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  1. Lucy on Dick Cavett Show

    I didn’t see her being disinterested or curt. She looked annoyed maybe when Gary wouldn’t STFU, but that’s it. Matter of opinion I guess.
  2. Lucy/Desi phone convo

    Sounds like someone made up a story around one of the last phone calls Lucy and Desi had when Desi was sick and lay dying, as it sounds exactly like the conversations Lucie overheard at the time. I smell BS.
  3. Lucy letters, telegrams, etc...

    Obviously what he felt at the time. By the end of his life he knew Lucy loved him.
  4. Jerry Lewis has died

    Sorry but if he'd been nicer to Lucy maybe I'd be more sad.
  5. The last days of Lucille Ball

    She never went home from the hospital. Just another idiot writer who doesn't get their facts straight.
  6. LucyFest 2017

    3:30 sounds good.
  7. LucyFest 2017

    Um yeah. Just a little wet out there. We got soaked running from the Best Western to the Willow Bay.
  8. LucyFest 2017

    Jamestown airport. We'll be arriving Thursday morning and our rental car will pick us up. We're staying at the Best Western. We leave on the 7th.
  9. LucyFest 2017

    We don't have anything planned for that day until 5, so we'll probably be there.
  10. LucyFest 2017

    She's allergic to anything gluten.
  11. LucyFest 2017

    We're going! She's hilarious.
  12. LucyFest 2017

    Probably. We aren't going to as many events this year so we'll be futzing around. Lol
  13. LucyFest 2017

    Gypsy and I will be around too. ????