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  1. "Ricky Loses His Voice" is one of my favorite episodes and when I watch this scene, I watch Hazel. She is absolutely hilarious in it. I would love to know more about her.
  2. Lucy also sang with ther own voice in "Lucy and Liberace" and "Lucy Goes Hawaiian, Part Two" from the first three seasons.
  3. You did a terrific job with this book, Michael! It's a great read. I read the whole thing in one sitting. I love reading stories of fans meeting stars they love and it being a great experience - it being Lucy makes it even better. I got a secondhand thrill reading it.
  4. "Stone Pillow" was rerun by CBS at least once - they reaired it in September 1987. "Lucy in London" actually came in third in the Nielsen ratings that week. Number one was the season ratings winner "Bonanza" and two was the first ever airing of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."
  5. Apparently, later on in the episode Kaye made her laugh so much she had to yell cut. I think Lucy yelling "cut" because she was laughing was extremely, extremely rare. She yelled "cut" because John Ritter cracked her up on Lifr with Lucy and she claimed that was the only the third time she stopped the filming because she was laughing. I think in the case of Gale's doorknobs line, perhaps she realized how great that moment was and didn't want to ruin it.
  6. Around that time, Kaye went to a psychic who told her she would have more success if she dropped the 'e'. She then did the Broadway musical "Molly" based on "The Goldbergs," which was a huge flop, so she went back to using the 'e'.
  7. Has anyone gotten this or heard what the Lucy extra actually is? I'm hoping it's a "Let's Talk to Lucy."
  8. Madelyn was marrying Dr. Dick Davis and moving to Indiana, so I personally believe they were going to leave regardless.
  9. Patty did not thank him in her acceptance "speech" - at least by not by name (for which he should be grateful!) Actually, neither did Liza. I want Patty to do her next social security commercial in her Neely O'Hara characterization.
  10. It will be a while until this airs, but Cher will be the TCM Guest Programmer for a night in September and one of her selections is "The Big Street!" Another is "Follow the Fleet." My link
  11. I think the episodes that have commercials are: "Someone's on the Ski Lift with Dinah," "Lucy and Candid Camera," "Lucy Sublets the Office," and "Kim Finally Cuts You-Know-Whose Apron Strings." I might be wrong.
  12. Great story, Neil! It's never too early to do a Channing impression.
  13. I saw Sandy and Rosie O'Donnell in a production of "No, No Nanette" a few years ago and Sandy's official bio in the Playbill included the line "And, no, Sandy Duncan does not have a glass eye." Fantastic DVD set as always! Although the fifth season is my favorite overall, a majority of my favorite episodes are from the fourth season. I want to run right out and get some Lifebuoy soap!
  14. Today is Doris's birthday and to celebrate the occasion she will be doing a radio interview tomorrow in her native Carmel, California. Unforunately, it will not be live streamed, but the interview will be posted on DorisDay.com. Doris claims that she's 86, but it appears she was born in 1922, which would make her 89. Here's a print interview with her: Doris
  15. Every other after party with the headline has only been $50 or so, hasn't it? How many people do they think will spend $1000 to see Joan? It only cost $250 to have brunch with nearly every living member of Lucy's family in 2005. So far, I think the lineup is disappointing. I was hoping they would go all out for Lucy's 100th birthday especially since they're not doing a May festival this year. I hope Gregg brings along a Lucy related troupe with him that can do some other Lucy related events. I understand them wanting to have this focus on comedy in general, but I was hoping Lucy's centennial would be about Lucy.
  16. I've been laughing at this one for about an hour now. You two are absolutely hilarious!
  17. Robert completely defended Lucy on The Joan Rivers Show when Herbie (and Maury) started attacking her. He's clearly very grateful for what Lucy did for him. I can't remember him saying anything really negative about her.
  18. Richard Crenna died in 2003. Janet Waldo is still active at an undetermined age (possibly 93).
  19. PAX actually did not cut the episodes. For some reason there are certain episodes in the syndication package that are edited (mostly from the second season, along with such shows as "Lucy, the Peacemaker" and "Lucy and Her Prince Charming.") There are only about ten of these. With the exception of the end credits, PAX did not edit them. They had great prints of the shows too. They did, unfortunately, slightly speed up the episodes.
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