lucy's success and lasting fame judging by some of their comments over the years.
  10. I found it hard to believe he was born in 1949, after all that would have made him barely into his twenties when he did HL so I figured he must have cut a few years off his official age like many a Hollywood actress although who knew he went into Shirley Booth and Natalie Schafer mode slicing off more than a decade Hey if you can get away with it, go for it!
  11. Didn't realize he was still around after all these years - he was a terrific voice actor for Hanna-Barbera, not only in his iconic Mr. Slate but he did a wonderful Cary Grant impersonation (much better than Tony Curtis' in Some Like it Hot) as the coolest cat in Top Cat's posse. RIP.
  12. The thing that is so wonderful about Lucy is that while plenty if not most of the surviving golden era Hollywood divas had their own personal little cliques of gay male fans and were ok with this, for a lot of them it was more like "You have the right to fawn over me" whereas Lucy appears to have been a true friend to the many gay men in her life and was truly respectful and open-minded as this comment suggests. You won't find many if any such public comments in profiles of most of the classic movie queens back in the 1980's. I remember several years later in People, Ms. Joan Collins was rather offensive in her "acceptance" when asked about her opinions of homosexuals saying something like "If two hairdressers want to live together, that's perfectly fine with me". And let's not forget Bette Midler - Bette Midler!!!!! - less than a decade ago had a mini scandal with an Advocate interviewer when she declined to publicly endorse the idea of gay marriage.
  13. Whether or not Desi and Cesar shared a moment of drunken splendor together (and I have strong doubts about this alleged tryst considering the author who first published it has a long history of claiming like 95 percent of Hollywood is gay or bisexual and couldn't wait to blab all their secrets to him) I am quite certain Cesar Romero never told anybody any story along those lines. For one thing he was a longtime friend of Lucy (and was to her dying day) and I don't think he would have allowed it to happen any more than he would have talked about it afterwards if it had happened. And Lucy's own story about Cesar in Jim Brochu's book is vivid proof how meek he was talking about his personal emotions something that he had thoroughout his life. In the A&E Biography on him, Miss Ruta Lee states he was very close buddy for decades but he never spoke of his sexual orientation to anyone to her knowledge though she like Lucy figured out he was gay.
  14. I completely agree and let's face there is no way in hell Lucy and Desi would have been accepted by the general public of the 1950's if they were considered an "interracial" couple in that era. It's really not been but since the late 1970's or so that Latinos as a group have been considered in America as "non-white" to many. There never was any controversy over caucasian Latinos and other caucasians dating or marrying back then, think of all the Latino stars who regularly played opposite non-Latinos in romantic roles in movies in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s - Dolores Del Rio, Ricardo Montalban, Cesar Romero, Lupe Velez, Ramon Novarro, Fernando Lamas, et al. I think the real issue (and it was pretty slight given they didn't fight it) with CBS and the possible casting of Desi was he may have been hard for the general public to understand with his accent (and the show did of course play on that) and he was just plain and simple a conspicious "foreigner" and the same concern might have popped up had he been French, Italian, Swedish, whatever, and with a strong accent and international personality in the WASP world of "All American" family sitcoms.
  15. This news has still not yet broken officially in the media, very surprised at that even if he hadn't really been in the national spotlight since the mid 1970's. If it weren't coming from Lucie, I'd be hesistant to acknowledge it but obviously it must be true and is sad. Jim Bailey I think was the first "female impersonator" I ever heard of and of course it was via Here's Lucy (yes I'd probably seen actors in drag but it would have been something like Max Baer as Jetherine or Some Like it Hot, not an "illusionist".) I was 8 or 9 back then and it was pretty startling to see a guy who could play a girl on a show and it not be a jokey thing. How incredible he apparently died the day Catilyn Jenner made her debut, not the same vein of "t" but transgender nonetheless. RIP Jim.
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