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  1. Ooo and they could do it with the Lucy In Connecticut opening and closing credits
  2. Oh really i hadnt got his autopbiography yet. Its on my list tho. He was such a nice guy when i contacted him about Lucy In London. Never thought he'd reply but thought 'worth a shot' so glad I was able to become friends with him...
  3. David Winters. Choreographer on Lucy In London passed away today
  4. These would be fun to see. I thought as well the otherday the comedy hour qpuld be great to see too but i expect theyll want to stick to these first
  5. Just watching a rerun of the UK tv show 2.4 children, series 3 episode 5. There was a quote: 'I don't know why I don't just dye my hair red, change my name yo Lucy and be done with it' lol
  6. Alas both Terry And June have gone now. RIP
  7. Ive been enjoying this. One of the best revivals out there
  8. Five Came Back was on 7 flix the other day. Theyve bee showing easy living the big street amd soon too many girls is on
  9. For the longest time I old had the first 5.mins of millionaire. Same with here's lunch and the astronaught episode lol.
  10. My earliest memory is from equal rights. With them looking through the windows and doing the dishes. I couldnt remember specifics. First movie I saw was Lured but 8 had really bad reception and spent years trying to see if again. I know have it on DVD of course but still remember watching it for the first time First time I saw lucy in london I lived that too. With encouragement from the guys on here I went on to run a website about it but couldnt do it anymore after geocites closed Never been to Jamestown but did go the the 50th anniversary convention in Burbank which was AMAZING! Still treasure the memories and souvenirs I got from there.
  11. I thought geocites was dead and buriee but lookie what I found: http://www.geocities.ws/lucilleballspecial_lucyinlondon/index-2.html
  12. Awesome thanks. I had forgotten all about getty
  13. Damn thought so. Havent seen those ones before. Would love to see the full pics
  14. Great banner pic. Where's this from?
  15. I'e not seen that one either and been watching but nothing
  16. I got a dvd today of the Bob Hope 100th anniversary: Bob Hope on tv. It had a huge publicity shot from critics choice in the front and back. The surprise was Lucy wasn't on the dvd at all
  17. They look awesome. I you found a Mame poster on a 2nd hand site recently a d a cheap copy of Madelyns book so snapped both of those up. My first lucy items in years
  18. Just scored my for Lucy item since forever ago. I recently got a modern high that played 78s as well as standard records. I got it fixed up but didn't have 78s. On searching around I found the Desi Lucy single 'Carnival In Rio' going cheap on ioffer. It arrived today and is AWESOME (I had heard the song before on CD) I'm so psyched right now
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