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  1. Happy 101st birthday to Marsha Hunt!
  2. I just watched Look Who's Laughing for the first time in years. This is role is very much a step back for Lucy at that point in time, but she brings so much to it. Has anyone ever seen the sequel Here We Go Again? Is there any mention of Lucy's character, Julie, or is she just ignored?
  3. Jerry Thorpe has died

    Lucy director and Desilu production head Jerry Thorpe has died at the age of 92. Jerry directed the first ten hour shows.
  4. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Thanks for the recap! Interesting about the Aretha tribute. I wonder if they had reshot the scene in the premiere where Murphy's Twitter password is "Aretha Forever." The way that was played led me to believe it was after her death.
  5. My Three Sons

    I just watched an episode where Steve learns Spanish. Bub jokes, "I'm commencing to feel like Desi Arnaz's houseboy!"
  6. Carol will be introducing movies starring "Funny Ladies" Thursday nights on TCM in October. http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/1436502|0/Funny-Ladies-Thursdays-in-October.html
  7. I don't think so. Original swing Hal Shane will be playing one of the Vernon voices.
  8. Here's Lucy 50th Anniversary

    A nice article celebrating the 50th anniversary: http://m.emmys.com/news/online-originals/heres-50-years-heres-lucy-part-1
  9. According to Lucie, Donna Murphy and, fellow original cast member, Tony winner Debbie Shapiro Graviette will play two of Sonia's "voices."
  10. Lucie and Robert Klein will be reprising their roles in They're Playing Our Song on Broadway on February 11 - the 40th anniversary of the show!
  11. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Carter family being introduced to America!
  12. The New Favourite Lucy Photos Thread (Vol. 4)

    Miami was February. Jamaica was the last week of March. Before she got ill and took a two week vacation in February, Lucy had already arranged to close Wildcat the week of Easter so she could take the kids to Jamaica. She later said she had a terrible time. She went there to relax and didn't know they had a war going on.
  13. CBS has all the Spelling shows, so they should have the rights to Life with Lucy. Lucy is a Sax Symbol is my least favorite episode of the run!
  14. None of the Here's Lucy episodes feature Mary Jane either!