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  1. I've always loved both TLS and HL. The only complaint I can think of is the characters lacked real development (outside of Lucy, Vivian, and Gale), and the overall cohesiveness from episode to episode. IMO, what's missing from TLS and HL wasn't Desi leaving in the first season, or Madelyn and Bob leaving in season three (though they were obviously integral). I think the major missing component was Jess Oppenheimer. Madelyn and the three Bobs wrote the majority of the ILL scripts, but I think the magic was in Jess tightening up the scripts, making them each cohesive, and his hand in guiding the overall direction of the show each season. The story of the Ricardos and the Mertzes progressed and evolved each season (whether that be because the writers decided to so, or they had to accommodate a pregnant Lucille Ball). You grew to love and care about the characters outside of Lucy's genius as a performer. You can see the difference in the overall quality of the shows after he left. Having said that, I usually prefer to watch Lucy in TLS over the other shows (though I LOVE watching Lucille Ball in just about anything lol). Not just because I've see every ILL episode many times before, but because Lucy was literally BRILLIANT in TLS (IMO). Even more so than she was on ILL because she had perfected the character. She never slacked in her work. Some performers grow tired of performing the same character and you really see it after a number of years, but you never got the sense with Lucille Ball. ILL had better scripts, but as far as watching the master perform.. TLS is where it's at, IMO. That brilliance could still be seen on HL too... though Lucy was fighting against scripts that weren't up always up to par. She's always incredible to watch. Just my two cents. lol
  2. ^^^^^ I LOVE the "Coin Collector" and the "Stamp" episodes. lol Two of my fav from the entire "The Lucy Show" series. lol
  3. I assume they all received residuals as actors. That would be separate from actually "owning" the show. However, I'm sure any residuals Lucy, Desi, Bill, and VIv received ran out YEARS ago... actors receive residuals on a sliding scale once the show goes into syndication. It also depends on how their contracts were written, because re-runs and syndication were literally invented with "I Love Lucy", so who knows what type of stipulations, if any, were in their contracts as far as residuals go.
  4. Thank you! Yes, I have been part of the Lounge for years. My old username was "That Other Lucy Fan" I just didn't post much. I prefer to read for the discussions for the most part. lol
  5. Lucy was starting to give Gary more "power", but he didn't have that kind of control at the time. The writers simply didn't have the respect for Lucy that they had for Desi. Some say it's because of how Lucy interacted with them. She wasn't as tactful as Desi, but IMO... I've always felt it had more to do with the fact that Lucy was a woman. They could digest being told their work sucks coming from a man as opposed to a woman. Yes, I know Madeline was a woman also, but you have to consider the mindset of the time. Lucy was one of the first women with that kind power in the business. Madeline may have also though Lucy was a ***** (fill that in yourself lol) simply because of the mindset that commonplace at the time. That's just how I've viewed it when people talk about Lucy and working with her. She was tough... damn tough... and that was unusual and not entirely respected for a woman. Even in society today we still have issues with "tough women".
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