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  1. Inside The Lucy Show season 3 set was a flyer for season four of Here's Lucy. It's nice to finally see Gale on a cover.
  2. I was out shopping today and found the DVDs for sale!!!! !!!!! They are fantastic, as usual. The back cover is even better than the front with a terrific photo of Lucy from "Lucy and Arthur Godfrey." The World's Fair footage, which runs about a half hour and is mostly silent, is wonderful to see. Some clips of Lucy's 1964 appearance on The Danny Kaye Show is included too. Other than that there isn't much more special footage. I've watched the first four episodes and it is terrific seeing them uncut and in such great condition. Great job again, everyone!
  3. I was out shopping today and found the season three for sale! All I will say here is that it is fantastic!
  4. I don't want to go to Europe anyway... it's so old!
  5. Could this be the Mamie Van Doren production? They should have cast her in this production. I would have loved to see what she would wear.
  6. "Lucy and Joan" is actually the episode with Joan Blondell and notJoan Crawford.
  7. The "Our Miss Brooks" movie featuring Lucy performers Eve Arden, Gale Gordon, Richard Crenna, Robert Rockwell, Joseph Kearns and Don Porter will be on TCM tomorrow, November 21, at 10:30 am EST.
  8. Although some sources list 1940, Larry Luckinbill was actually born in 1934.
  9. Let's Talk to Lucy with Mary Tyler Moore?!!??!! :HALKING: I cannot wait!!!
  10. Joan was already famous by 1956. That year she played Crystal Allen (the former Joan Crawford role) in the all-star remake of The Women, The Opposite Sex.
  11. Thanks so much, Rick! None of them looked like Joan to me either, but I figured I was the mistaken one. Thanks for setting the record straight!
  12. Don't forget "Hey, Look Me Over!"
  13. The audience at Frank Sinatra's show at the Sands Hotel in 1956 including Lucy, Lauren Bacall, Doris Day, Shirley Jones, Joan Collins, and Eddie Albert: Photo
  14. I am going to try to go, but I'm not positive at the moment. I've always wanted to see a production of Wildcat. Reportedly, the title song and "That's What I Want for Janie" were cut from all subsequent productions, which is kind of a disappointment because they are two of my favorites. Has anyone ever heard of anyone doing an amateur production of Wildcat before? Here's one:
  15. The New York one. The libraries are indentical or at least they say they are.
  16. The Paley Center has several episodes and at least one of the "rare" episodes - the series' second episode (and first with Richard Denning), involving the literary club speaker.
  17. Joyce Bulifant is now married to Desilu Revuer Roger Perry, who was previously married to Jo Anne Worley. Talk about opposite wives. Do you think he can hear Joyce's whispery voice after being married to Jo Anne Worley for 25 years?
  18. She and Lucie co-starred together in the 1988 TV movie "Who Gets the Friends?"
  19. If anyone missed the interview and wants to hear it, the whole thing is here: Doris Day
  20. Doris Day will be doing a rare radio interview on Jonathan Schwartz's radio show that will air on Sirius and WNYC in New York. The interview will air at 1:30 in the afternoon tomorrow, October 30 and Sunday, October 31 and can be listened to online. DorisDay.com
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