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  1. Wonder if this post will be deleted ..... http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/theme-park-rangers-blog/os-universal-studios-lucy-hello-kitty-20150817-post.html
  2. I would think they would want someone that hasn't sued the center...
  3. Why would the center have Ric involved in any of their events? There are plenty of other people with vast knowledge of Lucy that could moderate these events! I think this is terrible after everything that he has done!
  4. http://www.usnews.com/news/entertainment/articles/2015/06/28/national-comedy-center-promises-laughs-learning Interesting article. The comedy hall of fame now runs the Lucy desi center. Wonder what will happen to the museum once the hall of fame opens?
  5. At least celeron will always have lucy's childhood home! The fans can go there to celebrate lucy!
  6. They will just continue to use lucy and her fans to make money over the next couple of years and then lucy will disappear from Jamestown. Once the hall of fame is open there is no way they keep the Lucy center open. They will probably just put a plaque up in the hall of fame for her... They will continue to try to sell off the archives to make more money for this venture. Journey doesn't care about Lucy she never even saw the show before becoming the director. Sad!!
  7. Surprise surprise the center caught in another lie... So glad none of the costumes sold!
  8. $1,223 to be exact! Amazing weekend at Lucy lane with all the wonderful and generous Lucy fans!
  9. Clean up went well! We did a lot of work this weekend but it was fun work! We had a great weekend. We are both doing well and are back in Rochester. We were back to our real jobs at 830am
  10. it was nice meeting everyone at Lucy Lane this weekend!!
  11. If I was running the center fund raising would be a top priority and it wouldn't be done by selling items from the archives. The archives should be organized and more lucy items should be put on display for the fans to enjoy. Exhibits should be rotated so that fans have a reason to keep coming back to the museum and playhouse (that name should be changed back). Preserving lucy's legacy for current and future fans is what is important. The center should be a fun place and all of this drama and turmoil is ruining it. The festivals used to be so much fun for the fans, when it was about Lucy. Now it's all about stand up comedy and the hall of fame and I'm just not interested in that.
  12. Everyone should start expressing their concerns directly to the center. Write on their Facebook wall or call them! whatever it takes!
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