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  1. On 6/19/2021 at 8:36 PM, JoeySoCal said:

    She did?? I watched this religiously and don't remember the "indicent" at all!! Any idea context or what was said??? 

    Rosie was excitedly talking about her love of They’re Playing Our Song and, after rattling off facts about the musical, she said, “Useless s— stuck in my head!” When she realized she cursed on live television, she said, “We just lost half the south.” Lucie responded, “Wait till I french kiss you and you’ll lose all of the south!,” which is what both Meat Loaf and Richard Simmons did to Rosie two days earlier. 

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  2. The third season of TCM’s podcast, The Plot Thickens, will be all about Lucy!


    Fabled comedienne Lucille Ball will be the subject of the third installment of the Turner Classic Movies podcast The Plot Thickens, hosted by Ben Mankiewicz, it was announced Wednesday.

    The 10-episode Ball podcast will premiere in October and feature more than 50 new interviews in an examination of her life, from her early years as a model to her “triumphant takeover of television,” a network statement says. It promises “surprising revelations at every turn.”



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  3. On 4/28/2021 at 4:27 AM, Mot Morenzi said:


    • Did the Vegas episode mark the first appearance of the pink dress and jacket she later wore in Lucy in London?

    That is its first on camera appearance. Lucy previously wore it to the Ethel Merman-Ernest Borgnine wedding. If that outfit could talk! 

    On 4/28/2021 at 4:27 AM, Mot Morenzi said:

    Danny Kaye is a headache inducer. That restaurant scene is like the Brown Derby one on crack! I want to like it, because their routine at the end is good, but it’s just too obnoxious. However, that World’s Fair ensemble is stunning to behold. I’m guessing the kids filmed scenes for this one that wound up cut; Candy Moore talked about being on-set that week.

    Chris and Jerry were originally featured at the beginning before Mooney showed up, but were cut from the episode. 


    On 4/28/2021 at 4:27 AM, Mot Morenzi said:

    I think there should’ve been at least one more episode detailing the consequences of having a fully visible shower installed in a boys bedroom. Maybe a “Very Special Episode“ where Sherman gets in trouble peeping at Chris and learns a lesson about privacy? Or one where Mooney inadvertently keep walking in on Lucy and/or Viv towelling off. Had this not been the 60s, there would’ve been many plots opened up by that.


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  4. 21 hours ago, Neil said:

    I guess I'm the only one (except for Lucy herself, apparently) that enjoys the John Wayne episode.  Each summer when CBS ran The Lucy Show

    Gary said at one of Lucy’s Sherwood Oaks seminars in 1977 that Lucy originally hated the script for this episode. He said he talked her into doing it and she ended up loving it. At Lucy’s 1984 Museum of Broadcasting seminar, she said she was the one who wanted a script in which she ordered Big Duke around. 

  5. 16 hours ago, Mot Morenzi said:

    Only the official one. It seems to be intact on most of the public domain releases. Really the only reason to keep one of those nowadays. I'm not sure if there were any other music edits on other episodes. 

    The only other one I’ve ever noticed is from another fifth season episode that is also in the public domain, “Lucy the Babysitter.” When the chimp plays the organ, the song was originally “Lullaby of Broadway.” It was replaced by a generic tune on the official DVD. 

  6. 10 hours ago, Luvsbway said:

    I scanned part 2 and it looks like its a non cleaned up version of part 1.

    What is Cleo wearing? I was unsure which lady with dark hair was her.

    I particularly love the little kiss Gary gives Lucy and his soft show duet with Anthony.

    "Far out doll". My new favorite Lucy people description. 

    Cleo is around 12:30 in. She has sunglasses on. 

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  7. Amazing home movies taken on location from Lucy in London by that "cute, adorable, far out doll" (Lucy's words) Anthony Newley! Featuring Gary, Irma (who looks like she's having a ball), and a bit of Cleo. This also features footage of the deleted fish and chips and bicycle built for two sequences.



    This is labeled "Part two," but it seems to be the same footage.



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  8. Some groovy new casting announcements. 



    There are some Lucy-Desi connections in the cast. Robert Pine appeared in The Lucy Showepisode “Lucy Gets Her Diploma” and Linda Lavin worked with Desi in an episode of Alice (produced by Bob and Madelyn). Also, John Rubinstein costarred with Lucie in the National tour of Pippin. I wonder who they are playing. 

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