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  1. In Ricky and Fred are TV Fans, I love how Lucy snips her scissors at Sergeant Frank Nelson when they are released.
  2. I watched the four broken leg story arc episodes, which are all great episodes of the series. I never noticed before that in Harrison Carter, Male Nurse, on her dresser, Lucy has a framed picture of her and the kids dressed as “Ma Parker,” “Herman,” and “Mildred!”
  3. Lucy Gives Eddie Albert the Old Song and Dance is a top ten favorite for me. You have great observations. There’s a little moment I love in the office with Lucy and Eddie where she affectionately touches his jacket as he’s talking to her. They worked so well together. I always wondered if Jerry Hausner’s “Jimmy” character was supposed to be Sid Gould as Sam and Sid was unavailable. (Doing what? I have no idea.) But I recently saw the original script to the episode and it was always Jimmy. And how I would have loved to have seen “Crime and Punishment!”
  4. Fathom Events will be screening five colorized I Love Lucy episodes plus a featurette on the colorization process at movie theaters across the country August 6!
  5. New Lucy Books

    The Facts of Life made $3.2 million. Variety had it in 30th place on the box office rankings for 1961. The Ballad of Josie was the only Doris Day film to actually lose money. It did not get a wide release. When NBC broadcast the movie, it was only two years old. The NBC showing was the highest rated program of the week! It’s competition on CBS: The Doris Day Show! It was a rerun and the final showing in its original Tuesday night time slot.
  6. 96 year old Best Foot Forward star Tommy Dix with Michael Feinstein.
  7. Kieth was Lucie’s manager and best friend for decades. Sadly, after struggling with health issues, he took his own life in 2005.
  8. Congratulations to the whole Luckinbill-Conner family! Baby Jeffrey’s middle name is a wonderful tribute to Kate’s late godfather, Kieth Dodge.
  9. MAME

    I find this tale very hard to believe as well. At Lucy's Museum of Broadcasting seminar, she was asked what her favorite movies were and she listed The Big Street, The Facts of Life, Yours, Mine & Ours. Audience members shouted out "Mame!" and Lucy said, "Oh, I made Mame! That's right!" Lucy then talked about how much she loved Mame. There were clearly some movies she did not care for: Critic's Choice, as you mentioned, The Magic Carpet (of course), Forever Darling, Two Smart People, and The Dark Corner. It's likely she never even saw The Dark Corner, but the experience of making it made it one of her least favorites.
  10. Lucy on Cheers?

    From GQ’s oral history of Cheers a few years ago: Here is the complete oral history:My link
  11. Unfortunate Lucy Products (continued)

    I never heard of Debbie impersonating Lucy in her act. With the dark wig, could she be doing Lucy as Mame? Or perhaps the seller is just mistaken. The chorus boy facing the camera is Broadway stalwart Harvey Evans.
  12. Tim Conway has died

    We’ve lost another television legend. https://people.com/tv/tim-conway-dies/
  13. Doris Day has died

  14. Doris Day has died

    The end of an era.

    Barbara Perry, who appeared in Lucy and Art Linkletter and Lucy Bags a Bargain, has died at 97. She also played Pickles Sorrell #1 on The Dick Van Dyke Show. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/barbara-perry-dead-actress-dick-van-dyke-show-was-97-1207532