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  1. Gee, do you think Lucy actually hawled out her own holleee after the holidays? Or did a maid do it?
  2. What's not to understand? I don't hate the woman! I just didn't like her performance in Mame and think she was miscast. That was the reason for my original posting. It didn't get nasty until you guys got nasty with me. If we could've had a rational discussion, with good give and take, then things would've reached their end, and no one would even be discussing this now. But no. Instead, the "defenders of Lucy" came out in full force to put me in my place, calling for my banning, calling me names, referring to my IQ, you name it. That's not discussion, that's mob mentality. Can you understand that? The reason why Lucy was sad and disappointed in the end is because Time had passed her by. She was considered an icon and honored as such, but as far as new properties were concerned, she was stuck in 1955. She was more modern in the first season of Here's Lucy than she was in the "Lucy Meets the President" special! And more spontaneous, too. All that screaming and gesturing and yelling to the bleachers in the later seasons of TLC and ALL of Here's Lucy was just too much. She didn't move with the times and instead railed against them, calling movies and TV "filth." That was the era of All in the Family, a groundbreaking comedy that was absolutely hilarious--but Lucy saw it as filth. That's why she was out of step. When she had the opportunity to come back in something of quality, she decided NOT to take a page from The Golden Girls. Rather, she revived her Lucy character as a feisty grandmother, caked with make-up, orange hair still intact and trying to do her old schtick again. It didn't work. Lucy needed to stop being "sad and disappointed" and get with the program. She refused to do it. Oh, well.
  3. I doubt it. She was tough as nails, and what one critic has to say wouldn't bother her in the least. What did bother her is that she knew the bad reviews were right; otherwise, they wouldn't have affected her in such a profound and personal manner. Lucy's mortality was creeping up on her, and she had a difficult time handling it. Nothing wrong with that, but please--don't try to make us think Lucy was a shrinking violet who burst into tears whenever a fan criticized her. She'd eat them for lunch and spit out the gristle.
  4. I'm glad you guys FINALLY conceded that Mame isn't worth posting about any more.
  5. Can't take the heat, huh? Wouldn't Lucy want you to defend her film? Traitor!
  6. "The eve of fifty?" Cripes, she was far from that! And if you don't believe Jerry Herman has ever criticized Lucy and the Lucy Mame, you're living in a dream world. Just do a Google search, and you'll find out exactly what he thought. Why do you think there's never been another version of Mame? Because he demanded (and got) full approval over any version after Lucy got her claws into it. He wanted to guarantee that such a debacle would never happen again. And it didn't, not in his lifetime. Sorry to bust your bubble.
  7. "Looking marvelous" isn't enough in a major motion picture where you're expected to act, dance and SING. Sorry to bust your bubble!
  8. You COULD care less? But you don't want to? It's "I couldn't care less." Sheesh.
  9. Honest and truthful? You mean, like my saying I didn't like Mame and that Lucy was miscast? Seems to me you pick and choose your "honesty."
  10. Yeah, and I'll be your mom thinks you're a bitch, too!
  11. Wow. Maybe it was because he couldn't make her look 55 again.
  12. I can't imagine why they'd cast anyone in a musical for the lead singing part when the actor can't even sing a note without reaching for the oxygen tank. Even Audrey Hepburn had a better voice than Lucy, and they dubbed her with Marni Nixon!
  13. Yeah, I know the feeling, since you keep snapping at the bait like a wide-mouthed bass!
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