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  1. I was looking on ebay and found some interesting things. Amongst others I found a vintage ashtray from the set. Wow! I also found an aluminum fruit basket and boopie juice glass from the set..
  2. "Lucy Dates Dean Martin" is one of my favorites too! "Mooney the Monkey" is also hilarious. Lucy thinks that she is having hallucinations at work. She sees Mr. Mooney as a large monkey, but its really Mr. Mooney's friend and his monkey that comes to visit him.
  3. All of the episodes are funny. Another one I particularly enjoy is " Lucy Raises Tulips" . She runs a muck on the lawnmower and drives over Betty's tulips. "LA At Last" is a classic too. The best part of that episode is when Bill Holden turns the tables on Lucy and stares back at her. Does anybody have a favorite episode of "The Lucy Show"?
  4. Everybody has a favorite episode. Mine would be "Lucy Does The Tango". She has at least 2 dozen in her shirt and Ricky wants to practice the tango for the PTA. They do the finish and all of the eggs smash in between them...Very funny..
  5. I started watching lucy when I was a little girl. I saw I Love Lucy for the first time when I was 9 or 10. I instantly loved it and every about her.By the time I was a teenager, I bought her first series on DVD. I then started collecting her dolls and some clothing. That was mild compared to getting her portrait on my forearm in 2011. I saved up for a long time just to get it! The world is so crazy and scary. Watching her in any capacity calms me down and makes me crack up. I will forever be obsessed with the Queen of Comedy!
  6. I have young Lucy in color on my forearm. I am so glad I got it. @@lucilleballfan3 https://twitter.com/LucilleBallFan3
  7. Hi everybody! I just joined this site yesterday. I am a huge Lucy fan! (I even have a tattoo!) I have a twitter page dedicated to everything related to Lucy. I put out trivia,quotes and interesting facts daily. If you are interested my address is LucilleBallFanTrivia@lucilleballfan3. Thanks!
  8. Hi everybody! I have a twitter page dedicated to Lucille Ball. I put out trivia, quotes and interesting facts. I think my fellow lucy fans will like it. The address is LucilleBallFanTrivia@lucilleballfan3 on twitter!
  9. Wow! I haven't seen those photos and I have seen alot of them even ones that are hard find..Thanks!
  10. Bill Frawley actually put out and album in 1958. I believe its called "Bill Frawley Sings The Old Ones".
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