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  1. ILL:

    1: "Breaking The Lease"

    2: "The Operetta" ("Ricky And Fred Are TV Fans" is a favorite of mine as well)

    3: "The Golf Game" ("Lucy And Ethel Buy The Same Dress" is a logical choice as well)

    4: "Ethel's Hometown" ("The Star Upstairs" is also a fabulous choice)

    5: "Lucy Goes To Monte Carlo" ("Ricky's European Booking" is also a strong choice)

    6: "Country Club Dance" ("Off To Florida" would be another one I'd pick)



    1: "The Celebrity Next Door"

    2: "Lucy Makes Room For Danny"

    3: "The Ricardos Go To Japan"


    (It's no wonder those three are my favorite episodes of the series!)



    1: "Lucy Puts Up A TV Antenna" (I'd consider "Lucy's Sister Pays A Visit" a strong choice)

    2: "The Loophole In The Lease"

    3: "Lucy, The Meter Maid" (Although, I think her performance in "Lucy, The Stockholder" is very strong)

  2. Aside from the obvious choices...


    *When Lucy tries to sing in, but every time she gets to the top note, the buzzer rings in "The Benefit"

    *When Lucy realizes that Madame X is not Ethel in "Too Many Crooks"

    *When Lucy walks down the street with Ethel wearing potato sacks in "Lucy Gets A Paris Gown"

    *When Lucy and the Mertzes pretend to be gangsters to get the deposit back in "Lucy Wants To Move To The Country"


    *When Lucy battles the hammock in "Lucy Goes To Alaska"

    *When Lucy pretends to be a geisha and says in faux Japanese, 'I don't know what to do...' in "The Ricardos Go To Japan"


    *When Lucy and Viv are tied together in "Lucy And The Safe Cracker"

    *When Lucy is the DJ in "Lucy And The Disk Jockey"

    *When Lucy gets drunk on the yacht in "Lucy And The French Movie Star"


    *When Lucy fishes her jewels out of the dipping sauce in "A Date For Lucy"

    *When Lucy and Harry go on that retreat in "Lucy And The Group Encounter"

  3. I just got back from the celebration in Jamestown, NY. The replication of the sets are so fascinating because they are in color. It is described as being designed to look like the apartment did in 1953 (would have to be late 1953), and I was wondering if anyone knew specifically what else changed from the time the Ricardo's moved in during late Season Two and when they moved out in mid Season Six.


    Aside from the new furniture in late Season Two and mid Season Three, I'm pretty sure that every time they returned from a trip, the set changed a bit. But does anyone know the specifics? Did the colors change? I know for certain that the kitchen looked very different in Season Five, with white trim all around the cabinets. Any information on the subject would be appreciated; I've become very curious since seeing the set. Thanks!

  4. It's so interesting how different the tastes of Lucy fans are.


    I too did not care for LUCY IN THE MUSIC WORLD. But I enjoyed (not loved, but enjoyed) LUCY, THE SUPERWOMAN.


    I really liked Season Four. But I liked Season Three better. I really enjoyed the majority of Season Three--some episodes I felt were better than Season Two. Although the first two seasons had more consistency.


    And I wouldn't rank any season of THE LUCY SHOW as the weakest in her career. My vote would definitely go to a HERE'S LUCY season. But I'm a sucker for physical comedy, so any season that has a lot of that would have more of my favor than a season that did not.


    Of course, all of this could change. I still haven't seen all of THE LUCY SHOW Season 6 or HERE'S LUCY Seasons 5 and 6.

  5. So...they goofed. Given the overall quality of these releases, this I'm not gonna carp about, despite agreeing that it should have been caught and should have been included. blink.gif


    Being the curious type, now I want to dig out my old VHS copy of this and see if it was included therein. If it was...and didn't translate to the DVDs like we're talking about, then something is really amiss! I'll get back to you! cool.gif



    There were 2 scenes from the original broadcast of THE CELEBRITY NEXT DOOR that are included as extras and not in the actual episode. And there are scenes from LUCY HUNTS URANIUM, LUCY WINS A RACEHORSE, LUCY MAKES ROOM FOR DANNY, and MILTON BERLE HIDES OUT AT THE RICARDOS. Were these scenes not included in the episodes because of their poor quality?


    I've never seen these episodes other than on the DVD, but I've always felt that some of them were missing something or had been edited-- particularly LUCY MEETS THE MOUSTACHE.


    Anyone have a reason to believe that some other episodes might be edited?

  6. Exactly, that would even further convince me to buy.


    One thing they still owe us is the missing HIVES SCENE from "The Celebrity Next Door". I still am Appalled that they didn't include this on the DVD set.



    Fortunately, this scene was uploaded to YouTube a while ago:


    And while we're on the subject, I was reading the YouTube comments and some users were under the impression that the scene WAS on their sets. It's not on the individual set, that's for sure. Can anyone with the complete series DVD set verify that this scene-- Tallulah's mention of her allergy-- does not appear in the episode nor in the special features section?

  7. Hello,


    I remember a site a few years back that had some interesting information about THE LUCY-DESI COMEDY HOUR. It provided a description of the episodes along with the production date and the reviews. Does anyone know what happened to that site or possibly have information regarding the filming dates, production schedule, and any other interesting tidbits?

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