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  1. Very interesting stuff. I may have read that Classic Images piece. Was the author a fan who'd actually found Ms. Booth's number and called her at home? I think he was just a kid then, and she was rather surprised at his rescourcefulness.
  2. How many movies did Lucy make where she essentially played herself? I can think of two right off the top of my head!
  3. Where did I read about Shirley Booth, and how her decision to sign on with Hazel was looked down upon by her former co-star, Burt Lancaster (they were together in "Come Back, Little Sheba"). He said it was a major comedown for an actress of her stature, but she countered with, "if it's good enough for Lucy, it's good enough for me." Anybody remember the story? And it certainly did turn out to be a good career move for Shirley--she won at least two Emmys for the show, and it also made her financially secure for the rest of her life!
  4. Her trademark seems to have been "you fool," while glowering at the person she's addressing.
  5. I could be wrong, but I think the kiss you're talking about was actually in Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious, between Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. They were pressed right up against one another, and the camera slowly pans around them--and the kissing is broken up by dialogue, but the clinch is not. Pretty steamy for the day!
  6. Aaah! Thanks for the info! Shirley Hemphill? That makes sense--"What's Happening" was big for a while. But her career definitely went nowhere after that, and I do believe she passed away at a relatively young age.
  7. When she kisses Ricky, they'll oftentimes do three very quick little smooches directly on the lips. I think this was probably a Lucy/Desi thing, brought over from real life. Not a term of endearment, but Lucy will also clap her hands together in front of her whenever a solution to a scheme or the scheme itself occurs to her, then she'll punch the air. Also, notice that whenever she talks on the telephone, the receiver is held away from her face. Probably to allow the camera full view, but she does it the same way every time--from I Love Lucy all the way up through Life with Lucy!
  8. That was interesting about Marla Gibbs, and it sparks a memory. I recall reading somewhere--it could've been in the Desilu book, since I read that cover to cover many times right after its release--but there was a section where Lucy was teaching some classes about comedy. I assume they were at a college, but I seem to remember they were at night. Anyway, there was an actress taking one of these classes, someone described by Lucy as flavor of the month and very full of herself (that's not a direct quote, but the gist), and she was also a supporting player on a very popular sitcom of the day. Lucy apparently put this person "in her place" during one of the classes, and for some reason, I always thought it was Marla Gibbs! I realize this is vague, but I'm sure someone here knows (in more detail) what I'm referring to. Can anyone fill in the blanks? Thanks!
  9. Oh, waitamminit...I thought this was for The Lucy Show, Season 6--not Here's Lucy, which I don't like as much. Isn't there a thread about the latest LS DVD release?
  10. Well, it's been almost ten days since the last post--where are the reviews for Season Six??!!
  11. If you read through that schedule carefully, you can already see that it's peppered with repeats. Eventually, they'll schedule a marathon of, say, Ozzie and Harriett. Then, you'll see most of the early episodes and probably none of the ones where Ricky and Dave marry and move out. And, of course, they'll follow with another marathon, say, The Beverly Hillbillies. Follwowed by another marathon and another marathon. Then, when all the marathons have been exhausted, they'll show the Ozzie and Harriett marathon again. This is exactly how Chiller Channel started. It eventually evolved from a station that showed "classic" and not so classic horror themed material to a channel that now shows independent and direct-to-DVD horror films, starring no name actors. It took three years for that to happen.
  12. And here's another interesting tidbit: in the first season, Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie are billed over Mary Tyler Moore!
  13. The only two episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show I remember watching as a kid, during its original run, was "It May Look like a Walnut" and the episode where Laura gets her toe stuck in a bathtub faucet! As an adult, I've watched the entire series, and it's right up there with the best of them. And it's aged very well, too. Dick Van Dyke is immensely talented--he really could do anything. But I'm more impressed by Mary Tyler Moore as his wife. She was completely different from her Mary Richards character, and what a cutie! Very, very talented, too. They were perfectly matched.
  14. I remember Ms. Raffin very clearly for "Once is Not Enough," a steamy potboiler from the 70s. She had a distinctive look--almost preppy, with her light blonde hair and sharp features. To die so young is really a tragedy.
  15. It would be great if they did some clean-up work and somehow lowered Lucy's eyebrows so they're in a natural position! And I'd also like a Peter Graves commentary. Oh, wait, he's dead. How about Audrey Meadows or Gale? John Ritter? Hmm. Let me get back to you...
  16. I wonder if they'll interview Edie Gorme (sp?), another "lounge act" that was hopelessly old hat by 1986. That was the trouble with Life with Lucy--and also with the Lucy Goes to NBC special. Everything was so outdated, cheesy and "old school." Lucy was rather conservative, obviously. I remember reading that she detested All in the Family. Truth is, All in the Family basically rang the death knell for Here's Lucy and all the other "oldster" comedies on CBS at the time. Maybe that's why she hated it. Wonder why Carol Burnett never made a guest appearance? That would've been riotous!
  17. What about Ruth McDevitt? Didn't Lucy do something mean to her once?
  18. Wow. While I think it would've been nice to see Lucy and Bob together again, how would that have added new life to "Life with Lucy?" Bob was the epitome of square during the latter part of his life, in my opinion...and I'm 60! I remember going to see his painfully awful films in the 60s, like "Call me Bwana" and "Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number," and they were just terrible. You could tell Bob was reading all his dialogue off cue cards, and the humor was old, old, old. If Lucy wanted to add some spice to the show, she should've had Dick Van Dyke as her love interest. Now there would've been an interesting pairing. I think a new sitcom with Lucy could've worked--even with the premise of LWL. But first, they needed to cast good actors as her daughter, son-in-law and kids. Not the loud, square people they got, with those obnoxious kids. And they NEVER should've trucked out routines already done to death by Lucy, like the "eating something sour or putrid" schtick, and the "chasing a bug" schtick. And I didn't particularly find Audrey Meadows funny--she wouldn't have made a good match for Lucy because she was too strong. Lucy needed someone who could easily be manipulated, like Ethel/Viv. Betty White would've been perfect!
  19. But did she really want another Desi, especially one involved heavily in her show? Seems to me that was one of the things that drove Lucy and Desi apart. He was overworked, stressed out, and obviously distracted. Personally, I think it would've been better for Gary to keep a hands-off attitude. But, of course, his own career was nothing spectacular, and perhaps Lucy was afraid of him becoming "Mr. Ball." So, she threw him a bone with her show, much to the chagrin of everyone else involved. I doubt he really had much of a clue. I wonder, have any of you seen and read the letters Lucy wrote to Gary? They're all in her own hand and appear on eBay regularly. From the ones I've seen, Lucy seems head over heels in love with the man, while he strikes me as distant. One of them led me to believe he was about to leave her. Very interesting stuff.
  20. Whatever the case, Life with Lucy is Lucy history and as such deserves to be examined. Surely, if the DVD set were done right, with all the bells and whistles, and perhaps even a documentary on "what went wrong," everything about LWL would finally be put in perspective. I personally think it's important to have the show out there, as a testament to what the woman could do in her old age. At 75, she was much older than any of the Golden Girls and was still game. I watched all the episodes, and while I didn't think they were very good, they were no worse than the sometimes horrible episodes of Here's Lucy. I actually liked the idea of concentrating on Lucy and foregoing guest stars--though the John Ritter episode works. It's quite ironic that both John and Lucy passed away from the same ailment! I'm all for a Life with Lucy DVD set. I'd buy that before shelling out $$$ for another set of I Love Lucy. And, on another note, is it just me or are The Lucy Show sets rather expensive? I mean, they're almost 30 bucks! I was interested enough to pony up for the first three seasons, but I admit to a little hesitance about the last three--especially at non-reduced prices. These should be no more than 19 bucks a pop, in my opinion.
  21. Awright, already. I got it, I got it. She didn't mean "loser" as in "looohooozerrr!" Getting back to Life with Lucy. I would expect this to be released in one package, as in "the entire series." Maybe with three discs. Does anyone know who interviewed Lucy first after the show was cancelled? Was it Joan Rivers?
  22. Well, certainly for the sake of her children with Desi, Lucy could've displayed a little more tact with any comment about him containing the word "loser." They adored him, from every report.
  23. You don't think it's nasty to make a crack like, "he must work for the Romney campaign?" I thought this was a forum for a free exchange of ideas, but apparently if you dare criticize Lucille Ball in any way, even when justified, the fangs come out and people become nasty. Not everyone, mind you. But the ones that do are apparently the only ones responding. And for anyone to say that Cher would be a success without Sonny is living in a dream world or has no grasp on history. Cher was 16 years old when she met Sonny and moved in with him. She had no gumption to make something of herself, she didn't even graduate from high school! Sonny was solely responsible for the creation of Sonny and Cher. Even Cher's said that on many occasions. And sorry, but my impression of that Barbara Walters interview was obviously different than the one you have. She sounded very bitter to me, and it was a tiring mantra. We all got it, Lucy, ok? Desi was a drunk, he was this, he was that. But he was also a genius who contributed mightily to her career after her movie options dried up. And he continued to do it right up until his death. She did give him credit, yes, when asked about the creation of I Love Lucy. But when she went off on a tangent about their personal life, that's where things went south. She just never got over it and had to make sure everyone remembered what a cad he was. Talk about beating a dead horse!
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