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  1. The discs that were included in the 2007 "full series set" are now being repackaged as individual season sets. No changes are being made to the disc content. A lot of fans have complained in recent times about the bulky original single-season packaging, so CBS felt this was a good time to make things more compact. The packaging is very much like what has been used on "The Lucy Show" with all discs in one plastic case. Think of this NOT as a studio "re-release." It is simply a change in packaging.


    Re "Lucy Meets the Mustache," to my knowledge there was not a scene missing from the earier release. There were a couple of lines of dialog cut, but not a complete scene...


    Hope this helps...


    Thank you, tjw. So... was it just the first season that was remastered for the Complete Series set? Or were the other seasons retouched as well?

  2. Okay. I'll wait for the new LDCH release. It is my belief that a lot of the episodes are missing footage. I've always felt like there was a scene missing from "Lucy Meets The Moustache."


    With this release, are all the ILL prints the same? And Season One--is this a new restoration? (I didn't buy the Complete Series set, but I heard the first season was remastered for that release.)

  3. "The Dyke Hunt"

    Lucy's European antics have landed her quite a reputation amongst the lesbian community. Lucy and Ethel frequent a couple of hot spots to find out why this is so. Meanwhile, Fred is displeased to learn the hot chambermaid in the hotel is a dyke.


    "I Love Labia Christmas Show"

    Ricky wants one thing for Christmas: a threesome. And Ethel is excited because it's the only time of year she gets her "stocking stuffed."

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  4. "F**k A Pal"

    The Emmy nominated wife swapping episode.


    "Lucy Lays Cupid"

    Lucy finds herself inexplicably drawn to the young man playing Cupid in Ricky's Valentine's Day themed show at the club.


    "Breaking The Leash"

    Ricky frets over telling Lucy that their kinky sex has gotten too kinky. Meanwhile, Lucy lends Ethel her leash to use on Fred, but when she breaks it, Lucy demands that Ethel buy her a new one.


    "Fred And Ethel Might"

    When Ricky recommends to Fred the joys of anal sex, Fred attempts to talk his honeybunch into it. Little does Fred know that Ricky was lying about having anal sex with Lucy, hoping that if Lucy heard that Ethel did it, she'd be more willing to go for it herself.


    "Lucy Becomes A Temptress"

    Lucy and Ethel take classes on kama sutra.


    "The Indian Ho"

    Lucy takes down a slut who's after Ricky by secretly feeding her cow before a show and making her violently ill. Meanwhile, Ethel dresses up as a Native American to get Fred in the mood.


    "Ricky And Fred Are VD Fans"

    When the Ricardos get gonorrhea, and the Mertzes get chlamydia, the boys are pleased to brag about it to all of their friends. But the girls have some sour news from them: how do they think they each got their respective diseases?


    "Too Many Cocks"

    In a parody of "Drafted," misunderstandings lead the girls to believe the boys are embarking on a secret sexual relationship, while the boys think the girls are planning for sex change operations. Meanwhile, Madame X returns and steals the girls' dildos.


    "Lucy Has Her Tits Examined"

    After Carolyn Appleby proudly displays her new perky rack, Lucy and Ethel journey to the doctor and consider having operations themselves. Ricky is not thrilled with this development, but Fred is delighted. In the end, Ms. Trumbull's botched boob job convinces the girls to stick with what they were born with.


    "Ricky Blinds The Baby"

    Ricky accidentally ejaculates into Little Ricky's eye and renders him blind. What will the doctor say? What will Lucy say?


    "Crotch To Face"

    The Ricardos try something new. When the Mertzes try it for themselves, they have a miserable time, and blame the Ricardos for their bad advice. The four must work things out when the Ricardos and Mertzes are interview on national television!


    "Deep Sea Fisting"

    A competition: who can go the deepest?

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  5. I watched the chocolate one last night and keep forgetting that she has TWO comic scenes in that one, BEFORE the conveyor belt, there's the one where she tries to make chocolates that is just as hilarious but we always see the other one instead in tributes and such.


    In addition, Ricky and Fred get that great bit in the kitchen! Even without the "classic" bit, this episode is a top-notch effort. Inventive premise, great dialogue, and every character gets to shine.

  6. Most people seem to agree that Season One is the strongest of the early years. It is certainly my favorite. But, after Season One, I prefer Season Three above Season Two. Here's why: While Season Two had gems, there was a freshness in Season Three brought about by the new writers. I love the Bobs and Madelyn, but they were definitely getting tired. Season Three is more physical, overall, than Season Two. And when I think of bits... I can think of more from Season Three. The complaint about Vivian being wasted is valid, but I really don't think she had a lot to do after Season One anyway. Why do people prefer Season Two to Season Three, and in some cases, prefer Season Two to Season One?

  7. I LOVE LUCY Season One:

    - "The Adagio"

    - "The Amateur Hour"

    - "Lucy Plays Cupid"

    - "The Young Fans"


    I LOVE LUCY Season Two:



    I LOVE LUCY Season Three:



    I LOVE LUCY Season Four:



    I LOVE LUCY Season Five:

    - "Lucy Gets Homesick In Italy"


    I LOVE LUCY Season Six:

    - "Lucy Meets Orson Welles"

    - "Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright"



    - "Lucy Goes To Mexico"

    - "Lucy's Summer Vacation"



    The numbers grow as the other series progress, unfortunately...

  8. And look at ALL she has to do in that one episode: the ballet sequence, Slowly I turn, the big finale and everything in between.


    Honestly, I love this episode... but does anyone else think the ending fell flat? Once Lucy saw what the bit was, wouldn't she have gone along with it? Wouldn't a funnier ending have been her trying to do the ballet dressed as the tramp? Everything until that last scene is A++++.

  9. ILL:

    1: "Ricky Asks For A Raise"

    2: "The Courtroom" (followed by "Lucy Hires An English Tutor")

    3: "The Diner" (followed by "Home Movies"... 'I got wind of it!')

    4: "Mertz And Kurtz" (followed by "Getting Ready" and "Ethel's Hometown" and "The Tour") [THIS IS A GREAT SEASON]

    5: "Lucy Goes To Monte Carlo" (followed by "Second Honeymoon" and "Staten Island Ferry")

    6: "Country Club Dance"



    1: "Lucy Hunts Uranium" (followed by the UNCUT "The Celebrity Next Door")

    2: "Lucy Makes Room For Danny"

    3: "The Ricardos Go To Japan"

  10. Some more...


    (Aside from the obvious, of course...)



    *When Lucy sneaks into the Indian Show at the club in "The Indian Show"

    *ALL of Lucy and Ethel's antics in "Ricky And Fred Are TV Fans"

    *When Lucy and Ethel make fools of themselves on the golf course in "The Golf Game"

    *When Lucy sneaks onto the ledge in "Lucy Cries Wolf"... and then later when she is actually attacked (LOL!)

    *When Lucy tries to get her face seen in "Ricky's Screen Test" ("...cut these ties that BIND me")

    *When Lucy and the real jewel thief are going to attack the detective in "The Great Train Robbery"

    *When Lucy rides the subway in "Lucy And The Loving Cup"


    *When Lucy and Viv are in the car in "Lucy, The Meter Maid"

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