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  1. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    "The Conners": well , they pulled it off. Like the original "Roseanne" AND the reboot, there's an honesty about the show that allows it to mix drama and comedy--a mix not found in virtually any other show (but granted I don't watch many of them). Usually if an actor left a sitcom (or died), they had their character do one of 2 things: they would be out of town taking care of sick relative (Joseph Kearns in "Dennis the Menace"; Alice Pearce in "Bewitched) or they would get abruptly transferred to PAKISTAN (Bob Cummings in "My Living Doll" Don Defore and Whitney Blake in "Hazel"--resigned and fired respectively). I don't remember: did they kill Valerie off immediately when "Valerie" became "Valerie's Family"? Again, I paid no attention to real-life Roseanne Barr's loud-mouth politics or her tweets (and I don't know why anyone was listening to her in the first place). I'm in the minority who enjoyed her in her own SHOW. The rest of the cast is so very strong, yes, but I wish they hadn't killed Roseanne Conner off. I was hoping Barr would eat enough crow that she could return to her own series. But this is a series that brought Dan back to life, had Becky and Becky2 in the same episode so maybe they could do it. Like one of those "Dallas" dreams. I'm amazed how good these reboots are: Conners, Will&Grace, Murphy Brown. (haven't seen others). I never would have predicted it. Will, Grace, Jack and Karen could be the PARENTS of the originals. It's been 20 years since the debut season.
  2. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    If you want to see Laurie at her absolute finest, I recommend you rent, stream, download, upload, tweet, Hulu, snapchat, instantgram (or whatever it is you youngsters do these days) the HBO series "Getting On" of a few years ago. There were only 18 episodes, 3 seasons of 6 half-hour shows. If you "like" her as Jackie you'll LOVE her as Dr. Jenna James. (to borrow the tag line from the full page TV Guide ad for "The Mary Tyler Moore Hour"---"If you liked Mary Richards, you'll LOVE Mary McKinnon!!"...but we didn't.)
  3. Episode selecting: I don't know why they never ask US. Or more specifically: ME!! ---(I just picked one of us at random and it turned out to be me. I'm just as surprised as you are.) Harrison wrote----And while "Getting Bald" is a good selection I would have instead went with "Lucy's Schedule" since that was Gale Gordon's ---- I agree "Bald" is a good one and that "Schedule" is even better but of those last 1st season shows my absolute favorite is "Ricky's Raise". How can you beat Fred Mertz in drag making flirtatious faces? !! And that falsetto voice "Hazel! Look!" followed by his bump and grind exit. And then there's Lucy: a stellar episode for her. She inhabits each of the characters she's impersonating but my favorite is her "Miss McGillicuddy" : "Do I have a reservation??"--laughs--"only 17 people that's all.....McGillicuddy". In the "little things they do together" category, I love how they come up with the plan. They've made all the reservations, then Fred points out that this will only make Xavier look bad. "Oh yeah. they have to know it's because of Ricky"; "Well, I guess we could come in and leave a couple of times" "Oh, but they'd recognize us"....then the plot is hatched. You do have to feel sorry for poor Xavier Valdez--who probably gives up show business and goes back to cleaning canary cages.
  4. I'm assuming you mean of the LWL shows that AIRED. I don't remember much about "Sax" but the unaired "Guard Goose", "Gigantigrow" and "Up a Tree" must have been worse. I'm disappointed that my favorite LWL "Legal Eagle" wasn't included. Lucy in the courtroom was the "old Lucy" back again. "Curtis Retires" (can't remember actual title) and "Greatest Grandmother" were worth including. ILL: I could do without Bob Hope, Christmas Show, Tango, Ricky Going Bald and Courtroom when there are so many that are better. Disappointed in the majority of their Lucy Show selections: only TWO from my favorite season #2 (but both good picks); and ONE from season #4 that contained a lot of gems besides "Dean" which is probably the best of the season. Their HL selections: OY! I know they have to include Burtons and I'm on board with Ski Lift/Dinah, OK with Pickle, and maybe even "Harry's Pot" but the rest of them you can have: "Bogie Affair" "Donnie Osmond" "L and Johnny Carson?....SHEESH! I'm not fond any of the HL Lucy and Carol Burnett HLs (dubbed vocals!). "Lucy and Danny Thomas" was perhaps the weakest season opener of any Lucy series, including LWL. There are about 10 to 20 HL gems IMO and they only have two of them. But I'll probably buy the set anyway.
  5. TV advertisements for shows would often carry this tag line: "Mondays at 8:30 on MOST OF THESE STATIONS"---which meant nothing to us kids in the sticks. Locally, we only had the three networks and one independent so "most of these stations" to me meant the show was carried on MOST of the channels we received. What they were trying to say is that the show would be on Mondays 8:30 on most of the CBS affiliates, but the wording was baffling.
  6. ------Does this having something to do with discrepancies in local markets?----- I don't know for sure but I think this may be the reason. I don't have TV Guides from that era but I've got a bunch from the late 50s and early 60s and I Love Lucy, reruns still running in prime time, is all over the place. Local stations evidently had scheduling discretion, especially in smaller markets where one station was an affiliate for more than one network (sometimes all 3). I don't know when the transcontinental cable came to be but the lack of the ability to send the shows to markets electronically, I can only assume, meant that prints were delivered physically to local stations (16mm??) And if a station carried more than one network, was the station "courted" by the networks to run their programming? These dual-network affiliates would run whatever they chose at the original network time and then carry some other shows in off-hours. One affiliate (can't remember which) ran "The Lucy Show" at 7:00 on Saturday. Speaking of local stations opting out of the network feed, I would NOT have wanted to be a kid in Kansas in the 60s. The Kansas TV Guide I have covers a wide enough area that there were 3 CBS affiliates listed and NOT ONE carried I Love Lucy in the morning, though they carried the 2 subsequent sitcom reruns "The McCoys" and "Pete and Gladys". And it's not like the replaced Lucy with ratings-grabbers. Each station ran a different show in the ILL time slot. One station ran a show entitled something like "Farm Life Today". Why was Kansas so anti-ILL? CBS owned I Love Lucy then ;and I read somewhere that the TOTAL budget for a week's worth of 5 episodes was only $5,000! And while I'm asking unanswerable questions: why would CBS have scheduled a failed 2-season 72-episode show like "Pete and Gladys", for 2 full years? (meaning each episode was seen 7 or 8 times on top of the original nighttime run--and summer rerun). It's because CBS was part-owner of the show, as revealed in the closing credits and their out-of-pocket expense was small (my guess). Why was P&G NOT a Desilu production? Since the show it spun off of ,"December Bride", was?
  7. "The Road to Button Bay" a show about the Girl Scouts (or Camp Fire Girls) aired before "Opening Night" in 1962----if my TV Guide perusing memory is correct.

    Burt certainly had a long and unique career, being a minor but semi-regular character on "Riverboat" and "Gunsmoke", TWO failed ABC detective shows, and then at an age when for most actors, the superstar-ship would have already sailed, he hits it big with Deliverance, poses for Cosmopolitan (not completely naked as usually stated) and then spends several years as one of the top box office draws in movies. His later career side-choices are interesting: his Florida theater and his game show Win Lose or Draw. He even had a minor hit with sitcom "Evening Shade" and kept making comebacks.
  9. SPOILER ALERT: CHEAP CRACK Yes, A-G Jeff Sessions.
  10. Not since barely-known Lucille Ball registered Communist in 1936 to appease her socialist grandfather has one of our own got into this much political hot water. I'm loving the headlines "BROADWAY STAR criticized....etc." Even Mick Huckabee has weighed in! I hope Carole gets some talk show exposure. She's still sharp as a tack.
  11. IMDB doesn't know what they're talking about. True "3 for 2" did not get a great critical response. Lucy was trying something new. I've rewatched 3 of 2 and while I wouldn't call it riveting, it's not bad, not as un-entertaining as I remember. When you put 2 of the greatest comedic stars of the 50s and 60s together for a special, the public expected LAUGHS and not thoughtful-intentioned vignettes. I had 3 of 2 on VHS (long since gone) and my version had a LAUGH TRACK. Evidently Gary had it put it for foreign distribution. I know "Lucy Calls the President" was shown in Switzerland....because I was there when it was on. It was dubbed, so very interesting to watch. I don't think CBS lost interest in Lucy. She just had trouble finding something new to do for them.
  12. My Three Sons

    I don't suppose Steve or Bub did the Laurel and Hardy mutual destruction scene (or whatever they call it) with someone else in line.
  13. Yes, I'm a ratings-buff...so appreciate any further information you have. You're right in that I get my figures from the Marsh and Brooks book, the only source I have except for old newspaper articles I find here and there (and whiz-kid encyclopedia-brain: our own Harry Carter). These lists very rarely go beyond the top 20 (and sometimes the bottom 10). I've seen the Variety season rundown for the full season of 71-72 and it, too varies from the M&B book listing. Here's Lucy comes in at #8, not #10 as is usually cited. However, I've never seen 2 separate lists for each half season so very interesting. One more question: what was the ranking of "The New Dick Van Dyke Show" in the fall and winter of 73-74? I only saw some 3rd season episodes of NDVD (which if you say it fast sounds like "The Nude Dick Van Dyke Show") I thought it was pretty good. Certainly nothing embarrassing. TNDVDS was to the original like TLS to I Love Lucy. A good show, but nothing could top the revered classic. Of course, TLS fared better than Dick's return. I find it ironic that the Emmy recognition (in nominations) came to TLS (supporting for Gale, directing, writing) when the quality of the show was going downhill. Also ironic (to me) is that my favorite TLS season, the 2nd received no Emmy nods, not even for Lucy. I'll give it to "Dick Van Dyke" over "The Lucy Show" (only bowing to the greater public's taste, not my own) but "The Farmer's Daughter"? Or (perhaps) the strangest Best Comedy nomination ever: The Bill Dana Show?? I don't really remember much about "Daughter", so maybe it was an LOL-fest! SOME DAY I'm going to get access to all the ratings figures.
  14. AHA! So the 2nd half of the season, it would actually still have been in the top 20! (#19). One notch ahead of Monday Night Football. As it stood at season's end, HL and Monday Night Football/ABC Monday Night movie were pretty much neck and neck. Football got a 21.2, Movie 20.2, HL, a strong second with a 20.0. NBC Monday Movie finished out of top 30. Which means during the last half of season, HL won its time slot over ABC and NBC movies. Does this chart have anything about the New Dick Van Dyke Show? How many shows are on the list in all? During the time of Life with Lucy they were not counting Fox yet and, depending on week, there were only 65-70 shows. LWL's 2nd week (John Ritter) was #57 which wouldn't be so bad today but that put it in the bottom 10, where it stayed. The last show received its worst rating. Despite the appearance of Audrey Meadows and a 1/2 page picture ad in TV Guide, it was 2nd to last for the week, followed by the unfortunate Ellen Burstyn Show.
  15. Very interesting observations. Where did you get the info that HL's ratings improved by 2 points between Jan and March? These 2 months had some of the best HL episodes in a long time, starting with "NG as RN" which ran in January.