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  1. LOL at this song! So I heard this song on the radio not too long ago. It's called Ricky Ricardo. The song and video is like ???????? but I guess I will give the artists KAPTN props on turning a song from Lucy and Ricky (Shrugs)
  2. I'm a huge Whitney Houston fan as well, so I was watching a clip of her on The Arsenio Hall show back in the day. Arsenio asked her what the names of her dogs were and Whitney says (while smirking) "LUCY AND ETHEL" Right after she bursts out laughing. This prompts Arsenio to ask her the price of "Lucy and Ethel's" dog house, which she says is about 5-6k. She then tells him that "Lucy and Ethel" ended up tearing up thier new house! LOOOOOL I thought that was HI-LARIOUS! Never knew Whitney named her pets after the beloved red head. RIP to them both ((. It starts at about about 3:17-4:06:
  3. I don't know if anyone noticed, but the Comedy Hour Episode "Lucy's Summer Vacation" displays a rather sexually-frustrated Lucy (and guest star Ida Lupino). It's hilarious to see Lucy and Ida throw themselves at (and on) their husbands to no avail. It was like Lucy wanted to jump Ricky's bones at any given opportunity...too bad Ricky wasn't trying to give her any play lol. He could've used some viagra!
  4. Short documentary about Vivian Vance if you've never seen it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQGNb49jr3o&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baovAyCaZFM&feature=plcp
  5. "You promised to mow the lawn, Enrique Alberto Ricardo y de Acha the third!!!"

  6. I think this may have been talked about before, so forgive me if it is a repeat What is your favorite/least favorite I Love Lucy season? For me, This is tough because this is my favorite Lucy series (and I really enjoyed the Hollywood season 4). But I think I really like season 6 the best because they were all played with other like a well-oiled machine at this point. I also liked the fact that Little Ricky was old enough to be incorporated into the story lines and how they finally got out of the apartment and into a house. Maybe its because my parents (and now me) worried and complained about making ends meet with the bills, but I TOTALLY felt where Ricky was coming from when he worried about paying all of those new house bills lol. Anyhoo, my least favorite season is probably season 3, because some of the episodes were a bit slow to me. I see why they writers wanted to create some excitement by making them go to Hollywood! Lol.
  7. Haven't seen all of the specials, BUT I love "The Long, Long Trailer" and "Yours, Mines and Ours". I always enjoy her interviews but I really liked her interview with Barbara Walters. To me, it was the most that she ever opened up about her life. I wish there was more lol
  8. Agreed, wow very touching. If he moved from home in 1968, that meant he was just starting Here's Lucy. I wonder if there was tension around the set? I'm guessing not since Lucy taught her children to be professionals. But it just popped in my head lol
  9. Hi! Just highlight what you write and click on the "sizes" icon arrow at the top. I like mines to be at 4.
  10. Thanks you all. That's what I figured. I remember reading somewhere that she and her once personal maid, Harriet were pretty close. She even paid Harriet's hospital fees before she passed away. I've just been hearing rumors that she was racist and I'm glad that's all it is- RUMORS!! Guess this is another reason that I Love Lucy! Ha ha
  11. I know this may be a dumb question, but I wondered if Lucy liked all people of all races, particularly Blacks. I would think she did, since she married out of her race. And she had a couple of friends like Nipsey Russell and Flip Wilson. But there wasn't many minority stars on her shows. Thoughts?
  12. I thought the writing on Here's Lucy was pretty good. Well the first season, I haven't seen 4 and 5 yet lol. The topics seemed to be pretty relevant to the time period. I really liked the first episode when she does the "flash mob-esque" dancing, the episode when the kids take her out to eat for her birthday, but don't have the money to pay and the Flip Wilson episode, where his character of "Prissy" was Madea like and truly hilarious! In a nutshell, I think TLS was good in the first few seasons. But her move the LA and the abondoning of her kids/Viv's leaving was a bit confusing for me!
  13. Hi!! Are there any Lucy Fan Fics on here? If so, would anyone be interested in starting some up?
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