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  1. Remember when they would have different Lucy authors at the lucy-desi days? They would serve breakfast and then have a Q &A? I would love them to have Paula Stewart and Lee Tannen talking their books and arguing over who loved Lucy more.
  2. That would be great!! I can't wait! I wish I could join you all this year but I'm a little busy that weekend!
  3. Thanks Brock! I promise not wait about ten years to post again!
  4. that's great!!! I can't make it this year but hopefully I will be there next year! especially since I live just over an hour away now!!
  5. it's so great hearing about the great time everyone had. I'm going to try as hard as I can to get there next year! It's been too long since I have been there!!! Although I think I am going on a weekend trip there sometime this fall just to see the museum's.
  6. thanks! everything is going great. Just been so busy with work and family. Love reading all your posts about Jamestown!
  7. that's great to hear. I always made it a point to stop there at least once during the festival.
  8. I just found out she's coming to Auburn NY in may as well! That's about 20 minutes from my house! I can't wait!!
  9. I just found out it's coming to Buffalo in September! It's about 2-2 1/2 hours away from me! I can't wait to see it!
  10. omg! thanks for posting those! your right brock that was the BEST lucy-desi days/lucyfest ever!
  11. well after listening to the radio show michael is doing now I ordered his book off his web site. can't wait till i get it!!
  12. listening now!! great show! and I just ordered michael's book. can't wait to read it
  13. Thats like the time I was In jamestown eating breakfast at friendly's and two other lucyfans came in and the waitress who was from Jamestown and according to her lived there her whole life asked why everyone was wearing lucy t-shirts. the two ladies said that lucy-desi days was that weekend. The waitress says "oh is lucille ball going to be there?" I kid you not the whole place was silent. The two ladies just kinda giggled and said no that lucy died many years ago
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