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  1. Finished the entire series on Friday. 


    I liked Season Five about as well as I had during my first viewing. There's more consistency, and unlike the first four seasons, there aren't really any unwatchable BOMBS. (Though there are definitely a handful for which I don't care -- like "Lucy And Petula Clark," which, though not without its amusing moments, has Lucy acting the pest, much like the Hollywood Carmichael incarnation of the character.) I know this seems to be many fans' favorite season, for those who cite the broken leg as a benefit to the series. I definitely think this unfortunate development helped to establish the series as a slightly more ensemble effort, and contributed to the softening relationship between Lucy and Harry -- essentially making it more realistic. Both of these are major blessings. But, I simply don't think the leg episodes are very funny. Gale gives some of his best performances, but script-wise... meh. The better episodes, for me, come close to the middle and end of the season -- where there are definitely some gems. 


    As for Season Six, we're back to getting some disappointments (or, yawners, like "The Carters Meet Frankie Avalon"), but I think several of the series' funniest installments come from this collection of episodes. In addition to the excellently cooled relationship between Lucy and Harry, Mary Jane FOR THE FIRST TIME since Betty Ramsey plays a multi-dimensional character. And while Lucie is the funniest and most natural that she's ever been (and used appropriately), Lucy seems to be enjoying herself -- knowing that this will actually be the last year --- she's looser, and very funny. The same can be said of the scripts: looser and very funny. 


    All in all, the series is better than I remembered. Season Two, in particular, was much stronger than I anticipated. As I expected, however, Season Three was my least favorite -- too many blah episodes. Although, I think Season Four may actually have the worst episodes. (What an uneven year!) Meanwhile, Seasons One and Six have several of the FUNNIEST installments, and Season Five is the most consistent.

  2. Lucy & Bob Hope

    Little Ricky Learns to Play the Drums

    Visitor From Italy

    Off to Florida

    Deep-Sea Fishing

    Desert Island

    The Ricardos Visit Cuba

    Little Ricky’s School Pageant

    Lucy & The Loving Cup

    Lucy & Superman

    The Christmas Show

    Little Ricky Gets A Dog

    Lucy Wants to Move to the Country

    Lucy Hates to Leave

    Lucy Misses the Mertzes

    Lucy Gets Chummy With the Neighbours

    Lucy Raises Chickens

    Lucy Does the Tango

    Ragtime Band

    Lucy’s Right in Town


    Building a BBQ

    Country Club Dance

    Lucy Raises Tulips

  3. Ricky’s Life Story

    The Girls Go Into Business

    Lucy & Ethel Buy the Same Dress

    Equal Rights

    Baby Pictures

    Lucy Tells The Truth

    The French Revue

    Redecorating the Mertzes’ Apartment

    Too Many Crooks

    Changing the Boys’ Wardrobe

    Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined

    Ricky’s Old Girlfriend

    The Million Dollar idea

    The Charm School

    Sentimental Anniversary

    Fan Magazine

    Ricky Loses His Temper

    Home Movies

    Bonus Bucks

    Ricky’s Hawaiian Vacation

    Lucy Is Envious

    Lucy Writes a Novel


    The Diner

    Tennessee Ernie Visits

    Tennessee Ernie Hangs On

    The Golf Game

    The Sublease

  4. Finished Season Four. So far, this is the year with the most fluctuation in quality between episodes. With the possible exception of the final season, this year has more guest stars than any other. Also, while my opinion of Lucie and her performance vastly improved during my viewing of the first three seasons, this year she grates a little -- and I think that's because there's SO much of her (compared to Seasons Two and Three). And if the script is inferior, well...forget about it. 


    Lucy has some great moments throughout the season, and the Lucy/Harry dynamic is obviously played with more honesty and affection. (Thanks Bob and Madelyn!) There are some greats -- "Lucy And Harry's Italian Bombshell," "Lucy And Mannix Are Held Hostage," and "Lucy's Punctured Romance" -- but there are some horrendously unfunny shows too -- "Lucy In The Jungle," "Lucy's Lucky Day," and "Lucy Sublets The Office." These major blunders keep Season Four far away from being my favorite year. 


    What do you all think of Season Four? 

  5. Just watched "With Viv As A Friend, Who Needs An Enemy?" and still can't appreciate it. I adore Vivian, but the reason for their conflict -- Viv taking the newly opened job as Harry's secretary -- is illogical and unmotivated. Not buying that Viv would do that. This plot point sort of ruins the whole episode for me, even though there are a few great lines and some really nice Lucy/Harry moments. (Many cite Season Five as the year their relationship warmed, but having watched the first four seasons straight through, I think it started with Bob and Madelyn's return at the start of Season Four.) Also, I really don't like the ending where Lucy pretends to be decrepit. Though we learn right beforehand that Vivian wants to leave the job, am I supposed to believe Lucy and Harry really think Viv will believe their scheme? The silliness is at odds with an otherwise realistic story about Lucy and Harry's dependance and fondness for one another. 


    It's indicative of the series eternal conflict: logic vs. illogic, and I've never understood why many found it so favorable. 

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