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  1. Before I reply, a somewhat brief note: - I really enjoy "The Lucy Lounge". Even though I have not been an active poster, I have checked it out almost regularly and plan to become an active poster again. There are some of you on here that I know from my past visits to the old "Lucy-Desi Days" and a "Lucy's Birthday Celebration" from some years back. It's been several years since I've been able to afford to visit and miss all of you. Now to get on topic: - I have the ILL Complete Series DVD set with some miscellaneous Lucy DVDs such as "Long, Long Trailer", "Forever Darling", Stone Pillow", the new release of the Lucy-Desi Milton Berle Special, and a bunch of Goodtimes Video's cheap Lucy DVDs. I watch my ILL DVDs just about everyday. Totally addicted!!! I would love to get the Blu-ray but probably won't be able to afford it. Perhaps I can afford a "Complete Series" Blu-ray down the road that may come with a bonus disc. I wish that there was going to be a DVD version with all the new bonus features for two reasons. One being the price and two being the easier accessibility to watch the DVD version. I have one Blu-ray and three DVD players in my house. I don't need Lucy in HD. I just want the material not already on the Complete Series such as the Criterion Collection material and the makeup and wardrobe tests. I miss u all.
  2. Presenting the very first online fan convention honoring the world's greatest comedienne Lucille Ball. Saturday, November 2nd & Sunday, November 3rd with a bonus event Friday night, November 1st. www.facebook.com/lolingatlucy
  3. This is the Me-TV schedule for Sunday, July 7th. Check out the episode description for the 6:30am (that's 7:30am eastern) of Make Room For Daddy. It's the episode with Lucy & Desi as Lucy & Ricky. Lucille ball, desi arnaz. Danny convinces ricky ricardo to move to his apartment during their nightclub engagement, assuring ricky that kathy will be a good influence on an out of control spendthrift, his infamous wife, lucy ricardo. I have always wanted to see it. I will be taping it. It should have been included in the ILL dvd set. http://www.wciu.com/schedule.php?station=wwme&date=7/7/13
  4. "Lucy Learns to Drive" Love when Lucy explains to Ethel how the two cars that were attached to each other switched places.
  5. Well, I wouldn't worry about her. She's as strong as a horse.

    1. Brock


      She certainly had a lot of money for just a little girl. It says she had $3,000 in her purse.

  6. Mary Margaret McMertz Television spokesperson for Aunt Martha's Old-Fashioned Salad Dressing
  7. Lucy on phone: It's a play for a women's club. Pause. Lucy: Oh no, we couldn't pay you.
  8. The Black Eye => The Club Election Both were flashback shows that followed the birth of Little Ricky.
  9. The French Revue => Lucy Changes Her Mind Both episodes feature the Ricardos and the Mertzes at a restaurant.
  10. They're racing little girls at Churchill Downs!

    1. Brock


      Thank you, Grantland Rice!

    2. Mot Morenzi

      Mot Morenzi

      Midget racing! They oughta be ashamed making those little men run around the track!

  11. Game note: Made a slight rule change to make the game less complicated. You can use the same Lucy episode/movie as a previous poster. Lucy's Schedule => Ricky Asks For A Raise The only two episodes of ILL that feature Gale Gordon as Mr. Littlefield.
  12. The Audition from I Love Lucy It has the same storyline as the lost pilot. Now someone link The Audition.
  13. Hiya everyone! I will start by posting two Lucy shows/movies that are related in some way. The next poster will post one Lucy show/movie that relates in some way to my second Lucy show/movie. And the third poster will post one Lucy show/movie that relates to the second poster's pick and so on. Any episode from any Lucy show and any Lucy movie are allowed. Feel free to be creative in your relation to the previous post. Good luck! The Lost I Love Lucy Pilot
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