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  1. I have a yen to watch Lucy's Tenant for the umpteenth time tonight. In recent years, it has shot into my Top 5 all-time favourite HL episodes -- a wondaful performance from Lucy, an unprecedented and hysterical moment with Gale, the scene with Lucy and Gale at the end, a guest star used perfectly, and hilarious bits with Mary Jane. Who could ask for anything more? :D


    Adore this episode. So funny! 

  2. Lucy at Marineland


    Lucy and the Golden Greek


    Lucy in the Music World


    Lucy and Joan


    Lucy the Stunt Man


    Lucy and the Countess Have a Horse Guest


    Lucy Helps Danny Thomas


    Lucy Helps the Countess


    Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty


    Lucy, the Undercover Agent


    Lucy and the Return of Iron Man


    Lucy Saves Milton Berle


    Lucy the Choirmaster




    Lucy the Rain Goddess


    Lucy and Art Linkletter


    Lucy Bags a Bargain


    Lucy Meets Mickey Rooney


    Lucy and the Soap Opera


    Lucy Goes to a Hollywood Premiere


    Lucy Dates Dean Martin


    Lucy and Bob Crane


    Lucy, Robot


    Lucy and Clint Walker


    Lucy, the Gun Moll

  3. Lucy, The Good Skate

    Lucy & The Plumber

    Lucy & The Great Bank Robbery

    Lucy, The Meter Maid

    Lucy Makes a Pinch

    Lucy’s Contact Lenses

    Lucy Gets Her Maid

    Lucy Gets the Bird

    Lucy, The Coin Collector

    Lucy & The Missing Stamp

    Lucy Meets Danny Kaye

    Lucy & The Ceramic Cat

    Lucy Goes to Vegas

    Lucy & The Countess

    My Fair Lucy

    Lucy & The Old Mansion

    Lucy & Arthur Godfrey

    Lucy, The Stockholder

    Lucy, The Disk Jockey

  4. Huh?  Well, why not?

    Season 2 is the most consistent of all 6 with mostly solid 3-star episodes (our of 4) with the occasion 2 or 2 1/2-star and many 4-star, although I wouldn't classify "College Reunion" as one of them.  But no episode is truly BAD. Even the weak ones have their moments.

    I can't pick a favorite but Bank Vault 2, Baking Contest, Florence Nightengale, Symphony, Bank Vault 1, Chris Goes Steady, Gets a Job in Bank, Meets a Millionaire (and I"m sure I'm leaving one or two out) are all enjoyable.


    Wow... I really disagree with Season Two being the most consistent. In fact, I find it the least consistent of this series. It's far from the worst -- but there's such fluctuation in episodic quality. Not between great and awful, but between great and painfully blah. So many episodes, and I think this speaks to the burning out of Madelyn & the Bobs, just fail to leave me with a major impression. I think the first half of the season plays better than the second, and I like most of the installments you mentioned above, but for laughs... consistent is one of the last words I'd use for Season Two (though I'd take it over Seasons Four and Five any day)! However, I've gathered on past threads that my lack of favor for Season Two may put me in the minority. Especially since, I prefer Season Three, which certainly has more definite misses, but is never blah, and I think, makes me laugh more often. 






    Lucy's College Reunion


    Harrison, did you change your mind? I personally prefer "Lucy's College Reunion" for its uniqueness, but I thought you picked "Lucy Is Her Own Lawyer" at first. 

  5. I do admit that even I, as I was preparing to post this thread, thought that L A At Last IS the all time best episode of the series, but that's just because it has been MY particular favorite for over fifty years.  BUT, as I watched Job Switching for the thousandth time, and examined it closely, all the elements seemed perfect and I couldn't think of any other show topping it.  I agree that the reason Vita and Grapes are considered by many to be better are because Lucille Ball in her flawless execution of the two key scenes in both episodes is just comedic genius, that will never ever be duplicated by any other actress in any other scene.   E V E R !  Being Lucille Ball's ultimate number one fan for half a century or more, I just cringe when I read comments like that ep was missing Viv, or the guys did almost as good a job as Lucy, the thing is, as even Desi once said, Lucy was the show, give her ninety percent of the credit and split the rest among us, the other people involved in the series.  Yes, I admit that the OTHERS contributed greatly but you also must admit that in comedic slapstick, nobody else can touch her, not Carol Burnett, not Betty White, N O B O D Y ! 


    Again, nobody's knocking Lucy. On LucyLounge, why would we? And I completely understand and am in agreement with your point-of-view: Lucy's the best, no one comes close. My feeling is just that, to use Desi's quote, since Lucy IS the show, the better everyone else does, the better reflection that is upon her. (I think this is partially why we loungers tend to view the final two seasons of Here's Lucy as the best of that series -- because it opened up into more of an ensemble, allowing for stronger interplay and comedy between the regulars, as opposed to just Lucy and Guest Star X.) I love Lucy, but Ethel was an integral part of the series. She may not have been needed for Ball to showcase her personal genius (especially in a bit like Vitameatavegamin), but Vance always added something special to the proceedings, and I do miss her in the episodes of I Love Lucy in which her character does not appear. (Same for Bill Frawley.) 


    As for "L.A. At Last!," I think it's one of the funniest -- or perhaps the funniest -- installment. But I think, between the two, I do have a slight preference for "Job Switching," simply based on the solidarity of the premise: the husbands and wives switch roles. Hilarity ensues on both ends, yielding an unforgettable (and chocolatey) television moment. And if I did have to pick one episode to REPRESENT the series, it would probably be this one. 

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  6. I remember having this very discussion a few months ago on here. I do feel that Vitameatavegamin is Lucy's best bit, but "Lucy Does A TV Commercial" is structurally flawed in that, not only is it sans Ethel Mae, but nobody else besides Lucy really gets the chance to be funny. 


    In contrast, "Job Switching," as was noted above (and months ago), gives everyone something. The script is perfect, with an unbelievably simple, and yet rich, premise that allows for sharp dialogue and SEVERAL bits of physical comedy. (My opinion is in the minority, but I think Ricky and Fred in the kitchen is almost as funny, if not just as funny, as the conveyer belt scene.) 


    My sentiments regarding the other two episodes often cited as Lucy's best are similar. While I feel that Lucy's individual bit in the grape vat in "Lucy's Italian Movie" is absolutely brilliant, "L.A. At Last!" is undoubtedly the much better episode -- more consistently funny, with a stronger script, and as was stated above, multiple climaxes. It's superb. 


    I think what makes a great Lucy episode into a great Lucy episode is that it's funny from start to finish, and usually that means that all the characters must be firing on all cylinders. Fortunately, this happens quite often on I Love Lucy (why it's the best sitcom of all time). Though none may be as sharp and slapstick-ingly satisfying as "Job Switching," there are dozens of episodes that I think are similarly so well-constructed. Off the top of my head:


    "The Gossip"

    "Pioneer Women"

    "The Operetta"

    "Lucy Hires An English Tutor"

    "The Matchmaker"

    "Redecorating The Mertzes' Apartment"

    "The Diner"

    "Ethel's Birthday"

    "Lucy Learns To Drive"

    "First Stop"

    "Ethel's Home Town" 

    "Ricky Needs An Agent"

    "Staten Island Ferry"

    "Lucy Gets A Paris Gown" 

    "Deep Sea Fishing" (structurally)

    "Lucy Wants To Move To The Country"

    "Lucy's Night In Town"

    "Country Club Dance"

    "Lucy Raises Tulips" (excellent in that Ricky's responsible for the ultimate goof) 

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  7. And Marjorie Main and Gilbert Roland!

    Verna Felton provides enough comedy that it's enjoyable.  Harry Morgan makes his lines sound more clever than they are (for the most part).  Verna and Spring got Emmy nominations.  Not sure about Harry. Haven't seen enough of them to know if Matt and Ruth have any character.


    I watched all of Season One last summer, and those two characters are never given any real nuances. My viewings of the last four seasons have been sporadic, but Verna Felton is the obvious gem. Have you read the excellent 750+ page biography on Miss Felton? It's brilliant. 

  8. Lucy Plays Cleopatra

    Kiddie Parties Inc.

    Lucy Gets Locked in the Vault

    Lucy & The Safe Cracker

    Lucy Goes Duck Hunting

    Lucy & The Bank Scandal

    Lucy Decides to Redecorate

    Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank

    Lucy & The Military Academy

    Lucy’s College Reunion

    The Loophole in the Lease

    Lucy Conducts the Symphony

    Lucy Plays Florence Nightingale

    Lucy Teaches Ethel Merman to Sing

    Ethel Merman and the Boy Scout Show

    Lucy Takes a Job at the Bank

    Viv Moves Out

    Lucy is Her Own Lawyer

    Lucy Meets a Millionaire

    Lucy Goes Into Politics

    Lucy Is a Process Server

    Lucy Enters a Baking Contest

  9. Lucy Waits Up for Chris

    Lucy Digs Up a Date

    Lucy is a Referee

    Lucy Buys a Sheep

    Lucy Becomes an Astronaut

    Lucy Is Kangaroo for a Day

    Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna

    Viv Sues Lucy

    Lucy Builds a Rumpus Room

    Lucy & Her Electric Mattress

    Together for Christmas

    Chris’ New Year’s Eve Party

    Lucy’s Sister Pays a Visit

    Lucy & Viv Are Volunteer Firemen

    Lucy & Viv Put in a Shower

    Lucy & Viv Become Tycoons

    Lucy Is a Soda Jerk

    Lucy Buys a Boat

  10. Lucy Waits Up for Chris

    Lucy Digs Up a Date

    Lucy is a Referee

    Lucy Misplaces $2,000

    Lucy Buys a Sheep

    Lucy Becomes an Astronaut

    Lucy Is Kangaroo for a Day

    Lucy, the Music Lover

    Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna

    Viv Sues Lucy

    Lucy Builds a Rumpus Room

    Lucy & Her Electric Mattress

    Together for Christmas

    Chris’ New Year’s Eve Party

    Lucy’s Sister Pays a Visit

    Lucy & Viv Are Volunteer Firemen

    Lucy Becomes a Reporter

    Lucy & Viv Put in a Shower

    Lucy & Viv Become Tycoons

    No More Double Dates

    Lucy & Viv Learn Judo

    Lucy Is a Soda Jerk

    Lucy Drives a Dump Truck

    Lucy Visits the White House

    Lucy is a Chaperone

    Lucy & The Little League

    Lucy Buys a Boat
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