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  1. Besides the usual bonus content, this set will also feature the following bonus features: Clip from "The Carol Burnett Show" Clip from 1968 Emmy Awards Funny Outtakes "Lucy Gets Her Diploma" with Italian audio and opening graphics Fashions by Stevenson (costume sketches)
  2. Not sure if this was posted yet but HERE'S LUCY (Season 6) is on MPI's release schedule for December! The actual date isn't listed yet as far as I know. But it's on the site following a release called "Rites Of Spring" (which streets on Nov. 27). So that means HERE'S LUCY must be coming out in December!
  3. That's an idea too! Though you can't really tell if the discs are housed on the sides or in the middle. But it's better than having the dark case and not being able to see the insert at all.
  4. Yup, I got a black case too. At first, I was like "Something's missing. What is it?" Then, I realized the case and pulled out the insert to find the episode list. Problem is...those clear 4-disc cases are not easy to find. I have looked high and low. Unless you buy another set and switch cases, does anyone have a better idea of how to find clear cases?
  5. Sorry if this is old news but I just found the bonus features for this release, as follows: • Introduction by Jack Klugman & Ruta Lee • Lucy Moves To NBC: A Remembrance • Never-Before-Seen Outtakes & Bloopers • Bungle Abbey - TV pilot starring Gale Gordon & directed by Lucille Ball with introduction by Gino Conforti • Let’s Talk To Lucy - lost radio interview with Bob Hope • Lucy on The Bob Hope Special It's a packed release!
  6. According to MPI's web site, these are the extras for Season 5: New Video Episode Introductions by Lucie Arnaz & Others Featurette: Here’s Lucy Spotlight: Desi Arnaz, Jr. Let‘s Talk To Lucy - Lost Interviews with Frank Sinatra Lucy on The Donny & Marie Show Treasures From Lucie‘s Vault (Bloopers, home movies) Here‘s Lucy Slide Show, Production Files & Syndication Promos Doesn't seem like as much as the other seasons but they could be running out of footage that they are able to license. Would be nice if they could include just one episode from "Life With Lucy" as a teaser possibly for a complete series set?!?
  7. Does anyone know what happened to MPI's releases? No sign of the next Lucy special or Here's Lucy season yet.
  8. My guess is it will be out in January 2012. I say this because I saw the new additions to the MPI schedule and, while The Donna Reed Show: Season 4 was listed, Here's Lucy was not. So unless they decided to release it alongside TLS in December, I think we're looking at January. Hopefully, Season 6 won't be far behind so we can complete this before Summer 2012. And, by the way, whatever happened to "Lucy Moves to NBC"? I had thought it was complete and ready for release but no word on that one either.
  9. Hadn't been online in a few days and then I saw this news. Totally excited for this. Almost complete with TLS. Only 1 more season!!!! Oh! And I, too, loved Brock's 2 posts "negative ---- thinking"
  10. Watched some episodes on Saturday night with my best friend and my mom. We were laughing so hard. Watched the end of the Europe trip..."Monte Carlo", "Bike Trip" and "Return Home from Europe".
  11. Hmmmm, could this possibly explain the delay of "Here's Lucy" Season 5?!?! Maybe this will be a preview of some of the things to come to dvd.
  12. But couldn't some of these be included as bonus features on the remaining seasons of LS and HL? I'd especially like to see that ep of Dinah!
  13. To make it fit, we crank down the smoke stack and squeeze in the poop deck.

    1. PuttyNose


      This is one of my fave lines!!

    2. Robert13


      The whole exchange between Cynthia and Lucy & Ethel is a riot.

  14. You go West Palm Beach?

    1. Brock
    2. Robert13


      Oh, we go West Palm Beach...

  15. The current banner from MY FAVORITE EPISODE of the whole series!!!! ("Too Many Crooks") I've seen it twice this past week. LOVE IT!!! (especially the fire escape scene)
  16. Yes! I want the 2 Annabel movies on dvd. I hope that's next. Is that a Warner Archive title or would that be Sony?
  17. Ah, that explains it. I thought there might be a delay. Does anyone know why Sony's Columbia Classics area is down?
  18. Well, I hope he didn't pick up any of his good ones like scratching himself or peeling bananas with his feet.

    1. Brock


      Little Ricky, you better go on a diet or you'll end up looking like your mommy! ;)

  19. Has anyone pre-ordered yet? I just went searching and couldn't find it at Warner Archive and the Columbia Classics site still isn't working.
  20. It seems like they were taking a break from Lucy dvds (with the exception of the "best of" HL collection coming out). Nothing so far on amazon and MPI's schedule goes up to September 27th so far and no sign of it. Maybe October?
  21. Mrs. Ricardo? Do you think you'll be able to do the show? ......well, do you? .......Lucy: what?

  22. I remember reading it was being prepped for dvd for a September release by MPI. But they've announced their September release schedule and there is no sight of any Lucy-related dvds. Just wondering if it was pushed back.
  23. Fred: I love potatoes. Ethel: yeah Fred: I LOVE potatoes!

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