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  1. Lucie is scheduled to participate in all star salute to Latino culture and achievement in theater on October 1. 

    NEW YORK (AP) — Chita Rivera, Gloria Estefan, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Thalía will headline a benefit digital concert in October to celebrate Latino culture and achievement in theater.

    “Viva Broadway! Hear Our Voices” will be held online Oct. 1 and will be hosted by Andréa Burns. It will be directed and choreographed by Sergio Trujillo.

    “It’s going to celebrate the past. It’s going to pay attention to the present and look to the future,” said Trujillo, who said the themes will explore Latin representation, inclusion and diversity.

    Additional attendees include Lucie Arnaz, Melissa Barrera, Jaime Camil, Florencia Cuenca, Raúl Esparza, Mandy Gonzalez, Raúl Gonzalez, Ivan Hernandez, Ariana DeBose, Mauricio Martinez, Bianca Marroquín, Shereen Pimentel, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Philippa Stefani, Angélica Vale, Robin de Jesus and Ana Villafañe.

    The concert will be broadcast on Playbill.com, Playbill’s YouTube Channel and on The Broadway League’s Viva.Broadway website. Proceeds will support Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and Broadway Bridges.

    “It is sad that we all don’t get an opportunity to be in a room together, but we get to have them all in one concert, all at once,” said Trujillo, who won a Tony Award last year for “Ain’t Too Proud.”

    The event will include performances from members of the original cast of the Broadway musical “In the Heights” — including Karen Olivo, Andréa Burns, Janet Dacal, Olga Merediz, Carlos Gomez and Luis Salgado — as well as performances from Broadway-bound musicals, a peek at John Leguizamo’s next work and a look at the first Spanish-language production of “A Chorus Line.”

    “This is a great medium for us to get our message across and create a really exciting virtual concert,” said Trujillo. “It’s going to be a really thrilling experience.”



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  2. The Reelz Channel is airing a new Lucy doc on September 12. 

    Lucille Ball: We Love Lucy - New special premieres Saturday, September 12 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. Lucille Ball didn't just make millions of people laugh uproariously. She blazed a whole new path for women in the entertainment industry that still resonates today. Her bravery and willingness to try absolutely anything to elicit a chuckle changed the rules of television and made I Love Lucy a cultural phenomenon that averaged more than 30 million viewers per episode. Lucille Ball: We Love Lucy traces her journey from growing up on the dirt roads of Jamestown New York to stepping under the glittering lights of Hollywood. After moderately successful movie roles she became the Lucy the world knows and loves when I Love Lucy hit the airwaves. And the TV world was never the same. Ball continued to dazzle audiences with her inimitable physical comedy on The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy but she was surprisingly serious off camera with her signature work ethic driving every move. Along with her husband and co-star Desi Arnaz the couple were shrewd enterprising business partners who when not on screen making audiences laugh had formed their own studio in Desilu Productions which was a groundbreaking move at the time. And even after their marriage failed Ball doubled down on her ambitions buying out Arnaz from Desilu Production and making history as the first female head of a major studio. Ball continued to build her entertainment empire with Desilu Productions cranking out hits for TV including introducing the world to the Star Trek and Mission: Impossible mega-franchises. Comedy legends Carol Burnett, Lily Tomlin, Debra Messing and Suzanne Somers share their personal stories of how they were uniquely inspired by Ball's comic genius, and Keith Thibodeaux recalls his experiences on set as the TV son Little Ricky on I Love Lucy. Lucille Ball: We Love Lucy is produced by AMS Pictures.



  3. 9 hours ago, Freddie2 said:
    His passing made me remember something- has anyone else seen his LWL episode listed as both “...Legal Eagle” and “...Legal Beagle”? Was this just a typo that cropped up? I’m not familiar with whatever idiom the title came from.

    “Lucy, Legal Eagle” is the official title, according to the original script. 


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  4. I’m going to get it from the library because I don’t want to spend money on this book. I might be driven too crazy by the book to get through the whole thing. I know it’s “fictitious” or whatever, but I’m really tired of the narrative that Lucy was a washed up nobody before I Love Lucy began. Lucy was thinking about crawling back to Jamestown in 1949 because she’s an aging actress going nowhere? Ugh. 🙄

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  5. The only one of Valerie's series I had never seen before was her 1995 sitcom The Office. Two episodes were just uploaded to YouTube. I thought they were very funny, especially the pilot. Only six episodes were produced and only five of those aired. It was given the unenviable time slot of Saturday night at 9:00. I wish CBS gave it more of a chance because I think this show showed a tremendous amount of promise. 




    Episode #3:


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