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  1. I want to see how spotless the floor was!
  2. She said she stumbled upon the special on HBO and couldn’t believe her ears. She called out, “Gary! Gary! Is that Eddie Murphy?!” Her shock was very dramatic. LOL
  3. The Lincoln Center Library has the audio recording of this Lucy interview. Lucy never mentions Eddie Murphy mentioning her. Lucy’s over the top retelling of coming across the Eddie Murphy special on HBO and calling Gary into the room is hilarious, but I don’t think she was trying to be funny.
  4. This is what I predict the book will be like: “Upon their first meeting, Carole Lombard said to Lucy, “Lucille, I was born Jane Alice Peters in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was nominated for an Oscar for My Man Godfrey back in ‘36. Now, I’m married to Clark Gable, “the King of Hollywood.” Do you want to know what he’s like in bed?” (Continued for several pages)
  5. I’m sure every page will feature a word for word account of a private conversation that no one could have possibly heard that features improbable biographical information that wouldn’t come up in a conversation and a salacious sexual detail.
  6. I’ve long been afraid these fiction artists would latch onto Lucy.
  7. According to Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnick, this is the third-to-last episode. He says it was the idea of former NBC entertainment head Bob Greenblatt. Greenblatt is a friend and neighbor of Lucie’s and was responsible for the They’re Playing Our Song anniversary concert earlier this year.
  8. Sean Hayes was on Seth Meyers last week and said they have four episodes left to shoot. I assume this is the first of that last four. They have already aired five of this season’s 18 episodes.
  9. Will & Grace will be doing a special I Love Lucy-themed episode and Lucie will play Elvia Allman in their candy factory sequence! This is so exciting! https://ew.com/tv/2019/11/25/will-and-grace-i-love-lucy-episode/
  10. PBS will be airing Carol Burnett: A Celebration in December. Check your local listings.
  11. Angela did occasionally do glamour in the movies. She played a glamorous New York matron in The World of Henry Orient three years before she did Mame on Broadway. Here she is looking very “Mame”-like. Of course, this was a decade before the movie musical was filmed. The 1983 Mame revival was a tour that somehow faltered, so it was decided to bring it into New York very quickly and with no advance publicity. It wasn’t making money and then whatever interest there was in it evaporated because Jerry Herman’s much anticipated La Cage Aux Folles started on Broadway in the midst of Mame’s short run. People have remarked the sets looked cheap compared to the original production. Mame is much harder to cast than Dolly. You need a real triple threat. The character of Mame has a lot more musical numbers and is almost never off stage. Dolly has a lot of time off stage. I think That’s How Young a Feel has several puzzling lyrics. “To have a hot dog with sand and mustard?” I would give almost anything to see footage of Ann Miller’s production number, though!
  12. Still no announcement of a director, but the film has qualified for a California tax credit to shoot in the state. Seems like progress. https://www.dailynews.com/2019/11/12/major-directors-damien-chazelle-paul-thomas-anderson-shooting-their-next-films-in-california/
  13. Although it would be great for Lucy to have a big second act dance number, I’m not sure if “That’s How Young I Feel” would be the right number. It’s a very fun song, but probably the weakest in the score lyrically. The Upson Downs sequence was radically changed for the film version and I’ve heard many people say that they feel like this scene was Lucy’s best in the film (“Straight scotch.”) I can’t picture an uptempo number inserted in this scene. I’ve written this before (probably multiple times in this thread!), but, when I saw a screening of Mame a few years ago, “Gooch’s Song” got the biggest round of applause!
  14. What becomes a legend most?.... I love the juxtaposition of Dame Ann Miller in her Halston original and the Merm in that housedress.
  15. Carol has said Lucy hired her when she couldn’t get a job. By the time she left The Garry Moore Show she was a beloved two time Emmy winner. Her next series, The Entertainers, was cancelled after a season and, at the same time, was the Fade Out - Fade In debacle. She was selling tickets on Broadway. At one point the show was out grossing Hello, Dolly! and Funny Girl just because of Carol’s name. Her TV specials were very highly rated. Carol moved to California from New York around this time, presumably for more work opportunities. I don’t know if the move occurred before or after her first Lucy appearance. Carol always says she “pushed the button” and made the decision to do her variety show Christmas week 1966, but I have seen news reports from the time that had the announcement earlier that year.
  16. Carol will be reprising her role as Jamie's mother on the Mad About You reboot!
  17. Ellen DeGeneres will be getting the second Carol Burnett Award at the Golden Globes. I would have preferred an older star.
  18. I watched all 4 hours and 40 minutes yesterday and I didn’t think it was long enough! It was great to hear Tom and Donovan’s comments and to see that great footage from the conventions. I want to see more! Yes, that was the best response I have ever heard from Lucie regarding her mother. I’ve heard her say some of those things before, but this captured all aspects of Lucy, both personally and professionally. I don’t recall her ever getting so emotional like that and I’m sure being surrounded by Frank, Wanda, and Carole had a lot to do with that. I could listen to Tom talk all day. He really talked about two stories involving Lucy and Desi that I don’t have ever been spoken about in depth: one being Lucy bringing in Desi to help deal with Joan Crawford on the set and the other was Desi’s late night calls to Lucy during production of Life with Lucy and how they were affecting her sleep. Those were enlightening.
  19. Yes, I’ve always thought if the series had continued, the kids parts should have been diminished. Not to the extent of the California Lucy Show years, but look at season three of The Lucy Show compared to season one.
  20. Thanks for the recap! I’m very happy this one was also so lengthy. I’m excited to listen!
  21. Great news! I hope it is as lengthy as the first installment.
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