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  1. "Nice and respectful?" I can guarantee you've shat upon him previously for his Mame posts, but now--because you're desperately in need of an ally, and Lotus is being passive/aggressive--you're willing to accept him into the fold as "respectful." You guys are amazing. Hawwwwwl out that Holly! Cawols at the spinnet!
  2. First, you gotta straighten yourself out. That should take a while...
  3. I'll face you in the chat room, bitch. Go ahead.
  4. Oh, so it's ok for you to say something "1500 times," but you criticize me for "150 times?" Sheesh.
  5. Ha. You make me laff. I posted the original message, and the first response (from Claude) started with, "Ok, you're back on my shit list." That's what you call rational and nice? He threw out the first volley, and the rest of you followed suit. The one difference is that you haven't gotten rid of me, not like you usually do with weaker folks.
  6. Why not point anyone out? Claude (if that's his real name, which I doubt) started flinging the crap with his first post. There's very little room on this message board for rational, objective discussion about Lucille Ball without some "fan" piping in and tossing about insults because they perceive you as a "troll" who "doesn't really love Lucy." Sorry, but disliking something an artist has done doesn't mean you hate the person or think the artist is untalented. But unless you're willing to bow before the altar of Lucy and shout her praises to the heaven's, you're not welcomed here. That's perfectly obvious to me. Frankly, though, I like toying with their minds. They always respond, they can't help themselves. And because they're all of a like-mind, they enjoy the gang mentality. If they dump on the naysayer hard and fast, he won't be able to take it, he'll just slink away...like poor Brian, whom they enjoying calling "Brain Damage." That's the kind of thing I mean, the nasty, obnoxious remarks flung about merely because someone disagrees with them. No wonder this board has such little activity except from "fans" like Claude. Mame is a bomb, it's just accepted fact. Nothing on this board is going to change that. Sorry.
  7. Then put the baby wipes away and use regular paper. And think of Mame while you're doing it.
  8. Hey, now this I understand. But let's be real--Lucy put Mame out for the public. She may have had a ball doing it (and from what I've heard, that wasn't the case all the time), and she definitely had outsized expectations of the finished product--but I think it did more harm than good. It essentially ruined her film career, and she did teary-eyed interviews where she defended the film and claimed people were printing horrible pictures of her, when Warner Brothers had beautiful pix to distribute. I'm sure it was a devastating experience, but the reality of the situation was beyond her. She was stuck in another time, and it definitely was NOT the 70s. Film musicals of that period had to have their feet in reality. Mame didn't. It wasn't sleazy like Cabaret, it wasn't "young and fresh" like Willie Wonka and Grease. It just sat there, like a pile of...holly.
  9. She hawled something out, but it ain't the holly.
  10. You guys definitely have a low thresh-hold for humor.
  11. I have respect for her. I just don't think everything she touched was golden. You, however, think differently. Hey, that's ok. I'm sure Lucy appreciates your love for Mame!
  12. Yes, SO amazing! You printed a picture that's already been printed at least a dozen times on this board. Congratulations! Now, let's discuss that holly. Have you hawled it out, yet? Mame's waiting!
  13. Examples of what? That it flopped? Everyone knows that. Heck, YOU even know it. But you want to be obtuse. That's ok. I understand. Lucy thanks you from the great beyond.
  14. Yawn. Surely you can do better than that!
  15. I'm not insulting her. I'm being truthful. But you obviously can't handle the truth.
  16. The only thing I "popped" was my Mame DVD in the player. Then I sat back, fully expecting a great movie-going experience. Then I saw the first number, with Lucy waving her hands around on top of a piano and dancing like a stick figure through the crowded house. Owch! I loved how she wakes up from a night of heavy drinking still made-up with false eyelashes and rouge and lipstick up to her nose. That's really great stuff. Oh, what were you saying again?
  17. Then why don't you back up your claim with facts. What was the budget, including PR? And what was the box-office take?
  18. I notice you very neatly left Mame out of both groups.
  19. Big deal. Let him take exception. And while you're at it, hawl out that GD holleee! Or smoke it, because you're definitely smokin' something!
  20. Lucy couldn't take the "savage" reviews, which were all on target, by the way. And now you're saying Mame wasn't a "financial dud," after your fellow fans were claiming the 70s was a bad time for movie musicals? Come on. It was a flop, a bomb, and it drove her to become a semi-recluse. She probably thought she'd be nominated for an Oscar!
  21. So, you're so incredibly insular that you don't even consider that new people might invade your space on this board? Not everyone lives here, ya know. And come on, it's just as easy to type Jim Sheridan as it is Harry Carter, especially when you're feebly attempting to put someone in their place. Haha!
  22. Ha! I think Barbara Walters would've made a better Mame than Lucy! As for singing ability, Lucy's right up there with Roseanne Barr.
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