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  1. Not sure if anyone has ever brought this up before, but I just caught a very funny and very edgey (for the 1950s) innuendo in the episode "Ricky & Fred are TV Fans". When Lucy and Ethel are sitting in the kitchen near the beginning of the episode, Ethel comments, "You know [Fred] has got himself trained so he can do anything in less than a minute?" Anything? Haha. And the best part is the laughter from the audience. It's not as spontaneous as their laughter at more innocuous jokes ... they kinda start laughing, as if they're hesitant, and then it grows. Just thought that was very, very funny.
  2. It seems that most of her mental illness issues occurred during her third marriage, which we know was abusive. I think perhaps she had a predisposition to depression / anxiety, but the stress of that marriage seemed to have triggered it. If you think about it, her mental illness issues seemed to have pretty much dissipated after her divorce. There is a lot of evidence that abusive relationships can cause a whole range of mental problems, including depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Any thoughts?
  3. I think the best work Viv ever did on ILL was in the episode "The Star Upstairs", when Lucy is hanging from the balcony and Ricky walks in. Her expression of panic while trying to distract Ricky is BRILLIANT comedy.
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