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  1. "A holiday! The moon is full, the gin's in the bathtub, and all of my dearest friends are here... even the ones I haven't met yet!" It's today! (Actually it's tomorrow since everyone knows that 30 days hath September, April, June, and Nov... EGADS!") Wonderful picture!
  2. My favorite fourth season episodes: "Ginger Rogers Comes to Tea," "Kim Moves Out" (my top two Here's Lucy episodes), "Someone's On the Ski Lift with Dinah," "Lucy's Punctured Romance," "Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage," "Won't You Calm Down, Dan Dailey?," "With Viv As a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy?," and "Lucy's Replacement." (I didn't realize I listed so many!) I thoroughly enjoy every fifth season episode of Here's Lucy. There are a few weaker ones ("Lucy and Donny Osmond," "Lucy and the Group Encounter"), but not a single Gorboona type episode. There's not a bear or chimp to be seen that season. They no longer had Milt Josefsberg and outside writers contributing scripts, so I think there's a lot more consistency. The fourth season contains such episodes as "Lucy in the Jungle" and "Lucy's Lucky Day." There's nothing like that in season five.
  3. Great spotting Rick! She also says her badge number in the scene and I don't the the badge she wears matches what she says.
  4. I'm sure you would be able to order the book at your local bookstore. I will go into more detail about it when we get a little closer. I think (hope!) it will be a fun read for people and I hope everyone likes it. Don't count on any fancy introductions!
  5. I'm sure that's true since they were originally broadcast in black and white! That promo was terrific! Thanks for posting it!
  6. There is actually no relation. Alan later appears in the fifth season premiere "Lucy's Big Break." I wonder if he will do the introduction to that one too.
  7. I bought the Nicholas Yapp book a few weeks ago. It is filled with amazing, rare pictures. I would say I have not seen a majority of them. Unfortunately, there is very little text and what is there is riddled with errors that you wouldn't believe. The pictures are amazing, though! I've seen Elisabeth's book for sale. It seems to be a new layout for the old book. It also looks like they updated some things like more recent Lucy products and I saw a statement from Corie, the more recent Lucy-Desi Museum director. As for "Lucille Ball FAQ," it's actually co-authored by me. I cannot really say much more about it right now, but they may have over estimated with the 500 pages.
  8. Although I think the fifth season is the best season overall, most of my favorite episodes come from season four.
  9. The Dick Cavett Show aired August 16, 1975. I found a New York Times review of the show. It says that the guests were "Liza Minnelli, Henry Gibson, Lucille Ball, and Doug Henning of Broadway's 'The Magic Show.'" The only further mention of Lucy was in a summary of the show: "Cavett rang up Lucille Ball who thought he was a heavy breather." I wonder if this was Lucy's sole contribution to the show. I also wonder if it was done in New York. Liza was doing "Chicago" on Broadway beginning in August of 1975 and one of the songs the review mentions her singing is "I Am My Own Best Friend," which is from "Chicago." Perhaps Lucy's segment was filmed in California while the rest was done in New York?
  10. The David Frost Show with Lucy and Carol was his talk show. Lucy was on it a few times. Frost had a variety show, which I believe might have been in first-run syndication, at the same time.
  11. I think it's totally possible that a New York actress like Ethel Merman would buy a house in suburban Westchester County. Lucie and Larry lived there for years. Of course, it is far fetched that Lucy and Viv would run into her immediately after talking about her. It's not as unlikely as Lucy and Mooney bumping into each other someplace in Los Angeles like they do in nearly every episode of the fourth season (Not that I mind it!).
  12. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I'm especially excited to see "The Pearl Bailey Show." That's a great line up of people doing intros too.
  13. There are several variety shows that Lucy appeared on that I never hear anyone mention. Lucy was a guest on The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour on September 28, 1971. Has anyone ever seen this? This isn't even mentioned in Fidelman's Lucy Book. Several months later, Lucy appeared on The David Frost Revue. This was at the same time Frost appeared on Here's Lucy. Fidelman gives no information about Lucy's episode other than he doesn't think it was any good. In August 1975, Lucy, Liza Minnelli, Henry Gibson, and Doug Henning guest starred in the premiere of The Dick Cavett Show. This was a variety series that ran four weeks in the summer of 1975. I didn't even know this show existed until today. It would be interesting to see Lucy interact with Liza. I wonder if Lucy had any musical numbers on any of them. It does not look like any of these shows are avaliable anywhere. The Paley Center for Media does not have them in their collection. Has anyone seen any of these programs?
  14. One tiny blooper found on the DVDs is in the biography of Edward Stevenson. It accidently states he shared the Oscar he won for The Facts of Life with Hedda Hopper, when it was actually Edith Head. It is great to see Hedda in the World's Fair footage. It looks like she was having a wonderful time.
  15. I think Claude is referring to Larry's two sons with first wife Robin Strasser. I believe their eldest, Nick, is 39.
  16. Did he think that we?... That I?... Well! !!!!! You want to go out and have dinner with the boys? Yes! What boys?
  17. I was visiting relatives in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and found it an a FYE there. Are there many FYEs even around anymore? All the ones near me closed a while ago.
  18. No, sorry. It only has the "Fire the Maid" sketch and a short clip of the two talking about their last joint TV appearance.
  19. Inside The Lucy Show season 3 set was a flyer for season four of Here's Lucy. It's nice to finally see Gale on a cover.
  20. I was out shopping today and found the DVDs for sale!!!! !!!!! They are fantastic, as usual. The back cover is even better than the front with a terrific photo of Lucy from "Lucy and Arthur Godfrey." The World's Fair footage, which runs about a half hour and is mostly silent, is wonderful to see. Some clips of Lucy's 1964 appearance on The Danny Kaye Show is included too. Other than that there isn't much more special footage. I've watched the first four episodes and it is terrific seeing them uncut and in such great condition. Great job again, everyone!
  21. I was out shopping today and found the season three for sale! All I will say here is that it is fantastic!
  22. I don't want to go to Europe anyway... it's so old!
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