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  1. Hopefully, people who may not know who he is or are not familiar with his act will do some homework so they are not shocked by what they may hear. I never understood why people were so shocked by Joan Rivers. Didn't they know who she was or what her act was like? Amazing to me.
  2. Can't wait to see Lewis Black this week. Love his rants on politics.
  3. I just pre-ordered Carol's book on Amazon. They now show the cover - very cute.
  4. I was interested in this book too, but then I saw the pre-order for Carol's book about the show, which comes out in Sept. So I may wait to see if anyone reports on this book before I get it.
  5. Jones Bakery, which was across the street from the original museum on Pine St., moved into the museum building for a while before moving to Main St. and is now Jones Valhalla Restaurant. Gialy's is a new restaurant that is in the building next door to the original museum building on Pine (in the building that used to be The Town Club) and their food is very good.
  6. I believe that Joy's new show on TLC begins on Nov. 4th and it is a half-hour weekly show that is on at 11:00 PM. It is called "Late Night Joy" and I believe that it is filmed at her NYC apartment and she, along with Susie Essman, are visited by a celebrity quest for a 30 minute gabfest. It is initially a 5 show order to see if it will work. If you Google news for Joy Behar, articles about it should come up. Sounds interesting. Joy didn't mention it, but I saw it on Facebook just a couple of days before her show here.
  7. Joy Behar was hysterical on Sat. night at the Reg Lenna Civic Center. The bit about not knowing where she was was part of a series of jokes about her being old and forgetful. But in true Post-Journal fashion, they left that out. The opening act guy was pretty funny, but Joy was great! She dished on her View co-hosts (a riot), politics (of course and so much material there), being Italian, taking trips, etc. It was non-stop laughter. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the "meet and greet" after the show and have my picture taken with Joy. She autographed her "Joy Shtick" book for me and was kind enough to autograph her children's book (about a dog) to my sister and my dog, since my sister had to miss the show to stay home and watch over our dog, who was attacked and bitten by the neighbor's dog this past week. Joy felt bad and made sure to include them in the autograph, which was very nice of her. It was a terrific evening and rounded out a great triple play of comedy this summer - Seinfeld, Carol Burnett and now Joy. She has a new show coming on TLC in November and will also be appearing at Chautauqua next summer.
  8. I got the $100 version, but wish I had gotten the larger set. Thinking of selling the one I got and upgrading LOL.
  9. Picked up the newest American Icons magazine-type books from TV Guide today. This one is Carol Burnett and timed for the release of the new DVD set. Lots of great photos and information.
  10. In a word - FANTASTIC! Carol Burnett was just wonderful last night. The amphitheater was packed and it holds about 6,000 people. We were squeezed in like sardines, but no one seemed to mind. I had a decent spot and wasn't stuck behind a post (which was my biggest worry). She did 90 minutes of Q & A with the audience that was broken up by many video clips from her show. She had a lot of stories about her co-stars and told of her friendship with Lucy. She is still very quick with the answers too. When one woman asked her about her beauty secrets, she said it was staying 100 yards away from us. Another guy asked her what she would like to do that she hadn't done yet and she said "George Clooney." The clips were great - the classic dentist sketch was used to illustrate Tim Conway's power over the helpless Harvey Korman, many of the movie parodies were featured and some of the musical quests as well. It was nicely structured so that Carol could rest her voice without actually having an intermission. She could stay on the darkened stage while the clips played. I was especially glad that Chautauqua did not do what they are known to do and that is place the guest in a chair and then have a moderator ask questions that have been gathered from the audience before hand. That way they can control what gets asked and keep control on the situation. That would not have been nearly as much fun as letting Carol do what she does so well - interact with the audience that clearly loves her.
  11. Great photos from all the events. I was working and could only attend Seinfeld. He was great. This was my third time seeing him and this was by far his best show! And I was expecting an unknown comic for the opener and was pleasantly surprised that it was Larry Miller. I saw both Jerry and Larry in the same week at Chautauqua in the 1980s (when they were relative unknowns). So that was a treat. I was in the second row for Jerry's show, but of course I did not bring my camera. If anyone has good photos that wouldn't mind emailing me copies of, I would appreciate it. I can send my email in a private message. Thanks. Anyone returning to town for Carol Burnett in a couple of weeks?
  12. This magazine is already showing up on Ebay.
  13. Went to see The Lennon Sisters in concert in Buffalo last night and this morning in the lobby of the hotel, Janet Lennon asked me about this stupid statue!
  14. Carol Burnett knows about the Center and has been approached in the past about appearing for a festival. I am sure she is aware of her proximity to the Center and maybe she will drop in to visit as a private citizen.
  15. Closer has been around for about a year and is geared towards the older reader, which is why I buy it every week. When they show a fashion spread, at least I actually know the actresses featured. The have had recent stories on Marlon Brando, Doris Day, Cher and other "mature" stars. Valerie Harper has been featured a number of times with health updates. For a "tabloid" style magazine, it is pretty good because it tries to focus on positive stories.
  16. When I clicked on the photo, it enlarged.
  17. Wasn't sure where to post this, but this photo of a scale model of the I Love Lucy set was recently posted on a film group page on Facebook that I follow. Thought members here would be interested in seeing it, but I don't know how clear it will be.
  18. Have any other museum members gotten pre-sale tickets to Jerry Seinfeld that went on sale this past Monday?
  19. That was a fun show. This is the convention that I worked at and it was a fun weekend.
  20. So sorry to hear this sad news. She was so nice to everyone at the museum when she and Desi came to Jamestown for the filming of footage for the I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary special. My sympathies go out the the Arnaz family.
  21. I loved this Christmas card exhibit. It was one of my favorites.
  22. It is "The Cigar Store Indian", Season 5, Episode 10. Originally aired on December 9, 1993.
  23. I can't believe that Jerry is coming here. I have seen him perform three times and he is great. My favorite stand-up comedian. And then I just find out today that another of my favorites is going to be appearing a couple of weeks later out at Chautauqua Institution - Carol Burnett. Glad I didn't pay a fortune and make the trip to that dinner at the Jimmy Stewart Museum a few months ago. Now she will only be 16 miles away! LOL
  24. I can tell you a little about getting to Jamestown by train as I used to do that years ago when I first moved here. There is a train station here, but is not on the Amtrak line. The nearest Amtrak stations are in Erie, PA (about 45 minute drive from here) and in Buffalo. There are 2 stations in Buffalo. One is downtown and one in Depew (just outside of Buffalo). Not sure about how it works now, but there used to be bus service between Buffalo and Jamestown that included a stop at the train station. Plus the Buffalo bus station is only a short walk to the downtown train station as well. I used to take the bus to Buffalo and connect with my train to visit home in central NY or to often take the train to NYC. I don't like to fly, so the train has always been my preferred method of transportation.
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