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  1. <_< That was great to see again. Last time, I was at Universal 10 years ago, I filmed all the exhibits, but got very little of the videos. Thanks, Neil! As for the woman in the background who said Mame was terrible...
  2. It was actually his younger brother, Robert Lanning. I believe The Lucy Book claims it was Jerry, though. Jerry also played Randy Twizzle in The Dick Van Dyke Show episode "The Twizzle" - the least liked episode among the series' cast and crew, but one of my favorites.
  3. I actually like the your casting choices for a Ruta Lee Mame (well, not Sid as Ito. lol) Patricia Cutts was born to play Gloria. I think a young Vanda could have been a great "Auntie Mame" Gooch. I have no idea where and when Ruta played Mame, but it's in her official bio. I'm trying to remember now where I heard how close Dolores Gray was to landing the role. For some reason, I think I heard it in a Jerry Herman interview, but I'm not sure. I will definitely do more research! I had no idea she ever did Wildcat. I love how she holds the record for winning a Tony for the least amount of performances. She won for Best Actress in a Musical for "Carnival in Flanders," which run less than a week. I've also been puzzled by the lack of star power in the Mame replacements. There was Oscar winner Celeste Holm and Broadway star Janis Paige, but no one of the Dolly caliber. Jane Morgan (not Our Miss Brooks' Mrs. Davis!) seemed like a weak choice as first replacement. Willard Waterman from "Lucy and the Plumber" played Mr. Babcock in the original production. What other Lucy Show guest was in the Broadway show? Jerry Lanning's brother and mother both guested on The Lucy Show. Oh, and it looks like Barbra's film is back on: My link
  4. Babs isn't happening. Story here: http://blogs.courant.com/curtain/2011/03/streisands-gypsy-film-project.html
  5. It's nice to hear a report from someone who was there! Thanks! They usually begin the evening with a rare clip from the Paley Center collection? Did they do anything for Betty?
  6. Rick has confirmed earlier in the thread that is indeed Barbara Pepper.
  7. Jane Russell, star of '40s and '50s films, dies (AP) – 16 minutes ago LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jane Russell, the brunette who was discovered by Howard Hughes and went on to become one of the biggest stars of the 1940s and '50s, has died at age 89. Russell's daughter-in-law Etta Waterfield says the actress died Monday at her home in Santa Maria of a respiratory-related illness. Hughes, the eccentric billionaire, cast Russell in his sexy, and controversial, 1941 Western "The Outlaw," turning her into an overnight star. She would go on to appear opposite such leading men as Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope, as well as fellow actress Marilyn Monroe. Although her film career slowed in the 1960s, Russell remained active throughout her life. Until her health began to decline a few weeks ago, Waterfield said she remained active singing and working for various causes. My link
  8. If you click on the link, you should be able to view the photos. Carole THE MOVIE STAR!!! Jo Anne Worley Carol Carol Carol
  9. Hmm... They're working for me. Anyone else having trouble? Jo Anne Worley was co-hostess of the event with Carole, so I felt I should include her. If we need a Lucy connection for her, she was married for years to Desilu Workshop player Roger Perry.
  10. There was a party last Monday to celebrate Carol Channing's 90th birthday and several Lucy related people attended: Carole Cook. Ruta Lee, THE MOVIE STAR!!! Jo Anne Worley Carol wore her "Hello, Dolly!" dress.
  11. It is in the Paley collection to view. Maury's actually pretty funny in it. The Joan Rivers interview was her daytime talk show. It was to promote the Desilu book. Authors Sanders and Gilbert were there too.
  12. Maury Thompson did at least have some positve things to say about Lucy through the years. He was quite complimentary at a seminar with him, Gregg Oppenheimer, Bob Schiller, Bob Weiskopf, Dann Cahn, and Herb Browar in 1998 at the Museum of Television & Radio. Herbie, on the other hand, seemed to go out of his way tearing Lucy down. There's that Joan Rivers interview Herbie and Maury did that was nothing but negativity. Good thing Carole and Robert Osborne were there for balance. Robert said the Lucy he knew was nothing like the Lucy Herbie described.
  13. It's definitely a promo shot from "The Big Street." I thought at one point during the film her hair was styled like that. Regardless of her hairstyle, it's a publicity photo for "The Big Street." Lucy and Eddie Albert took a bunch of publicity shoots for "The Fuller Brush Girl" with Lucy's hair in a very Lucy Ricardo style even though she never wore her hair like that at all in the film.
  14. I got the book last week and there's actually surprisingly little memorabilia in the book. It's really more of a straight biography with lots and lots of nice pictures.
  15. I don't know what song the Countesssss performed. Everything else about the evening was supposedly excellent.
  16. Lucie performed at "The Best of Jim Caruso's Cast Party" at New York's Town Hall last night. Here are some photos: Lucie with Liza Minnelli and Jim Caruso. Sally Mayes, Billy Stritch, Chita Rivera, Jim Caruso, Countess LuAnn, Lucie, and Scott Siegel More photos here!
  17. He was one of my favorite character actors. "HELLO!"
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