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  1. I hope those audio recordings of Ann are still around. Kaye Ballard did two stock productions of Gypsy. In one her Herbie was Jack Cassidy (who seems too debonair for the role); in the other, Gavin MacLeod. On YouTube, there are some audio clips of Delores Gray doing some of the numbers from the show at some kind of tribute to Sondheim or one of the other creators. There are also clips of Merman in the original production. I know nothing has ever made its way around the bootleg trading circuit, but I wonder, if somewhere, there is some kind of audio recording of Lucy's performance in Wildcat. You think some Lucy fan would have brought a tape recorder to the Imperial Theatre in 1961. The Dainty June in Betty Hutton's production was...Bernadette Peters! I think we would have an easier time listing actresses who DIDN'T play Mame than did!
  2. We're gonna have a real swingin' wingding tonight... My link
  3. I can't speak for her parents, but it looks like Lucie just got offstage and is still in her stage makeup.
  4. Hubbell Robinson was a CBS excutive who Gale played in the special "Stars in the Eye" that Lucy, Desi, Viv, and Bill appeared in.
  5. Margaret Whiting, star of Desilu's "Those Whiting Girls," renowned singer, and half of one of show business's most unusual marriages, has passed away at the age of 86. BroadwayWorld.com has just confirmed the sad news that legendary singer Margaret Whiting has passed away at the age of 86. Margaret Whiting, known as the seminal interpreter of American standards throughout her major recording career in the 40's, 50's, and into the 60's continued to perform regularly until just a few years ago. Among the songs she introduced are "That Old Black Magic," "It Might as Well Be Spring," "Come Rain or Come Shine," and "Moonlight in Vermont." Her father, Richard Whiting, was the composer of numerous popular hits. She appeared on stage in Dream in 1997, and in Taking My Turn and Do it Again! in the 1970s. She was married 4 times, including to Hubbell Robinson Jr. (a writer, producer and TV executive), pianist Lou Busch, Panavision founder John Richard Moore and to adult fo;, star Jack Wrangler, to whom she was married from 1994 to his death in April of 2009. About her passing, close friend, and attorney Mark Sendroff told BroadwayWorld.com that "Margaret was one of a kind--Hollywood royalty, being the daughter of songwriter Richard Whiting (whose hits included "Hooray For Hollywood", "Ain't She Sweet" and "On the Good Ship Lolli-Pop"), God-Daughter of legendary songwriter Johnny Mercer, initial artist on Capitol Records, where she introduced a string of hits (including "Moonlight in Vermont", "My Ideal" and "That Old Black Magic"), co-star of the concert evening titled "FOUR GIRLS FOUR", which toured for 18 or so years and loving wife to the writer, director and famous adult film actor, the late Jack Wrangler. She loved living in Manhattan and was out on the town most nights, either performing or attending and supporting numerous performers working in every conceivable venue. She will be missed personally and professionally by fans and friends around the world. It was my privilege to know and sometimes represent her." Read more: http://broadwayworld.com/article/Margaret_Whiting_Passes_Away_at_86_20110111#ixzz1AkjmrR1k http://broadwayworld.com/article/Margaret_Whiting_Passes_Away_at_86_20110111[/i]"]Link Here's a clip (in great quality!) of Margaret on "Those Whiting Girls" also featuring Barbara Whiting and the always welcome presence of Mabel Albertson as Mother Whiting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyP8dIkXegc
  6. The book is part of a series called "FAQ" that the publishing company has. Other subjects of books in the series include The Beatles, the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and U2. One of these things is not like the others. There really are no questions asked in the book. If the reader has their own question, they should hopefully be able to find the answer in the book. The book covers Lucy as a television star, movie star, studio head, singer, and person in general, as well as information on her associates. The book could have been called "Lucille Ball: People, Places, and Things" since it has an emphasis on people, places, and things associated with Lucy.
  7. Apparently it is an American version of Eau de Cologne. "Florida Water? Lucy hasn't used Florida Water since Diamond Jim Brady came to town!"
  8. Episodes where Lucy gets fired: "Lucy Protects Her Job" - Harry fires Lucy after trying to be nice too her, but she annoys him too much. "Lucy and Carol Burnett" (third season) - They don't say why she was fired. "Won't You Calm Down, Dan Dailey?" - Harry fires her after he overhears Lucy skipped work and went to the beach when he was out of town. "Lucy's Replacement" - Harry replaces Lucy with Expo III. "With Viv As a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy?" - Lucy quits when Harry fires her, but she says she'll say she was fired so she can collect unemployment. Lucy tries to get fired in "Lucy's Vacation," but doesn't. Kim says that Lucy's been fired fourteen times before. Harry threatens to fire Lucy in "Lucy Goes On Her Last Blind Date" if she doesn't go out with cousin Ben and in "Goodbye, Mrs. Hips" if any of the girls eat his food (he also threatens bodily harm). Lucy lost her job in "Lucy and Harry's Memoirs" and "Meanwhile, Back at the Office" when Harry sold the business. I'm sure I'm forgetting some!
  9. I think the office manager who Lucy wanted to kick in his bing-bong and "Valter," Eva Gabor's assistant were his only two Lucy appearances. Very cool that he's your neighbor's cousin!
  10. I saw both Bernadette and Patti in the role and I actually preferred Bernadette. Although Bernadette's reviews were mixed (she was supposedly very sick when the show opened), it was reported she was even better in the role as time went on. I saw her late in the run and thought she was great. Bernadette is supposed to be the actress that is closest to the real Rose Hovick, although the musical was written for Merman, who LuPone is closer to. Besides Merman, the actress I would have loved to have seen as Rose is Ann Sothern. She did it in stock around 1967 and received raves.
  11. Kissing Omar Sharif in Funny Girl during the 7 Days Egyptian/Israeli War?
  12. Ingrid Bergman was originally signed, but reportedly bowed out for tax reasons. Bette Davis then accepted, but then demanded 10,000, which was double the usual rate. They got Ginger to do it and never told her she wasn't first choice.
  13. Her character has two kids under ten at the beginning of the film. Was she 62 when she had June? In real life, Rose was in her early 20s when she had kids. It would be nice if Barbra performed the songs in concert or recorded them, but this role never seemed right to me for her.
  14. Lucy and Harry's relationship was much warmer by season five then it was at the beginning. We see them happily having dinner together, going to the movies, and playing games.This was an excellent contribution by Bob and Madelyn and the other writers went along with it (although Bob O'Brien less so). (Fox and Jacobs' "Lucy and the Group Encounter" is an episode that seems like it would have worked better in the earlier seasons.) In the first season, Harry wouldn't even let Lucy call him by his first name in the office.
  15. Lucie is actually only in 12 of the 24 episodes of the last season. And in one of those, "Lucy Is a Birdsitter" she has about 30 seconds of screentime. I'm sure Lucy's broken leg also contributed to much of the greater screentime she might have received during the fifth season.
  16. You didn't think I could write, did you?...
  17. Although it was written as an hour long show, when filming was done it ended up being over an hour and a half long. I believe Lucy and Gary asked CBS to let them make it a 90 minute show, but the network didn't go for it. A lot had to be cut to fit the timeslot.
  18. I have no idea if it will be included, but if it is, I'm sure it would be in season six since Danny Thomas guest starred during that season.
  19. Marlo always speaks very highly of Lucy. She frequently mentions in interviews how men on the Desilu lot would make jokes about Lucy and her because they were the bosses of their respective shows (and Lucy, the studio). The big joke was "Marlo's in the men's room having a meeting with Lucy." I think the reason The Danny Thomas Show isn't syndicated is because of legal reasons. Danny was not happy when Jean Hagen quit the show after the third season and, suppposedly, prevented the episodes featuring her from being syndicated because she owned a part of them. The fourth season had Danny as a widower and think that one was aired very rarely since the storyline was different from the subsequent seasons. It was also the final season aired on ABC. The rest were on CBS. Seasons five through nine part of Nick at Nite's line up early on in the late '80s. I believe Marjorie Lord has a percentage in the last two seasons. I don't know if that has anything to do with why they weren't included in the Nick at Nite package. There are over 350 episodes of the series and stations do not usually like that many episodes of a particular show. The fifth and sixth seasons have been released on DVD.
  20. The reason typically given for the lack of success of "The Doris Day Show" in syndication is the format changes.In the first season, Doris lived on the farm with her father and two sons. In the second season, she got a job at "Today's World" magazine as an executive assistant alongside Rose Marie's character with McLean Stevenson as her boss. In the third season, she still worked at the magazine with the same people, but no longer lived on the farm. She had an apartment in San Francisco over an Italian restaurant owned by Kaye Ballard and Bernie Koppell. In the fourth season, she worked as a reporter for the magazine and Rose Marie and McLean Stevenson were gone with Jackie Joseph and John Denher replacing them. The biggest change here was that were her children no longer existed and she was "Miss Doris Martin." In the fifth season, Kaye and Bernie were gone and the apartment was now owned by Mr. Jarvis, played by Billy DeWolf. Although I don't think the show is a laugh riot, I find it very enjoyable. With people like Doris, Rose Marie, and Kaye there's something good there.
  21. Angie lost to, in her own words, "a little girl!" That little girl was Patty Duke. 1962 was not a good year for Lucy-friendly Oscar nominees. Lol
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