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  1. happy birthday desi love ya much miss you much!!!
  2. sorry I try to post pics of lucy .can t do it!!!!! getting tired .
  3. just found the new i love lucy magazines today at the stores. check it out don t know how to post pics of it sorry!!!!!!!! talk to ya later.long time posting on the broad!!!! nite yall.
  4. I had a i love lucy christmas birthday got calenders dvds of lucy movies box set. I go on fb book . check out my fb put pics up later don t know how to put them up on hear to show u guys my stuff I got .yeah!!!!!! have a good one.
  5. hey lucy desi fans I love lucy marathon starts next weekend check them out on hall mark website wwww.hallmark.com reminder !!!!!!!! can t wait to see them!!!!!!
  6. I well take a pics of my new i love lucy calenders I got in the mail got abunch of vg stuff for xmas and hot in cleveland on dvd box set 1 ,2 seasons to. I well post it on my facebook page my calenders I do not know why when I post pics on hear pics too big don t understand that . talk to ya later. merry xmas to u yall.
  7. hey lucy fans check out at wal mart stores they have lucy elviss calnders for 2011 out.check them out.I get them around xmas times .bye thought let u all know about i love lucy calenders yay!!!!!!!!!
  8. hey brock that's good.do they still sales i love lucy bears ? wonder where u find them at? carrie
  9. hey lucy fans having troubles postings pics on the board to show u guys sorry try it again carrie ann untitled.bmp
  10. hey lucy fans has anybody seen a i love lucy teddy bear? I saw a pics of it on googly don't know how to spell lol I well post a pics of it check it out carrie ann untitled.bmp untitled.bmp
  11. hi lucy fans

    1. C L A U D E

      C L A U D E

      Same to you sweetie, hope all your Holidays are terrific and a very happy belated birthday wish also for you honey.

  12. hey lucy fans -hall mark channell showing i love lucy tonite yay !!!!!!! it comes on 1am though carrie ann
  13. hey lucy fans what's yours faves i love lucy shows u like the best? mine r te chocolate factory the commerical ect. when lucy have little ricky.how about u all ? carrie
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