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  1. The Post-Journal

    The following is posted on behalf of leenorman, who's experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. "The Post-Journal, Chautauqua Belle Docks in City This Yr, by Dennis Phillips, “1/last operating steamboats in North America docks in new home this yr. City/Jamestown, US Steam Lines Ltd., announce multi-yr lease allowing Chautauqua Belle [site 269belledotcom] to dock at McCrea Point Pk boatlanding. May/June, September/October, Stage Family-Matt, Paul, Del-owned Belle, makes round-trip passengerexcursions on Chadakoin River fr/boatlanding @McCrea Pt. Pk. to Chautauqua Harbor Hotel. During July/August, the boat w/b back in Mayville making trips along north Lake;” [see 5/29/2019]; published, 2019. The Post-Journal, Region, Weekend Launch, Chautauqua Belle Officials Sign Lease Agreement, by Dennis Phillips, “Belle [info site: 269belledotcom]; docked at McCrea Pt Pk [see 4/16/2019] ready to launch this weekend; take riders along Chadakoin River Outlet to Celoron, Chautauqua Lake, at Chautauqua Harbor Hotel; regular trips Sat/Sun@1, fr/McCrea; rides will be available for LucyFest2019/August;” [see Riverwalk/Chadakoin River/Celoron history 6/1/1812 & 4/16/2019]; published, 2019."
  2. Perfectly stated, Brock. The entire evening was impeccable...and the Daveed Diggs sighting the following day was neat too.
  3. New Lucy Books

    I was able to get Love, Lucy on CD from Barnes & Noble, but I haven't found A Book on CD yet (only CD-MP3). Any recommendations on where to purchase A Book?
  4. LucyFest 2018

    Thanks for the tip-off. I'll be sure to bring my copy of Lucy Comes Home along...yet another reason to stop by #59. I'm pretty flexible on schedule too. I have tickets for Lucie, Lilly, Lucy and Ethel's shows and photo op. I think that's pretty much it for now. I may do a walking tour too, but haven't bought a ticket yet.
  5. LucyFest 2018

    I hope this is a rhetorical question, but are we planning an annual get-together again this year at the Taco Hut?
  6. LucyFest 2017

    Sounds great! So glad Luvsbway's returning.
  7. 2015 Lucytown Marathon

    I first saw it on Lucytown Race's Facebook page and then I checked the website.
  8. 2015 Lucytown Marathon

    What's going on?! I had no idea about the change in Race until this past Friday.
  9. 2015 Lucytown Marathon

    Sad news, but the four years were great fun. "In an effort to focus time and resources on the grand opening of the National Comedy Center, annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, and daily operation of the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum, we have come to a decision that Lucy Town Half Marathon & 5K race weekend will no longer take place. We would like to thank the many great volunteers, sponsors, and most importantly YOU, the runners, for making the past four years incredible. We have been proud to welcome runners from across the country to Jamestown and without you none of this would have been possible. While the National Comedy Center will no longer be involved with the annual half marathon, 5K, and kids run, efforts are already being made to have a new race in its place during Columbus Day weekend in downtown Jamestown. Please visit BuffaloRunners.com for more information on the upcoming race. Thank you again for your continued support, and we hope that you have enjoyed participating in our Lucy Race weekend just as much as we’ve enjoyed hosting it!" -quoted from www.runwithlucy.com
  10. LucyFest 2017

    How much/many exhibits and materials do they have for the NCC?
  11. LucyFest 2016

    I don't have any firm plans for Thursday, so I hope to swing by for the boat racing too. Sounds like fun! I'll be attending the Lucy & Ethel Brunch on Saturday at Noon, but I'll definitely not miss the reunion @ the Taco Hut.
  12. LucyFest 2016

    Cool! It would be great if Frank came to Jamestown gain. Nice article about Kate's wedding
  13. LucyFest 2016

    Sorry to hear that about Lou Ann, but it's nice to know that the twins will be coming. Dare I guess who their chauffeur may be? Has anyone heard how Frank Gorey's doing?
  14. The Post-Journal

    Sounds like fun...wish I could attend.
  15. 2015 Lucytown Marathon

    I'm not sure if we're going to Behar, but we definitely need to get together.