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    There was a Zsa Zsa Gabor Show?? When? What was it?
  2. Gag Headlines

    Willviv options Desilu's failed Maggie Brown pilot and recasts with Merman understudy Vivan Vance Willviv's variety show pilot "Bill Frawley Sings the Old Ones" sits on the shelf next to "Maggie Brown" Under Frawley's helm, Willviv submits their sitcom pilot script "The Betty Grable Show" to Betty in which she falls "legs over heels" for a slightly-older diary-writing ex-vaudevillian. Grable's agent: "Nertz!!"
  3. Lucy on The Jackie Gleason Show on DVD

    Lucy did a lot of "exchange appearances" so it's odd that she was never on Gleason or Red Skelton's show, especially the latter. I'm not familiar with Jackie's show outside of the Honeymooners so I don't know if it was a standard variety show with guest stars. Granted, Gleason's Here's Lucy appearance was only a cameo, but STILL.....and by the time of 3 for 2, he no longer had his show.
  4. I bought it.....and ....SURPRISE!!..besides the movies, it's the same old batch of public domain 16mm prints of 5th-6th season episodes. Added featurette: a Lucy bio with an on-camera narrator (who's no Larry Macadoo) reciting facts about her life interspercing PD clips with intros like "I'm sure this one will bring back a lot of memories"-- cut to scenes from "Lucy and Robert Goulet", "Little Old Lucy" and "Lucy Babysits the Chimps"!
  5. Years ago, I posted 4 minutes of "Celebrity Next Door" (Talu) on youtube and today I was notified that this was posted in the comments section. He took the words right out of my mouth!! なんとなくしか英語わからないのにめっちゃ面白い! please この番組について教えてください! グーグルで調べても出てこないのどうしてさ!
  6. The Christmas Show was #13 in the ratings for the week, amazingly good for a Friday/Saturday when network viewership is at its lowest. It was #6 among scripted shows, excluding sports, reality and competition shows. Dick Van Dyke came in at #18. So we're bound to see more. I nominate "The Operetta" for the next one. But if they have to choose 2 that have a similar theme, I don't know what the other one should be (please not "Little Ricky's Pagaent"). Or maybe "Lucy Makes Room for Danny" to fill up a whole hour. Others that would be good "Ricky Wants a Raise" so we can see Frawley's ruby red lips, "Million Dollar Idea" or "Staten Island Ferry" just to name a few off the top of my head that hold up extremely well.
  7. In the May 9, 1959 TV Guide, a 3-page spread was devoted to a list of the 100 outstanding shows of the 58-59 season. Some were sporting events or political coverage. For entertainment most were "events": "Hallmark Hall of Fame", "Playhouse 90" "Omnibus" "Bell Telephone Hour", mostly specials (and one "Desilu Playhouse"). Only TWO sitcoms made the list. An episode of "Father Knows Best" from February 1959 "Kathy Grows Up". Don't know what was so special about that particular FKB episode. The other comedy to make the list was December 1958's debut of "Lucy Makes Room for Danny". It's wonderful that the greatness of that one was appreciated even at the time. But come Emmy time, why was everything connected with "The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show" ignored, the show itself, the writing and the actors? The 58-59 winner for Best Actress-Comedy Series Continuing Character was FKB's Jane Wyatt winning over Ann Soutern, Ida Lupino, Donna Reed, Spring Byington and my personal pick among the nominees Gracie Allen. Jane is perfectly fine on FKB but WHY is it that the spouse of the lead character always got nominated as a LEAD when they were no more the star of the show than several others in the cast? Even Ted Bessell, boyfriend of Marlo Thomas got one lead nomination for "That Girl".
  8. If Fred had been roped into accompanying the girls to Don Loper's, we might have heard this bit of dialogue:
  9. To put the shock of a $500 dress in perspective, today that would be $4,600. Even the $100 dress would cost a daunting $920.00
  10. Well, I didn't die....but when I realized it had been cut, I pitched a short fit. I suspected that Mrs. C would be cut. Of all the celebrities, he is the least remembered. But the colorization was so great, I forgave them. Really, the fashion colors were so well done, when 30 years ago at the start of colorizing, they would have been more garish. Ditto the Dick Van Dyke colorizing. No one who didn't know would suspect that these were not shot in color in the first place. Didn't the cast do an Alan Brady Christmas show once? I'm surprised they haven't picked that one yet.
  11. You're right. They could have ended season 3 with the complication surrounding Viv's upcoming wedding and starting season 4 with the "event" premiere of Viv's wedding, an hour-long show that could have included clips of their adventures and a tearful parting of the ways. Maybe pre-Rhoda (and later Phyllis), Lucy could have forgotten to pick Viv up for the wedding. ("Marineland" could WAIT!) With Viv no longer renting, Mooney might have told her she can no longer afford the house and should consider moving into an apartment. It's good-bye to Chris as she heads off to college (a separate episode) and Jerry suddenly going alt-right and insisting on military school (another separate episode), leaving Lucy alone. Then Mooney says he's making a change with a transfer to southern California and has picked out a delightful apartment in Hollywood ("There are scads of them there!") , which would give Lucy the idea: "I've always loved the idea of living in California. The closest I've ever gotten was Las Vegas." Cut to Mooney's face: "Oh NOOOOO!". Lucy: "I KNOW!!! We can go in 1/3-2/3rds on a moving van and drive cross-country together (which could have encompassed 3 episodes including "Theodore's Home Town"). Where's Irma? She's gone ahead to get the apartment ready. Lucy figures she should only pay 1/3 because most of the van is taken up with Irma's body-building gym equipment (although I don't think Irma was depicted as the bow-legged 7 ft.tall 'tough-guy-looking' monster she eventually became). Once they arrive, they discover Audrey Simmons as a stowaway escaping Danfield under the witness-protection program and given a new identity, with a new chipmunk cadence to her voice to thwart the mafia on her trail. Audrey's crime: under mafia influence, she threw the Danfield Firebells softball game to Ridgebury and had turned state's evidence. I only wish Frannie, Thelma and Kathleen had joined her stowing away to California.
  12. Did Ken Levine mention "The Lucy Show" 1/1/68 clip show in his blog? I couldn't find it. There was a long list of people's responses to clips shows. I didn't know "Leave it to Beaver" did one. I'll bet it was left out of the rerun syndication package. I'm biased because I could never stand the show but one of my least favorite clip shows was the hour-long retrospective Lucy hosted for "3's Company". I like John Ritter but this show was too smarmy for my taste. Someone overhears two people talking and jumps to the wrong conclusion, usually about sex. I know Lucy adored John but I wouldn't think she'd like 3's Company. Funny thing about that Golden Girls episode. I don't think the vignettes were from actual episodes (I could be wrong). I haven't seen the whole series but i don't remember the girls having boyfriends concurrently and going away for the weekend, but the condom-buying scene with Pat McCormick (writer: Lucy in London, Here's Lucy "Bogie Affair"-?) is hilarious. Pat's timing is impeccable "The blonde wants the (can't remember brand)(Pat waits for laugh to die down)........in BLACK". The insensitive clerk blurting out the items for a price check is not new. In 'Bananas", Woody is buying a batch of respectable magazines and slips in a porn mag, which required the same broadcast "price check". And speaking of "Bananas", Woody borrowed the 'lawyer Lucy questioning witness Lucy' bit ("Lucy is Her Own Lawyer") and jumping back and forth. I like Lucy's version better. I'm not familiar enough with Dick Van Dyke to know whether the episodes selected for this year are DVD at its best. The first 2 included "Coast to Coast Big Mouth" which hasn't aged as well as I would have thought. The other was noteworthy for the, probably controversial for the time, end scene. I always preferred the office episodes of DVD as opposed to home life.
  13. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    Reading Mamie's fine print without my glasses, I thought she wrote Barbara Pepper instead of Barbara Peyton!
  14. Wildcat

    Did he write a book?
  15. Unpopular Opinions - Lucy style

    What Here's Lucys and I Love Lucys has Max seen? I've mentioned this before but when the DVD release of the 24 best Here's Lucy was announced, they didn't say what episodes. I had trouble coming up with 24 that I considered worthy of any 'best' disc. Whereas I Love Lucy's 180 episodes can be divided into thirds: 1/3 true classics we never get tired of, 1/3 that are still pretty good but shop short of classic status and 1/3 that are so-so. Other than the episodes mentioned on this board, there aren't many episodes that are truly BAD, just disappointing when compared with the rest of the series. Max is not the first person I've heard this from but this opinion is certainly in the minority.