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  1. Wait... am I reading this correctly or does this say that the flashbacks are going to be in color? I'm assuming that isn't so, but the wording makes it sound like they're being colorized.
  2. I agree, she's good for the event... but I don't think that she is enough to bring me up there in October.
  3. Actually, I wasn't there 3 days ago, it was the 12th. And from what I'm seeing on Twitter, it was its last day there. That's really odd.
  4. Wow, that's so sad to hear... Especially considering that I was there just 3 days ago! I have to say that there was some odd feeling in the air. The exhibit was pretty empty, and most people weren't too interested. But I was in there for a bit over an hour. What really made me doubt its future was walking into the gift shop, which was no longer a Lucy gift shop. It entirely Betty Boop, the only Lucy thing in the gift store was a few DVDs that were on top of a Betty Boop rack. I was very disheartened when I saw that, because I was prepared to get a few (or more than a few) things. Everything just felt off, but I was glad to visit one last time. I have the same experience as all of you as well, I visited there when I was 8 years old and it really introduced me to the larger world of Lucy. It was heaven for me. I started my Lucy collection there too.
  5. I'm not sure... I think Viv's shawl went for $751. I would feel horrible to have lost by a $1 difference.I think that the glasses went for like $200, but I'm also not positive. Brock was trying to find someone who could inform us of the closing bids but none of the Center's volunteers knew. And yes, I love those color pictures in the Fenton!
  6. Hmmmm... Can you give it another shot now?
  7. I posted more photos from this year's festivities here. Enjoy!
  8. I completely agree with everything you said. I definitely have to applaud Journey for a job well done this year. And it was very kind of her to make sure that she came down to the Best Western and said goodbye to all the Lucy fans before the headed off. She seemed so grateful to all of us, and kept saying that she couldn't do it without all of our support. I think we're in good hands. Adding on to that, I agree with you in that they once again had a perfect balance between comedy and Lucy. Nothing felt like it was lacking. Also.... I totally agree with you about the overlapping events. Although it did always keep us busy, it definitely became a little annoying at points (like when we had to leave Christina's lunch early). And the event that overlapped with Lou Ann's was the Regis/Letterman talk. And I agree with you about Ric, I think he did a good job and seemed in good spirits. I don't think I added anything in this post besides reassurance of what you said, but I feel it needs repeating. I will post photos soon!
  9. I started my day down in the lobby where Diane and Rhonda were with Lou Ann and the fans. Both of them are better than ever and made breakfast lots of fun for all. Can't wait for the brunch show tomorrow. Then, I headed down to the Lucy and Ethel Photo Opp, which I do every year, and I saw Diane and Rhonda again. I was happy to see that they decided to put us on the Beverly Palms set this year. After that, I headed down to the Lou Ann boat cruise to meet up with Brock, his mother, Christina Carroll, and Mike. Despite some mess ups regarding seating and the meals, which caused us to be separated for a while, it all worked out in the end. Lou Ann stayed on the top deck with all of us for the first half, and then moved below deck. But, it become a little hard to follow because the audio system was cutting in and out. So, we eventually just ended up talking to each other. However, it was amazing to see how Lou Ann was able to walk around and talk basically for 2 consecutive hours, and she didn't complain a bit. After that we headed over to Mary Rappaport's to see the Garage Sale... which was quite packed. After talking to Mary, I picked up a few things (an Italian magazine/newspaper featuring a full page Sorrowful Jones photo on the cover, one of the notepads with a photo from "Lucy and Bob Hope", and a signed Dann Cahn caricature). Once we finished up there, we headed over to Taco Hut and had a nice little get-together, which was nice as always. I then headed off to the trivia contest, which was full and hectic as always. It was surprising to see how many new people were here this year... probably well over half of the people at the Robert H Jackson Center. The host was a local man, who said once served on the L-D Center's board, but I had never heard of him. However, he did a relatively good job with handling the situation. Brock decided not to participate after winning last year, but I played and got to semi-finals... I was one away from being in the finals, but it's alright (the prizes were downgraded this year to medals... no more nice gift bags or baskets full of goodies). It seemed like a lot of the questions were from last year's trivia.... so Jimmy's near impossible questions made a return. We left early, however, because it was dragging on too long. Once that wrapped up I checked out the train station again. I bought Melissa River's book and Nick Offerman's book... apparently both of them will be having book signings so I am very excited. I also checked in on the silent auction... I was outbid on the glasses, but I think I'm going to skip it since I've already burned a hole in my pocket this year. Next up: Melissa Rivers/Kelly Carlin/Ramis kids Comedy Roundtable and then Nick Offerman!! (And possibly the Lucille "Ball" but I'm not too sure about that) I'll post photos and more later. ~Justin
  10. Here are a few photos from today: Ric interviewing Lou Ann: A picture from a rare clip they showed at Lou Ann's dinner. The dinner was very interesting and went on pretty long, well over 2 hours. A view of Jamestown from the tower at the Fenton History Museum: From the members only event, Lucy's costume from HL episode "Lucy and the Used Car Dealer": Various monogrammed purses of Lucy's (and one of Lucie's), including a briefcase that says "Our President": If you would like to see a close up of any of them, I'll be happy to post them. Brock found a Band-Aid and Lifesaver in one of the purses!! Viv's shawl that Lou Ann put up for auction: Floor plan for the Comedy Center:
  11. Today has been busy so far. Brock and I have been traveling around Jamestown this morning, given that there weren't too many events earlier today. We started off by checking out the activities at the train station. The train station lobby is once again filled with great Lucy-related items, including several outfits and various articles and photos related to Lucy and Desi (mostly related to their trip to Jamestown in 56), which line the walls. They also have a photo booth and a merchandise stand set up again.We then checked out the auction, and I am pleased to see that there are some great goodies up for auction this year. There are lots of collectables, and some great stuff from Bob Carroll Jr.'s estate (including his "Love, Lucy" ice bucket, and two of the glasses that went with it). Lou Ann also put up one of Viv's black shawls, which is very nice (the starting bid is $650). After that, Brock, his mom, and I headed over to the Dykeman Young Gallery to see the Bob Carroll, Jr. Art Gallery. There are lots of great paintings displayed, many of which are for sale (Brock and I both bought a few pieces). Some items of interest at the gallery: A photo of Bob taken by Richard Crenna, and two paintings painted by Desi (one was of Bob). At the gallery we also got the chance to talk with Christina Carroll for a while, who is very kind and great to talk with. Next on the agenda was heading over to Fenton History Museum... which was very interesting. We'd both been there before, but it has been years, and it was nice to visit again. The Lucy room there has some great photos, particulary from the '56 Forever Darling visit, including some great color photos. Although we weren't supposed to take photos, I took a few... which I will post later. We then headed over to the book signing for Lou Ann (and apparently also Ric... but he left since nobody ended up buying his books). Lou Ann is doing quite well. Just a few minutes ago, Brock and I had a conversation with her and she seems very good, and very sharp. She was selling two books, "Viv's Scrapbook" (which she compiled a while ago), and "Memories of My Big Sister, Viv". I have yet to look through the new one, but it looks interesting. After the Lou Ann book signing, I went to eat at the old Robertos, now Fresca... which is has some pretty decent food. Then I headed over to the Member's Only event, where I met up with Brock again. He just posted a recap of that, and I can't say much more about it. Next up: Lou Ann Tropicana Dinner, Stand up Showcase. I will post more tonight, along with photos. ~Justin
  12. I didn't get to see that... will have to take a look. I once saw an animated .gif of that design and from the looks of it, those are meant to be screens out on the facade of the building, so they will probably constantly change. However, it would be nice for them to have kept her in the design... I know they have a poster of that original design in the windows of that Jamestown Renaissance building.
  13. We've arrived in Jamestown! Not much activity around here yet, but I have already bumped into Brock and his mom. First stop was Ric's infamous frame store hideout... I picked a TLS script ("Lucy and the Bank Scandal"), and a few other goodies. Can't wait for this year's events.
  14. No kidding! I That's a shame, I would have loved to see this.
  15. Very glad to hear, I didn't think this documentary would ever see the light of day.
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