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  1. I would but I don't know how(Im hopeless). Just go to youtube type in Barbara Walters 2006 30 mistakes in 30 years. It will help to go click on filters then search by date. Hope that helps.
  2. Yep. It was pretty touching. At the end Barbara said it seemed "the star of I Love Lucy" was still hung up on Desi.
  3. Guys I just found a great Barbara Walters special from 2006 called 30 Mistakes in 30 years. Its really my favorite special from her and im not much of a Barbara Walters fan. Barbara gives some very interesting commentary on her interview with Lucy. Go find it on youtube.
  4. A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
  5. Good lord! Has anyone seen his last tweet? SOB.
  6. In the articles ive read today it states that she "panicked" after someone from the Robin Wiliams trust (im assuming that's who it was) came in to appraise certain things that should go to the kids. Really? You panicked? If your relationship with the kids is even decent why not just ring them up and let them know how your feeling? Instead she's blocking them from the house. This tells me everything I need to know about her relationship with them. Not good. I know this is a terrible time for everyone but still... you PANICKED lady?! Good grief.
  7. I don't blame Susan for Robin's depression...depression is a mental illness and its not her fault. Ive just been really bothered by the fact that she didn't check on him before she left the house the day he died. I mean he looked AWFUL in the pictures taken before the suicide. If I had a loved one suffering like that id be checking up on them. I don't blame her for his death. I just don't like how she left without checking in on him. Very weird.
  8. So now it looks like Robin's kids and widow are in an ugly battle over some of his personal belongings...though im sure its more than that. To tell you the truth there's something about his third wife that's rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe im being unfair but... anyway im on the kids side with this one.
  9. Lol. Ive seen this clip several times. It never gets old. Really love the ending.
  10. Yes I do. Johnny was a complex man who often contradicted himself. He was pro woman when it came to something like equal pay and always thought women could do very well in the workplace at a time when it was liberal to think so but on the other hand his personal relationships with women were well....... and yes much of it was his mother.
  11. I see the Johnny Joan fallout has come up here. Verne Gay wrote a wonderful article on that terrible situation that you should all read. As a huge Carson fan ive heard many of the insiders speak on this topic. And the fact of the matter is they were both wrong. Please hear me out. Joan didn't just leave the show.... she or rather her husband Edger(who was her own Gary Morton in ways) tried to take several of Johnny's staff as well, including Peter Lassally. Edger managed this transition VERY stupidly. It was wrong to leave Johnny in the dark about this. They had been planning it for months. But it was wrong of Johnny not to see that Joan needed to look ahead to her future and see she wasn't getting the full respect she deserved from the network just as he often didn't. And it certainly was wrong to hold on to it for as long as he did. But Johnny had very good reason to be angry.
  12. Oh I don't think he planned it. You could tell he really loved his kids and if he had given it a great deal of thought I think he would have talked himself out of it. Plus the cuts on his wrist suggest he just found himself in a very dark place and he snapped. Mental illness can be evasive but depression can rear its ugly head after several compounding events in your life. And for Robin I think the cancellation of his show was one of them. I know there doesn't have to be a WHY with depression but still.....
  13. Yes he had plenty of work. But according to him not the great roles he used to get. And he did say roles were becoming harder and harder to find. Robin was so talented im sure he could have continued to reinvent himself but Hollywood can be such a rough place as you get older.
  14. There are several similarities between Lucy and Robin. Very well put LittleRicky. Its the double edged sword of show business. Comics are insecure people often times very much within themselves who come alive onstage. When they earn the acceptance and love of millions it provides momentary happiness for them but because of the insecurity and anxiety it never lasts. So they seek it out again and again though other projects. But some are not as successful as others. And when that happens it only fuels the darker side. And of course as they get older many of them, even a Lucy or Robin, find it harder to find roles which was a huge blow to both of them.
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