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  1. Mmm ... Lucy walking down the stairs. I agree with you that it would have been filmed that same evening. But I have to admit, I can't remember the specifics. It was likely just a precursor to her meeting with the Peter Graves character for their date. What I DO remember is that 1 of the 3 cameras ran out of film in the middle of the scene where Lucy is admiring herself in the mirror, saying: "Yeah, I've still got it!" Either the DOP or the Director had to inform Lucy that she had to do the scene again. She asked: How could 1 camera run out of film, but NOT the other 2? I couldn't hear the response, but I thought it was a very good question. Her main concern was the audience. I recall her saying: "Their response is not going to be as good the 2nd time through." In any case, they backed up and took another run at the scene and she altered her delivery just a little to try to breathe new life into the line. As I recall, the audience cooperated by generating a laugh almost as big as the first time through. As for Gary's warm-up, I had the feeling that he had used the material many times before because some of the jokes seemed quite dated. But more than that, I was surprised by the adult content of the material. I know that Lucy always prided herself on her tv shows being something that the whole family could watch. So that's why Gary's warm-up was so jarring to me. Had we been in a night club setting, I wouldn't have thought anything of the adult jokes. But IMHO they were inappropriate for the studio audience that was there that evening. Of course, others may have liked Gary's jokes. We all have different tastes.
  2. I was wondering how many forum members were lucky enough to see any of Lucy's four tv series being filmed live? As for myself, I was able to attend the filming of "Love Among the Two X Fours" (the 6th* episode of "Life With Lucy"). It was great fun to see her and Gale Gordon perform live in the summer of 1986. But I also remember thinking that Gary Morton's warm-up was inappropriate (at times), given the nature of the audience in the bleachers. *6th episode filmed, that is.
  3. Amazon has corrected the error now.
  4. Look what's on the Amazon home page right now ... Are the people running their website paying attention? Or are they just ill-informed?
  5. I see your point, Mot. But I wonder how many fans would feel uncomfortable buying the complete b&w series on blu ray and then some time later buying the complete colorized series on blu ray. CBS would have to analyze which route would be best for it. Very hard to predict, unless CBS was able to get an accurate poll taken of potential buyers.
  6. It's odd that The Andy Griffith Show received a "complete series" blu ray release, but not ILL. I wonder if people were hesitant to purchase the individual seasons of ILL, thinking that they would wait for the entire series to be released on blu ray. I think a blu ray release for the whole series could be successful IF - and I know this is a big impractical IF - the episodes were all colorized. Impractical, I know, because the colorization process is so time-consuming. But one day perhaps the technology will improve to the point where the episodes can be colorized more quickly - without sacrificing the quality that Tom and Rick are known for. So that would be the ideal IMHO: a blu ray set of all the episodes colorized. Can you imagine? Maybe one day ... PS "Thank you" Tom & Rick for your devotion to the colorization process. Great work!
  7. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. It's been so long, I can't recall offhand. But I believe it was someone on this message board who sent me a short clip. I'll have to do some research to figure out who it was that sent it to me. Thx for posting the Sherman Oaks material.
  8. Apologies for the "re-run" of this topic. (I first posted this about 6 years ago, I think). I'm hoping that some new discovery may have been made since my 1st inquiry. I've checked with the Library at Claremont College and was told that they do NOT have a complete audio recording of Lucy's appearance at Claremont College in the fall of 1985. Hard to believe, but that's what they say. I've heard one short excerpt from that Q&A session, but I'd like to listen to the complete evening - if it's available. If anyone is aware of the existence of a complete recording, please speak up and post any details. Thanks !
  9. Any particular reason? That was the timeslot for LWL back in 1986.
  10. Is anyone able to confirm that the new version will be available in the WIDESCREEN format originally shown in theaters?
  11. I've been thinking about the Blanchett / Sorkin project. My guess is that it will focus on Lucy in the 1950's during the heyday of I Love Lucy and that it will end around the time of Lucy and Desi's divorce. No doubt, there were a lot of dramatic incidents which occurred during those years. However ... I think it would be equally interesting - perhaps moreso - to have the project focus INSTEAD on the years from Mame to the end of Lucy's life. Why ? It was during those years, that Lucy had to come to terms with what was basically an enforced retirement. It would be interesting I think to have this part of her life dramatized rather than the more familiar 1950's timeframe. Lots of potential themes during this latter part of her life - aging, changing audience tastes, coping with commercial failure, coping with the loss of her mother and Vivian Vance, etc. I'd be curious to know what others think of the idea of focussing on her later life rather than the 1950's.
  12. I'm one of those people who held off on the blu-ray sets because I saw myself purchasing all 6 / 9 seasons and then being tempted to purchase them all over again in the "colorized" format. My feeling is that CBS / Paramount should proceed with colorizing every episode and remastering them in hi-def. And then test the marketplace with the entire set. This may not be likely, but I would be more likely to buy a blu-ray set of the series if everything was colorized. Blu-ray quality and colorized all in one fell swoop !
  13. I asked MPI Home Video where I could get replacement cases like the ones they use. While they were kind enough to replace a damaged case for me, they were not willing to provide any information about what vendor supplies those multi-disc cases. I guess that information is Top Secret for some reason ! Very strange.
  14. I wonder if any of you have found that your DVD cases arrive damaged in the mail when you place an online order for a whole season's worth of episodes? Could be something Lucy-related or other tv series. The cases that MPI Home Video and CBS / Paramount use for "The Lucy Show" and "Here's Lucy" are the best that I have seen. No spindle or hub on the outside "walls" of the case, but 2 tray inserts that pivot, each holding 2 discs. QUESTION: Does anyone know who the supplier is of the dvd cases used by MPI Home Video and CBS / Paramount? I'd like to buy a few of these as future replacements for cases that get damaged in the mail. Thanks for any info you can pass along.
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