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  1. Remember those two dogs in cartoons, the big burly one and the tiny little yapper who runs around him singing his praises, reminds me of that every time i see you hand me a zinger and harry carter comes in for a LIKE, you've trained him well.
  2. I have to check the credits to see who was dressing her, of course it was mostly from her own closet as usual i suppose, but she looks so sophisticated wearing nice Edith Head type creations by now.
  3. Ok, finished season two and it was a lot better than i remembered, only one i fast forwarded thru was that damned Scout one. LOVED Lucy mentioning in the only season one show i hadn't seen, the one with little petie marshall, that her guest list for her sister's wedding was MY BROTHER FRED AND HIS WIFE ZO, CLEO AND CECIL AND PAULA AND JACK CARTER, LOL!
  4. Can't wait to see it colorized, after they finish with the 180 ILL's and the 13 Lucy Desi hours. AH, IF ONLY I COULD LIVE THAT LONG!
  5. Rickles is fine, norman can keep tinkering with his anti piracy contraptions and beg them to show HIS shows which certainly have NOT stood the test of time as I Love Lucy did. I have to say it hurt me a lot to see Lucy standing next to him at that Television Hall of Fame when they were both inducted at the same time.
  6. Thank God the Television Academy, for once showing some wisdom, recorded all those great interviews with pioneers and famous people from the early days of the medium.
  7. I wish they'd get that Mietta guy from the dvds to do a show, he was just great and quite the looker too!
  8. And will somebody please SHOOT whoever gave permission to film The Lucy show's first season in black and white, they might have had an excuse for ILL but did not by the time the Lucy show premiered.
  9. You just have to stop being such a stickler for PERFECTIONISM AND SEEING THINGS THE WAY THEY WERE INTENDED. We HAVE for decades now and long for something different, so where can i find a colorized version of Citizen Kane?
  10. She WAS great in anything dramatic, ever see friendly Fire or Pete and Tillie?
  11. I swear to God my mom used to say the same thing about her.
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