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  1. Why wasn't this ever filmed, recorded etc. Wasn't it financed by Desilu. You'd think they would have done it. Thanks Brad
  2. Vivian Vance July 26,1909 - August 17, 1979 We love and miss you Viv.
  3. I found an LP copy in excellent condition, cover and everything. It would look awesome framed. I almost keeled over when I was flipping thru albums in an antique shop a few days ago. I thought I would never find a copy. So excited
  4. Can someone here please ask Geoffrey to email me, I'm taking a break from Facebook, and that was the only way I had to contact me. Thanks, Brad. brad4682@gmail.com
  5. does anyone have the link to order the DVD yet ? I don't see it on the Target website.
  6. Could someone who has this please post a complete detailed list of the extras. Thanks
  7. Does anyone know when the Lucy Fan website will be updated... I always look forward to the Webzine updates
  8. My all time favorite movie.... where is The Long Long Trailer now ? Does anyone know the history of it from 1954 until now, or have any photos
  9. Any info on The Very First Show. What is included, outtakes etc
  10. Why do they need to include syndicated versions. I'm confused here
  11. Hello Tom, awesome job on The Lucy Show dvds.. Are there any plans to release ILL in color.... Even a single disc releaswe would be great.
  12. Are these new releases in color, if not why are they being re released ???
  13. its the name of one of the Desilu Studios, there was Gower, Culver, and Cahaenga

  14. happy birthday desilugower.

    What's the "gower" part of your name from?

  15. I thought that it was still Paramount, as I remember, a while back Michael Stern posted some pics from there.

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