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  1. Ellen DeGeneres will be getting the second Carol Burnett Award at the Golden Globes. I would have preferred an older star.
  2. I watched all 4 hours and 40 minutes yesterday and I didn’t think it was long enough! It was great to hear Tom and Donovan’s comments and to see that great footage from the conventions. I want to see more! Yes, that was the best response I have ever heard from Lucie regarding her mother. I’ve heard her say some of those things before, but this captured all aspects of Lucy, both personally and professionally. I don’t recall her ever getting so emotional like that and I’m sure being surrounded by Frank, Wanda, and Carole had a lot to do with that. I could listen to Tom talk all day. He really talked about two stories involving Lucy and Desi that I don’t have ever been spoken about in depth: one being Lucy bringing in Desi to help deal with Joan Crawford on the set and the other was Desi’s late night calls to Lucy during production of Life with Lucy and how they were affecting her sleep. Those were enlightening.
  3. Yes, I’ve always thought if the series had continued, the kids parts should have been diminished. Not to the extent of the California Lucy Show years, but look at season three of The Lucy Show compared to season one.
  4. Thanks for the recap! I’m very happy this one was also so lengthy. I’m excited to listen!
  5. Great news! I hope it is as lengthy as the first installment.
  6. I had heard about the drug rumors, although I don’t know how accurate it is that drugs interfered with his work on The Mothers-in-Law. Roger’s death involved cocaine use.
  7. Jerry Fogel, our last surviving star of The Mothers-in-Law, has died. He was 83. He also appeared on Here’s Lucy in The Carters Meet Frankie Avalon.
  8. The TCM YouTube page has posted excerpts of the Robert tribute!
  9. I was thinking that these were originally combined with Ellen Burstyn Show promos.
  10. Amazon said that my DVD wouldn’t arrive until Thursday, so I cancelled it and ordered it at Barnes and Noble. I’ll pick it up later today. I can’t wait! It looks like Deep Discount has it cheapest: $27.
  11. Rip Taylor has died at 84. Throw some confetti in his memory.
  12. The multi-talented Diahann Carroll has passed away 84. She was a Tony winner and an Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy nominee. I've always been surprised she hadn't received more accolades in recent years, like the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award or the Kennedy Center Honor, for her groundbreaking career. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/diahann-carroll-dead-pioneering-actress-julia-dynasty-was-84-1196051
  13. I think that was it other than little interviews for their 1982 Miami carnival show. I have seen one other bit of this show: Lucie did a smashing medley of “Thanks for the Memories,” “They Can’t That Away From,” and “You’re the Top” with special lyrics for her father, which had Desi in tears. Desi was co-host that whole week and Vivian and Desi Jr. were also guests, as were Eddie Bracken and former Desi band singer Jane Harvey.
  14. Yes, the “We Love You, Lucy” cheerleader and matching band opening was from The Steve Lawrence Show. What I would love most of all to see in its entirety from these collections is the Desi and Lucie Mike Douglas Show.
  15. Another rave! https://www.theaterpizzazz.com/lucie-arnaz-i-got-the-job-songs-from-my-musical-past/
  16. A rave review of Lucie’s smashing show at 54 Below: https://www.broadwayworld.com/cabaret/article/BWW-Review-LUCIE-ARNAZ-Lights-Up-54-Below-with-I-GOT-THE-JOB-20191002
  17. That’s one of Ethel’s insults when trying to pick a fight in The Ricardos Are Interviewed. Ethel says that Lucy’s bridge playing may “bring back Mahjong.”
  18. I watched Lucy Goes on Her Last Blind Date. Although the too silly last minute of the episode prevents me from putting this in my top episode list, I wish there were more episodes like this one. Lucy is presented as smart and sophisticated, far different from the early episodes of the series. Lucy also looks terrific in the episode. I wish there were were many more episodes with Mary Jane, Vanda, and Sam in the coffee shop. I love Lucy’s interplay with her friends.
  19. Sid Haig, who played the mummy in Lucy and the Monsters and one of the enemy agents in Lucy and the Great Airport Chase, has died at 80. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/sid-haig-dead-house-1000-corpses-star-dies-at-80-1242420
  20. A photo caption mentions the DVD release. It is a good article. Donovan Scott is also interviewed.
  21. Jonathan Groff loves Lucy. https://www.vulture.com/2019/09/jonathan-groff-little-shop-of-horrors.html
  22. Life with Lucy is getting a Closer cover story with interviews from Ann Dusenberry, Tom Watson, and Michael Stern.
  23. I love these photos! This was a August 1971 event at the Hollywood Bowl for Nosotros, a group Ricardo Montalban founded to increase acting opportunities for Hispanic performers.
  24. Two time Tony winner and Goodson-Todman favorite Phyllis Newman has passed away at 86. https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Phyllis-Newman-Has-Passed-Away-at-86-20190915
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