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  1. @Neil I'm always fascinated reading about when certain episodes from the second and third seasons finally aired in color for the first time on television. Would love a definitive list. @Harrison I think the decision to largely ignore The Lucy Show during the 8:00-12:00 marathon blocks in 1996 may have been due to the switch back to Nick At Nite's regular schedule. Each night at 12:30, an episode from The Lucy Show was going to air anyway, but shouldn't they have just thrown another Lucy program on at midnight each night and let the event run to 1:00am?... I know they showed "Lucy The Stockholder", "Lucy At Marineland" and - I think - "Lucy Goes To A Hollywood Premiere" after hours that particular week. Those felt a little like an extension of Nick At Nite Loves Lucy but, as stated, "Lucy The Good Skate" was the only one programmed for the actual event.
  2. I actually repurchased the issue of the TV Guide from this week in 1996 trying to figure out exactly which I Love Lucy's were chosen. I'd forgotten that episode titles and/or synopses weren't always provided... just a sea of VCR Plus+ codes for people who wanted to program their VHS recorders. Anyway, there is a small feature about Lucy mentioning the Nick At Nite marathon, but it's largely an astrology piece! As for the Lucy's Favorite "Lucy's" episodes - from a bit of research and my own memory - this is the best I can do putting together the list of episodes that aired: Monday, February 12, 1996 8:00 I Love Lucy - The Adagio [uncut episode] (VCR Plus+ Code: 925638) 8:30 I Love Lucy - The Ballet [uncut episode] (937473) 9:00 I Love Lucy - The Freezer [uncut episode] (452367) 9:30 I Love Lucy - Lucy Does A TV Commercial [uncut episode] (4630305) - needs confirmation 10:15 Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie (93077183) Tuesday, February 13, 1996 8:00 I Love Lucy - Lucy Is Enceinte [uncut episode] (835597) - needs confirmation 8:30 I Love Lucy - Lucy Goes To The Hospital [uncut episode] (910232) 9:00 I Love Lucy - ?? [uncut episode] (620752) 9:30 I Love Lucy - ?? [uncut episode] (4607077) 10:15 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour - Lucy Takes A Cruise To Havana (26396874) 11:30 The Lucy Show - Lucy, The Good Skate (319874) Wednesday, February 14, 1996 8:00 I Love Lucy - ?? [uncut episode] (704627) 8:30 I Love Lucy - ?? [uncut episode] (716462) 9:00 I Love Lucy - ?? [uncut episode] (599882) 9:30 I Love Lucy - L.A. At Last! [uncut episode] (4501849) 10:15 Here’s Lucy - Lucy & Joan Rivers Do Jury Duty (6351646) 10:45 Life with Lucy - One Good Grandparent Deserves Another (8112608) 11:15 I Love Lucy - Job Switching [uncut episode] (11829849) Thursday, February 15, 1996 8:00 I Love Lucy - Harpo Marx [uncut episode] (673757) 8:30 I Love Lucy - Lucy And John Wayne [uncut episode] (685592) 9:00 I Love Lucy - Lucy And Bob Hope [uncut episode] (468912) 9:30 I Love Lucy - ?? [uncut episode] (4561221) 10:15 Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie (93915399) Friday, February 16, 1996 8:00 I Love Lucy - Lucy Meets Orson Welles [uncut episode] (542887) 8:30 I Love Lucy - Little Ricky's School Pageant [uncut episode] (554622) 9:00 I Love Lucy - Lucy And The Loving Cup [uncut episode] (264142) 9:30 I Love Lucy - Lucy Misses The Mertzes [uncut episode] (4538993) - needs confirmation 10:15 Here’s Lucy - The Carters Meet Frankie Avalon (6388790) 10:45 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour - Lucy Goes To Mexico (42217577) If anyone can fill in any blanks or provide any corrections, I'd love to have the complete list.
  3. I think The Time Element aired a few months later on Nick At Nite during their TV Land "preview" - that channel launched 25 years ago, too!
  4. "Nick At Nite doth love Lucy!" Tomorrow marks 25 years since the mammoth, week-long "Nick At Nite Loves Lucy" tribute commenced. (Monday, February 12 - Friday, February 16, 1996 from 8pm to Midnight each night). Promotional Poster: Commercial: How the hell has it been 25 years? This was actually the second marathon to employ this name, the first occurring two years earlier when I Love Lucy joined the network. While that 1994 event included exclusively I Love Lucy episodes, it's often confused in retrospectives with this 1996 extravaganza that broadened its scope to represent all five series from Lucille Ball's career, as well as two showings of Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie. Overall, 21 uncut episodes of I Love Lucy were shown (4 or 5 each night), and two Lucy-Desi Comedy Hours were also included: "Lucy Takes A Cruise To Havana" (February 13) and "Lucy Goes To Mexico" (February 16). Though it was still shown as part of the "regular" overnight schedule, I recall just one episode of soon-to-depart-Nick-At-Nite The Lucy Show during the actual marathon; "Lucy, The Good Skate" (February 13). A quarter of a century later, we're fortunate to have every one of these episodes on DVD but - at the time - the real draw was the seldom aired episodes from Lucy's later shows. Applying a little 'rithmetic, 25 years before Nick At Nite Loves Lucy, Here's Lucy was still on the air (!) nearing the conclusion of its third season that week with "Lucy Goes Hawaiian: Part 1" (February 15, 1971). While that classic didn't make the cut, Here's Lucy was represented by two episodes: "Lucy And Joan Rivers Do Jury Duty" (February 14) and "The Carters Meet Frankie Avalon" (February 16). Despite apparent efforts to add it to the TV Land roster later that year, these would end up being the only two episodes of Here's Lucy ever shown on Nick At Nite. Valentine's Day also featured what I believe is the lone Life With Lucy repeat in US broadcast history...the debut episode "One Good Grandparent Deserves Another". Though it felt like a lifetime since the initial airing, this 1996 rebroadcast actually occurred LESS than 10 years after it had first aired on the ABC network. If anyone has a complete list of "Lucy's Favorite" I Love Lucy episodes that aired during this week, I'd love to read it. (I had a lot of this taped but skipped some ILL episodes I already had.) Classic Nick At Nite title card for I Love Lucy episodes:
  5. I know they were polarizing upon release but - of the many home video iterations for 'I Love Lucy' over the past 30+ years - the 2012 repackaging is my absolute favorite. However, I don't believe the artist or team behind these Roy Lichtenstein inspired "comic" graphics has ever been credited. There's nothing to be found on the DVD artwork or any of the merchandise that utilizes the same graphics. Anyone ever sleuth this one out? Have I missed an obvious credit somewhere?
  6. This thread inspired me to check and it looks like he signed in Thursday, less than a day after you posted this. Hope he - and everyone else - is as okay as possible right now. ❤️
  7. This was way better than I anticipated! A lovingly assembled tribute covering her entire career and an excellent starting point for the uninitiated.
  8. Thanks for posting these... I love comparing all of the little differences in the design layout, and it's nice to see Life With Lucy getting releases all over the world. I didn't think we'd ever see the day!
  9. My copy finally arrived! Can't wait to watch later. Thanks to everyone who worked on this DVD project.
  10. Seeing I Love Lucy in a theater was such a special experience. I didn't want it to end. Hopefully this is something they will do again in the future, especially for those who missed it.
  11. It'll be so nice to have all of these in one place. I love the cover art!
  12. It's really nice to have some episodes of Life With Lucy on an official DVD. I wish they'd release the full series!
  13. Has anyone been able to figure out if/when/where Time Life will begin airing the obligatory 30 minute infomercial for the Ultimate Collection set? It should be fun to watch plus it'd be nice to see more of Life With Lucy before buying to get a better idea of the picture quality. The quick flashes of it in the online commercial look rough.
  14. This is hilarious! I've enjoyed watching these episodes of Our Miss Brooks so much. PLEASE let them see a DVD eventually.
  15. Lucille Ball — and her hometown fans — received a much-welcomed gift today: A new bronze statue to replace the hilariously awful one that made headlines around the world as “Scary Lucy.” The new statue, sculpted by artist Carolyn D. Palmer, was unveiled today at the Lucille Ball Memorial Park in Ball’s hometown of Celoron, NY. Today would have been the TV legend’s 105th birthday. “I not only wanted to portray the playful, animated and spontaneous Lucy, but also the glamorous Hollywood icon,” said Palmer. “I just hope that all the Lucy fans are pleased and that Lucille Ball herself would have enjoyed this image of her.” This is the park’s second attempt at a Lucy likeness, following sculptor Dave Poulin’s 2009 massive fail. Poulin’s unintentionally heinous statue, with its demon eyes, horse teeth and altogether lack of resemblance to the Lucy everyone loved, prompted a public outcry and was soon dubbed “Scary Lucy.” A chastened Poulin offered a re-do, but the Western New York village chose instead to stage a national competition. The Hudson Valley, NY-based Palmer was chosen from a pool of more than 65 competing sculptors. Her six-foot-tall bronze statue depicts Ball in a 1950s polka-dot dress, pearls, handbag and high-heels. The new statue will no doubt come as a relief to Lucy fans and little children everywhere. (http://deadline.com/2016/08/lucy-statue-lucille-ball-scary-lucy-carolyn-palmer-1201799668/)
  16. Remember this monstrosity? Well feast your eyes on the new beauty unveiled today in honor of Lucy's birthday!
  17. I thought that was a nice touch! I wonder how many of the people tuning in last night got a little jolt out of hearing a line they'd never heard before in such a classic episode. The special was really well done, I wish there was a way to purchase it.
  18. Oddly, the amazon page for season one has been taken down. THE PLOT THICKENS! Best Buy's MSRP is the aforementioned $129.99.
  19. Those animated My Favorite Husband episodes are fantastic...so well done. Watching the few that were made makes me wish the entire series could be done to enjoy.
  20. Now listed on Best Buy's website with a sale price of $119.99.
  21. Really hoping they stick to the updated "comic" style art for these. Oh, and I'll say it... the price on this is absolutely ridiculous.
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