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  1. Buy Lucy's Golf Cart

    Lucie also wore this in "Lucy and the Mountain Climber." In addition, Lucy wore it on Danny Thomas' The Practice.
  2. Lucy in the Cher musical

    Since Cher is heavily involved with the show, I'm sure she mentioned the conversation. I'm pretty sure Cher has talked about this in interviews too.
  3. Lucy in the Cher musical

    Fascinating! I wonder what song she sings. I was already intrigued that Bob Mackie is a major character in the musical. At one of Lucy's Museum of Broadcasting seminars, an audience member asked her if it was true that Cher asked her advice when she was breaking up with Sonny. Lucy said, yes, it was true and she had forgotten all about that. She asked the audience member, "What did I tell her?" He replied, "You told her to keep working." Lucy responded, "That was good advice."
  4. Ethel and third husband Bob Six on Person to Person. I don't know what's stranger, the fact that Ethel's son calls his stepfather "Mr. Robert" or the side of beef that Bob Six barbacues.
  5. New Lucy Books

    Love, Lucy will be released on audiobook on August 18... and voiced by Lucie! 😃
  6. Kaye on her upcoming documentary: https://www.broadwayworld.com/off-broadway/article/BWW-Interview-THE-SHOW-GOES-ON-BroadwayTelevision-And-Screen-Icon-Kaye-Ballard-Talks-About-Her-New-Documentary-Film-And-More-20180604
  7. Jerry Maren has died

    Jerry Maren, who guest starred in Lucy and Ma Parker and later was a guest in Jamestown, has officially died at 98.

    Russell Nype and Elaine Stritch do 'You're Just in Love." Nype was the co-star of Bob & Madelyn's Dorothy starring Dorothy Loudon.
  9. Larry Returns to his Roots

    Larry on the 50th anniversary of The Boys in the Band. I like the title of his memoir he is in the process of writing. https://www.broadway.com/buzz/192356/original-star-laurence-luckinbill-on-the-risk-and-reward-of-the-boys-in-the-band/
  10. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    Lucie and Larry at opening night of The Boys in the Band.
  11. I never thought about that before. That is a brilliant observation. That year of I Love Lucy is the most Emmy worthy year in history. It is unfathomable that it was not even nominated.

    Allyn Ann McLerie has died at 91. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/allyn-ann-mclerie-dead-wheres-charley-they-shoot-horses-dont-they-actress-dies-at-91-1115247
  13. Rose Marie has died

    "Wait for Your Laugh" will be on ME TV Sunday at 11:00pm.
  14. Oh, Those Traveling Props!

    Wakey Flakies appears on Doris Day's breakfast table in With Six You Get Eggroll.
  15. Lucy's charming Without Love co-star Patricia Morison has died at 103.