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  1. On 1/27/2019 at 9:35 PM, Brock said:

    I can’t believe SAG couldn’t squeeze Kaye into the In Memoriam! 😨😡


    And I think it’s rotten. ROTTEN!!! 

    Thrilled to see they have rectified last year’s appalling oversight and included Kaye tonight! Perfect image of her!

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  2.  On Tuesday, during the 

    Amazonexecutive session at TCAJennifer Salke gave updates and teases on the slate of projects at the streaming platform. One of them was the Lucille Ball biopic written by Aaron Sorkinand starring Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett as the Hollywood icon.

    Salke said the feature is “very much active” and they are currently working with Sorkin, Blanchett and producer Todd Black. She adds that they’re also meeting with directors, but didn’t name any particular filmmakers in the running.

    As previously reported, the biopic will center on the marriage of Ball and Desi Arnaz, her co-star on the seminal sitcom I Love Lucy and partner in powerhouse Desilu Studios; they were married for 20 years before divorcing in 1960. Their children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr., would also produce.



  3. The New York Times interviewed several people who worked with Jerry including Lucie.

    “When Tommy Tune and David Cryer and I starred in Jerry’s hoped-for reincarnation of his masterful ‘Mack & Mabel,’ we did a run-through just before opening out of town. This is when you do the entire show in a real theater free for the Broadway community, but without sets, lights or costumes — just a few props and a piano player. My favorite memory was of Jerry onstage at an upright piano, sitting atop two telephone books, playing the entire score for us. That’s the kinda mensch he was.” LUCIE ARNAZ is a stage and television actress.



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  4. I wish Jerry had been well enough to see the recent revival of Hello, Dolly! I have never seen audiences so enthralled. I'm so glad they revived it as Jerry had written it without any attempt to modernize it.

    Encores is finally doing Mack and Mabel in a few months. Their "Look What Happened to Mabel" excerpt as part of their "Hey, Look Me Over!" compilation event a couple years ago was the highlight of the show. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, upperco said:

    I was involved in an earlier iteration of this project. The dream Maude the producers went into pitch this idea with was Julia Louis-Dreyfus. (Incidentally, Louis C.K. was the dream Archie Bunker -- pre-2017 -- with Molly Shannon as the ideal Edith.) 

    As for Good Times, all the producers wanted to do Sanford And Son as the last of the big four, but because that was a Yorkin series with which Lear had limited involvement, the latter insisted upon Good Times instead. 

    Thanks for the fascinating insight!

    After the first telecast, a lot of people online seemed to want Allison Janney to play Maude. She seems like a good choice, although she is tied to a CBS show. 

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  6. At the Comedy Center in Jamestown last year, on display was a pink and gold gown worn by Lucy that the group had trouble identifying. Finally it was determined that this was Lucy’s costume from John Wayne’s Swing Out, Sweet Land, but without the floor length vest she wore over it. While watching Lucy and the Generation Gap today, I had the realization that this was the same costume Lucy wore as Mrs. Julius Caesar. I somehow never made the connection before. Maybe the long wig and crown jazzed it up a bit more. 

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  7. 49 minutes ago, Luvsbway said:

    Was Lucy hurting for friends at that time or was it just her nature that she liked to become friends with those she worked with? If you've seen photos of her with Bea in the mid to late 70s Lucy was super excited to see Bea in all of those and was getting pretty squeezy with her. 


    Jane said she didn’t think Lucy had many friends, but I don’t know what gave her that impression. 

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