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  1. I have the Prettybelle CD but never caught those lyrics. Prettybelle is no WILDCAT but it has a good score. Show closed out of town but many years later Angela and (what I assume is) the rest of the original cast put it out on LP. This was 1971 so I don't know how UN-PC this was at the time, but there are many references to rape (including its own peppy song) and it's treated a little too light-heartedly. I was able to get a recorded-from-audience version of whole show and my favorite number "Manic Depressives" had been cut!. The failure of Dear World and Prettybelle along with the rather unsavory "Something for Everyone" movie are reasons cited for why Angela did not get the Mame movie, but I'm inclined to believe even without front-runner Lucy, they wouldn't have gone with Angela. Though I can't think of any other likely candidate in 1973.
  2. I don't know if anyone finds this interesting but sometimes I think about and find fascinating how fleeting time is and how close things were relative to the current year--when they seemed like ages apart, if that makes sense: (my math may need a little fact checking). If "Mame" was in production today, Lucille "too OLD for the role" Ball would have been born in 1958, the same year as Megan Mullaly, Bebe Neuwirth, Annette Benning, Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Pfeiffer, Holly Hunter, Jamie Lee Curtis AND EVE PLUMB!!---any one of which seems age-appropriate now. If "Life with Lucy" was airing this season, Here's Lucy would have ended its run in 2007, I Love Lucy would have premiered in 1983 and the Ernie Kovacs Comedy Hour would have aired in 1992. Lucy would have been born in 1944. Marriage to Gary: 1994. Wildcat: 1993-4. Today, the rustic old days of "Wildcat"'s Centavo City: 1970
  3. Heaven's loudspeaker: "TELEPHONE FOR WALTER PIDGEON"
  4. Cheers, yes. But was "Newhart" all that GREAT?
  5. As "Lucy Makes Room" judge Gale Gordon might say: "Oh you ARE a fan"
  6. Re: Lucy's answer to Gary Collins/Hour Magazine question: "(without Vivian) would you ever do a series with another woman?". (Answer: a definite "No, sir.") Speaking for Mary Jane Lewis, all I can say is "WELL!!! What was I? Chopped Chipmunk Liver???"
  7. This was the sort of perspective I was hoping for. Though I thought Lucy's LWL make-up was too harsh, she moved like a much younger woman. (Example: her entrance dancing to "Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs"--was that a real group??). And the critic reaction WAS quite ageist, and unfair--always stating she was 75 and "shouldn't be doing" what she could still do. Now that some of these critics are themselves probably 75, maybe they see things a little differently. Writer is right about supporting cast. With the exception of Leonard (and of course Gale), they were as bland as bland can be. In retrospect, the premiere was as good as anyone could expect it to be. (But--ONCE AGAIN-- shame on director and/or editor for including the foam output of a second extinguisher.) And BYW, Lucy's first "I'll never do another....can't top what....." came after LDCH, 2 year before The Lucy Show. One misquote: "Stone Pillow" was CBS not ABC. (Luckily when Lucy Moved to NBC, she got a round-trip ticket.) The "Stone Pillow" history depends on the writer. Some have referred to it as a failure, both critically and ratings-wise. Here, the writer is closer to the truth. While not a ground-breaking TV movie, it scored in the top 10 for the week--a major accomplishment considering it was opposite a segment of ABC's very popular "Helen & Ann" * mini-series. *excuse me: that was "North and South(ern)"
  8. Here's an interesting audio interview of my dear Cara Williams, done fairly recently. I haven't listen to it all yet, but she starts talking about Pete & Gladys AND Lucy at 21:35. I say "MY dear' Cara, because even SHE admits she was difficult....as does everyone who worked with her in interviews I've seen or heard.
  9. And I say HERE HERE! The few "Elizabeth"'s I've seen don't hold up, but no one can touch Betty's Sue Ann Nivens. (I wasn't as wild about GG's Rose as most people). But I say the great Cara Williams is the most underrated, forgotten TV sitcom actress to ever grace the TV screen. There was only ONE Lucy, but Cara was the only who came close to replicating her style and appeal. She brought more comic talent and heart to Pete and Gladys than it really deserved. A pedestrian effort, wild and non-sensical, but undeniably funny, occasionally hilarious. But as series: a few too many "Drafted"-like episodes. The loosest "spin-off" sitcom of all. Emmy doesn't recognize shows like Pete & Gladys but the Academy honored Cara with a nomination (lost to Hazel's Shirley Booth). And I know I've sung Cara's praises before, but by this time, I've run out of new things to post! Someone on Youtube has colorized some P&Gs along with a few Cara Williams Shows, the latter was a disappointment. A little too dull and not worthy of Cara's talent. It disappeared after one season along with Cara's career as a star. And she was only 40, the same age as Lucy when ILL started.
  10. Oppenheimer v. Desilu "I call witness for the prosecution, Harrison to the stand"
  11. The $15 disc is no doubt the same copy that's been circulating for years: poorly copied from a kinescope on to VHS, then copied and copied before being transferred somewhere along the way to DVD. Subsequent Steve Lawrence Shows were done in color but unfortunately this one is in b/w. It's Lucy at her absolute finest. The show starts out with Lucy and Steve singing "Together Wherever We Go" (riding an elephant!). Lucy sounds so good, at first I didn't think it was her. I've been able to see bits of the original videotape in pristine quality but as far as I know it has not been released in any professional form, which is too bad. This is a great variety hour (mainly due to Lucy's glamorous presence). I don't know about the subsequent SL shows but the series fared so poorly in the ratings despite being part of the CBS Monday line-up, it was cancelled after 13 weeks. I don't know who owns the rights now. Maybe Lawrence will put it out one day. One of the very last variety shows (if not THE last) to originate from New York. Also one of the last that concentrated on music, rather than comedy. There was an art to these musical-variety shows, missing from later variety series that concentrated on comedy. Lawrence later showed great comic flair when he appeared on Carol Burnett. Lucy's SL episode has no skits.
  12. In the vein of that surreal unproduced "Lucy Goes to Broadway" special, they could have done "Lucy Makes a Musical" with "good sport" guest stars Roz Russell, Angela, Ann Miller, Ann Sothern, Carole Cook and Ginger Rogers all angling for the part. Aghast when Lucy is cast, they conspire to "help" her.
  13. I've probably said this before, but......they cut a cute Lucy bit. I'm trying to remember the scene: Lucy is sitting at the restaurant table talking to the waiter. (I don't think Ben/Don has arrived yet.) She sipping on a drink with a stalk of celery in it. Reacting to something waiter said, she misses the straw and instead sucks on celery and pulls it out of the drink to look( in profile) at waiter as the scene ends. In the aired version, they ended the scene just 5 seconds too soon. That's my memory of it anyway. Hope I'm describing so you can visualize. I like the portrayal of Lucy Carter as sane and mature, but NOT THIS sane and mature. She's almost too sedate. Isn't there a funnier middle-ground between this and "Gorboona"? The werewolf make up was applied REAL TIME as we listened to Don Knott's Ben-Fred story, with Lucy saying her lines off camera. (I'll have to come up with a shorthand version of "I've probably said this before, but.....". Any suggestions? However, I figure if any crowd is used to "reruns", this is it).
  14. "Mames Maimed!" where it is revealed that the skier who broadsided Lucy up at Snow Mass was Angela Lansbury, who later claimed she only intended to wish Lucy good luck in the show business "break a leg" tradition.
  15. If the LWL-DVD was produced by either the Lucy Show or Here's Lucy DVD teams, they'll at least TRY to use the best source material and include outtakes, etc. As much as I want this to complete the Lucy series-on DVD collection, I dread the resurrection of the cruel reviews. But then again, maybe time will be kinder to LWL. Younger people who haven't been influenced and jaded by 40 years of Mame bashing seem to like the movie.
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