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  1. It is! They even have a short dialogue in the living room as it is on concerning the rumour of Lucy's 'link' with the communist party. "I LOVE Lucy! Even if she IS a communist." "The only thing red about Lucy is her hair, and even THAT'S fake. Desi said it, Winchell wrote it."
  2. My friend texted me a photo of a billboard for Well's Fargo in Grand Forks using Lucy & Desi's photo on the side. It was a nice little surprise as it always is when she/they pop up unexpectedly like that. Also, there is a song by rapper, Birdman, I fcan't recall the title but, the lyric is, no joking: Lucille Ball, bitch. I love Lucy.
  3. I had a VHS player in my room as well with the same purpose; to keep me inundated with Lucy in order to keep me in good spirits. I absolutely identify with that and also the extension of interest into her ccontemporaries and other stars of the surrounding decades. I work at a theatre myself and keep up in order to know just enough to get by. I'm forever drawn to period pieces such as Mona Lisa Smile, Revolutionary Road, The Great Gatsby, etc., etc.
  4. I'm sorry but, anyone who claims to have never seen an episode of ILL I tend to be wary of. I mean, not in ANY capacity whatsoever? That's damn near impossible.
  5. What evening was this again? I used to know but, can't recall. That is absolutely horrible news, Claude! I can't believe the audacity of some individuals. To be so cruel and heartless to someone who has done nothing to deserve it is just heartless.Give him my kind regards.
  6. I couldn't agree more! I have a real problem with all of the flack he catches here in the States. I just feel that he and Mrs. Carter are true examples of what could happen worldwide if we would all choose to make kindness, acceptance, and goodwill the default as oppossed to judgement, cruelty, and selfishness. They are unwavering advocates for the human race and any disrespect for that is a terrible reflection upon the individual doing the disrespecting. Anyway, (Sorry, sometimes I get carried away. Back to the regularly scheduled program.)it comes as no surprise to me that there are many of us who were subjected to bullying as Lucy was the ultimate escape. An escape that gave us joy and happiness, for however short a period of time, which we severely lacked in the schooling environment and, as for myself, the home also. Thankfully, she was the escape I chose as oppossed to drugs or self mutilation, etc. My thought process was: Lucy was strong and look where that got her so, that was the path I was taking as well. Unfortunately, thousands of others aren't that lucky and that saddens me to the core.
  7. That is incredible. I would never laugh this off or think you are crazy. I truly believe things of this nature happen so much more often than many are willing to admit. I believe with all of my heart that those who came before are still out there helping us along especially during our darkest times.
  8. Lilacs were my favorite flower as well and when I found out Lucy loved them as well, that just made them that much more special! Peanut butter and jelly always reminds me of Lucy.
  9. Claude, is it safe to say that you are the most seasoned fan among us?! I, too, am interested in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that Lucy has ever taken part in. Actually, one of the most interesting things, for me, that you shared with me at one point, was 'Lucy Calls the President.' Having lived in Georgia for a few years, I took a liking to Jimmy Carter based upon his humanitarian work worldwide and I just thought it was neat that the two came together, in a way.
  10. Oh my goodness, Lee! What a fabulous journey you've had! I'm assuming you live in or near the Jamestown area then? I've always loved the drive to get there from my former home in PA. Very scenic and in Ridgway, PA they have (or had, don't know if it's still there) an old fashioned ice cream parlour which I always made a point of visiting coming both ways. Anyway, I'm very interested in writing, having kept a journal for most of my life. I dabble in poetry, stories, mostly nonfiction. I don't know how much you're allowed to talk about your editing and such seeing as it hasn't been released yet but, I would certainly love to hear more about that if you ever feel like talking extensively about it!
  11. This, in particular, has really touched me. I understand where you're coming from as I, too, was a victim of extreme bullying all through my school career. Lucy became a beacon of light, an example of strength and perseverance in the face of hardship. I credit Lucy's example as being one of the main reasons that I am still alive today. Fortunately enough for me, Lucy was the only area in my life that actually seemed to make me slightly more interesting to my peers rather than just being an easy target. At one particularly low point, as I'm sure you must have felt, Lucy was the only friend I had. She's family and to this day, when nothing else can calm me, her voice does the trick, always.
  12. I was just wondering, how were each of you introduced to Lucille Ball & her body of work? Forgive me if this topic has been overdone but, I always really enjoy hearing others stories as to how they became interested in the lady herself. I am aware that the vast majority first saw I Love Lucy but, who turned you on to that? Was it from the very early stages of your life or did you become aware only after growing a bit older? My personal story begins with a gentleman who has been my great aunt's neighbor for his entire life. She and I would take walks to and from his home when his elderly mother lived with him and we would pay her a visit quite often. When he wasn't at work, he would sometimes sit in the living room while my aunt and his mother would be chatting and he'd pop in a VHS of I Love Lucy. At the time, I was three and completely unaware of what this 'new' show was but, I recall being completely enthralled because it wasn't in color and I always took notice of the pretty lady who was most often on the screen. (I had a thing for pretty ladies from a very young age. I remember coming home from Kindergarten & describing my teacher down to her hair color and how long it was. That is not meant to be taken the wrong way. I just appreciated an aesthetically pleasing woman when I saw one. Anyway....) He soon realized apparently, that I was taking a great interest in the show as well because, before long, he was allowing me to borrow three tapes at a time which had multiple episodes on each one. I would keep them for a week or so and return them begging for more. I remember when he sold them or something and how devastated I was and hence, the search and insatiable interest took form. Through Lucy, my love for classic film & television has expanded and evolved greatly other the past 22 years. I'm an avid film fanatic but, all of that love & appreciation stems from a child's fascination with the "lovely lady in the pretty dresses that's always gets in trouble even when she's just trying to be nice." My four year old description, by the way.
  13. Hello there lucy9379! I, too, have Lucy themed tattoos. The heart logo on my right ankle and her signature on my left wrist. Here's to hoping that one day I make enough money to be able to afford a portrait!
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